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Wed 9:34 PM BBTAnd with that, that's a wrap for #BB19. See you all back in a few short months for CELEBRITY BB!! NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:34 PM BBTFB live backyard interviews have ended. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:32 PM BBTDan Gheesling just texted Dr Will and confirmed he tried out for Big Brother 4 times before he got on. Josh ran around because he - NoleJP
knew that was Dan's #.
Wed 9:31 PM BBTJosh said his biggest advantage was to keep under cover and not let everyone know how big of a fan he was. he wanted everyone - NoleJP
to think he was in their back pocket, but that everything he did was to expose someone elses game.
Wed 9:29 PM BBTWill asked him about how he's going to decompress. He said he has family that keeps him humble NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:28 PM BBTWill recanting to Josh about Sue in Season 2 bringing out the pots and pans, and called it a BB tradition. Josh said he hopes - NoleJP
he gets a sponsorship from Williams Sonoma
Wed 9:25 PM BBTWill tells Josh that in the media room when Josh took Paul everyone gasped. He said the media room went bananas when Josh won. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:25 PM BBTWill asks Josh why he is so thirsty? Josh said he was thirsty to win! NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:24 PM BBTLast up tonight, BB19 winner Josh w/ Will. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:20 PM BBTChristmas said it's a heartbreaking injury, but is thankful that CBS and Big Brother allowed her the option to stay. She says she - NoleJP
is the queen of perseverance. Will feels that if anyone has a chance to come back and play BB again next summer it would be her. He said you have 9 months to rehab and come back. He pitches her for Survivor and Christmas is all for it.
Wed 9:18 PM BBTWill commending Christmas that she came into the game as a physical threat and due to her injury she had to pivot and change to a - NoleJP
social game which he felt was very tough to do even for 1 of those.
Wed 9:17 PM BBTChristmas joining Will next. Christmas said she gave Josh the chance to take her and he didn't thus she voted for Paul NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:16 PM BBTWill asked Kevin what's next for him this coming week. Kevin said he's happy to see his family soon, but joked that they are all - NoleJP
older and he may just hang out with Will all week.
Wed 9:14 PM BBTKevin said he was called into the DR after the first night and was told he won the $25k, he didn't know he won it during the comp. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:13 PM BBTKevin commenting about the roundtable that he felt Paul played the best game and thats what was to be voted for. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:12 PM BBTKevin up next and commenting on Kevin's dapper attire. He joked that Kevin didn't want to know about the game when he came out to - NoleJP
jury that Kevin commented on how nice Dr Will's suit was.
Wed 9:08 PM BBTJason said he came into the game not knowing a lot about the game and valued Alex because she was a serious competitor and happy - NoleJP
he paired with her.
Wed 9:05 PM BBTJason said he really liked Paul in the house. he said the thing that really turned him off about Paul is that he would tell a - NoleJP
lie but then string the lie around to others.
Wed 9:05 PM BBTJason up next and commends Jason for his comments at the roundtable when they discussed lying. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:02 PM BBTWill parts with Paul and said he's earned the respect of many former players and former winners. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:01 PM BBTPaul said the showmances this year are giving a 6-month max for all 3. He said knowing each of them he wishes them all the luck - NoleJP
in the world, but realistically knowing them from the house he doesn't think they will all last.
Wed 8:59 PM BBTWill commends Paul for his gameplay and said watching it with others they were shocked when the final vote came out. - NoleJP
Paul said he respects Dr Will as a player.
Wed 8:59 PM BBTPaul said he got himself to F2 and did what he had to do. He said he came back to play a game and played his heart out. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:58 PM BBTWill comments on Pauls red shirt that he wore last year. Paul said he partied in it last year and will party in it this year. - NoleJP
He said if the shirt dictates losing, then OK. Paul said the feeling of a 4-4 tie vote aged him 15 years and wasn't good for his health, but was ok, and it was fun.
Wed 8:57 PM BBTPaul said he's proud to be a vet and come back and played the hell out of the game. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:56 PM BBTPaul now joining Will. Will jokes with him that he lost BB last year and Candy Crush. He said what CBS show are you going to - NoleJP
lose next? Paul smiles and they joke about him going on Price is Right. Paul said he'll lose that too and get price wrong.
Wed 8:48 PM BBTWill asked Cody why no one listened to him about Paul. Cody shortly answered 'I guess I have no influence'. - NoleJP
Will said Cody's vote (with others) cost Paul $450,000. Cody shrugged and said he doesn't like Paul, so...
