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Thu 9:10 PM BBTBros won 7-2. (Jared and Raul voted for Kelsey to win) NT - BBFan1995
Thu 8:18 PM BBTBrothers won HOH part 1. Kelsey won HOH part 2. Kelsey won HOH and sent Tim to jury. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 5:06 PM BBTMessage now says: "Stay Tuned! Don't miss the final week of big brother Canada. Tune in on May 12th to find out who wins" NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 5:00 PM BBTFeeds go to temporary locked down screen again NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 4:59 PM BBTIn less than 1 hour, one more of them will be leaving the BB CAN Grand. Welcome to a surprise eviction. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 4:58 PM BBTArisa appears on screen and calls HG to living room NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 4:55 PM BBTFeed 1 shows living room screen view... NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 4:41 PM BBTFeeds back, Tim and Brother showering, Kelsey in bathroom area NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 3:41 PM BBTFeeds are down again for few minutes, but temporary lock screen still. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 3:30 PM BBTTim trying to get ETA of getting back in house, to determine if they can get in the spa. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 3:17 PM BBTTim asks if giving speeches when they leave was what happened in the past. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:50 PM BBTCass leaves, Tim says to Kelsey this is phase 2, and says he hopes she is not falling for It. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:41 PM BBTJust general chit chat outside...while Cassandra snuggles up with Kelsey. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:29 PM BBTTim trying to storm up new Shark Tank/Dragon's Den type ideas. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:27 PM BBTCoast guard airplane sighting. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:25 PM BBTTim starts a topic of what magazine tell-all story would be after BB. Tim talks about Ed/JAde from his season's breakup. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:18 PM BBTHGs got food, in the hot tub area now NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 2:08 PM BBTFeeds blocked, but just regular locked out screen. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:59 PM BBTTim called to the diary room NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:58 PM BBTTim mentions again, that as a friend when she cries it hurts him. She proceeds to cry and goes under covers. Tim walks out leaving - M3gabyt3
Cass talking to herself, until she looks to see that he has left.
Sat 1:52 PM BBTBrothers called to Diary Room NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:51 PM BBTCass says this is between Tim and her, does not want the others in the room, but Tim does. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:50 PM BBTTim says Cass wanted Joel and Tim in the end as her losers. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:34 PM BBTCass starts crying, says she is frustrated he never sees anything she has done NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:34 PM BBTTim says she is trying to find reasons to hate him. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:32 PM BBTTim says he was really hurt last night when Cass said he didn't care. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:31 PM BBTTim says that he made no deals outside the alliance. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:29 PM BBTCass says "It was a deal for myself". Tim repeats it, says thank you, declares argument over. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:25 PM BBTPhil and Kelsey enter pink room now, arguing continues. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:24 PM BBTTim is sick of distorted facts, and is going to get Kelsey now. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:22 PM BBTCass has felt if they got to this point, Tim would want her to move on. Tim says that ended after the threekshow ended. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:21 PM BBTTim says he's going to let the competitions determine how the rest of his game works out. Cass says he can't win the last HOH. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:20 PM BBTTim says he did his part to get her to this week. Winning POV didn't happen, and this is not a personal thing. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:17 PM BBTCass came second in the POV time. Tim says he didn't study, that's his problem. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:16 PM BBTCass feels Tim didn't try hard for the POV. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:15 PM BBTTim says Cass will be remembered as being good at social game of getting out of tight situations NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:14 PM BBTCass says Tim's goal keeps changing. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:13 PM BBTCass asks if she is 100% out this week. Tim says he's not voting. Cass says he's not an idiot. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:12 PM BBTCass asks what his plan is moving forward for F3. Tim says no plan, let comp decide. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:12 PM BBTCass summons Tim..."I need to talk to you". Tim joins her... NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:11 PM BBTKelsey says she tells her mom everything now, including dick pics. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:09 PM BBTNick called to the Diary Room NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:09 PM BBTTalking now about their age. Nick says his mom says his time is coming, probably when he's a dad. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:06 PM BBTKelsey said it was cool to see the brothers with hair again in awards show. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 1:05 PM BBTTalk is now about past HGs, and speeches, and general past HG stuff. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 12:55 PM BBTKelsey and Nick worried about how they'll look on TV. Nick worried about Maddy break up moment. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 12:54 PM BBTTim wonders now, if he has to give a plea. He thinks he'll mention Australian spiders NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 12:51 PM BBTTim asked to arrange a housewide battery change. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 12:50 PM BBTHOH talk now about birth control and the side effects. NT - M3gabyt3
Sat 12:48 PM BBTKelsey comes into HOH to announce there is an overflow of tampons on the floor now (accusing Cass) NT - M3gabyt3

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