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Mon 3:53 PM ETAll feeds are showing them all playing Marco Polo. Liv now has the sleep mask on. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 3:51 PM ETFeed 3/4 - Will, Ali, Liv, Kaela and Maddy are playing Marco Polo in the red room. Maddy has on a sleep mask over her eyes. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 3:48 PM ETEarlier today. Ali in hoh with Johnny. Ali says she wants to chat with Johnny because she was sassy. (at the veto ceremony.) Johnny asks Ali if she is feeling good though. Ali replies with a firm no. Johnny says in a kinda staying way. Johnny says he can't... - MyBestBud
think of any strategy that Daela can come up with to sway the vote. Ali says Daela could throw her under the bus, make things up and turn things around. Ali says that Daela is already telling Paras and Paras has said things to me that were things that Daela said, but they said that I said. Ali tells Johnny she does not know how to battle the she said, he said game. Ali feels that Daela is going to drag her name thru the mud and see what happens kinda thing. Johnny says ya, but it a shame he does not get any kind of vote this week. It's frustrating. (no tie vote).

Ali says that Will is the only one she feels comfortable about. Johnny says he feels confident that the other 2 will vo...

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Mon 3:02 PM ETFeed 1/2 - Paras in the kitchen cleaning. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 3:00 PM ETFeed 3/4 - Ali, Will, Kaela & Johnny in the hoh bathroom. Ali put some hot water in the bathtub and they are soaking their feet. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 2:56 PM ETLive Feed Update: Nominee Vows To End HOH’S Game. - MyBestBud

Scroll down to after the video interview of Ryan.
Mon 12:18 PM ETMaddy joins Will and Paras in the white room. Will says let's wait until they come to us. Maddy says she is looking forward to it. Paras says she is thinking about how this week should go down. She says she does not know if the 4 of them should be be alone... - MyBestBud
with her. (Ali ?) That she might go break it up...

Will says there is nothing they can do now versus 3 votes do you know what I mean. Paras is talking very softly, could not catch what she said.

Maddy says she has to go pee and she will be back. Will says get in the DR and then get outside. Maddy comes back. Will leaves.

Paras says Will told her last night that he needs her word 100% that she will vote out Kaela. Maddy thinks Johnny is behind it. Johnny walks in the room. They talk about Ali going on the block.

Maddy says she is debating how she is going to handle it. Paras says okay, question Johnny. Johnny says what. Paras whispers, would you b...

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Mon 11:37 AM ETFeed 2/3 have Paras and Will in the white room. Will says he is exhausted. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 11:35 AM ETFeed 3/4 show Ali/Liv and Daela outside sunning. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 11:32 AM ETDerek took himself off the block in the veto ceremony. Ali is now on the block with Kaela. NT - MyBestBud
Mon 12:13 AM ET12am Johnny tells Ali that she or Olivia will likely go up to make sure Kaela goes. - M3gabyt3
Ali's main argument against Ali or Olivia being on the block is that it puts one duo against another duo, which will get Daela potential to convince the rest that they are the lesser threat of two duos.
Sun 5:55 PM ETLiv and Johnny in the catacomb. Johnny asks Liv where she stands with Derek. That Derek said he doesn't talk game with Liv, he more so does with Ali. Liv says she doesn't really only because I don't know if I totally trust him, so I give him very little... - MyBestBud
I sorta just say what he wants to hear. Also because what's the point if I just want him out anyway. Also, I did try awhile ago, but at this point in the game I'm not going to try and form new relationships. Johnny tells Liv he won't repeat any names she says at all. Liv says, you wouldn't put Will up, because Johnny is just starting to form that again.

Liv adds that she doesn't know if Johnny would put Maddy or Paras up. Johnny says Paras is off because he made that deal. (in the last hoh comp). How he won't put Maddy up because of the risk that you guys would vote Maddy out. And keep Kaela cause he can see them doing that. Liv says right.

Liv says not that they would ...

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Sun 5:10 PM ETMaddy and Paras in the white room. Paras tells Maddy that she is studying because yesterday was an eye opener. Maddy says what are we going to do. Paras says she thinks it's not a bad idea to try to get Johnny to put up Liv. Paras thinks by doing... - MyBestBud
that, one of two things are going to happen. Either he does put up Liv, and he shows loyalty to us, which could change our decision of whether we keep Kaela, or he doesn't and makes it extremely easy to go behind his back. Maddy said that she was thinking of that this morning. Maddy says it's two good points, and if she goes to him and says, I'm a little bit suspicious blah, blah, but in a friendly way, not like you have to do it, not be too harsh, and she understands that Johnny is receptive to certain conversations. So it will come across as me putting my foot down, but in a, I want to be with you way.

