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Thu 9:00 PM BBTWith a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT - Kalculated
Thu 7:58 PM BBTKevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT - Kalculated
Thu 7:54 PM BBTKevin has won the final HoH with 5 questions answered correct to Demetres' 2! Kevin will be in the final 2. NT - Kalculated
Thu 7:53 PM BBTKevin won second part of HoH NT - Kalculated
Thu 7:53 PM BBTDemetres won first part of HoH. NT - Kalculated
Sat 8:54 PM BBTFeeds are officially over several hrs ago! Arisa announced one HG would be leaving w/in that hr, so Ik knew she would be going NT - JSweetness
Sat 5:45 AM BBTKevin won veto NT - anothername
Fri 10:18 PM BBTKaren and Kevin Nominated NT - Tamajama
Thu 9:06 PM BBTDillion evicted 2-0. Demetres is the new HOH! NT - 1001gmaes
Tue 8:26 PM BBTDemi, karen and ika studying dates in bedroom NT - chachazoom
Sun 9:19 PM BBTKev did the unthinkable & took Ik OffBlk & replaced her w/Dil Kar told Dil no matter what she does Kev sending him home Kev saying - JSweetness
that if Kar flips & sends out Dil that is on her & out of his hands. Kev believes he can beat anyone of the 4 left in game, so he doesnt care who stays but prefers Dil. During POV Ceremony Ik told Kev to take the POV & shove it up his arouse. Then they trashed the HOH rm and did pranks in rm w/honey!
Sun 7:06 PM BBTWell after Kar Dil swore they wouldnt discuss noms POV w/Kev they both broke their word to IK/Dem as they both discussed who is - JSweetness
best to get out this wk. Of course Kar says what is best for KevinMartin. Kev says its nt whats best for me but you too bcz you have a game to play. Kar says no one will take her to F2 and Kev says yes they would. Kev swears to Kar that him and Dil dont have a F2, which is a lie bcz Kev/Dil said they would F2 to each other in the living rm & Dil then asked Dem for F2 afterwards. Kar says for feather in your hat is to take Ik out bcz she has played the best game but Dem is a beast in comps. Kev said I cant go out 5th but I can go out 4th if I dont win POV. Kar says taking Ik out is best for Kev bcz the jury would respect that he took out best player. Kev wants Dem gone but now he says he...

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Sun 3:09 PM BBTSkinny for the day so far! Kar feels horrible she didnt win POV to take Dem or IK OB to put Dil up & send him home. Ik says plz - JSweetness
just keep Dem to help you to F2. Kar says she will nt tell Dil again to vote Dem out until after POV and Ik Dem have decided nt to sell Dil out until later bcz Dem needs Dil vote to stay this wk. Kev is still saying he will save IK w/POV to nt give Kar Dil the choice of keeping Dem bcz Kar will pick Dil over Dem but Kev doesn't realize Kar says she will keep Dem over Dil. General chic chat w/Kev Dil about movies and life.
Sun 3:02 PM BBTIka says Jon moved to Toronto with Neda and blew all his money. Now he's working as a server in a restaurant. They rented a condo - Shoreline74
with 1 bedroom for $2000 a month. He paid $20,000 straight up for the year. Ika says he should have given it to his dad.
Sun 12:12 AM BBTKev back in storage rm laughing saying Dil talking about voting & he maybe OB so he wont be voting. Then worried IK will turn down - JSweetness
Kev wanting to use the Veto on her. Kev says what is the rule, can she turn down the Veto being used on her bcz she wants to stay OB.
Sat 11:52 PM BBTKev was in storage rm said no way in heck is he leaving it for Dil/Kar to vote Dem out so he is taking Ik down & putting Dil up - JSweetness
to ensure that Dem goes home bcz he believes there is no way in heck Kar will vote Dil out! Little does he know Kar already told Ik Dem if they can get Dil OB she would vote him out bcz yesterday he told Kar Kev offered him F2 and he would be happy w/20K, which really pissed Kar off & she told Ik/Dem. Kev doesnt plan to tell anyone of his plan!
