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Wed 9:57 PM BBTAND your winner is... - Jokerette
One of you going to win 100k, Brick, and a huge trip. One at a time I'll read votes. If you hear name, good thing. 5 votes to win!

syndi voted: Sarah

Bobby: Godfrey
Kevin: Sarah
Willow: Sarah
Bruno: Godfrey
Zach: Sarah
Pilar: Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Sarah! Everyone erupts - Sarah is screaming - as the two finally exit the house.

Sarah is screaming and crying literally - all hg's around them.
Wed 10:00 PM BBTStill going nuts on stage! - Jokerette
Arissa trying - Sarah! Sarah! OK, ok.. Sarah! After 10 grueling weeks you were underdog, what on your mind?

I see my family - did it for you - dream come through- love you canada!

What you want to say to canaa?
I love you all! I wanted to represent quirky people! Couldn't have done it w/out your secret powers!

Godfrey, your 10k?
Best game I could - hard decision, had to cut Ash - owed Sarah.

Arissa - 16 hgs! Unforgettable season. Usa kicks off Wed June 24th.

::: one ole fart in Nashville collapses!
Wed 9:51 PM BBTShowmances! SOme might be deeper than you think... - Jokerette
Sarah saying 2 months long time w/no 'outlets or batteries' lol!

Zach says 14 hot people - we see him kissing Ashleigh.

Zach: you meet goodlooking girl, showmance blooms.

Pili * Kev. Pili: I never thought you could feel this strong. Kev: I love you so much. Pili: My feelings for him are real.

Willow: I love her for behing her (Sarah.) She's changed my life I don't think she knows that. We see a PASSIONATE kiss with Sarah.

Willow leaves - Sarah says whole diff. game when showmance leaves. Never be same again.

Arissa; sometimes relationships real or strategic. Kev, you surprised by deep connections?
Kev: you become friends...

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Wed 9:41 PM BBTAND... here we go! OR not... - Jokerette
Arissa showing people:

Xach: Game play epic:

Everyone individually saying they gonna kick ass. says been so many alliances - and we see one after the next, Zach listing a bunch. And God saying ..."I'm not a part of one."

Brit's idea to bacjdoor greg - they knew he was into big, but they didn't know they dismantled chop shop.

Bruno asked - use POV? And he puts it on Zach to everyone's shock.

Brit: I had this huge power durign 3ple eviction.

Ashleigh: everything we know about bb - out the window.

God: if I get off this block its' YOU i'm coming after...

Zach: choose wisely...

Brit - one wrong wo...

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Wed 9:30 PM BBTGod & Sarah last 2 standing - time for jury to vote! - Jokerette
Each of you will enter vote for who you want to win.

JP up first. Gotta make sure I don't pull a Topaz! Honor to play w/both of you - excellent work.

Syndi: my vote is secured -with an S!

Bobby: he's so nervous, my vote goes to best player of BB Can 3.

Poker: congrats: Everyone likes underdog, you suprized me most.

Willow: it was honor play w/both of you. Night I'm voting for super fan.

Bruno: tonight i vote for who i want to represent BB CAN 3

Zach: player who played one of most phenominal games on BB ever.

Pila: Ready? OK! (LOL)

Brit: (to enourmous applause!) No emotion, strictly best game pl...

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Wed 9:31 PM BBTWho did Jordon vote for? - Jokerette
SARAh! She grabs her hair in disgust as we go to break.
Wed 9:16 PM BBTJury now on stage - Jokerette
is a tenth member of the jury Arissa says and out walks Ashleigh!

Arissa: you worked alongside Ashleigh. what's it like to see her? It hurts. Wanted her in F2. Now, jury questions!

Syndi: God, me coming back defining moment for your game.
I owe it to you. Would I have survived w/out your voice? Would have been detrimental if I'd campaigned - yes. I'd be here.

Bobbi: Sarah! how much your game due to huge social strategy?
I wasn't big physical threat, used weakness to my adv - made self look emotional and wouldn't shut up!

