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Sat 9:40 AM BBTCody says he was happy to see Dom go home. He is worried next HOH will be a chance game. Hope he, Alex or Jason wins HOH next NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 9:39 AM BBTCody thinks Josh is just a puppet for the other side and needs to go home NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 9:38 AM BBTCody and Jason whisper in kitchen. Thinks Alex, Jason and Kevin are with Jody. Calling Maven and Mark floaters NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 9:38 AM BBT9:19 AM Mark/Jason in SR changing batteries. - Scott3325
Mark: Why were you - why did you say you were surprised when I said not to change the thought.
Jason: I I wasn't really surprised. I was like you know it's an over and done deal you know like fine, perfect and don't worry about it. But f*cking I just Cody saying my back and I I just didn't know. I had to talk to you after he talked to you and I mean I just.
Mark: That was me and him just starting over.
Jason: Okay like
Mark: That was like he threw me under the bus. That's all I want.
Jason: Good.
Ramses enters SR and convo ends.
Sat 9:18 AM BBT9:17 AM BB bedroom lights announcement three times. Mark asks if he should turn them on.Raven answers that it's not 10 o'clock yet NT - Scott3325
Sat 9:15 AM BBT9:13 AM Feeds return. Lights on in Green BR, off in Rose BR. BB morning announcements. Raven to SR for batt change. NT - Scott3325
Sat 9:01 AM BBT9:01 AM Fish... ... NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:25 AM BBT8:01 AM House lights go on. HGs in Rose & Green BRs quiet in bed. NT - Scott3325
Sat 7:11 AM BBT7:08 AM Matt up & to WC, wash hands & face, back to bed next to Raven in Rose BR. NT - Scott3325
Sat 4:57 AM BBT4:56 AM Raven, asleep in bed, moves and says: Um! NT - Scott3325
Sat 4:51 AM BBT4:46 AM Matt up & to WC, wash hands & face, KT for water, back to bed next to Raven in Rose BR. NT - Scott3325
Sat 4:25 AM BBT4:20 AM Christmas up on her scooter & to WC.Alex up & to BA, sits on couch. House lights are off. - Scott3325
4:22 AM Alex to WC. Christmas wash hands, back to bed in Rose BR. Alex wash hands, back to bed in Green BR.
Sat 3:20 AM BBT3:16 AM Jason from off cam (out of DR?) to KT, drink, WC, wash hands, pauses in Green BR, to bed in HN. NT - Scott3325
Sat 3:03 AM BBT3:00 AM Fish.... Feeds return to Jason exiting HN & off cam into hallway. House lights remain on. NT - Scott3325
Sat 3:03 AM BBTAll HG snug in their beds. NT - cher
Sat 2:55 AM BBTMark & Elena head into the Rose room and get in bed NT - cher
Sat 2:47 AM BBTElena out of DR, Mark asks if she's ready for bed. They kiss a little then Elena goes into the bathroom to get ready for bed. NT - cher
Sat 2:43 AM BBTMark & Ramses talk breaks up, Ramses heads to bed off camera. Mark still up (waiting for Elena to get out of DR) NT - cher
Sat 2:37 AM BBTRamses says getting rid of Josh now ensures they won't have to be with him in the jury house. Ramses says Josh can be fine one - cher
minute and freak out the next. Mark says when he and Elena were watching the comp, Josh all the sudden got in Mark's face, yelling at him. He says it wasn't like they were talking or anything, Josh just came at him out of the blue.
Sat 2:33 AM BBTRamses wonders when jury starts, he says Paul told him it may be a double eviction next week and jury would start right after. NT - cher
Sat 2:31 AM BBTMark says he's sick of Josh telling him he doesn't respect him, then says he does. Mark says people are getting voted out - cher
because they either make a scene in the house or make people uncomfortable.
Sat 2:28 AM BBTRamses says Josh in the jury house would be torture. Mark doesn't want to risk fighting with Josh in jury NT - cher
Sat 2:26 AM BBTMark says Ramses is safe with him, and it sucks for Ramses to be on the block but Jessica made clear she wants Josh to go. NT - cher
Sat 2:24 AM BBTRamses asks Mark if he was worried today for noms. Mark says he's always worried, but the fact that Mark's name came up last week - cher
and his and Cody's issues, he was more worried.
