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Sat 1:03 AM BBTJoel and Phil are in the kitchen chatting. Joel is making something to eat. NT - ladybugjd
Sat 12:59 AM BBTKelsey and Cass are sharing Kelsey's HOH wine. They are passing it back and forth, drinking it out of the bottle. NT - ladybugjd
Sat 12:58 AM BBTNick came in the HOH to say goodnight and hugged both Kelsey and Cass. Cass said he can tell Phil that they aren't talking game at - ladybugjd
all, they're just having girl time.
Sat 12:57 AM BBTCass has been talking openly about being with Joel in an alliance so it seems Kelsey knows. NT - ladybugjd
Sat 12:46 AM BBTKelsey asks Cass if she's thought about a final speech to jury and Cass said no. They are joking around a lot and giggling. NT - ladybugjd
Sat 12:45 AM BBTKelsey tells Cass that she hopes Jared and Cass get along outside the house. Cass said she hated him in the BB house NT - ladybugjd
Sat 12:43 AM BBTCass and Kelsey are in the HOH. Cass said she doesn't even know what to do about Tim (romantically). She said she is used to guys - ladybugjd
that are big and muscular and Tim is smaller than her. Kelsey said she should do him on finale night.
Fri 8:44 PM BBTThe feeds are down now. (Might be the nomination ceremony - Kelsey mentioned before the fight that it was going to be in about 3 - ladybugjd
Fri 8:41 PM BBTKelsey and the brothers are talking about the importance of winning the POV this week. They say if Joel wins he could take Tim or - ladybugjd
Cass off the block and then the brothers would have to go up and would go home.
Fri 8:36 PM BBTThe brothers say Tim and Cass are not done campaigning this week NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:34 PM BBTKelsey tells the brothers that Joel told her he'd put up one from each side. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:33 PM BBTKelsey says she doesn't think Joel knows that they know Joel is with Tim and Cass. She tells them Joel was talking to her after - ladybugjd
the fight and implied he'll take her to the end. The brothers mention the "French connection" crap he's been selling this week.
Fri 8:32 PM BBTPhil says he's going to lose it after Cass leaves. Kelsey tells him to go have a shower. Then tells him if he needs to go j*rk off - ladybugjd
in the shower he can. She's laughing and says she knows the guys do that because she found the lotion in the shower. If Phil needs to then to go ahead and just clean up after.
Fri 8:32 PM BBTKelsey tells Brothers Joel was trying to get her to put Cass and Brothers up. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 8:30 PM BBTCass says to Nick that she hopes they can be friends after and he says he doesn't think so but would like it to be liveable while - ladybugjd
they are all in the house. Phil comes back in and Nick relays what they just said. Cass says she'll leave now and talk to Kelsey later.
Fri 8:28 PM BBTCass comes in the HOH and apologizes for interrupting. Phil says she's not interrupting but he doesn't want to be in the same room - ladybugjd
as Cass because she'll twist anything he says around. Phil leaves. Cass apologizes for the blow up earlier. Kelsey says it's fine. Nick asks Cass if she will move to the other bedroom so the brothers can be in one and her and Tim in the other and she agrees to move to the blue room.
Fri 8:26 PM BBTKelsey said she's been in their position with Cass before. She knows she's a sociopath. Nick tells Phil - ladybugjd
that Cass is winning by letting her get to him.
Fri 8:24 PM BBTNick says to Phil he's more hurt by Cass because he still had a bit of faith whereas Nick saw through her all along. Phil says - ladybugjd
Cass is legitimately a sociopath.
Fri 8:23 PM BBTPhil says he's just going to stay in the HOH and try to avoid her NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:23 PM BBTPhil says Tim is such a manipulator and he knows it and is proud of it. Nick says that's why he started being so nice to them - ladybugjd
right after the fight because Tim knows her ship is sinking.
Fri 8:22 PM BBTKelsey said this is Cass's game. She stirs things up, acts crazy. The brothers have to just be better than her. Kelsey says she - ladybugjd
used to have these talks with Jared too.
Fri 8:21 PM BBTKelsey says Joel is sitting pretty but whatever. The brothers say they will win HOH next week. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:20 PM BBTKelsey finished making slop soup and went to HOH where Phil and Nick are. Kelsey says everything is fine, thank god she is HOH. - ladybugjd
They will be fine and will get together every night and study. Kelsey said Tim and Cass will be nominated and she's already told them.