Jordon: Lady Pleesa! Sarah! You built great rekationships w/people but ready to slit throats. Were relationships rea...

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Wed 9:00 PM BBTF2: Godfrey/Sarah. Now, Ashleigh gets interviewed - Jokerette
Arissa: you were underestimated. Multiple alliances - great game. Watched them drop 1 by 1 - saved your self over and over. How hard to surviv?

I knew I'd be target. Had to strap on pants and fight hard. No regrets!

Wed 8:45 PM BBTBB Can HOH part 3 -> F2! - Jokerette
About to go head to head for spot in F2! Chck in with top 3.
1 highlight each.

Sara: last 3 days getting to know these 2.

God: winning 5k on kfc.. AND knowing these ladies. SOmetimes reward is journey.

Ashleigh: seeing my mom. Family means all.

Hope game faces on: final hoh. All 3 to back yard.
Wed 8:49 PM BBTWEIRD thing in backyard - ash, god standing in steel booth like things. - Jokerette
Arissa: winner picks who to face final vote.

Here's how it works. Since jury decides, lets find out how much you know. A or B. Whoever has most points wins - let's begin.

1 - which juror first eliminated film fest a) booby b cyndi b. both right

2 - of jurors, how manyexicted 1st time nommes 3 or 4? God gets point.

3 - what day jordon evicted 35 oe 6? Both got.

4 0 how many jurors sat next to brit 3 or 4? a - so god another point.

5 - how many jurors competed 1st comp? 3 4? B - so Ash gets point
Wed 8:50 PM BBT2 more q's - Jokerette
6 both got right -

7 - how many jurors won hoh 5 or 6? Ash says b, God say - a !! B is the answer so...

Wed 8:51 PM BBTSudden death - Jokerette
8 kev removed block twice, day removed cyndy day 11 or 12? both same

9) Which member not compete Bones? Jor or Bobbie? TIE again

Wed 8:52 PM BBTTie breaker! - Jokerette
How many hours Syndi's second stay in BB house?
Wed 8:53 PM BBTThey're thinking, scribbling, erasing... who is final hoh?? - Jokerette
Arissa lock in!

Ash 300
God 260

Wed 8:58 PM BBTNow God evicts either Ash or Sarah! he chooses - - Jokerette
He says many nights this decision weighs o n me. Both have strengths. Made promises both to you. Showmances won twice in a row - Ash I can't take that chance. I'm so sorry.
Wed 8:29 PM BBTFinale part 2 - Jokerette
Sarah gets stuck - this is a giant puzzle moving a wheel. She did ok but not great...
Wed 8:30 PM BBTAsh now stuck! She isn't finding one - suddenly sees the answer and... - Jokerette
DING she got it. But did she do better than Sarah!
Wed 8:31 PM BBTsarah 21 mins - Ash: 4 minutes. Ash wins HOH part 2! NT - Jokerette
Wed 8:35 PM BBTAsh creamed me again -I blew it sarah says. In tears. - Jokerette
4 minuutes you're such an idiot. She says I'm mad at myself, have to pick myself up and get on that campaign trail. Hit both of them from all angles!

She tells god your best bet is with me. Don't you think Ash pulled it out? Won 3 times in a row! she might be best according to him as she's not done much, but recently she has.

He says I have to choose wisely. Sarah bringig up good points... sarah says everyone is voting for her: look how she struggled.

Now she works on Ash. What you thinking? Ash: split down middle.

Ash: I'm worried amount of votes of jury. Sarah says - she has one more hail mary. She won't vote for Sarah if she's in jury! Sarah now terrified...

Arissa: find out who in a minute. Get to F2. Jury make decisopn. We sent special guest find out what jury is thinking -

We see jury and who walks in??? IAN!
Wed 8:39 PM BBTIan: lot to say, never saw jury house myself! - Jokerette
Ian: who will join us? Bobby: Sarah. P says I love ash. Cyn: God. And in walks Brit!

