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Tue 11:53 PM BBTDerrick asks Christine where she stands. Christine said Amber trusts her 100% so it doesn't make sense to rid herself of Amber. - Alpha16
Christine says Jocasta doesn't talk game or know what's going on in the game and is of no use to Christine's game.

Derrick says Christine could beat Jocasta in comps, and Amber is a physical competitor to help them out
Tue 11:50 PM BBTFrank/Derrick/Christine are considering keeping Amber and evicting Jocasta in beehive room!!! NT - Alpha16
They've been in beehive room a while now.
Tue 11:49 PM BBTDerr/Frank/Chris considering keeping Amber and trying to get Zach on board. Frankie doesn't think that would be guaranteed to work - Alpha16
and says they could throw Zach under the bus to Caleb.

Frankie said that Zach has created the perfect scapegoat in himself. They say if they keep Amber, its 5-4 they keep her.

Frankie puts the question: Do they take the shot at Amber while they have it, or deal with this mess another week
Tue 11:45 PM BBTAmber in RR telling Cody that Caleb is driving her crazy.She says she can't get involved in a relationship right now. - Jenny8512
Zach shows up and he asks her if she is married.She says no but she has a story outside the house and does not want to use her personal life as a strategy in the game. She is not here for a showmance and her story is very very personal.
Tue 11:45 PM BBTAfter Zach leaves, Derrick/Frankie/Christine say Amber leaving may not be the best thing for their games because she's not coming - Alpha16
after any of them 3.
Tue 11:44 PM BBTAmber talks to Cody in Rock Room, isn't feeling safe and doesn't feel assured by her alliance. - muddbull
Only Christine is talking to her and assuring her of her vote. Cody said that he already told her she had his vote yesterday. Amber says that Caleb is messing with her game and she's mad about it. She trusts Cody, and doesn't understand why all 6 guys got together and agreed to put her up. Cody denies that and says he's pissed off that people keep saying that when it isn't true.
Amber heard from Caleb that Hayden & Cody were having doubts, and Cody says that's not true, and what he said was probably misconstrued.
Amber says that she's been put in a bad situation, being put up on the block, and Cody hasn't ever had to to feel it. That she has helped Cody to advance his game,...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Tue 11:44 PM BBTDerr/Frank/Zac/Chris talk about whether or not they should tell Caleb now or later because they say they have a good excuse for - Alpha16
Caleb to want Amber to go home if he finds out she wants him gone.

They tell Zach to go to Amber and see if she tells him she's after Caleb.
Tue 11:39 PM BBTChristine tells Derr/Zach/Frankie in beehive room that Amber said Caleb is her target now. NT - Alpha16
Tue 11:37 PM BBTChristine is now telling Zach in bathroom that Amber said Caleb is her target now. Chris tells Zach that Amber wants - Alpha16
to talk to him, but says wait till tomorrow.
Tue 11:34 PM BBTRight after Christine/Amber convo in beehive room, Christine tells Derrick in restroom what Amber said. NT - Alpha16
Tue 11:33 PM BBTChristine tells Derrick briefly about her talk w/ Amber, that Amber would put up Caleb, & she wants to talk with Derrick/Cody. NT - muddbull
Tue 11:29 PM BBTAmber continues to talk to Christine about what she should do. - muddbull
Amber says that this season has been the worst game play she's ever seen, that the alliance was terrible, and there's no showmance. She says she needs to talk to Cody/Derrick, and Christine agrees. She says the line has been crossed for her, and she has been too nice in this game. Christine says not to talk to Zach, that it would be a waste of her time, that she doesn't trust him and never will again.
Amber says "These guys are beepity bleep. I want to go outside and scream." She wants to send the guys home and sit up in the HOH room w/ Christine and look at their HOH pictures when they win HOH.
Christine says that the guys must want Christine and Nicole out. Amber says they've managed to get Donny's trust back. She really wants to beat Caleb in an endurance and make the guys squirm.
Tue 11:22 PM BBTAmber tells Christine in BH room that she shouldn't have to be campaigning. - muddbull
That she's not going to come groveling to them, that she shouldn't have to give them what they want. She's really upset. She gives a pinky handshake w/ Christine and says that she wants a girl to win, and she'd be happy to be 2nd and have Christine win. She's even willing to put Caleb up if she wins HOH. Amber thinks there is an alliance of 6 guys. Christine nodding and agreeing a lot. Amber says she's even willing to bring in Victoria right as Victoria knocks on the BH door. She realizes she needs to talk to everybody.
Tue 11:19 PM BBTAmber and Christine are in beehive room. She wants to team up with Nicole/Chris/Amber and says they will knock all the guys out of the game. - Alpha16
Amber says a girl needs to win Big Brother(she said this between about 11:15-11:17pm) BBT.

(ed. Don't know how long the cam was on these two girls talking though, I was on cam 1/2 in HOH room until I saw these two girls on cam 3/4 thumbnail)
Tue 10:57 PM BBTCody/Derr/Zach/Christine in HOH room. Zach/Chris say they might try to convince Caleb that there is a 10 person jury, with America - Alpha16
being the 11th vote. That way Caleb might want to go to jury believing Amber is there.