Maddy says she thinks she can do that, and if Johnny questions Paras about i...

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Sun 4:25 PM ETFeed 1/2 - Showed the HG's sunning all day. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 4:19 PM ET4:17 in the house. Maddy and Will in kitchen talking about when they were kids. Johnny and I think Paras outside sleeping in the sun. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 11:49 AM ETEarlier this morning, Johnny and Will outside. Johnny said, oh man, I don't want to miss out on next week. Will said, next week, are you saying if you go home. Johnny said ya. Will said, I got faith. Johnny said, wouldn't it be hilarious if Derek used the... - MyBestBud
veto on Kaela. That Derek was convinced that it was a great idea. There's no way he would ever do that, but like, if he thought the entire house was his buddy and they would vote to keep him over anyone, that you guys were all tricking me or something. That you guys don't like Kaela. Johnny said, nah, that won't work. Johnny laughs and said, he doesn't like her enough to do it. Liv walks outside.
Sun 11:35 AM ETKaela, Maddy, Johnny, Will and Liv, are sunbathing outside. Paras is cleaning the kitchen. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 10:25 AM ETPreviously, Paras and Liv in the catacomb. Liv offers deal to Paras for safety in the triple. Liv told Paras that she has always had Paras's back in the game. She said with the whole sh*t storm that happened upstairs (the meeting) that she was one of the.... - MyBestBud
the only person on this side that actually said, Paras I think is telling the truth. The reason I bring this up is because I have to set myself up for the game. Paras said yup. Liv continues, and the triple is coming up and we talked a little bit about it, and I was thinking I don't, as much as I want to be loyal to Ali and I will as much as I can, I am not going to let that be my detriment in this game. And I don't want to leave because of it.

Paras said, yes. Liv tells Paras, so if Ali or I are sitting up there, and if it's Johnny or Kaela sitting next to us, I'm making a deal if you save me and if it's reversed and you are sitting up there instead, I will save you. If you are o...

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Sun 9:31 AM ETHouse guests are up and about getting ready for the day. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 8:45 AM ETLights have come on in the house but everyone is still in bed. NT - susanr342
Sun 1:13 AM ETFeeds back! Derek won POV NT - NorthBayCJ
Sun 12:19 AM ETFeeds still down for POV. Just over 4 hours now. NT - NorthBayCJ
Sat 9:02 PM ETSorry liv is hosting and Ali playing NT - scoby61
Sat 8:39 PM ETFeeds down appox 8:00pm et for veto comp. Ali hosting everybody else playing except Will NT - scoby61
Sat 5:35 PM ETWill and Paras were in the red room. Will says I really, really, really need a f*ckin cigarette. Will asks where is everyone else at. Paras tells him. Will asks if Daela has been trying to be nice to her today. Paras says last night Kaela said sorry... - MyBestBud
Paras said, cool, don't care. Will says ya, it doesn't change the fact that how much they trashed her. Paras says ya, they blew my entire game up and added a few big lies in there. Will says ya. Para says just in an attempt for me to go up. And I will not forget. Will says, but you know what, Kaela's a dumb *ss cause she got players choice and she picked Ali. So that gives Derek a better chance to win. And if Derek wins and takes himself down, who's going home, Kaela. Paras says ya, idiot.

Paras says she thinks that Kaela thinks that if it was between her and Derek, that she would be going home. She thinks that people personally don't like her enough to send her home, over strateg...

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Sat 5:12 PM ETJohnny and Liv were in the pantry eating chocolate chip cookies. Liv says let me say something serious. Johnny said what. Liv says, I need to find a way to get past the triple, of being taken down if she is next to Ali. Liv says she thinks she has... - MyBestBud
to strike a deal with Paras. And convince her to put up Maddy, I don't even know, but I need to figure it out. The only way is if I win. Johnny says he feels like Liv is going to put him up. Liv says I swear on my f*cking life I am not putting you up. I swear on my mom's life. I can't say about Ali. Johnny says that's why he feels like Ali will.

Liv says I only need two people to vote you to stay. That's it. Worse case scenario, you and I are both up there. She laughs. F*cking hell. Johnny tells Liv that he is voting to keep her over anyone in the house. Liv says, okay I will do the same. Liv says she does not want to be in the final 2 with Ali, because they have played similar g...

