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GinaMarie, and her eating disorder (maybe it'll help some get a better understanding/ understand her habits)
08/23/13 07:26 PM

So I was reading earlier about GM either not eating much, or eating everything in sight, barely stopping to remember to breath.

There's nothing BB can do about her disorder, that's first of all. Once you have an eating disorder- it is yours for life. Sometimes you may binge & purge alot less, or even completely stop for a little while.. But that only happens when you lose enough weight to feel comfortable enough to do do. Honestly, that usually only happens when you become full blown anorexic and then slowly allow yourself to eat normally again.
There are different levels of anorexia, as well as bulimia.

GM doesn't eat infront of people because for her - it is embarrassing, and very indulgent and gluttonous of her to eat. As much as she never seems to be aware of rude things she says and does, she is completely self aware when it comes to food, her body and her perception of what people would "secretly be thinking" about seeing her eat.

When she DOES eat, and eats copius amounts of food- it's not because she is that hungry or can put away that much food without being full/satisfied. It is that as soon as she eats even just ONE bite of something, she decides it is better and easier to just eat alot of everything she could possibly crave -to get it out of the way- and because it will literally all come back up on it's own. The more you eat, the quicker you eat it, the easier it is to come back up again. At that point you don't even need to use fingers, you literally throw up the same as you would from drinking too much, or eating something bad.

Also, I promise you- 99.9% of the time all GM is thinking about is what did she eat today? How much of it did she eat? When did she eat it? Did she throw it all up? Maybe she didn't, maybe she should eat a bunch more again, so she could throw all of THAT up, and make sure that she throws up anything that may have stayed in her system from her previous binge. It is an EXHUASTING process, and it is non-stop, day in & day out.

Pay attention to her face when they're all hanging out. Majority of the tine she is zoned out, in her own head thinking. Which is fine, we all do.. But ALL she is thinking about is her body/"fat"/ and food.

Also, her fixation on Nick, has nothing to do with Nick. Eating disorders usually cause you to obsess over your eating disorder... And when someone/something happens to distract you from it (once in a blue moon, something or someone becomes more important than your eating disorder) and you turn your obsession/ fixation from your eating disorder and project it onto that person/ thing.

Hope that helped some of you understand her/ her disorder a little more.
Also, sorry for typos/ if it's not cohesive/ and spelling. I'm on a small touch screen 0:)

Thank you!

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* GinaMarie, and her eating disorder (maybe it'll help some get a better understanding/ understand her habits)
08/23/13 07:26 PM
xx * what a great post; thanks for all your insight. It really does help to explain a lot about GM's behavior. NT
08/31/13 11:11 AM
xx * wow what a great post sam... so many insights. thanks for taking the time to write that & share something so personal with us all. welcome <3 NT
08/31/13 08:58 AM
xx * ty for such a good post. I have had 2 friends w/this prob. u cant just tell them 2 stop. They need help. NT
08/24/13 03:48 PM
xx * Your very welcome :). Thank you all for the warm welcomes & for taking the time out to read my post, in order to get a better understanding.
08/24/13 12:02 PM
xx * Great post, sam, and welcome. I understand eating disorders for a different reason. As someone who is naturally thin, I get accused of being an
08/25/13 10:09 AM
xx * Gina Marie's Binging
08/24/13 12:01 PM
xx * She waits until late at night because she fears anyone seeing her really eat. If you read my original post, it should give you the just of why she doe
08/24/13 12:06 PM
xx * Thank you for posting this, it really gives more insight to GM's problem. I may not like GM, but I do feel sad that she has such a serious issue. NT
08/24/13 08:59 AM
xx * So do I, but it doesn't cause her distasteful behavior. NT
08/24/13 12:04 PM
xx * Thank you for taking the time to write this in a clear and concise manner. Education brings understanding. NT
08/24/13 04:08 AM
xx * ^great post^ NT
08/24/13 03:49 PM
xx * samvnyc, great post. Thanks. Welcome to Jokers! Glad you joined us!
08/24/13 02:27 AM
xx * Fascinating/sad post. This year's BB on so many psychological/social aspects has really been putting a microscope on more than just "the game". NT
08/23/13 10:06 PM
xx * Thank you! I absolutely Agree :). I wrote on this topic as I have had an eating disorder since I was about 11. I am 24 now. I can literally almost
08/23/13 10:39 PM
xx * Hope you are well and happy now. My thoughts are with you:) NT
08/24/13 04:01 PM
xx * Thank you very much :), I appreciate it!
08/24/13 04:23 PM

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