Else, Zach said he could try to convince Caleb to prove his loyalty and walk right out the door with Amber.

Cody can't believe there is something dumb enough as Caleb. He says there will be fireworks on Thurs night.
Tue 10:52 PM BBTThe rest of the houseguests are up in the HOH, but the cameras aren't on them. Jo thanks Hayden for teaching them how to play NT - bbshannon
Tue 10:51 PM BBTHayden in the backyard teaching Victoria how to make shots on the pool table. She screams everytime she gets one in. - bbshannon
Caleb, Jocasta and Donny have also been hanging out around the table.
Tue 10:16 PM BBTCody is called to the DR. Derrick intercepts him, and they go to the HN room to talk about Derrick's suspicions. - muddbull
Derrick worries that when Amber is voted out, they are in a worse numbers situation, that the other side may be working more closely together. That Hayden has been spending a lot of time with Donny in the hammock. and that Nicole has been lying to them, and thinks he caught her and Frankie contradicting one another about the "Amber forming a girls alliance" situation. Derrick says that he could flip the script and keep Amber and vote out Jocasta, but he doesn't want to because he doesn't trust Amber. They agree to talk to Frankie tonight to get to the bottom of what's going on.
Tue 10:05 PM BBTNicole saying Caleb was talking w/ Amber about eating something for penalty nom to go on block. Frankie excited at idea. Others doubt he'd do it. NT - jfung79
Tue 10:01 PM BBTFrankie fills in Nicole (in the HOH) on the plan to blindside Amber. Cody/Christine also there. - muddbull
Frankie tells Nicole that he told Caleb that bringing Nicole into the middle of everything makes people not trust Caleb. They think that he's going to like hearing "8 to 1" until Julie says Amber's evicted. They don't care that Caleb will be upset.
They talk about ways to get Caleb to self evict or get him penalty noms by eating while being a have not. Christine is stroking Cody's arm.
Tue 9:48 PM BBTZach and Christine alone in the HOH room. Long silence, before they start talking about Victoria having an apartment in South Beach NT - muddbull
Tue 9:44 PM BBTCody/Derrick in KT. Derrick worried that they won't have the numbers once they lose both Amber & Caleb. - muddbull
That the Outsiders will be the majority. Derrick doesn't trust Christine as much as Cody does, is convinced she tells everything to Nicole. And that Nicole lied to them. They decide to talk later tonight.
Tue 9:39 PM BBTAll feeds switch to Donny/Jocasta/Nicole/Hayden (with weights) walking around in circles in the BY. Hayden likes his bun hair. NT - muddbull
Tue 9:33 PM BBTChristine joins Zach/Cody/Frankie/Derrick in the HOH. More convo about how to handle the vote against Amber. - muddbull
They think blindside is the best option. That breaking up the power couple is the best thing to do, and that everybody (including Nicole, Victoria, Donny) has to say the same thing.

Zach says that he's going to be the one to tell Caleb. Quote: "I'm going to be the one to tell him. He puts two of us up, one of us wins the veto, and another one of us goes home."
Everybody looks at him and asks what is he talking about, that it's a bad idea. Right as they are talking about it, Caleb walks into the HOH. Cody asks to use the HOH shower. Zach puts his pink cap over his face.
Tue 9:30 PM BBTFrankie discussed splitting the vote so that Caleb isn't mad at all but one of them. Zach says that's not an option, Derrick says - Alpha16
that they haven't been able to keep anything secret so far, so they can't do this because it risks Jocasta going home.

Zach says that Caleb might tell DR he wants to go home after Amber goes home.