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Sat 4:43 PM ETAli and Derek were in the bathroom. Ali said Will was not having a good day today. Derek says he can't kick himself for losing, he can only do his best, that there is some luck involved with it. Ali says totally. Derek says moves that you wish you made and... - MyBestBud
you didn't and one's that you regret making, you know, but I am going to try not regretting. I got this far from making the moves he made and it is what it is. As much as I do want to be here, and win, I enjoyed being here so much more when there was 11 or 12 people. Ali says totally. Derek says, and like with Merron and V gone, it's not much like a big brother house.

Ali says absolutely, now it's like pushing through for the win. And even the one's who are here, you love them but, half the time you don't and you're done talking about everything. Derek said at this point, there is no alliances to be made, deals to cut, that kind of stuff. Ali says ya, there is not really much game talk going on. She says she hasn't said a thing of game except to Derek.

Derek says there is still a lot of game left but it's just so much Big Brother that I lost the kind of luste.

(They talk along that vein for a bit.)
Sat 11:06 AM ETParas, Maddy & Ali chosen to play in veto. NT - ntua
Sat 10:41 AM ETFeeds are down. (Veto players pick?) NT - MyBestBud
Sat 10:37 AM ETAli and Liv in the red room. Liv says she wants to win a veto so she can make a speech. She then says that she thinks (Daela) thinks Ali/Liv are scared of them. I guarantee you that they have conversations where they say like, Liv and Ali wouldn't do... - MyBestBud
anything because they are too scared. Ali says ha ha ha. Liv replies, no I guarantee it. Can't you see it coming out of their mouths.

Ali is getting dressed under the sheets. They talk about Ali's bra.

Sat 10:23 AM ETEarlier, Derek and Ali at kitchen counter. Derek said something about going home. Ali says I think that he (Johnny) assumes that if one of us aren't a replacement nominee, there is a potential of both of you staying. And I think that freaks him out... - MyBestBud
Derek says ya. But I mean we can still try, if one of us pulls ourselves off. He is mentioning that he wants to put one of you guys up. Ali says oh ya. Derek says but we have to win the veto first. We have to wait to see what really happens. Derek says because you do never know. You can never really guarantee like, (he says something about there could be a twist.)

Ali said that would be really cool. Ali feels like Canada could have another trick up their sleeve. Maddy comes in the kitchen area. They talk about Canada might have a twist that was never done before. Game talk stops.
Sat 10:05 AM ETEarlier this morning, Johnny in bed in the HOH, Liv sitting on the bed talking about visiting this summer. Johnny groans and says he is so stressed and tired thinking about the triple. Liv says there are so many variables. Johnny says it's so unfair.. - MyBestBud
Like not unfair but...(he does not finish the sentence.)

Liv tells Johnny that he is a big player and that is who gets taken out on triples, the big players. Johnny says I know but...
Liv says it an opportunity to get 2 out. Johnny says he has very little to work with everyone.

Liv says ya. At that point it's just go, go, go. And like I said, there are so many variables. There are people who I don't think would put you up. So, and I think you will have a chance to play in the veto. Liv says, you know. Johnny replies, ya. Liv tells Johnny not to worry about something you can't change. Johnny says I'm glad you are coming. (visiting) Talk to you later. Liv leaves.
Sat 9:44 AM ETFeed 3/4 - Has Kaela, Liv and Paras in bathroom getting ready for the day. NT - MyBestBud
Sat 9:43 AM ETFeed 1/2 - Maddy and Derek at the kitchen counter talking about snow and weather in their area. NT - MyBestBud
Fri 8:23 PM ETParas now only HG not to be OTB yet NT - scoby61
Fri 8:20 PM ETFeeds back- Johnny nomed kaela and derek NT - scoby61
Fri 4:50 PM ETEarlier Daela on the white couch upstairs, talking about a nominated speech Derek wants to give. Kaela asks Derek what he is going to say. Derek says to just have a TV moment. Kaela tells him he might blow up his game, not to do that... - MyBestBud
Derek says,,
he'll nominate than go into the reasons right. Kaela says hmhm. Derek says there is always that break in between. Derek says Johnny will say, Derek I nominated you for this, this, this, and then he will finish it. Then he pauses, then he waits for his cue to do his speech for you. And when he finishes, Derek is going to do a slow clap, and say, wow that was really (cute?) reasons for nominating me Johnny, but just so you know that by nominating me, it is the biggest mistake in the game. You just put the biggest target in the house, Kaela and I, on the block. When you are the second biggest target.

Derek continues, there may be some animosity and lost trust but at...