Sat 2:22 AM BBTNow just Ramses & Mark left on bathroom couches. Mark waiting for Elena to get out of DR. Ramses wonders what the veto will be. NT - cher
Sat 2:17 AM BBTRaven says they were up last night until the sun came up. Mark was surprised that no one was allowed to go in the house during the long HOH comp.NT - cher
Sat 2:13 AM BBTRaven says they will probably have veto comp in the morning. Mark says HaveNot reveal tomorrow too NT - cher
Sat 2:12 AM BBTElena says we as consumers only see a very small portion of what actually goes on in the house. Mark comments except for people - cher
with live feeds.
Talk turns to Derrick (BB16), Elena says Cody Calafiore did all the work for Derrick.
Sat 2:07 AM BBTElena says she sort of knows Clay Honeycutt (from BB17) NT - cher
Sat 2:05 AM BBTRaven says Vanessa was really good, but she cried too much in her DRs. Mark & Ramses say they loved Vanessa. NT - cher
Sat 2:05 AM BBTRaven out of DR, joins Elena, Mark, Matt, Ramses hanging out in bathroom. Ramses talking about Dan's funeral. NT - cher
Sat 1:59 AM BBTBathroom crew discussing the criteria for BB bringing back vets. Ramses thinks BB bases it off their game play. NT - cher
Sat 1:57 AM BBTElena, Mark in bathroom trying to teach Ramses military time. Matt comes in with a bowl of ice cream and joins them. - cher
Seems all other HG are in bed other than Raven who is in the DR.
Sat 1:11 AM BBTHGs getting ready for bed. Jessica & Cody in HOH room. Ramses, Christmas, Mark, & Elena in bathroom. Josh and Jason in HN room. NT - MarcShawn
Sat 12:26 AM BBTElena saying that she peed herself during the endurance competition NT - BBFanatic5
Sat 12:23 AM BBTElena rubbing Ramses back and asking him how it feels to be a have NT - BBFanatic5
Sat 12:22 AM BBTChristmas saying that her foot needs to be elevated for the justification of it being on the counter. NT - BBFanatic5
Sat 12:21 AM BBTChristmas has her foot on the counter right next to the food. NT - ChillTownChick
Sat 12:18 AM BBTKC are eating the friendship fries and trying to get Cody to eat some of them. That he deserves it. NT - ChillTownChick
Sat 12:08 AM BBTJosh does a funny dance for the cameras in the have not room NT - silverspoons
Sat 12:02 AM BBTThey are celebrating and eating. Elena was cheering NT - BBFanatic5
Sat 12:00 AM BBTThe have not's are all waiting for midnight to eat. Saying that the clock is the slowest ever NT - BBFanatic5
Fri 11:52 PM BBTMark and Elena in APSR, Elena tells Mark that Kevin has figured her out and she doesn't like it. Says earlier today... - FindMe
Kevin described every houseguest with one word, he saved her for last and first he said "Beautiful". Then he elaborated saying she is smarter than people think and good at analyzing, and that she has a tough exterior but really cares about people. Elena then bends down to kiss Mark, leans back and says "Kissing's a weird thing, you know what I mean?" He says no but is anxious to hear her thoughts about it. "It's just like a weird concept, it's a weird thing that somehow in life the idea of a man and a woman putting that certain part of their body together inspires feeling in other parts of their bodies."
Fri 11:37 PM BBTJosh just realized that Kevin and the others did a show that lasted for 2 hours NT - BBFanatic5
Fri 11:35 PM BBTChristmas says she is so glad she was able to compete in the HOH comp. - RenegadeGirl
(It sounds like it was another endurance comp.)
Fri 11:34 PM BBTKevin is going to eat steak with Jason NT - BBFanatic5
Fri 11:34 PM BBTJason tells Josh to lay low and stay quiet. - RenegadeGirl
Josh says that he will act sad this week and stay with the plan.
Fri 11:33 PM BBTJason's excited to eat in about 30 min as it's been 14 days NT - BBFanatic5
Fri 11:31 PM BBTJason tries to hide it from the other guys. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:30 PM BBTJason tearing up, Josh walks in and gives him a hug and tells him he's a good dad and it's ok to cry NT - BBFanatic5

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