Frankie wants to blame Caleb's scrambling and scaring people as the reason Amber went home.
Tue 9:28 PM BBTDerrick joins Zach/Cody/Frankie in the HOH. - muddbull
Cody jokes that they're going to keep Amber this week. Frankie again says he covered his own ass and Nicole's ass with Caleb and rehashes the earlier conversation. Derrick laughs that we might get Caleb to self evict when Amber leaves. Frankie thinks that Caleb will start threatening the women in the house to vote for Amber if he thinks the vote is not going his way. Frank says he'll tell Caleb afterwards that it is Caleb's fault for acting the way he did this week, and besides, we couldn't keep a power couple together. Cody says his favorite thing about Caleb is that he thinks he controls the alliance. Derrick is worried that Caleb could decide to go after the guys in retaliation if he wins HOH.
Frankie says it's an option to split the votes, 5-4, and blame the 5th vote on one of the other side to Caleb. They don't think it's a good idea and it's too risky.
Tue 9:17 PM BBTFrankie tells Cody in the HOH that he fixed everything. - muddbull
That he fixed the Nicole situation with Caleb. Zach walks in and says he doesn't care, that she's the biggest floater in the house. Frankie says that Z says that about everybody. Frankie says that they need to blindside Caleb and then have a story for him afterwards.
Zach says that Caleb told him that he was going to lay down and cry if Amber goes home because of him. Amber has to go, then Caleb.
Cody says that Caleb will go off on us when Amber leaves. Zach thinks Cody & Zach will get put on the block. Frankie says that he could be in a good position tow work with Caleb since he won't have a vote. Zach thinks he could be the one to tell Caleb and it would be good for his ...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Tue 9:17 PM BBTZ:"Cal is gonna want to go and self evict just to call Amber." NT - Squirrels
Tue 9:16 PM BBTZ: "Julie is going to say Amber you have been evicted from the house. Cal would basically kill himself." NT - Squirrels
Tue 9:11 PM BBTZ: "Caleb said if he was the reason for getting Amber out he would lay down and cry." NT - Squirrels
Tue 9:11 PM BBTFrnk: "Would you rather have Caleb mad at us or should we not vote her out." NT - Squirrels
Tue 9:05 PM BBTAmber and Caleb playing corn hole now. NT - Squirrels
Tue 9:04 PM BBTBetween 7:22-7:33 PM, Nicole talking to Donny about the cover-up involving her and Frankie. - P0kerZ
She covered for Frankie because she doesn't want him on her bad side because Frankie has won 3 HoHs. She said she has been emotionally stressed all day. Donny reassuring her it's all fine and not to worry. Nicole talks about the other guys wanting to keep Amber quiet so she can't out anything (even though Amber had little to nothing to out, the guys just want to see a blindside). Nicole and Donny then agree not to nominate each other going forward. The talk ends with Nicole talking about how Hayden is cute and a nice guy and Donny thinks no one suspects how close Nicole and Hayden are.
Tue 9:04 PM BBTZach & Cody say at least they are the most entertaining players, and they'll get the next tournament. - muddbull
Cody tells Z he needs to take a shower because he feels dirty, especially after hugging Caleb. They go grab salmon in the kitchen to eat and trash talk with Hayden. Zach is really upset since he lost on the "best break in his life". Hayden hopes they fix the felt hole that Zach made. Cody says he won't make an excuse for losing.
Tue 9:04 PM BBTHay, Zach and Cody in the kit getting food and talking about the pool game. - SouthernBelladonna
Cody tore the get on the pool table during the game (accidentally). Hay is hoping BB fixes it.
Tue 9:01 PM BBTPool tourney ends with a scratch on the 8 ball. Hay and Derr win. Hay jokes that Derr won without even having to get out of.. - SouthernBelladonna
...his chair and stop clipping his nails. Derr laughing.

Hay giving high fives to everyone. Cody very un-enthusiastic about it.

Cody goe inside and is complaining to Zach that the game was BS and they will have a rematch.

Then says he needs to get a shower after Caleb hugged him. Zach says Caleb hasn't showered in a week.
Tue 8:59 PM BBTZ/C vs D/H Zach scratchs on the break, losing the game and giving Hayden and Derrick the championship NT - Gorf
Tue 8:55 PM BBTZach makes a high shot and puts a notch into the pool table, wrecking the felt NT - Gorf
Tue 8:51 PM BBTPool tourney continues while not much else is happening through out the house. NT - Squirrels
Tue 8:47 PM BBTAmber and Jo are sitting on the lounge chair chatting about what to wear Thursday. - SouthernBelladonna
Lot of noise still coming from the pool tourney.
Tue 8:37 PM BBTThe new pool games ends are suddenly as it begins as Cody pockets the 8 ball. - SouthernBelladonna
He throws his hands up...walks away and screams in frustration. Everyone laughing. Frankie and Caleb now Derr/Hay.
Tue 8:36 PM BBTCody says he refuses to give them the W (win). Hay suggests they play the game over again. - SouthernBelladonna
Still arguing, but not seriously. Derr laughing.

Hay/Derr are playing another game against Cody/Zach. Still fussing and being loud as the new game starts.
Tue 8:32 PM BBTThe guys are still arguing about the pool game. - SouthernBelladonna
Hayden and Cody especially. There's a great disagreement about where a couple balls were positioned and of the 8 ball was hit first.

Victoria is watching.

Hay asking Donny's opinion.

No one is willing to let it go.
Tue 8:26 PM BBTArgument breaks out on how the pool table hits. Derr, Z and Cody are heated in the argument. NT - Squirrels
Tue 7:57 PM BBTPool tournament for a while now. NT - sarah413
Tue 6:55 PM BBTAmber/Frank/ Cody/Cal/Zach in the KT making food. Vic is gathering laundry to take to the BY. NT - HumblePie
Tue 6:52 PM BBTDerr/Nic/Chris/ Don/Joc/Hay on the BY couches. Discussing scars and tattoos. Nicole wants a white tat on the back of her neck. NT - HumblePie
Tue 6:48 PM BBTCody talking to Frank now. Cody asks if they're blindsiding also bc he thinks it's a bad idea. Frank says no other option. NT - HumblePie
Tue 6:47 PM BBTZach says this will be totally epic. Frank says that Cal will be playing a total solo game from this point. NT - HumblePie
Tue 6:47 PM BBTZach asks if they're still blindsiding Cal/Amber. Frank says there's no other option at this choice. NT - HumblePie

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