Fri 8:14 PM BBTCass comes out and asks Joel & Kelsey if Tim has come out of the diary room. They didn't know that's where he is. Cass says she's - ladybugjd
really worried that he might be in there trying to self-evict right now.
Fri 8:10 PM BBTThe brothers are in the HOH. Cass is in the blue room talking to herself, rehashing things from the fight out loud. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:08 PM BBTKelsey and Joel are in the kitchen. She is going to make him a batch of slop/salsa soup. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:06 PM BBTKelsey thanks Joel for coming to talk to talk to her and clearing things up. Kelsey asks him what he would do if he won the POV. - ladybugjd
Joel says he assumes she wouldn't want him to use it and he can respect her nominations. Kelsey asks if he'll talk to her through the week about the noms and who should go and he says yes. They hug and leave the storage room.
Fri 8:03 PM BBTJoel asks where he stands after this week. Kelsey says he has the best chance of going to final three because he's in the middle - ladybugjd
and good with everyone. Joel starts mentioning that he doesn't have the resume others have at the end to win.
Fri 8:02 PM BBTNick leaves and Kelsey says she has to stick to her word and not put them up. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:01 PM BBTNick comes in the storage room and apologizes to Joel for the yelling earlier NT - ladybugjd
Fri 8:00 PM BBTKelsey says she doesn't have a target. Joel asks if Tim or Cass come off the block who would she put on the block and Kelsey tells - ladybugjd
him it will be Joel but there's no way he will go. She said if she puts the bros up they will definitely go and there's no way she's doing that to them.
Fri 7:58 PM BBTKelsey said she has to return the favour to the brothers for having her back NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:58 PM BBTCass comes into the storage room and interrupts. She leaves and Kelsey says to Joel don't get me wrong I do love Cass but all I - ladybugjd
can by is what happened last week and the brothers didn't use the opportunity to get her out.
Fri 7:57 PM BBTJoel tells her that the brothers did say to put Kelsey up before NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:56 PM BBTKelsey says she knows Cass has lied to her and that doesn't mean she wants her out or Tim out for that matter. Kelsey confirms she - ladybugjd
is going to put Tim and Cass up. Joel says if it was him he would put one of each up (bros and Cass).
Fri 7:55 PM BBTKelsey says if the brothers really wanted to get her out then that was their opportunity and they didn't. She says she doesn't - ladybugjd
have anyone in the house. Joel said he doesn't either even though the brothers have said they are loyal to him.
Fri 7:54 PM BBTKelsey says the brothers could have put her up yesterday and they didn't NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:53 PM BBTKelsey asks Joel what she should do, she only has 3 options and right now she's going with what happened last week NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:53 PM BBTJoel said he knows when someone is that aggressive and that adamant then it is most likely they are not being truthful and Phil - ladybugjd
does do it a lot.
Fri 7:52 PM BBTKelsey and Joel are in the storage room talking. When I join Joel is telling her that the brothers did previously say they'd put - ladybugjd
up the internationals and backdoor jared. Joel said he just doesn't want that kind of drama and behaviour. Kelsey says it's fine, let them do their thing and have it out and she's yelled in here before too. Joel says but she hasn't done it in a threatening manner.
Fri 7:49 PM BBTPhil is talking to himself about how proud he is of himself if goes, he's stood his ground and he's a good person. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:49 PM BBTPhil is up in HOH now NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:48 PM BBTPhil is staring at Cass and Cass asks him to quit staring at her and trying to intimidate her. Phil says he is just so disgusted - ladybugjd
with her. Nick tells him to stop, its not worth it.
Fri 7:46 PM BBTTim says you never know how the day is going to go. He thought they were just going to be happy family today. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:46 PM BBTAll except Joel are back in the kitchen area. Phil keeps trying to make digs at Cass and the others tell him to stop each time. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:42 PM BBTNick: I wasnt a bb fan before coming into the house NT - notnorman
Fri 7:39 PM BBTTim said he's really sorry that they think he's manipulated things and he'd like to have a call with them later when they watch it NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:38 PM BBTTim said to Cass, Kelsey and Nick that he really does want to go this week. They all want it so much more at all costs. NT - ladybugjd
Fri 7:35 PM BBTTim and Cass came back down and Phil starts saying something and the others tell him to stop. Nick says its not worth it. Tim says - ladybugjd
they were there first, implying Cass should leave. Cass says she's not going to leave. Phil goes up to the HOH
Fri 7:33 PM BBTKelsey said was just Cass trying to save her own ass. NT - ladybugjd

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