12:18 AM Fri May 11 ET (edited 12:24 AM ET) by moeopoly
Transcript of what each jury member said before casting their vote:
Ryan: I can't believe I got to play. I was never on slop as a diet, and I would never vote what I considered to be a slop game. *stares at cam intently*

Ali: Alright, well... We can't all be flawless *hair flip* But my vote goes to the person who played a nearly flawless game.

Olivia: I am voting for the person who managed to evade my sharp intuition. *winks*

Johnny: This house was filled with two things - rats and snakes. I believe that, in the end, we owe it to the Big Brother gods, and have it the way that mother nature wanted it to be: For the snake to eat the rat! *points to cam and smirks* *crowd erupts*

Maddy: So, as everyone knows...
8:01 PM Thu May 10 ET by scoby61
8:24 PM Mon May 7 ET by scoby61
spoiler f4 eviction spoiler
Will evicted
Source - statement Arisa made on ET Canada ( the final 3 is a showmance and one other since Paras was locked in to F3 that means Will is gone)
2:14 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
The Season 6 live feeds are now closed.
Thanks for watching!
2:12 PM Sat May 5 ET (edited 2:13 PM ET) by M3gabyt3
Arisa says hi
Says the season has been full of surprises at every single turn.
Tonight is no different.
(there are awkward pauses between her lines)
tonight one more will be sent to jury.
Welcome to a special eviction.
Feeds cut...
2:10 PM Sat May 5 ET (edited 2:13 PM ET) by M3gabyt3
Arisa calls HGs to the living room right now
2:06 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Paras says if they talk it'll look like they're scheming. Will says what is he supposed to do, talk to himeself?
2:03 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Paras was talking to cameras that it's better she sends Derek home because it's a better chance at final 3, but if Kaela can pull out another win in final 3, she is going the fck home.
2:01 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela tells Derek that Paras was talking about how Derek obviously has been playing her this whole season.
1:53 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
10min ago Derek was talking to camera...
He was talking to the camera as if it were a message to Kaela...

Says he would never cut her.
Says it's a chance for them to make history (final 2 showmance) and he would never turn his back on her.
'Not since day 1, so know that'
1:47 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Will tells Derek he thinks K will keep him (Derek).
1:45 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Derek now alone in red room, just looking at the camera...
Will says he's almost packed, Derek says he should do that.
1:43 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Paras says Kaela is underestimating how bitter girls like Olivia and Ali are...that they talked about how they are better than anyone else.
1:41 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela says she can't say she has more comp wins or better social with Derek in final 2, but has a better chance against Paras.
1:37 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela farted, and they laugh.
1:36 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela tells Paras if she's in final 3 with Derek and her, Paras is guaranteed final 2.
1:33 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela tells Paras she has more of a freindship with Derek, than a relationship.
1:32 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela brings up that Derek doesn't want to kiss and stuff, says because he knows there will be nothing after.
1:29 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela and Paras talking in HOH.
Kaela tells her she's not taking Derek to final 2.
Paras brings up Derek/Will deal, Kaela says she knows about that.
Kaela tells her Will told her he would cut Paras.
Paras says his back is against the wall and she can see that.
It's better to be second place to Kaela and win 20K.
Feeds cut.
1:25 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Derek wonders what time it is, and BB calls him the the DR.
1:21 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Derek/Kaela talking about saying they would break their words. But Derek says he wouldn't break his word with her.
Derek says he brings her to final 2 if he wins.
Derek says if she doesn't believe him, cut him now.
Kaela says she's not going to cut him.
Derek asks 'as a person', does she think he would cut her.
Will comes to bathroom area, says he's got to iron his shirt.

