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Sat 12:14 AM PTScottie and Haleigh hig goodnight in the kitchen. He tells her where he will be sleeping and says she is always welcome to join him (Haleigh said if she didnt have a place to sleep she would crawl in bed with Scottie) NT - silverspoons
Sat 12:03 AM PTHaleigh's first job was at a nail salon, answering the phones. They needed someone that spoke English. She was 16 NT - silverspoons
Sat 12:02 AM PTScottie applied at Walgreens. They made him take a test. He got a perfect score. They told him to fill out paperwork and they manager left and never came back. he never got the job NT - silverspoons
Sat 12:01 AM PT Scottie applied to so many jobs in high school and could not get one. Had no idea why. NT - silverspoons
Sat 12:00 AM PTHaleigh going over her halloween costumes, She was Jason, A ghost, little red riding hood, a boxer (a pizza boxer). NT - silverspoons
Fri 11:51 PM PTScottie said all his grandparents died when he was pretty young. NT - silverspoons
Fri 11:50 PM PTScottie did not like his sister's parakeet. They got rid of it. NT - silverspoons
Fri 11:48 PM PTHaleigh and Scottie trying to figure out how old you are in each grade. Discusing if you are 11 in fourth grade? NT - silverspoons
Fri 11:38 PM PTScottie and Haleigh now talking about gifting at Christmas and I'm out! G'night jokers. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:34 PM PTScottie tells Haleigh how Faysal was saying to him how he was not happy about Scottie getting real close to Haleigh and not to Faysal.Haleigh says she needs to stop frowning or she will have wrinkles.Scottie says those wrinkles are for me. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:22 PM PTTyler and Angela in bed going to sleep holding hands NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:21 PM PTScottie says he'd love to play in the comic veto, but hope it's not tomorrow because he thinks he'd be bad at it. Haleigh says she thinks she'd be good as it NT - MaddyP
Fri 11:17 PM PTScottie says if he doesn't have the veto after tomorrow he will walk around like the plaque having random 1 on 1 conversations NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:16 PM PTScottie says getting players choice in the veto draw is a test of loyalty any time.Scottie says he is happy Haleigh and Tyler getting along better today. She says it was random and suspicious NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:15 PM PTScottie says if he or Haleigh don't win veto tomorrow he is going home. Haleigh says what if Tyler is picked. Scottie says Tyler said he would use it on Scottie but if he is working with the other team why would Tyler do that. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:14 PM PTScottie feels set up because Faysal said he was going to ask who voted like that during his HOH reveal to Scottie ahead of time then used that to put him up.Haleigh says Faysal didn't think anyone else would raise hand. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:13 PM PTScottie reminds Haleigh that if he is OTB on Thursday he will go in a vote sweep because Brett is working with that whole other side of house. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:12 PM PTScottie asks if Faysal wins what will he do? Haleigh hopes he will backdoor someone.Scottie points out the speech was no backdoors.Haleigh says we will see after the veto NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:11 PM PTScottie says he did talk to Faysal but all Faysal does is ask questions and that is why Scottie doesn't talk to him. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:10 PM PTScottie says some how JC convinced Faysal to say 'you're on my side' and still put Scottie up. He didn't know he was going to go up.Haleigh says that is why I wanted you to talk to him because he was being strange. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:09 PM PTHaleigh asks if Scottie was really the vote for Rockstar and he answers yeah.She says she has no pull and Scottie says abundantly clear so who does. JC is her reply. Scottie says who does JC have loyalty to? NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:08 PM PTScottie wins chess game says lots of thoughts in his mind then spaces out then he thinks purple goes on this side then he spaces out again.Haleigh says I want you to win veto. Haleigh is going to try to win it. Scottie: Oh you're playing? NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:04 PM PTFaysal passes Haleigh and Scottie on his way to the HOH room and says Good Night. Haleigh says goodnight back. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:02 PM PTHaleigh and Scottie playing chess chatting only about the chess game currently NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 11:00 PM PTJC whispering to Faysal in KT Scottie is acting crazy. JC telling Faysal that he told Brett to pick Tyler for veto.Faysal is fine so long as the veto is not used. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 10:32 PM PTScottie has been talking to the fish in the fish tank for a few minutes now. Asking about their eye color and what they are doing. He is either deep in thought and/or studying details of the tank NT - TaterTot08
Fri 10:22 PM PTBrett asks JC (in HN room) who he should pick for POV. JC says to pick Tyler. JC says don't pick Sam or Haleigh. JC says Brett can pick him if Tyler is already chosen. JC doesn't really want to play but it is ok NT - TaterTot08
Fri 10:11 PM PTTyler jokes that Brett can't pick Kaycee. Tyler also says he isn't sure if Kaycee will go all out and gun for it. Brett says he won't pick Angela bc it is too obvious. Brett is most concerned about getting HG choice and being first to pick - TaterTot08
It would be easier to pick last so he has less choices about who to pick. He is going to try to stand back and be last to pick
Fri 10:08 PM PTBrett tells Tyler Scottie has been acting super sketchy. He just acts like their fight didn't happen and tries to talk about a bunch of weird things. They are trying to predict who would pick who for POV. Tyler thinks F/S may pick him to play after Haleigh NT - TaterTot08
Fri 10:04 PM PTBrett says if he picks JC it should guarantee noms stay the same. Brett would rather come down but noms staying the same is better than Scottie coming down. - TaterTot08
Tyler thinks Rockstar was telling Faysal/Haleigh about her F2 deal with Brett and that might also be why he is OTB.