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Fri 4:23 PM ETFeed 2/3 - Feed down. NT - MyBestBud
Fri 4:22 PM ETFeed 3/4 - Liv & Ali in the shower, Will at the sink. NT - MyBestBud
Fri 3:59 PM ETAli and Johnny in HOH. Ali munching on Johnny snack asks Johnny where his head was at. Ali said Kaela went up to her this morning and said certain things. Johnny says she was really down today, and Ali replies, ya cause her game was exposed... - MyBestBud
Ali asks that now you have had some time to process, where is your head at. Johnny says, that Kaela told him if she is on the block she will go home this week. And if she survives the block than she will not want to work with Johnny. Johnny wants to put Daela up on the block but he doesn't know if there are enough votes to send Derek home. And that Derek has a good chance of winning veto, so he doesn't know.

Ali asks, what is your objective, what do you want this week. Ali says, you want to split up a duo, you want to get a floater, what's your objective. Johnny says he wants Derek leaving.

Johnny asks Ali if she feels so threatened by him, would she put him up in the...

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Fri 3:10 PM ETParas and Johnny in the hoh. Johnny says, why are you so down right now? Paras says she feels like sh*t is being pinned on her. Johnny says nothing is being pinned on you. Paras said, look just now she admitted to the fact that Maddy and myself... - MyBestBud
came up with the name, the 6. Paras said she had to idea, no clue. And you said not to trust Maddy fully. (I don't know who Paras is referring to). Johnny says that she did say that. Johnny says he is not bothered with it. Paras says she is a little bit because it's her name. I worked hard to gain trust with certain people and that's being sh*t on right now.

Strangely the feed switched to Ali in the hoh with Johnny.
Fri 2:53 PM ETJohnny and Will in the HOH. Paras came in to talk to Johhny, Will told her to come in like 5 minutes. Paras leaves. Johnny says that people want Daela out, but Derek is like, Will interrupts him and says, Derek is way more into mental comps... - MyBestBud
(Just a note: I sometimes have a hard time understanding Will, so I may miss some of his convo.)

Johnny is thinking of putting up Daela. Will asks him what if Derek wins veto, who would you put up? Johnny says he really doesn't know. Will asks if Johnny would put him up, and Johnny replies, oh f*ck no. 100% no. Will says cause if you would put Maddy up, then both Daela's stays. Johnny says that why that won't happen. Will wants Johnny to pick him if he has player choice in the veto.

Will asks Johnny if Kaela threw Derek under the bus. Johnny said no, that he basically told Kaela he wanted Derek to go. Johnny says Daela bullshitted him last week, and he is bullshitting ...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Fri 10:04 AM ETLIVE feed update: HOH causes chaos. - MyBestBud
Thu 9:39 PM ETSpoilers new HOH - scoby61
Johnny is new HOH
Thu 9:35 PM ETFeeds Back... Johnny won HOH!!! NT - NorthBayCJ
Thu 9:35 PM ETFEEDS are back on now NT - MissJamesWhine
Thu 8:24 PM ETWill only got a task from Marsha moose as she was in the crypt NT - scoby61
Thu 7:03 PM ETspoilers Eviction Spoilers - scoby61
Ryan evicted 6-0 HOH comp is endurance triple eviction next week
Thu 4:45 PM ETEarlier today: Maddy and Paras in the red room. They were talking game but whispering too softly for me to hear. Ryan walks in. Maddy asks Ryan, triple or not? Ryan says um, I need to survive the single, before I can concern myself with the triple.. - MyBestBud
Maddy says that's true. Ryan says so, you know what I mean. Either Maddy or Paras says ya, I get it. Ryan says he doesn't particularly care and today he certainly feel like there is no reason to care yet. Cause I don't know if I am staying, and I don't know if I am going. And normally by this stage, everybody has made their choices.

Paras asks Ryan if he has talked to anybody and Ryan replies that he trying to let people get ready. Maddy leaves the room. Ryan tells Paras that he can't talk to Ali/Liv in the middle of them doing their makeup. Ryan says that Will has been noncommittal one way or another. Ryan says, he hasn't checked in with Dalea. I made a dumb move yesterday. Ryan...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Thu 3:47 PM ETFeeds are down now. Earlier today, Liv & Johnny were dancing in the red room. Liv says the half nots can eat today. She thinks it's because the comp will be a physical one. Johnny wonders how physical the comp will be. Liv asks Johnny if he feels good... - MyBestBud
Johnny says yes. Ryan walks in and asks Liv if she is ready. Liv says in one sec. Ryan leaves and Liv says she is avoiding Ryan.

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