They say the screen still doesn't say anything about POV ceromony.
1:13 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Derek calls Will a 'fking loser, such a dick move', says Will is playing dirty. Derek says people are going to vote for who plays the best. Derek says he's only there because of Kaela, Kaela says they're there because of eachother.
1:11 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela exits red room and heads back to bathroom area with Derek who is complaining about the heat. He asks if he said he would cut Paras, and who/what he swore on.
1:09 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
BB gives a language warning. Canada is watching. BB then just says 'Will'. They wonder what they said.
1:08 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Will asks if she wants him to swear on his Nan and Pops now.
1:07 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Will tells Kaela it will haunt her for the rest of her life if Derek ended up winning 105K.
1:06 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Will is going to pack, because he's not sure how long there will be between POV and eviction.
1:05 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela says she's worried about being 3rd. Will offers to swear on his son f'king life that he will take her to final 2 if he wins HOH.
12:56 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Will is making his case to Kaela to cut Derek.
Says Derek came to him yesterday to make a deal, and that he (Derek) mentioned he would have to cut her at some point.
Kaela says they haven't talked about it, but know they would have to.
K says it would be stupid for Will to bring K to the final.
Will saying make the big move or lie in your bed.
Will/Kaela going over options.
They both say Derek won't bring Kaela to the final 2.
Kaela feels she won't win the final HOH because she is not good at 'option' comps.
Kaela says she would take Will over Paras to the final 2.
Will saying she's had two chances to cut Derek and didn't, and the jury will look at that.
Kaela tries to say not cutting Derek wa...
12:47 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Will asks Kaela for a chat when she's ready. Kaela will join him in the red room for a chat soon...
12:46 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Derek talking about POV. Something involving numbers, a maze, and questions. Sounded like 24min was Kaela's time, and Derek struggled on the question part. Derek says he was frantic and his mind was mumbled.
12:41 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Paras says she's tired, BB announces that the HOH is now open. They say that was quick cleanup. Paras heads to HOH.
12:39 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Daela looking at their injuries from POV...
12:37 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Kaela says her legs are probably hairy, Derek says no they are soft.
12:33 PM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
Feeds back, Derek saying it sucks their body clocks are messed up now.
11:57 AM Sat May 5 ET (edited 12:10 PM ET) by scoby61
Appears that Kaela won veto
11:50 AM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
HGs are called the HOH by BB. They speculated earlier it's going to be for Hasbro...feeds down now.
11:47 AM Sat May 5 ET (edited 11:48 AM ET) by M3gabyt3
Will says "Day 64, Will leaves the house" Will says he's come to terms with it. He says knows Kaela will pick Derek over him.
11:43 AM Sat May 5 ET by M3gabyt3
HGs are up, and getting ready. Kaela questioned what to wear because they had 15min about 10min ago. HOH has been locked, they think for Hasbro.
10:04 AM Sat May 5 ET by scoby61
all feeds on cam 3 and 4
10:02 AM Sat May 5 ET by scoby61
Feeds back around 7:40am, everyone sleeping in red room so no clue as to who won veto
5:59 PM Fri May 4 ET (edited 6:05 PM ET) by MyBestBud
When the feeds came back Kaela and Derek were on the white couches horsing around. They talk about seeing each other the first time and shaking hands. (Must be awards) Kaela said he looks good on night 1. Kaela tells Derek that she won the most awards...
Derek wasn't aware of that. Kaela won 3. The kiss, the Daela, Ali, Johnny argument, and then the Johnny's meeting. Derek said he would not wanted to win the kiss. Derek said they looked so good on camera. Derek said the only showmance of the season.

They talk about Erica. Derek said Kaela and Erica were close but Erica wanted Kaela gone. Kaela said Johnny said Erica was intimated by her. They all said Erica was intimated by Kaela, Erica was like, I have to get rid of her. Cause there could be only one, and Erica wanted to be the one. Kaela said she felt good with Erica.
5:36 PM Fri May 4 ET by MyBestBud
Paras was in the red room practicing her nomination speeches to Kaela and Derek. Will comes in and lays down on his bed. Paras said they are going to win the veto. Will said what if we don't, have you thought of that. Will said they would have to make a..
final 2 deal with Derek, but it's not going to be legit. I am going to have to leave my morals at the door, when it comes down to it. Paras said ok, so be it.

Paras starts to tell Will her nom speeches. Kaela, I have nominated you because you are extremely strategic and a physical comp beast. Derek, I have nominated you because I feel like you are the most rounded player in the game. You have won physical and mental comps and your social game is impeccable.

Will tells Paras that she should throw in something about if either one of Daela is sitting in the final 2, especially with each other, who knows who's going to win. Let them know they are on equal playing ground. P...
5:07 PM Fri May 4 ET by MyBestBud
Feeds are back.
3:27 PM Fri May 4 ET by MyBestBud
Feeds are still down.
2:30 PM Fri May 4 ET by MyBestBud
Paras talks to camera in hoh after her win. She says it does not get old. Maybe she can do another 100 days in the house. She said it was a good feeling of reassurance that she is good enough. She is not ready to say bye to the house. She is excited that the..
hoh room is hers and she will be in final 3. She pinches her arm. She said the superfans of the game, she gets it. She starts to cry and says she is not sad, it joy. She looks upward and says thank you. She is still crying.

She says she feels like she has done so much in the house. She feels like she would get a lot of backlash and hate if she prays in the house. Not because it Muslim. That she drank here, had bacon. She would feel embarrassed if she prayed. She knows there are guys here and she is dressed a certain way, and it's so not what a Muslim girl does. She wants to pray because she is so thankful. She is afraid that people will say, how dare you, you are not Muslim. She ...
2:02 PM Fri May 4 ET (edited 2:36 PM ET) by MyBestBud
Last night Paras and Will talk about getting to the final two. (They were talking very low at first, so did not catch some of it.) Paras said they are going to final 2. Will said if he goes home he..
will make sure Paras wins. Paras replies that he is not going home. Will said he knows Kaela won't cut Derek. Paras said Derek might cut Kaela. Will said Daela has to cut each other, neither one will win in the final 2 scenario. The jury would be, what the f*ck. Paras said she thinks they may want to cut each other.

Paras said she is going to do exactly what they did to her. (Tell them) Make sure you get that veto, it could be you, it could be anybody, it could be Will. Will said he is going to tell them that their only best shot is to cut each other. Will said if one of Daela makes final 2 and they did not cut the other one, and one of them were in final 2 with Will, they would...
1:32 PM Fri May 4 ET by MyBestBud
Feeds have been down today.
11:19 PM Thu May 3 ET by NorthBayCJ
Will alone in the HOH listening to Paras' music. Daela upstairs on the white couches studying for the POV.
11:18 PM Thu May 3 ET by NorthBayCJ
Feeds have returned... Confirmed Paras HOH
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