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Thu 8:08 PM BBTAnd with that...ladies & gents....the FB live feed has ended. #BBOTT is officially a WRAP! NT - NoleJP
Thu 8:08 PM BBTJeff's gift to Jason was a package of plastic hooks with Jason smoking 'hook'as' on the back NT - NoleJP
Thu 8:06 PM BBTJason said Julie Chen called him a BB legend tonight NT - NoleJP
Thu 8:06 PM BBTJason said he really doesn't care about Shelby because everything Shelby says is the worlds oyster. Jason continued on that some - NoleJP
of his biggest BB17 nemesis's are now great friends.
Thu 8:04 PM BBTJason said he knew coming into the game week 1 he was already going to have a big target as the only vet, but wanted to show - NoleJP
everyone he could not piss anyone off by sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag for the first 7 days
Thu 8:03 PM BBTJason said he totally would have been out the first week had he not have won the vault veto NT - NoleJP
Thu 8:01 PM BBTJason said he doesn't know how the game would have turned out if there was a real BB jury in place, but is not bitter about coming in second NT - NoleJP
Thu 8:01 PM BBTJason said Morgan had the easiest road of anyone because she surrounded herself with bigger targets like Alex & Shelby NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:59 PM BBTFinal interview of the night is Jason. NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:59 PM BBTShelby was given 2 gifts by Jeff. A bar of soap for 'passing the bar', and then a ball-smashers cracker tool (like a nut-cracker) NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:57 PM BBTShelby said she felt dumb that she didn't figure out Morgan/Alex as sisters, even though she heard Alex call her Mo the first week NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:55 PM BBTShelby said the face morph comp was the easiest comp of the season. NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:54 PM BBTAudio has returned. Jeff asking Shelby about what type of lawyer she is. Shelby asking for people to hire her! NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:52 PM BBTBad audio, interview with Shelby cannot be heard NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:51 PM BBTJeff now has the ballshashers together for an interview (no Whitney). Girls said they will celebrate with the ball smashers - NoleJP
tonight and will let Whitney join them if she wants
Thu 7:48 PM BBTJeff's gift for Alex was a drinking cup that said "I Love You Mo" NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:47 PM BBTJeff suggested that Shelby write up a contract for her to help split the money with her NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:46 PM BBTAlex said she will be looking for Morgan to give her an 80/20 split of the grand prize, but will work for a 70/30 split (all - NoleJP
jokingly about it)
Thu 7:45 PM BBTAlex said when it came down to Jason and Danielle on the block and to send one home, she said her and her alliance would have - NoleJP
rather seen Jason win #BBOTT than Danielle, and thus they kept him.
Thu 7:43 PM BBTAlex said the scariest encounter with Morgan when when she called her Mo the first day right by Shelby and Shelby caught it and - NoleJP
said "Oh thats cute you both have nicknames for each other already"
Thu 7:41 PM BBTAlex said Jason had bad jury (america) management and it cost him his game NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:41 PM BBTJeff's gift for Kryssie was a bandage roll in response to her wounded hand in the wall comp. NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:40 PM BBTKryssies wish for the holidays was don't take anything for granted because you miss so much when you can't be with the people you - NoleJP
Thu 7:38 PM BBTKryssie said Thanksgiving was tough because of the way Justin acted. She felt with both of them being homesick it would have been - NoleJP
good to have him around.
Thu 7:36 PM BBTKryssie said she knows Jason took her as a strategy move, but will be able to joke about it for laugh NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:35 PM BBTKryssie said she felt good that Jason let her in on being voted in by America and with his built-in audience it was a chance to go - NoleJP
Thu 7:32 PM BBTJeff asked her if she thought, last night, that she had a chance to win. Kryssie right away said no, and commented that Jason - NoleJP
and Morgan both won comps when they need to
Thu 7:31 PM BBTKryssie up next with Jeff. Jeff informed her that the Cubs won the World Series this year as they are both from Chicago NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:30 PM BBTJeffs gift for Shane was a plastic golf club with a picture of him winning the veto with Danielle on the tag NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:28 PM BBTShane said other than Danielle he will plan to be close to Jason, Justin, Kryssie & Whitney NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:27 PM BBTShane up next with Jeff. Jeff said he's beeming tonight. Shane said it was so nice to hear that Danielle loved him tonight. - NoleJP
He said he knows he didn't win the $250k, but did win Danielle. Jeff said "What a cutie this guy is"
Thu 7:24 PM BBTJeff's dollar store gift for Morgan was a 3-pack of bikinis for her 'bikini girl' nickname NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:23 PM BBTMorgan said her parents have done so much for her and helped her through college, so she wants to take her parents on vacation - NoleJP
and will bring Alex as well! She wants to take Alex on a shopping spree as well. She knows Alex was helping her out the whole way
Thu 7:20 PM BBTMorgan said her and Alex thought about doing a 'divide an conquer' so that they could take out each side of the house together, - NoleJP
but ended up liking the same side of the house and stuck with it
Thu 7:18 PM BBTMorgan said the game brought her and Alex so close together because they did not know they were coming in to the game together NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:17 PM BBTMorgan said being put up by America made her think that she did something awful. She said it was a rollercoaster of being HOH - NoleJP
then being put as a Have Not, then getting care package, then being on the block
Thu 7:16 PM BBTJeff questioned Morgan about Americas massive power this season. Morgan said there was a mindset of winning HOH and having a - NoleJP
chance to get a target out, but they could stay. Morgan said she had to revamp her thoughts to consider what America would do with their vote or care package.
Thu 7:14 PM BBTMorgan said last night she felt OK if she took 3rd, but was very shocked when Kryssie was called first for the 3rd place spot NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:14 PM BBTMorgan, winner of #BBOTT, up next with Jeff NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:13 PM BBTMonte's wish for the holidays is for everyone to spend time with their families and don't take anything for granted because - NoleJP
things can change at any time.
Thu 7:11 PM BBTMonte said his favorite time in the house was meeting Jeff and playing in the golf comp even though he sucked at it NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:10 PM BBTMonte said being the first HOH was a bad thing, however being HOH guaranteed him to be in the house at least 2 weeks. NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:10 PM BBTMonte said some things were said and things might have been taken out of context, but he thinks everything is good now with - NoleJP
everyone. He said he hopes he and Justin can be bros and that they talked about doing a fishing trip today
Thu 7:08 PM BBTMonte said he would like another shot at showing BB the full Monte since he wasn't there for too long. He is proud that he was - NoleJP
the first person from Mississippi to be on BB. He said he gets recognized back at home from the show.
Thu 7:07 PM BBTMonte is next up with Jeff. Jeff told him it looks like put on weight. Monte said he lost 10 pounds in the BB house but got - NoleJP
it back when he got home
Thu 7:02 PM BBTJeff's dollar store gift for Neeley was 'pop up shad' glasses for all the shade that was thrown this season NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:02 PM BBTNeeley said her Christmas wish is more awareness and involvement in supporting the cause for Alzheimers NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:00 PM BBTNeeley said she would definitely come back and play again for a ...."summer season" with a wink to BB NT - NoleJP
Thu 7:00 PM BBTNeeley said she knows that America did not hate any of them at any time and noms and evictions happened as it played out NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:59 PM BBTNeeley up next with Big Jeff. Jeff asked her about tonights outcome-- lots of head shaking with murmured no no comments NT - NoleJP

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