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Fri 7:04 PM BBTfor those who want to watch the Fallout - all cams 2;08 NT - AceRimmer
Fri 2:53 PM BBTThe competition for contestants to come back in has to do with holding onto a rope. - tiffer7497
They all agree that Patricia will be the first to go since she is so tall. Most think the person coming back in will be immune this week. They speculate that a double eviction will be next week. They say the person coming in has to be evicted right away.
Fri 2:37 PM BBTThey are talking about about competition to get back in- they got to see a bit of competition - tiffer7497
There are saying it has to be a girl who will win. Some say Sindy or Naeha have it and were solid. Others are saying they will not last long at all- whoever comes back in.
Fri 12:22 PM BBTTalk turns to mardi gras in the HOH. Meanwhile, in the KT Bruno/JP are blowing smoke up each other's bums. - continentally
JP still trying to sell that he didn't want to go up, that he wasn't happy with Zach putting him up, "but I trust him." Bruno is just being the yes man, nodding and agreeing with everything. Apparently when JP went up, he "did the Ginga Ninja" because he knew he was going up. Bruno says he was surprised, he thought it was gonna be two girls. They reaffirm the backdoor Kevin plan (again, BS). JP says everyone's got to go up. Bruno wants to pick players already.
Fri 12:17 PM BBTKevin brought up the BB15 fight between Candice/GM, says GM was so vicious. Willow says that cast was mean. Sarah loved Candice NT - continentally
Fri 12:14 PM BBTGeneral chit chat - Willow is telling the others in HOH that she cries in her sleep, she's done that ever since she was little NT - continentally
Fri 9:11 AM BBTFeed4 HOH room Zach and Ashleigh makeout gets heavy so you know the cam switches to the nothing bedroom. Grrr camops. NT - Billl
Fri 12:50 AM BBTBobby pitching to other Chop Shop members, tells Willow to watch pili and Sarah. NT - ABCD17
Fri 12:45 AM BBTAshleigh, Pilar and Kevin- Ashleigh tells them about what Bobby was trying to pitch. They suggest that Kevin act worried to - ABCD17
fool the house
Fri 12:42 AM BBTBobby pitching his idea to Bruno- Chop Shop needs to branch out and control lose players. Bruno agrees. Ashleigh walks in and - ABCD17
breaks up convo. Bobby pitches his Chop Shop idea. Kevin walks in and breaks up convo
Fri 12:39 AM BBTBruno and Godfrey thinking about voting out JP if Godfrey comes of and Kevin goes OTB, then roping in Kevin to flip the house NT - ABCD17
Thu 11:55 PM BBTHG finish dinner. Bruno showing HG a card trick using the cards HG made earlier NT - ABCD17
Thu 11:29 PM BBTJP, Bobby and Bruno in HOH room- saying Kevin is target and everyone is on board. Hope Kevin buys Godfrey and JP - ABCD17
OTB and isn't picked for POV. (confirmed by both nominees mouths and during this convo). Bruno said he was worried but is now reassured, still thinks they're okay this week. JP ask who's next week and Bruno states that the girls have a understanding not to put each other up so one needs to go.
Thu 11:24 PM BBTBobby talking to himself in bedrooms. Says Chop Shop needs to stay close to outsiders to get into their heads NT - ABCD17
Thu 10:45 PM BBTWillow getting upset in the HOH bathroom, feeling emotional about her performance in the game so far. Sarah comforting her NT - ABCD17
Thu 10:35 PM BBTWillow dancing in the HOH bathroom. Sarah walks in and out, listening to music NT - ABCD17
Thu 10:14 PM BBTConfirmed- JP & Godfrey nominated NT - ABCD17
Thu 10:13 PM BBTFeeds back up. JP, Kevin, Zach making cards with paper towels and mustard. Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey in HOH playing - ABCD17
game with paper towels and jelly beans
Thu 8:04 PM BBTFeeds are down, probably the nomination ceremony NT - BBFan1995
Thu 6:41 PM BBTKevin and Pili making deck of cards using paper towels and mustard so JP and Zach can teach Kevin how to play poker. NT - Kat27
Thu 2:03 PM BBTAshleigh and Bobby in the HaveNot room - how many times in 15 minutes did Bobby say "Kevin has to go this week". Possibly 25. NT - Billl
Thu 10:50 AM BBTGodfrey and JP sit and talk about Godfrey's youth in Zimbaewee and how the ruling party would round up all the males in the area - colleenag
for military training but Godfrey escaped because his Grandmother helped disguise him as a female.
Thu 10:40 AM BBTGod fills Bruno in on Zachs noms. Bruno & God say it makes no sense & they dont trust Zach because he is unpredictable. NT - Boo69
Thu 9:46 AM BBTJP joins Zach & God, confirms he is going up on the block with God as pawns. Z/J play it up that Kev will be BD'd. NT - Boo69
Thu 9:38 AM BBTHGs up & about. Zach told God he is going up a a pawn, God says he is ok with it. NT - Boo69
Thu 3:30 AM BBTA little earlier when JP popped back into the HOH, Sarah went downstairs and said to herself "can't trust those boys" - continentally
She doesn't believe that Zach doesn't talk game with Ashleigh because A's in the HOH with Zach/JP. She says it's obvious that they're together, with Pili. "Put me up as a pawn and I will blow your s**t up."
Thu 2:42 AM BBTNo real decisions seem to be made on a target. Mics go off. All HGs are in bed now. NT - continentally
Thu 2:40 AM BBTZ - Getting Bruno out is the better game move, but if Bobby leaves no one will really care so there's less repercussions - continentally
A - Bruno probably already has B. I don't think we're the only ones with alliances outside of the Chop Shop. Why does Bruno has to be so lovable? Why couldn't he be another G?
Thu 2:31 AM BBTAshleigh assures Zach that either way, they'll be okay, not to stress, anything can change. - continentally
A says Bruno has Godfrey, Bobby doesn't. Bobby wouldn't have Britt. A suggests the only reason they're stressing about targeting Bruno is because they like him better as a person.

