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Huge twist in the works for BBCan2?
01/25/14 08:35 PM

"We have a MAJOR theme that we are working on this year. I can’t reveal it to you, but it’s something that I don’t think that anyone has ever seen on a ‘Big Brother’ show in the United States or Canada. It’s a major, major thing that we’re pulling off. We’re going to do something at the beginning that again, nobody’s ever seen on any ‘Big Brother’ anywhere. It will have a huge involvement with Canadians all across the country, and it’s going to be shocking to the houseguests. They’re going to be freaked out." John Brunton, Insight Productions

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* Huge twist in the works for BBCan2?
01/25/14 08:35 PM
xx * Fill the entire house with water and make them live in boats until they bail it all out with little buckets. NT
02/14/14 05:36 AM
xx * They really should give fans a chance to pitch ideas & actually use them! :) NT
02/20/14 03:35 AM
xx * gawd what on earth??? NT
Jokerette Administrator
02/08/14 07:04 PM
xx * Oh. It's The Hunger Games Canada - 1 male and 1 female from each province. Then each province sends care packages to their contestants. NT
02/03/14 05:29 PM
xx * The twist is Gary is brought back in final 4 for a second time. NT
01/27/14 09:30 PM
xx * returning hg has been done to death in usa version. the blurb says clearly not been done in usa NT
01/28/14 06:42 PM
xx * LOL! I can see them doing that. They'll have him go from the Sideshow directly to F4. NT
01/27/14 10:07 PM
xx * Too funny! Would we really be surprised?! That's something that's never been done, lol NT
02/04/14 01:45 PM
xx * Yes, that would be hysterical...but I think the article mentions the twists is at the beginning of the show? NT
02/04/14 01:48 PM
xx * i think its going to be like bbuk, there was a season where the hgs were locked out until they performed some humiliating or funny stunt. that had to
02/18/14 05:52 PM
xx * oh and the final two who didnt make it into the house by the first day or so were voted on by the to whom goes in, and who is out. NT
02/18/14 05:53 PM
xx * Please, please, please let a UK style Big Brother come to North America. Canada will be my hero if they change the format to use public influence! NT
01/26/14 05:07 PM
xx * if they were smart, they would allow public voting. yes it is a bit of a popularity contest but it keeps the game fresh NT
01/28/14 06:44 PM
xx * For some reason when you post links lately they come out as
01/25/14 08:49 PM
xx * Try it now. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. NT
01/25/14 08:59 PM
xx * Works now. I had already copied and read the interview along with one linked to at the bottom of the article. It was with a Shaw Media exec and
01/25/14 09:08 PM
xx * We'll see. I don't mind different. A US/UK blend suits me just fine. I would, however, prefer to see them concentrate more on reward/punishment tasks
01/25/14 09:19 PM
xx * Either they're playing a competitive game which is primarily won based on what happens in the house or they're not. Group punishments/rewards are
01/25/14 09:23 PM
xx * BB Canada needs new producers. Do people really want a show that involves a ton of interference in the game? Are they going to let the public vote
01/25/14 08:46 PM
xx * Hrm. Making this type of statement before HGs are chosen and all the hopefuls can read this and get some advanced warning is dumb, isn't it? NT
01/25/14 08:46 PM
xx * LOL. Yup. NT
01/25/14 08:46 PM
xx * I thought the HG's had been chosen already? NT
02/04/14 01:50 PM
xx * this stinks of viewers making game changing choices NT
01/25/14 08:44 PM
xx * if stinks means good , yes i hope so. it is supposed to be a viewer controlled show, not like usa version of partially scripted entertainment show.
01/28/14 06:47 PM
xx * if they want it to be a popularity based show then declare that, if it is competition then let it be between HG's with no big outside influence NT
01/28/14 07:11 PM
xx * Why can't it be a hybrid of the two? NT
01/28/14 07:20 PM
xx * because public voting means any competition moves get voided and worthless, no real point to them NT
01/28/14 07:21 PM
xx * Exactly! NT
02/20/14 03:22 AM

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