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Fri 6:37 AM BBTVic to WC, fixes something to eat in a dark KT, takes it back to BR to eat, and back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Fri 5:30 AM BBTLights out. Still some chit chatting. NT - Scott3325
Fri 5:27 AM BBTVic to WC. All other HGs in bed. NT - Scott3325
Fri 4:54 AM BBTVic: I have this on and off switch and when it's not on, then I can just turn it off. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:53 AM BBTDer: What about "Are you completely opposed to sex?" Vic: I don't know. I haven't been there yet. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:52 AM BBTDer to Vic: Are you open to other things? If a guy wants to do "other" things if he wants to get serious. Vic: Too hard to answer. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:51 AM BBTChr to Vic: Have you ever watched porn or do you? Der: You are extremely sheltered. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:50 AM BBTDer: I'd rather have a girl who's experiences the uncomfortable times and know their body and have worked out the kinks. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:50 AM BBTVic/Der/Chr are in WC discussing waiting to lose your virginity versus waiting. Der guys don't put as much emphasis on virginity. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:49 AM BBTCal: The captures and the rewards for capturing Osama Bin Laden all go to Obama because he's president now not Bush who did it. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:48 AM BBTCal: It's like the presidency. Who was president in 2000? Fra: Bush. Cal: 2000, yeah, it was Bush. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:47 AM BBTFra enters HoH room. Comments that Cod isn't in bed yet, so he decided to come upstairs. Cal continues talk on getting Don out. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:44 AM BBTCal: I'd almost rather get rid of Chr before Nic/Vic. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:44 AM BBTCod to Cal: There's nothing Nic can really do at this point because of how close we've all gotten. NT - MattSF
Fri 4:43 AM BBTDer/Fra/Vic/Chr in WC general talk about inappropriate talking patterns / behavior. Cal/Cod in HoH discussing getting Don out. NT - MattSF
Fri 3:47 AM BBTPeople in HOH saying that they dont think Donny is a groundskeeper. Frankie says that he thinks Donny is a Harvard medical - Alpha16
doctor and references the diluted blood comment from Donny's nominations.
Fri 3:44 AM BBTVictoria said she wants to frame the pink hat NT - katwomandu
Fri 3:26 AM BBTVictoria is alone in downstairs bathroom doing makeup, while the Bomb Squad are in HOH room talking game. NT - Alpha16
Fri 3:25 AM BBTAll 5 members of the Bomb Squad are in HOH room; they have been talking game for the past 20 minutes. - Alpha16
Subjects included how Zach was loved as a character and not a game player, how they have to get Nicole out, how Donny has a large IQ and they have to get him out too.
Fri 3:03 AM BBTDerrick is trying to convince Victoria that she can't change perception about her until she's out of the house. Victoria is - Alpha16
whining that people see her as a waste of space, and Derrick is trying to comfort her
Fri 3:02 AM BBTVictoria tells Derr she is worried about disappointing production. Derr: "The producers? Really? I just can't..." NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:56 AM BBTDerr trying to give Vic a pep talk but seems somewhat irritated with this convo. NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:53 AM BBTDerr tells Vic that she would be upset if it was something personal because she looks in the mirror all the time NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:52 AM BBTVic talking to Derr in Bathroom, she is upset about her zing and says she wishes it was a personal zing rather than game related NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:52 AM BBTCody: Nic told me that there are other targets in the house, but I was like, "Nicole, YOU'RE a big target!" (ed: He didn't say this) NT - continentally
Fri 2:46 AM BBTChristine "I was like seriously Julie? I hate your guts." About Julie calling her out on the live show for throwing the BOB. NT - eureca
Fri 2:45 AM BBTChristine to Cody/Frankie "Can we acknowledge the fact that Julie called me out in front of everyone for throwing a competition?" NT - eureca
Fri 2:42 AM BBTChris told Cody that she would have liked to have slept in the HOH alone when she was HOH, but decided to just let Frank have it. NT - eureca
Fri 2:40 AM BBTChristine: Yours look so much bigger than your brother's! Cody: I'm a lot bigger than my brother. NT - PowerofVito
Fri 2:32 AM BBTCaleb, Frankie, Nicole in bathroom discussing if Survivor is harder than Big Brother NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:28 AM BBTCaleb talking to Nicole about budgeting and how to manage $300k, says he could spend $100K on a truck alone NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:25 AM BBTFrankie asked Cody if he told Nicole about the "Open Door Policy" the house has in place. (About how ppl will be called out if - Alpha16
they talk with Nicole with doors closed)
Fri 2:23 AM BBTNic: [Zac] is going to love the jury house. NT - MattSF
Fri 2:22 AM BBTCal: [Prod] told them that if they hear something that could affect the show from fans screaming, they could be kicked off show. NT - MattSF
Fri 2:22 AM BBTNicole tells Caleb that she has ship names like Haycole & one with Cody. Caleb: I can't wait to go on Twitter. I'll have Camber NT - PowerofVito
Fri 2:22 AM BBTNic to Cal in WC: We were blindfolded and people couldn't say anything to us. NT - MattSF
Fri 2:21 AM BBTNicole talking to Caleb about getting Twitter questions with Jeff, how someone had the handle "Nicody" NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:19 AM BBTChristine and Vic come to HOH and get in bed with Cody. Frankie follows them. Cody tells Frankie he wants bed to himself tonite NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:18 AM BBTNicole says she understands if Cody will put her up because it's easy, but he should keep her around because she'd protect him - continentally
Nicole thanks Cody for talking to her and leaves the HOH. As soon as Nicole comes down the stairs, Christine jets up. And Victoria and Frankie.
Fri 2:17 AM BBTNicole finishes talking to Cody and leaves HOH room. NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 2:07 AM BBTCody says Donny's the reason he ever questioned Hayden and Nicole NT - continentally
Fri 2:04 AM BBTCody told Nicole how Donny was campaigning against him last week and he knows Frankie "literally was having my back" NT - jfung79
Fri 2:02 AM BBTNicole is telling Cody that she would have never put him up. Cody: For me, I don't think you're a crazy.. target sort of like.. NT - continentally
Fri 1:57 AM BBTCody told Nicole that Donny is his target for the week. Nicole trying to say she doesn't lie or spread rumors, & ppl lie about things she says. NT - jfung79
Fri 1:50 AM BBTNicole: "You have to make a big game in this move. Uh, I mean..." NT - continentally
Fri 1:49 AM BBTCody telling Nicole that Donny wanted Cody out last week. NT - eureca
Fri 1:48 AM BBTDerrick telling Cody/Frankie that Nicole is a bigger liar than Donny. Derrick saying they should discuss who is better to go. NT - eureca
Fri 1:46 AM BBTNicole to HOH to give her plea to Cody NT - BBSoxFan
Fri 1:42 AM BBTNicole heads downstairs. Cody: Nicole are we matching? Can we still cuddle? We just can't kiss? Ugh I hate losing. NT - continentally
Fri 1:41 AM BBTCal: Jokers / Hamster Shoutouts NT - MattSF

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