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Tue 12:50 PM BBTEarlier, BB told the HGs someone "deliberately" messed with a camera and broke it. The HGs are now without food & hot water. They - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
were told they'll get it back when someone admits to doing it. Everyone sat in HOH while each HG went out of the room one at a time, in case they wanted to anonymously go to DR and admit to doing it. We still don't know who did it, but the following people went into the DR: Zach, Willow, Sarah, Pilar, Kevin, JP, Jordan, Johnny, Bruno and Bobby
Tue 12:32 PM BBTSarah "I will be livid" "They are ruining the game, for everyone, the show." (Not sure what happened)Breaking BB rules? NT - Waterlily
Tue 8:35 AM BBT8:34 All house guest sleeping. NT - mrsjrd
Tue 1:52 AM BBTPilar and Kevin making out. NT - shelly888
Tue 1:32 AM BBTJohnny and Kevin spooning...Again NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 1:22 AM BBTSarah and Bobby in HOH confirm they don't trust Sindy and they're not scared of Britt. They say Sindy flirts with everybody. NT - shelly888
Tue 1:17 AM BBTJP and Sindy have a make out session in front of the bedroom door. NT - shelly888
Tue 1:16 AM BBTJordan and Sindy have been making out. NT - ddaniele
Tue 12:49 AM BBTGodfrey off to bed NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 12:41 AM BBTKevin in the HOH room again listening to the music and dancing strangely NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 12:32 AM BBTSarah is outside smoking and Johnny is there too. Godfrey told some outrageous dating story, and Sarah doesn't belive him, she - MountainHip
says if it's true, he needs help. johnny explains that everyone was uncomfortable listening, and Sarah says Godfrey can't pick up social cues.
Tue 12:00 AM BBTKevin strips down, straddles, and kisses Johnny for his birthday NT - PrimeThyme
Mon 11:58 PM BBTJohnny gets a surprise brithday celebration, with the HGs singing a birthday song, and a lap dance from Bobby NT - MountainHip
Mon 11:53 PM BBTKevin, Cindy and johnny are in the bedroom. Rest of the HG waiting in the HOH to surpise Johnny NT - MountainHip
Mon 11:51 PM BBTCindy walks into the bedroom, and said her and JP just kissed in the kitchen NT - MountainHip
Mon 11:50 PM BBTit's johnny's birthday at midnight, and they are planning a surprise, but Kevin just told him the surprise! NT - MountainHip
Mon 8:27 PM BBTBruno, Zach, Kevin talking about how dangerous Naeha is and how they need to put her on slop so she's weak & tired. Think Johnny and her are close NT - bbBeth111
Mon 6:51 PM BBTWillow and Bobby saying that Kevin and Graig don't have to go yet. Gr is convinced K has flipped to them NT - bbBeth111
Mon 5:33 PM BBTHe said he didn't know about all of it and says "There are creepy people out there." NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:33 PM BBTHGs teaching Godfrey about live feeds NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:25 PM BBTKevin and Pilar are taking a shower at the same time. They are joking around NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:18 PM BBTKevin and Pilar kiss one more time and then get out of the hot tub NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:17 PM BBTPilar: We are just having fun, right? ... Kevin: Yeah, of course NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:16 PM BBTKevin and Pilar was talking about who they are attracted to in the house and who everyone likes NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:13 PM BBTKevin and Pilar kissed in the hot tub NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:10 PM BBTKevin tells Pilar she is super fun to kiss NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:10 PM BBTKevin and Pilar alone in the hot tub now NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:09 PM BBTAshleigh stubbed her toe and almost tripped NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:06 PM BBTAshleigh said her most emotional moment was when Brittnee was nominated. NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 5:05 PM BBTKevin, Ashleigh, and Pilar at the hottub talking about emotional moments NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 3:22 PM BBTBB: "Houseguests, please stop talking in code" NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 2:18 PM BBTHGs get a camera and start taking pictures... NT - M3gabyt3
Mon 2:11 PM BBTJP and Sarah were just talking in the bedroom about next week's HOH. Agreed they are both going to go for it, because there are - bbBeth111
easy targets in the house and things might change quickly next week because of Graig's paranoia. They say they would put up Godfrey and maybe Bruno then backdoor Graig, because "he downplays his strength."
Mon 1:07 PM BBTYoga has ended. NT - M3gabyt3
Mon 12:59 PM BBTCraig led the house yoga session, sponsored by OxiClean. NT - Singaling
Mon 11:41 AM BBT(About 45 mins ago BB time) Bruno, Bobby, Zach in the HT. - littlemissvixxn
They say that they don’t think Kevin is 100% with them, because he wasn’t “with them” until after Bobby put him up on the block.

Ashleigh comes out to HT area. Bobby asks Ashleigh if she has any intel from the girls side. She said she doesn’t know very much. She said Sindy’s main campaign is: if I stay you know who my targets are. You don’t know who Brit’s targets are.

Bobby asks Ashleigh if Naeha feels threatened. Ashley doesn’t say anything. Bruno says he could tell by the look on Naeha’s face that she feels threatened.

Bobby says they can get a out next week if she doesn’t win HOH. Ashleigh says is on board with that plan. Zach says Naeha is the main tar...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Mon 11:19 AM BBTNaeha is teaching Jordan how to fold his laundry. NT - littlemissvixxn
Mon 11:15 AM BBTNaeha is having problems pooping NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 11:03 AM BBTGraig walked in and busted Kevin NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 11:03 AM BBTMore weird dancing my Kevin. Very strange dance moves NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 11:00 AM BBTKevin is mouthing the words to the song he is listening to NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 10:59 AM BBTKevin by himself in the HOH room listening the music and dancing a little bit NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 10:57 AM BBTAshleigh joins in with the gametalk with the guys NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 10:55 AM BBTBruno asks Bobby and Zach if he should vote to evict Brit in the eviction in order to confuse the girls. Zach says they should - littlemissvixxn
keep it unanimous.
Mon 10:55 AM BBTBruno asks if he should throw a vote that way, just so it won't be unanimous NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 10:55 AM BBTBruno says he is 99% sure the vote against Sindy will be unanimous NT - Energizerbunny
Mon 10:51 AM BBTBruno tells Zach and Bobby that he doesn't talk game to anyone other than them. - littlemissvixxn
They all comment that they don't talk much game with Willow.
Mon 10:49 AM BBTBobby, Bruno and Zach in HT. - littlemissvixxn
Talking about next weeks noms. They don't want Johnny or Naeha to win HOH. Either one can be backdoored, they're both smart. They think it's more important to get rid of Johnny before Naeha.
Mon 10:44 AM BBTBruno and Bobby opening up the hot tub. NT - littlemissvixxn
Mon 10:42 AM BBTJohnny saying he wants to get white girl wasted on his birthday. Graig asking him what he would like to eat for his birthday, - littlemissvixxn
says they will make Johnny whatever he wants.

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