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Tue 10:33 AM BBTHgs are still sound asleep NT - onegal
Tue 8:11 AM BBTVic comes out of WC then heads back in. Washes hands, looks in the corner of the KIT but unable to see because lights are off. - onegal
Heads back to bed
Tue 8:04 AM BBTVictoria wakes up & heads to WC NT - onegal
Tue 4:27 AM BBTDer/Vic asleep in FR, Cody sleeping in RR NT - onegal
Tue 4:24 AM BBT(3:36am) Derrick in BY "Back to reality feedsters. The last time that you are going to see us in the backyard." - onegal
"regardless of what happens it was a fun ride. I recommend it to anyone that has the opportunity to do it, do it. Wouldnt have changed a thing, Regardless of what happens on wednesday, I was punked to be a part of this and ah and I'll remember it forever"

Victoria opens sliding glass doors & Derrick says to shut off the lights & she goes back inside

"thats a good girl right there man but f&&k my life, holy chit, wow."

Anyways she was awesome, "awesome experience. This is really it man, wish me luck for wednesday, love you guys jokers, hamsterwatch, feedsters, everybody you guys were the best & I'll be talking to you guys in a few days. Backyard its been a pleasure"
Stands in doorway of kitchen "F**k, sucks really does suck. Alright backyard its been real" Closes the sliding glass door & heads to FR
Tue 3:42 AM BBTAll HGs in bed; Cody in RR, and Derrick & Victoria say "goodnight" to each other in FR. NT - BBTalking
Tue 3:36 AM BBTOut of WC and finished washing up for the night, Derrick makes one last trip alone to talk to us feedsters and say so long. NT - BBTalking
Tue 3:24 AM BBTDerrick removes mic & enters WC NT - onegal
Tue 3:23 AM BBTCody goes to FR, says to Victoria "goodnight princess" . Derrick brushes & flosses teeth in BR NT - onegal
Tue 3:21 AM BBTDerrick goes inside. Cody: "BB backyard its been real thank you for the memories, this has been unbelievable, goodnight" - onegal
"goodnight for the last time backyard" Cody heads inside
Tue 3:16 AM BBTDerrick comments that they are the last 2 to play pool on the pool table - onegal
Cody- the last ones on the hammock
Derrick- you are the last on the weight bench
Cody- its sad man
Tue 3:12 AM BBTDerrick goes to BY & sits on couch, appears to be in deep thought. Cody joins him - onegal
Derrick: This is just nuts man, we are fortunate in many ways because we got to do this, we get to go out the way we want to go out
Cody: we get to take this in for the last time
Tue 3:10 AM BBTVic says goodnight to Cody & Derrick & heads off to FR NT - onegal
Tue 3:09 AM BBTCody in BR brushing teeth, Derrick washes his bowl NT - onegal
Tue 3:07 AM BBTCody: Is the pork one any good? Derrick: I never had it NT - onegal
Tue 3:06 AM BBTCody washes his bowl in KIT sink, Derrick still eating NT - onegal
Tue 3:05 AM BBTVictoria brushing her teeth in BR NT - onegal
Tue 3:04 AM BBTCody goes inside. Derrick: "killer right" Cody: yep NT - onegal
Tue 3:03 AM BBTVic goes inside tells Derrick she is going to go to sleep soon. Cody remains in BY playing with plastic lemon NT - onegal
Tue 3:00 AM BBTDerrick nukes something in microwave, looks like noodles. He eats alone in the KIT NT - onegal
Tue 2:59 AM BBTVictoria goes back outside. Vic to Cody -Hows the soup, Cody its good, its vegetable beef NT - onegal
Tue 2:56 AM BBTsounds like swarming bees NT - onegal
Tue 2:56 AM BBTWeird noise coming over speakers Vic wonders what the noise is NT - onegal
Tue 2:54 AM BBTCody nuked soup & is eating it outside NT - onegal
Tue 2:54 AM BBTDerrick runs back & says goodbye to the duck "goodbye buddy,time to part ways" NT - onegal
Tue 2:53 AM BBTVic/Derrick go inside, Vic says goodbye to the BY NT - onegal
Tue 2:52 AM BBTVic: Is this a real lockdown. guys figured hit the button by mistake NT - onegal
Tue 2:52 AM BBTLockdown over NT - onegal
Tue 2:51 AM BBTProduction: HGs this is a lockdown, please go inside & close the sliding glass doors - onegal
Cody wants to know if something was said outside because of early lockdown, Cody thought it was at 7am
Tue 2:50 AM BBTCody goes inside, grabs pepsi bottle & puts it in SR fridge Production: Happy 4th of July............. NT - onegal
Tue 2:48 AM BBTHOllA fruit loop dingus NT - onegal
Tue 2:45 AM BBTCody: "dude so many fun times" NT - onegal
Tue 2:43 AM BBTDerrick lays down on the hammock, Vic sits on couch, Cody writing his initials in the mist on the grill NT - onegal
Tue 2:42 AM BBTDerrick: "Cody lets do it" the guys cover the pool table, Derrick says feels like we are burying somebody NT - onegal
Tue 2:42 AM BBTThe boys cover the pool table for the last time. NT - Dolffie
Tue 2:42 AM BBTVic walks around the yard, Derrick throws pillow back on the couch NT - onegal
Tue 2:39 AM BBTCody pacing around BY, removes the small duck from the pool NT - onegal
Tue 2:35 AM BBTDerrick says must be time of season that no stars,no moon no nothing NT - onegal
Tue 2:35 AM BBTAll lying in silence, maybe thinking to themselves now. Some yawning. NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:34 AM BBTThey finish, still lying there together on the ground, BB hollas, Derrick hollas back. NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:29 AM BBTDerrick gives "last shoutout to feedsters", you're all amazing, probably watched all these embarrassing moments, etc. Cody adds... NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:28 AM BBTDerrick saying they had a great cast, that for the most part they all got along. Cody agrees they all had great stories to tell. NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:27 AM BBTDerrick remembers the 1st night coming into the house, couldn't wait to see the BY from watching the show, more at peace out here. NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:26 AM BBTCody will miss the amazing feeling when the lockdowns are over and they can come back outside, cornhole, so much fun. NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:25 AM BBTVictoria tells the BY she'll miss it, they've shared some "cherishable" moments, hammock dates were always fun, watching pool-play NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:24 AM BBTAll 3 laying down on the wet fake grass, holding hands, waxing nostalgic. NT - Dolffie
Tue 2:23 AM BBTNow all 3 are lying on the ground with their heads on pillows. Derrick asks if they have any last words for the house, and they do NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:19 AM BBTCody's back outside, now all 3 are in the hammock for what they believe will be the last time. Reminiscing about the house & yard. NT - BBTalking
Tue 2:19 AM BBTDer/Cody said they were glad that there was no racism this season. And that u don't want to be associated with a season like that. NT - eureca
Tue 2:17 AM BBTCody goes back inside. Victoria & Derrick making up now on the hammock. NT - BBTalking

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