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Mon 12:15 PM BBTKevin jokes to others that Karen is her secret ride and die alliance NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 12:13 PM BBTKevin is thanking William and tells him he will make everyone think he had secret veto (sounds like Keven knows will had it) NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 12:12 PM BBTDem says that it would be funny is Karen and Kevin faked their hatred and she used the veto on him and got nominated herself NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 12:01 PM BBTJackie "I cant stand that woman (Karen)" NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 12:00 PM BBTKaren says she wants to vote Karen out for acting the way she is NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:59 AM BBTKaren is saying why would she use a veto on Kevin if she could be renom, saying it is either bruno or Kevin NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:57 AM BBTDre is telling Karen is staying but Karen is still pissed saying she knew there was a secret veto NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:54 AM BBTKaren says she saw Will looking for a veto, but she thinks Jackie found it in the have not room NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:53 AM BBTKaren is saying well done to Kevin and Bruno about making a good move and Kevin is thanking her NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:52 AM BBTKaren is congratulating Bruno of staying NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:50 AM BBTIka thinks the secret veto holder was eiher Kevin, Willam or Jackie NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:49 AM BBTKaren telling Dillon she is going home. saying Kevin and Bruno made a deal to get her out NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:48 AM BBTConfirmed, Karen and Bruno are nominations. Sounds like secret veto was used on Kevin NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:47 AM BBTSounds like Karen and Bruno are on the Block NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:47 AM BBTFeeds back, karen is annoyed NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 11:18 AM BBTFeeds are still down NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 10:16 AM BBTFeeds are down, possible veto ceremony. If so feeds will probably be down all day NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 9:24 AM BBTKaren telling Ika her eviction order would be Kevin, Bruno and Jackie, unaware if veto is used, she is going to be replacement NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 9:14 AM BBTDre is telling William that this weeks eviction is important. She is nervous that once Dem and Ika are gone, her and Will will - Tywyllwch
be targeted next.
Mon 9:13 AM BBTDre wants to ask Kevin if Ika told him about the backdoor bruno plan. NT - Tywyllwch
Mon 9:12 AM BBTDre is asking William if Kevin was told by Ika not to use the veto 2 weeks ago when they tried to back door Bruno. He says yes NT - Tywyllwch
Sun 8:28 PM BBTJac to Dre we will throw HOH to Dil & have Dil do the dirty work! LOL NT - JSweetness
Sun 8:04 PM BBTDre I told Kev I dont like him nor Bru & tried to get Bru/Kev out Wm HOH NT - JSweetness
Sun 8:02 PM BBTDre says Wm wont win HOH bcz he is in a good spot NT - JSweetness
Sun 8:02 PM BBTJac why does Wm hate me bcz Ik said he does. Dre probably just over time of what things have happened. Dre dont talk to him now NT - JSweetness
Sun 8:00 PM BBTJac said everyone has been guilted to keep Ik/Dem in the game NT - JSweetness
Sun 7:59 PM BBTJac saying Ik/Dem pulling her in if one of them leave & Dre says probably. Dre if I had to put Ik/Dem up nt sure I can NT - JSweetness
Sun 7:58 PM BBTJac spilling tea to Dre bcz someone is paying attention to her & Dre is trying to convince Jac to take Ik out 1st NT - JSweetness
Sun 7:50 PM BBTDre said she cant trust Ik bcz she never told her she was playing both sides & she is alone in this game Jac sorry I doubted u NT - JSweetness
Sun 7:48 PM BBTDre getting Jac to do her dirty work telling her to put Ik/Dem up & said Ik thinks its us Newbies against us vets NT - JSweetness
Sun 7:47 PM BBTDre telling Jac that they need to target Ik/Dem or one of the other vets left in game! NT - JSweetness
Sun 7:40 PM BBTHG have been eating, so not much going on currently NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:52 PM BBTKar says I dont trust anyone since Ned & Bru says I trust you & that is it! NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:51 PM BBTKar Kev has to much emotion in kev as he is in love w/him Bru he likes him Kar no he is in lv w/him NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:51 PM BBTBru he can work all day on this & tom. it takes one ear to turn it back! NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:50 PM BBTBru saying I know I am going if Kev is saved. Bru says I see it all just playing different, avoiding everyone. Kar me too NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:50 PM BBTKar says Kev is biggest threat in game & has many side deals. Kar says I dont lie in this game Bru says I know I trust u NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:48 PM BBTKar says there is 2 sides & many sides Ik/Dem Dre/Dil 2gether Kev/Wm 2gether, Jac/Wm, Wm/Kev & then group Ik/Dem/Dre/Dil/Wm NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:47 PM BBTBru says to Kar can I tell u something DONT trust DRE, DONT TRUST Dre she is telling them everything NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:46 PM BBTIk told Wm nt to use his POV & Dre Her and him would keep Kev. Wm shock hands w/Ik to nt use his POV. NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:45 PM BBTKar saying Dil mad at you bcz of your side nt us & u werent going Kar swears it would have been Jac will tell him more later NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:44 PM BBTKar telling Bru Jac was leaving the game if Kev used POV on WM HOH nt him & Bru said no he was going. NT - JSweetness
Sun 5:43 PM BBTKar has been telling Bru that Kev is campaigning for Wm to use the POV on him. Bru says I know if I stay OB I will go NT - JSweetness
Sun 4:44 PM BBTnt much happening today, Kev trying to get Wm to save him w/POV but everyone else furious that Wm cares more about Kev than his - JSweetness
own game. Dre was laying the smack down on Kev telling him I know when you lie bcz your nose does this thing. Also, Dre told Kev she didnt like him but would keep him in this game even if Wm didn't save him w/his POV bcz she dont want Wm in jeopardy for saving him. Wm told the camera after Dre Kev left that he was using his secret veto to save Kev any ways. Kar has been a little pistol w/her attitude of no one telling her anything. She told Dil that she wants Kev gone bcz he has Wm & Jac. Bru has no one. She also said she will be damn if these Vets dont go before her.
Sun 1:46 AM BBTWilliam won the pov NT - Tywyllwch
Sun 12:33 AM BBTPOV has been over 4 hrs now, still no feeds NT - JSweetness
Sat 9:31 PM BBTPOV started 818 BBC time 718CT NT - JSweetness
Sat 10:37 AM BBTPOV players: Demetres, Bruno, Kevin, Ika, Dre, William NT - nammer
Fri 5:37 PM BBTIk Dem talking if Bru Kev are real about their am convo then whether 1 or both are here they should be true to what they said NT - JSweetness
Fri 5:12 PM BBTeveryone eating NT - JSweetness

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