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Tue 6:05 PM BBTTask: Clean house top to bottom and they will get hot water back and the Haves will get food back. They have 1 hour to complete NT - susanr342
Tue 6:04 PM BBTFeeds back. Jackie is standing in front of them with a note from BB NT - susanr342
Tue 6:02 PM BBTFeeds cut NT - susanr342
Tue 6:02 PM BBTEveryone is being called to living room NT - susanr342
Tue 5:20 PM BBTDem & Ika says that they can't win HOH. They are safe with both sides right now. NT - susanr342
Tue 5:11 PM BBTNeda says they can't trust Dre. Ika says we can't trust Jackie. NT - susanr342
Tue 5:10 PM BBTNeda is now down telling Ika & Dem about "The 5" alliance NT - susanr342
Tue 4:58 PM BBTSindy is telling Neda that she thinks she heard Will and others talking about an alliance called "The 5". They are trying to - susanr342
figure out who the five are. Sindy says that she heard Will, Dre, Gary, Cass and one other maybe Karen talking.
Tue 4:52 PM BBTKaren in kitchen whining about not being able to eat the slop. Cass & Emily are encouraging her to eat it. NT - susanr342
Tue 4:45 PM BBTBruno tells Sindy that he wants him, Sindy & Kevin - the season 3 group are the final 3. She agrees. NT - susanr342
Tue 11:01 AM BBTGary now out of DR and goes upstairs NT - susanr342
Tue 11:01 AM BBTThe only 2 not listening to the story of Moses is Gary who is in DR and Karen who is upstairs in the bathroom. NT - susanr342
Tue 10:58 AM BBTKevin is telling the story of Moses. He is starting now. NT - susanr342
Tue 10:58 AM BBTThey are all gathering in the living room to listen to Kevin's Storytime NT - susanr342
Tue 10:28 AM BBTCass telling Dre that she still thinks she can get the votes NT - susanr342
Tue 10:26 AM BBTCass to Dre - I have to find out if Gary is lying to me NT - susanr342
Tue 10:23 AM BBTWill asks Kevin who he fully trusts. Kevin says it is hard and the vets are vicious and they will slash anyone. He says Bruno - susanr342
wouldn't go after me, Neda didn't go after me, Sindy will not going after him but he doesn't trust them. Kevin tells Will that he is working with Bruno and says it would be stupid to lie about it. He says they didn't get along in his season. He says Bruno is vicious. Game talk is broken up by Emily & Dillon. They want Kevin to tell more Bible stories
Tue 10:20 AM BBTKevin tells Will that Karen is the biggest threat to him but he doesn't think a lot of other people will go after her NT - susanr342
Tue 10:19 AM BBTKevin says Will is protected by Dre and that people are more scare of her. Will says he doesn't want to be the pawn. Kevin says - susanr342
that when someone goes after someone they always put up their friend.
Tue 10:18 AM BBTWill is worried that if Dre goes up that he will be the pawn. Kevin agrees and says that he will never put him up. NT - susanr342
Tue 10:17 AM BBTKevin tells Will that he wants to go after Karen. He says if no one takes Karen out that she will float to the end. NT - susanr342
Tue 10:09 AM BBTEmily and Ika pass each other in the upstairs hallway. Emily is making some weird noises and Ika says "I hate you Em". She walks - susanr342
into the empty bedroom and says to herself "I really hate you, I can wait till you guys are out of this house"
Tue 10:02 AM BBTNeda thinks that they are setting up for a double this week. Kevin says they are building already. NT - susanr342
Tue 10:01 AM BBTKevin tells Neda that everyone seems to be on the page. Neda says yeah I think everyone will do Dre and William and you are going - susanr342
to do Dre & Karen
Tue 9:39 AM BBTBruno says that Karen is a loose cannon and that she thinks out every situation. Sindy says Karen knows the game better than her. NT - susanr342
Tue 9:38 AM BBTKevin says he doesn't have a close relationship with. But since Neda became HOH he thinks it is getting better NT - susanr342
Tue 9:37 AM BBTBruno says Karen & Dem are slipping under the radar. NT - susanr342
Tue 9:35 AM BBTKevin says he wonders if when Cass leaves if they could pull in Gary. Bruno says he would rather work with him. Sindy says she - susanr342
wants jury to be a lot of vets
Tue 9:33 AM BBTSindy says she never shares information with Gary NT - susanr342
Tue 9:33 AM BBTKevin says he is more threatened by Dre than Gary. Bruno says he doesn't know who Gary would put up. He says he knows that Gary - susanr342
doesn't like Neda
Tue 9:32 AM BBTSindy says she thinks she is good with Karen and that she if Karen won HOH that she would be able to deflect to keep them off the - susanr342
Tue 9:28 AM BBTBruno, Kevin & Sindy in gold bedroom going over what they have counted in the house. NT - susanr342
Tue 9:25 AM BBTSindy says that backyard is on lockdown already. Kevin things HOH is going to epic NT - susanr342
Tue 9:22 AM BBTGary is really cheery today! NT - susanr342
Tue 9:20 AM BBTHGs are up for the day. NT - susanr342
Mon 11:47 PM BBTGary trying to rally votes to keep Cass NT - shelly888
Mon 4:27 PM BBTEveryone except Cass are in the bedroom either sleeping or chatting while Cass is laying on the floor in the bathroom area of HOH - susanr342
room wide awake in deep thought.
Mon 4:26 PM BBTFeeds back and it looks like they are in HOH on lockdown. NT - susanr342
Mon 11:17 AM BBTFeeds are back on. William did not use the POV. Cass and Jackie are still on the block. NT - nathndev
Mon 10:19 AM BBTEveryone called to HOH room. Must be time for POV ceremony NT - susanr342
Sun 11:30 PM BBTCass tells William that if Dre goes on the block she will have the votes to stay. She's trying to convince him to use POV NT - shelly888
Sun 10:53 PM BBTIka tells Cass that she does not have the votes to stay. She says if William doesn't use POV then Cass is going home. NT - shelly888
Sun 9:26 PM BBTDre tells Neda and Ika that Gary is full of crap. NT - shelly888
Sun 9:25 PM BBTIka and Neda tell Dre that Gary has been throwing her under the bus. They say Karen told them she's been campaigning for Cass NT - shelly888
Sun 9:01 PM BBTGary and Bruno hash out their issues. Bruno apologizes for washing off the makeup Gary put on him. They hug it out. NT - shelly888
Sun 8:53 PM BBTKaren confirms with Neda and Ika that Cass is going home. NT - shelly888
Sun 4:58 PM BBTGary: I'm going to tell Neda later that she pissed me off about making those remarks about my eyebrows. Because you should let peo - Shoreline74
people be expressive and creative. If I hold on to that, it's going to eat me up inside. But I'm going to let it go. There's a time and a place. I believe it's good to feel sad and angry because it's important to feel your emotions. But I'm not going to carry onto it, I'm going to let it go.
Sun 4:51 PM BBTBruno to Neda: Omg. When I saw myself after my makeup was on...I was like "Oh...it's great...it's great..." Neda: I, like, screame - Shoreline74
screamed and RAN.
Sun 4:50 PM BBTBruno wiping off makeup: Omg, what did I do to myself? Neda telling him to put coconut oil all over his face to wipe it off. NT - Shoreline74
Sun 4:40 PM BBTSindy teaching Emily about Vietnamese culture. NT - Shoreline74

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