Now they say they think Bruno wouldn't come after him like Bobby would if he stayed. But Bruno can rally people. Zach says it's bad for the other side to think they have numbers because that's when they'll take a swing at the couples. A says Britt is always the easy option if he doesn't want to make a big move.

A says whatever he decides to do, she'll be on board. Z seems to lean towards targeting one of the guys, they can't ride between two alliances for long.
Thu 2:16 AM BBTIn the HOH, Zach is pacing and ranting to A, he's peeved that he has to be the guy to make this big move for everyone else. - continentally
Z: Bruno is a great person, no one else will target him.
A: Ok then do Bobby.
Z: It's not the smart game move.

Zach still thinks he would be targeting people who would not target him. Ashleigh wonders why they should even take a swing, Zach says it's right for game because they have to protect the Diaper Alliance.
Thu 2:08 AM BBTSarah says Bruno is stronger than Bobby. Bobby only won a competition literally built for him. They all agree he's a bad gamer - continentally
They're ripping Bobby, saying he has no personality, his speech about throwing HOHs was dumb, etc. In comparison, they all know Bruno is dangerous, he can rally other HGs.

Sarah insists they have to tell Brittnee about the nominations.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh plops downstairs to eat a pear. They whisper a little more but the talk breaks up shortly.
Thu 2:03 AM BBTSarah is defending Britt, saying she's been placating her, telling her to trust the alliance. Tells them not to worry. NT - continentally
Thu 2:01 AM BBTSarah says Bruno is very dangerous. Zach says B will be mad because she wants Bobby gone, not Bruno. - continentally
Sarah said she told Brittnee to have a better attitude and to trust the guys (JP/Zach/Kevin). She also says 'who cares if Brittnee is pissed' if Bruno leaves since she has nobody.
Thu 1:58 AM BBTJP and Zach head downstairs where Sarah has been sitting alone. They inform her of the plan, ask her not to tell anyone. NT - continentally
Thu 1:57 AM BBTFor the last little bit, JP/Zach/Ashleigh have been going over nom scenarios, who they should backdoor, etc. - continentally
They keep rounding back to JP/Godfrey, with option to backdoor Bruno or Bobby. JP volunteers himself so that they don't piss people off as pawns. Zach is wondering who they should tell about the noms because he doesn't want people mad at him or think that he is a d*ck. Zach and Ashleigh feel bad because they think the Chop Shop is so loyal to them and say they just need to turn off their emotions and play the game.

Zach thinks they can backstab Bobby and keep Bruno with them. Ashleigh thinks they can do the same with Bobby - the guys agree Bobby is the worst player. They worry that if Bruno stays that he will rally Brittnee and Godfrey to come after the couples. Ashleigh says she...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Thu 1:38 AM BBTJP volunteers to go up as a pawn. Zach is thinking about putting up Godfrey and JP. He is then planning to BD Bobby or Bruno. NT - shelly888
Wed 10:10 PM BBTZach hoh NT - BrittneeSarah
Wed 10:07 PM BBTFeeds came back 7 mins ago. Zach won HOH NT - BBFan1995
Wed 12:28 AM BBTI had feeds off because of JP and his stories. In the last hour or so, Sarah Brit and Zach (and others) were talking in bedroom. - AceRimmer
Sarah very convincing.

Now on cam 3 right now, Zach is laying out some serious gameplay. This upcoming week is pivotal and it sounds like Zach jpb and Kevin are solidifying what is going to happen.

Zach has decided Sarah is loyal based on her acting in that last meeting from around 1/2 hr ago.

Tue 10:49 PM BBTAnother podcast lead my JP going on. NT - JoJun
Tue 2:33 PM BBTWillow and Sarah outside. Sarah says she wishes milk would come in Neapolitan flavors, like chocolate, strawberry,etc. Then - colleenag
warns diary farmers not to steal her idea or else, she has it on tape it was her idea and she better get a check. Willow says "Guilty" referring to Sarah's Judge Sarah skit!
Tue 1:25 PM BBTWillow and Bruno discussing breaking up the pairs. They are hoping to get rid of Kevin next week. NT - JoJun
Tue 12:43 PM BBTBruno got the HOH cam. They have to depict heritage moments. They don't know much though... NT - JoJun
Tue 10:27 AM BBTZach/Ashleigh in HOH.. Zach tells Ashleigh that britt was chasing him around trying to kiss him & asked him if he is faithful - Boo69
to Ashleigh. Johnny joins them & says how drunk britt was last night & how she is so jealous of Zach & Ashleigh.
Tue 9:55 AM BBTWillow /Sarah awake in Havenot room talking abt last night. Sounds like they all got pretty drunk & God upchucked. NT - Boo69
Mon 7:47 PM BBTHG win their wrap party. NT - M3gabyt3
Mon 7:29 PM BBTHGs have been participating in #BBTV all afternoon. BB2's Jon made a special appearance during BB2 Rerun segment. NT - M3gabyt3
Mon 2:24 PM BBTLooks like HOH lockdown.. some Hgs dressed up. Lots of chatter about the BBTV show. NT - Boo69
Mon 1:57 PM BBTThe rest of the Hgs finding their costume & discussing the topics and whatnot for the BBTV show. NT - Boo69
Mon 1:56 PM BBTHgs got costumes for their BBTV show .. Bruno/Britt & Bobby are practicing their dance routine in the storage room. NT - Boo69

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