Sat 11:21 PM BBTDem almost beat Kev & Kev says you can see Dem was devastated I beat him NT - JSweetness
Sat 11:20 PM BBTKevin won POV NT - JSweetness
Sat 7:27 PM BBTKevin wants to use POV on Ika. Dillon wants to throw POV. NT - shelly888
Sat 1:41 PM BBTIka, Karen and Demeters continue to trash people instead of studying, while Kevin studies dates and comps more. NT - Tywyllwch
Fri 6:45 PM BBTInstead of studying, Ika and Karen are trashing Kevin again, while Kevin has gone back to studying days and comps by himself. NT - Tywyllwch
Fri 6:14 PM BBTKevin told Dillon he wants to go to the final 2 with him NT - Tywyllwch
Fri 5:09 PM BBTKevin's HoH video was from Pili. NT - Shoreline74
Fri 5:03 PM BBTKevin is studying in his HoH room. NT - Shoreline74
Fri 4:57 PM BBTHave nots are over. NT - Shoreline74
Fri 4:27 PM BBTDem - That Final Four Veto is gunna be worth the game. Because if he (Kevin) wins that, he wins the game. NT - BrahGade
Fri 4:26 PM BBTIka (to Karen/Dill/Dem) - If you don't have Dem next week, you don't have a chance to get this guy (Kevin) out of the house NT - BrahGade
Fri 4:16 PM BBTBB Pranked the HG's. Karen had to choose HG's for the following punishments: Not able to vote, Not able to play PoV, Shredding letters from home, gett - Shoreline74
ing locked away for 48 hours, or losing a jury vote. She was offered 10K to do so. The HG's had to sit and watch.
Fri 3:37 AM BBTKevinMartin™ tells Dem and Dil he has never seen The Shining. The Grudge was too scary for him, so he left the theatre. NT - Shoreline74
Fri 3:03 AM BBTKaren told Ika that that William got the Secret PoV because he drew "garbage duty" in the house task out of a bag. Ika realizes th - Shoreline74
that anyone who would have drawn that would have gotten the secret PoV.
Fri 1:27 AM BBTKaren re-enacting catching William find the secret PoV to Dillon. NT - Shoreline74
Fri 1:24 AM BBTKaren says that in the last two weeks, Kevin seems different and she can tolerate him more. But she still thinks he's smug. NT - Shoreline74
Fri 1:21 AM BBTDillon thinks he is the fan favorite instead of Bruno now, because the crowd cheered for him. He keeps going on and on about how i - Shoreline74
it means so much to him.
Fri 1:19 AM BBTKaren to Dil: Everyone I wanted to go, I made them leave. The only ones I didn't want to go were Cass, Gary and Em. Will too, but - Shoreline74
he had to go eventually and she wanted to keep Dillon over Will.
Fri 12:59 AM BBTDillon said the crowd cheering for him was worth everything. Karen says that he's lucky and she doesn't think Canada feels that wa - Shoreline74
way (likes her) about her.
Wed 7:44 PM BBTIka how do we not have Will? Dre: He loves Kevin. Ika: I think actually (William) is more into Kevin than I'm into Demetres NT - BBBostonFan
Wed 10:35 AM BBTIka and Kevin are comparing notes about both their talks with William, Kevin tells ika she needs to talk to will again... - taylorandtom
Ika says "she ain't got no rose for William" Kevin tells ika to find one and that he has plenty and will give her one.
Tue 11:46 PM BBTKevin is currently listing reasons to target Dillon next week if William wins hoh. NT - taylorandtom
Tue 11:45 PM BBTAs of right now the vote is 4 to 1 for ika to stay. Kevin is currently campaigning to William to save ika. NT - taylorandtom
Tue 10:03 PM BBTKevin: "I miss intimacy...with a female." Dillion: "No kidding." NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:49 PM BBTIka tells William to not listen to people but to look at her and Dem's actions instead NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:48 PM BBTIka tells William that she doesn't put people up who won't put her up and she has never thought he would put her up NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:45 PM BBTIka to William: "You have no reason to be scared of me." NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:43 PM BBTWilliam says he's kinda scared because Ika was against Kevin and Ika said she was more against Bruno than Kevin NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:40 PM BBTIka campaigning pretty hard to William. Saying her and dem have always been true to their word. NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:38 PM BBTWilliam isn't saying whether he wants to keep her or not. He is asking her if she would put him up beside Kevin NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:37 PM BBTIka says it's fine if he doesn't wanna keep her. She just wants him to be honest about it NT - Energizerbunny
Tue 9:37 PM BBTHouse guests had a long non game convo in pink room. Now Ika and William are talking some game NT - Energizerbunny
Sun 4:06 PM BBTKaren: "You could actually drink your pee if you, you know, get it hot." NT - Shoreline74
Sun 1:25 AM BBTDem won POV NT - JSweetness

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