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Mon 3:01 PM BBTDay: "I can't believe the cuts you have!" Jason: "i know but they ain't cuts they are hip bones." Steve: "what did you get cut on? NT - Josreason
Mon 2:58 PM BBTSteve thinks there could be a slop/food challenge takeover. Jason said they wouldn't do that with Botb in play. NT - Josreason
Mon 2:57 PM BBTDa'Vonne holding out hope getting off of slop. Davonne said she will be in the fridge after slop. NT - Josreason
Mon 2:53 PM BBTAudrey materializes on sofa talking to Day and Jason about international big brother. "Call me Canada, call me UK, call me AU." NT - Josreason
Mon 2:34 PM BBTOops my mistake! the Adria/Natalie conversation was from Shelli, not Becky! NT - killerqueen
Mon 2:33 PM BBT(corrected) Shelli is talking about Adria/Natalie from S5!! - killerqueen
Jace didn't see S5. Shelli explains to Jace how the twist worked in regards to them swapping in and out via the diary room every few days.
Mon 2:36 PM BBTit was Shelli, not Becky. (and at the end, nobody said, "I wonder if...." or anything like that.) NT - pipper
Mon 2:14 PM BBTDay tells Jace he might come back because it's a long season Jace says he's happy today NT - MaddyP
Mon 2:13 PM BBTClay just walked up to the camera in the middle of the yard and gave everyone a close up on cam 4. NT - Persch
Mon 2:08 PM BBTSteve talks to Jace in comic room. - pipper
Jace tells Steve that he hopes his blow-up, which will be during the live show, will give Steve extra confidence for voting for him to stay.

Alone, Jace practices his eviction speech.

First day of Big Brother God said, "Let there be Clay!"
On the fifth day [_AJ?_] said, "Please let me stay"
Mama Day, I'm sorry about spillin that water, but a vote from you would be magic just like Harry Potter.
Magic! just like Meg's smile. She came in here strong with that New York style.
Y'all used to like me but now the house's torn apart.
Walk into a room and you all walk away just like a smelly fart.

Then Jace says, "*****, that's stupid." and feeds switch.
Mon 1:22 PM BBTSteve calls s9 a terrible season and tells Liz Adam was arrested NT - MaddyP
Mon 1:18 PM BBTLiz left the pool to get a hat so she doesn't burn her face. NT - Josreason
Mon 1:17 PM BBTSteve, Austin and Liz talking about Survivor. They say the contestants don't get toilet paper NT - MaddyP
Mon 1:09 PM BBTJason said it was "whorekini after dark." Last night. NT - Josreason
Mon 1:05 PM BBTTalking about Clay flipping in the pool. Jerry and Andy falling in. GM and Chima's mics in the pool. NT - Josreason
Mon 12:56 PM BBTTalking about old movies: look who's talking, homeward bound, air bud, Jurassic park vs Jurassic world, 3 ninjas, etc, NT - Josreason
Mon 12:50 PM BBTBY gang taking about Edward scissorhands NT - Josreason
Mon 12:48 PM BBTMeg called to DR after showering. She said I cannot go in there looking like a wet rat so they let her leave and come back later NT - Josreason
Mon 12:46 PM BBTJace heads back inside and Austin continues his workout routine. His plan is to lay low and make a big move on Wednesday NT - Persch
Mon 12:45 PM BBTBecky said she hasn't gone in DR since POV. NT - Josreason
Mon 12:44 PM BBTJace to Austin: I have a weird felling the producers don't wanna see me go just yet NT - BBFan1995
Mon 12:42 PM BBTJase says Steve told him he has his vote if he gets enough votes to stay NT - MaddyP
Mon 12:40 PM BBTAustin and Jace are talking at the workout bench. Austin says he is going to start campaigning for Jace. NT - Persch
Mon 12:39 PM BBTJason Liz and Shelli talking about Dogs and a scar on his face because of a dog. NT - Josreason
Mon 12:37 PM BBTSteve James and Johnny talking about brigade alliance and Britney, EvelDick and his game with Daniele, and nine jury members NT - Josreason
Mon 12:35 PM BBTApparently Clay was doing back flips into the pool (not on feeds) NT - Persch
Mon 12:35 PM BBTBB, "There is absolutely no jumping into the pool" to clay NT - Persch
Mon 12:32 PM BBTShelli and Jason are talking outside about Jace and him confronting them last night about someone lying about him. NT - Persch
Mon 12:31 PM BBTSteve is explaining Evil Dick to James and John. NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:22 PM BBTGeneral chit chat among John, Meg, James, Jeff, and Audrey in the BR. NT - Persch
Mon 12:21 PM BBTClay heads outside and sits in the Hot tub for a few minutes then switches to the pool. NT - Persch
Mon 12:21 PM BBTApparently James and Meg shared a bed at one point. NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:13 PM BBTAustin is giving Clay a backrub NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:08 PM BBTNow talking about Florida and all the lizards. Jason hates them! NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:07 PM BBTN - ChillTownChick
Liz is going on about crayfish.
Mon 12:07 PM BBTLiz is talking a lot about all BR topics. Leading the conversations about lobster and bayou, NT - Josreason
Mon 12:05 PM BBTIntense bathroom discussion about Monica and season 2 and the 9/11 events happened during that time. Liz Jason Vanessa Shelli - Josreason
John and Austin, share their memories of the events. Jason was 11 and Liz was younger than that.
Mon 12:04 PM BBTNow they are discussing their trips to D.C. NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:03 PM BBTTalking about crazy it can be to travel in New York. NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:01 PM BBTVanessa's dad was in Manhattan on the day. NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:01 PM BBTVanessa too! NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 12:00 PM BBTJason, Austin, Liz?, Shelli and John are discussing 9/11 and how in middle school Jason wasn't told about it at school. NT - ChillTownChick
Mon 11:55 AM BBTTwin twist in effect. Liz came out of DR, Austin went in and came out and Clay went in and came out. NT - Josreason
Mon 11:20 AM BBTClay said "look I know you love Jason, Day I have nothing against her never go after her... we have to keep that together." NT - Josreason
Mon 11:18 AM BBT"Jackie hasn't done nothing to me. I don't trust Jackie, but I don't trust [Jace] more." -Jason NT - Josreason
Mon 11:14 AM BBTClay "we got 8 people and we know where everyone stands. So if someone crosses that line." Jason said targets are Liz Austin Steve - Josreason
John Vanessa and Becky.
Mon 11:10 AM BBTJohnny is flossing. He says he doesn't whiten his teeth, because they make your teeth too sensitive. "Around the edge of a - Josreason
Composite filling, the white strips are leaking causing pain when you bleach."
Mon 11:08 AM BBTIf Vanessa wins HOH she wants more beanies and dry shampoo. Shelli wants yoga pants. NT - Josreason
Mon 11:06 AM BBTVanessa said Austin is in WWE so he is a good actor. Shelli talking to Vanessa in BR. Liz to DR. NT - Josreason
Mon 10:46 AM BBTClay advising Austin that he needs keep Vanessa close and let her know that the alliance is real. Austin is agreeing. NT - djretzena

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