B: Ash won POV (clapping) Sarah won HOH - Ash & God on block - sole vote, she made smart move.

Ian: why is Sarah final 3?

Been underdog so long.

Zach, your showmance. Could she win?

Zach: she's real deal, won last 3. P says same.

Ian: what got God last 3>

Brit: me! played such a poor game, take him to final 2.

God slid to end - could win title.

We get to decide who wins our season. Huge decions Jp says. I want to know my decision helps decide winner.

Rest of your life you'll be OK saying I lost to this person, Ian says -as he leaves.
Wed 8:11 PM BBTBB Canada Finale - live feed - talking about Zach saying they built a family - Jokerette
Zach gone, house up for grabs. At suprise double eviction, they tried get rid of Ashleigh who won veto. Final days approach, God works both sides. Ashleigh saying i never expected in a million years be here w/God.

Ashleigh won her seat beside Sarah - and power to choose. Booted Brit - broke Sarah's heart. Sarah didn't know if she could go it alone.

3 long shots left.

Tonight - 3 way battle to finish. Lone wolf God - stormy stragest Sarah, Ashleigh. Who make it to F2? Find out now.
Wed 8:15 PM BBTArissa - this is the battleground - Jokerette
Comps were heart of BB. 16 warriors put hearts on line. Exhilerating wins, heart breaking losses. 16 becomes 3 but first we need an HOH. Done in 3 parts.

WILD set... ashl says nuclear distruction. Sarah's voice over: winner gets pass to finale. God: this comp is called End of Time. Endurance comp! RUnning and pouring sand - if their sand runs out, they lose.

Wed 8:18 PM BBTEnd of the world: earthquakes, ash falling, dark. - Jokerette
Ash saying she's exhausted... going slower & slower.
Wed 8:19 PM BBTAsh feeling awful, crying, yet carrying on. Sarah out - Jokerette
God saying Ash come back kid - if he doesn't pick it up she might catch up...

Sarah saying her sand is running out and IT DOES!Sarah is out.
Wed 8:20 PM BBTGod saying my grandma watching - I have to do it for my family - - Jokerette
Ash also determined but she gives up. GOD TAKES IT!
Wed 8:21 PM BBTAsh now feels broken. SO physical... - Jokerette
Life sucked out of me. Hope I didn't screw myself over by not winning. Sarah saying has to go head to head with Ash in 2nd one.

God - when push comes to shove, I will win. I will come through!

