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Wed 12:56 PM BBT12:55 PM Bunnies at one hour. NT - Scott3325
Wed 12:28 PM BBT12:25 PM Puppies at 30 minutes. NT - Scott3325
Wed 11:56 AM BBTRoss called to the DR, Brandi says here we go. Feeds cut to bunnies. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:56 AM BBT11:54 AM Ross called to DR and Bunnies..... NT - Scott3325
Wed 11:55 AM BBTOmarosa says that she has had the same phone number for 20 years. James says that means you have not made it yet. James is talking about having to change his number. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:51 AM BBTRoss says to Marissa that Brandi cornered him and said she thought they had a F2 and he lost her vote, he said he was sorry to Brandi. Marissa changes the conversation. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:50 AM BBTMarissa tells Omarosa to hang her newly pressed clothes in the SR. Shannon hung her clothes there. Marissa says you you clothes are so nicely pressed, keep them pressed. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:47 AM BBTMarissa is telling Mark to hid a veto maybe in duvet covers, James and Marissa discuss more location. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:42 AM BBTOmarosa found her pants from the black box veto cleaned along with Ariadna's clothes from the comp cleaned.. She said she left her pants behind in the black box? NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:39 AM BBTJames and Marissa telling each other if it Hide a Veto where they would hide it. James says up high. Omarosa walks by and hears them and says what about the storage room. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:36 AM BBTMarissa says that all of Omarosa's clothes are steam cleaned. Marissa says to James Omarosa must have a much different contract. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:33 AM BBTOmarosa asks Ariadna if Brandi knows that she is the target. Ariadna says Brandi overheard James, Mark and Marissa in the bathroom last night and knows. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:32 AM BBTHG excited to go outside for the Comp. Brandi to DR. Omarosa says Ariadna if Brandi apologized to her about last night. Brandi was mad the lights were on because Ariadna was reading the Bible. Omarosa asks if Brandi remembers last night. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:25 AM BBTFeeds Back HG talking about veto comp. Ross is host and wonders what he should wear. Brandi as for meds before we start this, feeds cut again NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:19 AM BBTOmarosa says it is a hard balance, she needs to be a villain for the show to be good.. She is sure her show edit is different from the feeds. Omarosa feels limited to what she can do in the DR. feeds cut. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:18 AM BBTOmarosa Mark, James talking about how many more HoH's are left. James says he doesn't know if he has to win one. Omaorsa says he does. She says Derrick won a few. James said what was great was he was not on the block but no one brought him up to be a nom NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:15 AM BBTOmarosa Mark James in the kitchen talking about Hawaii, golf and Mark's letter. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:13 AM BBTMarissa puts fake bangs on Ross. HG say he looks like Tyne Daly from Cagney and Lacey. Ross says that is a compliment. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:11 AM BBTBrandi and Marissa talking about why Omarosa is not a nom. Brandi is complaining her stomach hurts. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:07 AM BBTBrandi and Marissa go to the same wig shop. Marissa says Ross wants her wig bangs so she is going to wear them in front of him. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:07 AM BBTBrandi and Marissa hug and apologize about what happened last night. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:06 AM BBTMarissa says she cares about Brandi. Brandi said last night Marissa in the bathroom felt yucky. Marissa said she had zero knowledge of what was happening. Brandi says Marissa you are my people, I didn't want to see you throw me under the bus NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:04 AM BBTBrandi does not care what James was saying last night. She was hurt Marissa was there with Mark and James. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:03 AM BBTMarissa says her husband has never yelled at her. Marissa says that she does not get into big disagreements or yelling in real life. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:02 AM BBTBrandi saying to Marissa that she and Marissa have 2 different takes on what happened last night. NT - silverspoons
Wed 11:01 AM BBTMarissa says she misses the 3 times when big stuff went down. She missed Brandi and James fight last night. Brandi is saying how she shut down last night with James. NT - silverspoons