Wed 8:46 PM BBTJess comes up and grabs Cody's butt. Will invites her into the conversation w/ Cody. Cody asked about the showmances and he says - NoleJP
they are not going to fizzle out.
Wed 8:44 PM BBTCody up next. Will said he was his favorite player. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:42 PM BBTMark thinks Jody will have the baby tonight. Mark said he's crazy about Elena but didn't expect to get this emotional over her - NoleJP
and got caught up with her. Will said if it doesn't work out with Elena then girls are going to be throwing themselves at him.
Wed 8:39 PM BBTWill pitching Mark for the Young and the Restless. Mark said he's emotional, and it would work. He said bring the guys from the - NoleJP
DR and they can get him to do anything for TV.
Wed 8:37 PM BBTWill questioned him about giving Paul the free pass late in the game. Mark said Paul gave him friendship but was hoping Paul - NoleJP
would not compete in veto.
Wed 8:34 PM BBTMark up next with Will. Mark said Paul played a better game but took it overboard blatantly in their faces NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:34 PM BBTRaven said she may not have won $500k but has definitely won something else (referring to her relationship with Matt) NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:32 PM BBTRaven said she got the hottest man in the house and the best man in the house because of his heart. She said not many people - NoleJP
would give up $500,000 chance for someone else.
Wed 8:29 PM BBTRaven said she's not going to be a bitter jury member. She said she really didn't expect Paul to win b/c everyone was hating on - NoleJP
his gameplay. She said she respects Josh's win because of his highs and lows throughout the season, but still thought Paul should have won.
Wed 8:28 PM BBTRaven joining will next. Raven said she's been watching BB since she was very young and she can appreciate different style of - NoleJP
gameplay. Will complementing her about her poise and intelligent comments during the round table. Will said he was super impressed that Raven basically controlled the jury roundtable (and commented it lasted for 3-4 hours)
Wed 8:25 PM BBTWill pitching Alex for Survivor. Alex thinks she would absolutely crush it on Survivor. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:23 PM BBTAlex thinks Jody is having a baby tonight, Maven will fizzle out, and Marlena will survive. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:23 PM BBTAlex said if her and Jason had chosen Cody's side of the house early on, they would have lasted a lot longer and there would have - NoleJP
been less mutiny in the end. Alex said the fact Paul made fun of people and used the term puppet master caused the change in feeling.
Wed 8:21 PM BBTAlex confirms that jury management is very important and Paul changed her vote. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:19 PM BBTAlex joining Will now. Will said they have something in common with Tom Petty and her 'petty' hat she was wearing all summer. - NoleJP
Alex said it wasn't for Tom Petty. Dr. Will joked that her game was 'Free Falling'
Wed 8:17 PM BBTDr. Will championing Marlena for The Amazing Race. Elena agrees. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:16 PM BBTElena clarifies that she doesn't navigate dating in the real world very well. She said Marks advances in the houses on day 1 was - NoleJP
different and sometimes made her uncomfortable during the season but it was different living with the person you liked so soon. She said in the jury house they had good time to talk and get to know each other without cameras and she is going to see what happens with them from here.
Wed 8:14 PM BBTWill asking Elena about showmances. Elena predicts that Maven will fizzle out w/ conviction. She thinks her and Mark are going - NoleJP
to be together forever, and Jody are definitely conceiving tonight.
Wed 8:11 PM BBTElena up next with Will. Will felt it was tense at the jury roundtable. Elena said she leans towards the alpha female side and - NoleJP
sometimes she comes off as very direct. Will asked if she was pleased with the result. Elena said she could absolutely recognize what Paul was doing in the game. She said she is happy with Josh. She said losing is winning and Paul should be proud of himself. Elena confirms she crushed Pauls dreams. Elena said all she's hearing now is that Josh owes her a couple bucks.
Wed 8:08 PM BBTMatt said if he was asked back next year he would work on being better at the physical comps/endurance comps. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:04 PM BBTMatt confirms he thinks him and Raven are good for all eternity, Marlena will fizzle out and Jody will have a baby soon. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:03 PM BBTWill joking with Matt that he had 3 showmances w/ cereal, Ramses & Raven. NT - NoleJP
Wed 8:02 PM BBTMatt up next with Will. Matt says the best cereal showmance in the world is Matt & Captain Crunch. Will says Bam Bam & Fruity - NoleJP
Pebbles was the best.

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