Brett asks Tyler how he is doing with days. Brett starts rattling off a bunch of days and names of comps. He thinks a memory comp is coming up.

Tyler says he tried to talk to Faysal but he was sleeping. Brett says he knew Scottie was a nom when Faysal wore a Swaggy shirt to the nomination ceremony. Brett says he saw Haleigh come downstairs this morning when Brett woke up.

Tyler says Scottie told him he wonders if Haleigh knew the whole time.
Fri 9:58 PM PTBrett and Tyler in HN room talking game. Brett wonders if he should pick JC for veto. Brett is nervous being OTB for a 3rd time. - TaterTot08
Brett asks Tyler if he thinks the Faysal/Scottie post-nom convo was real. Scottie looked super disheveled so they think it was real. Brett says Faysal hasn't had one convo with him yet. Tyler assures Brett he for sure has Tyler/Ang/Kaycee and JC really wants Scottie out.

Brett says he knew Faysal was gunning for him so he decided to push the issue and try to be initial nom (vs BD). Brett thinks otherwise it would have been Tyler/Angela OTB. Tyler thinks it would have been him and Brett based on what JC said.

Tyler says he doesn't think the noms are anything more than the Rockstar vote issue. Brett says he will keep laying low. Tyler says if he wants to pick Tyler t...

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Fri 9:41 PM PTHaleigh in HOH, asks Faysal what Scottie said pre- nominations - TaterTot08
Faysal asks if she told him to come up. She tells him how Scottie asked her about noms and she told him to talk to Faysal.

Faysal tells her about Scottie throwing Brett UTB and claiming the Kaycee/Brett fight was staged.

Haleigh wonders what if Tyler/Angela are a showmance. Faysal says he doesn't think so bc every time he sees them in bed they are sleeping on opposite sides. Angela also told him her type of guy is taller than her.

Faysal wants to propose to Tyler/Angela about going after the middle of the house next. He said whoever stays between Scottie/Brett, Sam and JC is who they go after. Haleigh asks who would be replacement nom between Sam and Ty...

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Fri 9:17 PM PTFaysal asks Haleigh who to pick for veto if he gets hg choice. She responds to pick JC. NT - manof1996
Fri 9:11 PM PTJC whispers to Tyler in BB that he needs to get Brett to pick Tyler for the veto NT - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 9:11 PM PTTyler, JC, Kaycee, and Angela talking about past veto comps. NT - manof1996
Fri 9:08 PM PTScottie in deep thought and talking to himself while playing chess. NT - manof1996
Fri 9:05 PM PTFeeds return to all 4 cams on Faysal in HOH. NT - manof1996
Fri 9:00 PM PTFISH NT - MadVelvet
Fri 8:32 PM PTFeeds back again. Sam is fixing hair in bathroom. Feeds switch to Scottie walking upstairs. He sits at chess table by himself. He is switching sides of table to play chess game by himself NT - TaterTot08
Fri 8:27 PM PTBriefly see Tyler, Haleigh and JC eating in KT before returned to FISH NT - TaterTot08
Fri 8:26 PM PTSam walks into BR (still wearing apron) and Scottie asks if she is feeling better. She starts to respond and FISH NT - TaterTot08
Fri 8:25 PM PTFeed return very brief we see Sam in BA. Asks if she if feeling better and feeds cut back to fish. Others are in the KT casually snacking and chatting. - LiZinTeXaS
Fri 8:00 PM PTStill fish NT - TaterTot08
Fri 7:47 PM PTFish for 5 min and counting NT - TaterTot08
Fri 7:46 PM PTMoments before Sam has (supposed) allergic reaction, she and Brett are eating in KT. She asks Brett if a rare piece of tuna is ok to eat. He says he is eating the same with more pink that her pieces have. She asks if it is spicy or just her pallet. - TaterTot08
Feeds switch to game room crew for a few moments and then you hear Sam yelling and they all look down.
Fri 7:42 PM PTFISH NT - TaterTot08
Fri 7:42 PM PTSam: My lips are swelling up! Others: what did you eat? Sam: Tuna. Then more discussion. then fish NT - Daniel_patt
Fri 7:42 PM PTSam starts screaming and says her lips are swelling up. Tyler yells to DR to open the door, she is having allergic reaction and needs epi pen. Brett says it was tuna and hemp seeds NT - TaterTot08
Fri 7:38 PM PTNo talking between Scottie and Brett in KT. Sam says "Poor Scottie" and he walks away and looks to Brett for a reaction. NT - TaterTot08
Fri 7:28 PM PTScottie joins Brett/Sam in kitchen. Sam pulls out two containers of icing from fridge and half rolls her eyes asking which one Haleigh stuck her finger in NT - TaterTot08

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