Wed 10:58 AM BBTOmarosa says Brandi took advantage of Mark being a gentlemen last night. NT - silverspoons
Wed 10:57 AM BBTMark and James going over Brandi's behaviors and how they don't want people apologizing for her. James says Brandi is a bully. Mark says Brandi is not a bully, Brandi is not a threat. NT - silverspoons
Wed 10:56 AM BBTJames talking about comp the other night. Says he took care of Ariadna , Omaorsa says it was scary for a minute Ariadna blacked out for a minute but recovered quickly. NT - silverspoons
Wed 10:00 AM BBTOmarosa and Marissa talking. Omarosa thinks Brandi was really affected by not getting a video from her kids NT - scoobydoo
Wed 9:29 AM BBT9:21 AM Feeds return. HGs up & about. Brandi/Ariadna in BR. Ariadna says "she" said that Brandi yelled at her. (Ed.: Not sure who "she" is.) Brandi says she didn't yell at anyone. NT - Scott3325
Wed 9:22 AM BBT9:12 AM Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Wed 9:00 AM BBT8:57 AM Ariadna out of BA to BR, grabs jacket & puts on, to DR door & cam switches. Omarosa remains in BA working on her hair. NT - Scott3325
Wed 8:48 AM BBT8:46 AM Ariadna called to DR. She continues her makeup routine in the BA. Omarosa also in BA getting ready for the day. No other visible activity on cam. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:57 AM BBT7:52 AM Feeds return to Marissa, Ariadna & Omarosa in BA getting ready for the day. Sleepy HGs on cam 3/4. Omarosa asks Marissa if she is ok. Marissa says yeah as she is walking out of BA. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:51 AM BBT7:45 AM Ariadna slowly up & out of BR with her makeup, off cam. Short view of Omarosa & Ariadna in BA greeting each other, then Fish..... House lights are on. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:34 AM BBT7:31 AM Fish..... 7:33 AM Back to sleepy HGs. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:29 AM BBT7:27 AM Omarosa from off cam into BR, again to dresser for clothes, out of BR & off cam. Closes door quietly both in & out of BR. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:25 AM BBT7:19 AM Feeds return to sleeping HGs. Omarosa up & out of BR with her box of makeup which she puts down, back into BR for blanket, out of BR & off cam. Brandi asks her to hold the door so it's not so loud. (When it closes.) (Omarosa is already out of BR.) NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:04 AM BBT7:02 AM Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Wed 6:55 AM BBT6:48 AM Feeds return. Marissa up & out of BR, off cam. NT - Scott3325
Wed 6:47 AM BBT6:45 AM From sleeping HGs to Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Wed 5:39 AM BBT5:34 AM Omarosa out of BR & off cam. Omarosa back into BR on cam & back to bed off cam. NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:11 AM BBT1:27am Marissa grabs a bag of chips from the kitchen. As she opens the bag she reads it and says that this isn't what she wanted. She munches them anyways. She looks at the camera and says that they can't sleep. She - Dreamer
asks if we are all watching. She said she can't sleep and started giggling. Ross joins Marissa and she tells him to sit down. She tells him that she can't sleep. Ross said that he couldn't sleep either. Marissa told him she was counting. Ross said he was thinking about a final 2 speech and Marissa said she was too. She then says oh no we're losing, we're definitely going home now. Marissa said that she won't campaign against her friend. She said that she was counting the numbers and she was like do I beat Mark, no, do I beat James, no. Do I beat you, no. Do I beat Ariadna, no. Ross said that he was thinking about how they can get rid of James once they get to the final 4. Marissa laughing...

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Wed 1:38 AM BBT1:26am Marissa and Ross out of bed. Ross had to use the bathroom, Marissa can't sleep. She said that this is the darkest she has seen this (talking about the kitchen) she said it's not like this in the morning. BB turned the lights on. Ross says oooohhh. NT - Dreamer
Wed 1:16 AM BBTMarissa is up, went to the speakeasy and counted things, then moved to the memory wall and appeared to do some sort of studying. Then back to bed. NT - Dolffie
Wed 12:54 AM BBTAriadna and Omarosa both reading their Bibles silently. All other HG on camera asleep. NT - silverspoons
Wed 12:43 AM BBTJames asks if they can talk about something other then game tomorrow. The lights are now out in Ross/Marissa/James' room. NT - silverspoons
Wed 12:42 AM BBTOmarosa reading her Bible, Brandi asleep, and Ariadna getting ready for bed in blue bedroom. NT - silverspoons
Wed 12:40 AM BBTMarissa says James and Ross and her are her favorite group. She doesn't even have to talk to and they know what each other is thinking. She knew past alliances would not work. NT - silverspoons

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