Arissa - we'll find out who wins Part 2. BREAK
Sat 11:42 AM BBTFeeds show "Don't miss the final week of the Big Brother Canada. Then in on May 27th to find out who wins." NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 11:31 AM BBTArisa has big news, in less than an hour, one more will be leaving the house. Tonight is a special eviction (FEEDS CUT) NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 11:30 AM BBTArisa comes on the screen and calls them all the living room! NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 12:23 AM BBTEarlier there was a big spider in the main BR. Ashleigh & God tried getting it to go out the front door. It wouldn't go & Ash - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
wanted to flush it down the toilet.
God "Not in the toilet. What kind of eviction is that?"
God was called to DR.
Brit & Sarah are still talking. They reveal that God was 3 minutes longer than Ashleigh, who won with 18 minutes. Sarah is mad at herself for not reading the clues more fully - for jumping the gun on some of her answers. The veto was about numbers - number of birthdays while in the house, was one question.
B&S have been talking strategy about what to say to Ashleigh tomorrow. They're going to sleep now.
Fri 11:55 PM BBTBrit continues, knows she's a large target. "What are the chances someone wins a triple & a double. And a secret super power!" - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
It's hard to defend that she's a big target, it's very obvious.
"I can't be anything but proud. And grateful that I had you. You're a very genuine person. And i'm lucky that I actually like..."
Sarah "Don't (cry). I'm the lucky one, B. You're my miracle. I can't believe this is happening."
B "I'm just lucky that I could actually trust you... i'm a pretty trusting person. I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for not proving me wrong. Cause people are sh*t-heads and they take advantage of people a lot"
S "thank you for trusting me."
B "no doubt. But if I go home and see these DRs and you're an ass*ole in them, don't expect to ever speak to me again" (joking)
Fri 11:48 PM BBTBrit talks to Sarah in HOH "Ashleigh should evict me. I'll do everything in my power to get to final 2- to beat her in those comps. And not take her. - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
I don't underestimate her... correction. I don't underestimate Zach - who told her not to take me." She starts talking about Zach... and "thanks" him for making the game 100 times harder for her...... "and I still like the guy"
Fri 11:02 PM BBTNow it's confirmed, Ashleigh won POV. Brit is currently campaigning to her in HOH in front of Sarah. NT - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
Fri 10:37 PM BBTAshleigh/Sarah speculating when the show ends. - M3gabyt3
They wonder if the whole thing could end on Sunday
Fri 10:24 PM BBTActually POV winner isn't confirmed. Words have not confirmed it... so far, only speculation based on how HGs are acting. HOH lockdown now NT - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
Fri 10:16 PM BBTIt sounds like Ashley may have won pov but is not confirmed. NT - BrittneeSarah
Fri 9:50 PM BBTFeeds are back NT - jentaywind
Fri 8:31 PM BBTFeeds are still down at 8:30 est NT - BB_Fan_JJ_Dan
Fri 2:26 PM BBTFeeds went down at approx. 1:30pm est Final POV comp underway! NT - bugiardi
Fri 11:37 AM BBTBritt "Ashleigh sure is putting in work, I respect her for that but I wish she would have done this from the beginning, things - jentaywind
would have been different." Sarah "ehh, I don't think so"
Fri 11:26 AM BBTSarah and Britt discussing Britt asking Godfrey about the veto and how she talked about F2 with him and he feels that Britt - jentaywind
will not win against Sarah. Sarah says yeah he says the same to me. Britt says we don't know where anyone's head is but she has to cover her butt just like Ashleigh is doing. Sarah says they've done all they can do and we don't know need to talk about it anymore, we know the order in which the eviction should be.
Fri 11:20 AM BBTGodfrey and Sarah counting how many votes Ashleigh has and they feel for sure that Zach, Kev, Pili, Bobby, & Bruno would vote for - jentaywind
her. Godfrey said he is offended that Ashleigh keeps saying he is playing for $20 grand and that means she is confident in her chop shop for votes and is too dangerous to take to the F2. Sarah points out that she revealed too much about how close they were especially when she said "when Kevin left I became Mama Ashleigh."
Fri 11:12 AM BBTGodfrey tells Sarah that Britt is nervous and she just asked about what I would do with the veto. Godfrey says you know I won't - jentaywind
use it. Sarah says she is not worried about Godfrey and knows that he makes the logical decisions in the game and that she knows he has to say what he needs to so Ashleigh feels safe.
Fri 11:08 AM BBTGodfrey points out to Britt that when Zach and company put up Sarah and her they wanted Sarah out because they felt she was the - jentaywind
mastermind behind all the moves and that she would have their vote to win in the F2.
Fri 11:05 AM BBTBritt and Godfrey discussing the BB awards videos and they noticed how many scenes Sarah was in with different hgs and how she - jentaywind
made sure that she was friends with everyone in the jury.
Thu 2:31 PM BBTDOORBELL RINGS! - garbiel
House guest were in the HoH room and the doorbell rang. Gary and Ika entered through the door. Gary confirmed the Big Brother Awards will be happening soon("Are you guys ready for the Big Brother Awards?").
Wed 8:24 PM BBTSarah won HOH, GF a close second NT - notnorman
Wed 3:15 AM BBT11pm Godfrey does an in depth analysis of the girls in the house. NT - shelly888
Tue 10:38 AM BBTBritt and Sarah in Hoh room discussing how Zach campaigned to Britt last night. NT - freespirit1
Tue 2:14 AM BBT1:20 Zach campaigns to Britt in the HN room. NT - shelly888

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