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Fri 1:08 PM BBTThey keep hearing drilling from the backyard. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 1:06 PM BBTJoz comparing BB game to Hunger Games saying Prod just changes whatever they want along the way to get desired outcomes NT - BamaBelle
Fri 1:06 PM BBTThey reused the telephone booth from last season as a prop. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 1:05 PM BBTJoz really bashing Prod for his belief that they interfere with comps and other stuff to get their way NT - BamaBelle
Fri 12:33 PM BBTPaul, Victor, DaVonne, Nicole, Frank, Tiff, Bridget, Zakiyah, & Bronte, all in HOH room general chit chat. NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 12:31 PM BBTZakiyah is spraying ants up in the HOH. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:30 PM BBTBronte to Corey who is massaging her shoulders: Okay Corey, you have to stop because I'm going to start having a crush on you. NT - Scott3325
Fri 12:27 PM BBTFrank has a "Where's Boogie?" shirt NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:26 PM BBTIn HOH: DaVonne, Zakiyah, Frank, & Tiffany. NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 12:20 PM BBTHOH crew discussing OTEV comps. NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 12:19 PM BBTRoadkill may be a weekly comps NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:16 PM BBTZakiyah in HOH telling Day, Frank and Michelle about Joze, Victor and Paul scheming NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:11 PM BBTApparently Jozea has met Arianna Grande. Says she looks like a pedofile's dream. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:08 PM BBTthey don't know Frank won road kill. They suspect Nicole and Michelle. NT - Josreason
Fri 12:06 PM BBTThe black hat that's been passed around is Jozea's NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:06 PM BBTZakiyah, Frank, Tiff, DaVonne, Corey, all in HOH room rejoicing over POV picks. Nicole just joined. NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 12:04 PM BBTTalking spelling comp games in HOH room. NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 12:03 PM BBTFrank talking about Joe Arvin being an alternate and he was living up the sequester experience NT - Josreason
Fri 12:03 PM BBTJames telling Victor,Paulie, and Jozea that he was only picked to play veto only once last season cause Victor was complaining. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 12:03 PM BBTHOH crew (Frank Corey Day Nicole Tiff and Zak) Discussing sequester Meals NT - Josreason
Fri 12:00 PM BBTNicole DaVonne Corey Paulie Paul and Jozea. NT - Josreason
Fri 11:59 AM BBTCorey, Day, Nicole, Paul, Paulie,& Jozea all playing in POV. NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 11:58 AM BBTNicole said she could've picked Victor three times. She picked Michelle to host NT - Josreason
Fri 11:57 AM BBTVictor telling Jozea he is bored and he wanted to play veto. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:55 AM BBTCamera keeps panning on a nervous Jozea. He tells Bridge he gotta win it. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:55 AM BBTJozea whispering to Bridgette that he has to win it. She says it all comes down to this NT - Josreason
Fri 11:54 AM BBTSomeone keeps boiling a pot of water and no one can figure out who it is. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:52 AM BBTDaVonne tells Zakiyah to put a big towel on shower door of HOH BA. "I can see you right in there! NT - Scott3325
Fri 11:49 AM BBTCorey saying he was picked and will go hard. NT - Josreason
Fri 11:47 AM BBTDay telling Zack that she thinks Tiffany will crack under pressure. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:47 AM BBTDaVonne saying to Zakiyah that they need to reassure and pet Tiffany to boost her confidence NT - Josreason
Fri 11:46 AM BBTDaVonne confirms getting picked NT - Josreason
Fri 11:45 AM BBTDay was picked for the veto comp NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:19 AM BBTSounds like Frank won the Road Kill Comp NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 11:16 AM BBTSounds like road kill winner may be able to put a third person on the block. NT - mydiggs
Fri 11:14 AM BBTFISH. Selecting players for VETO NT - krazykatkatelyn
Fri 11:11 AM BBTSpeculating who Bronte would put up if she wins HOH. Thinking two boys. Fish NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:10 AM BBTDay thinks Victor is trying claim the HOH room as his own NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:09 AM BBTJozea is the target, teaching him to stop being so outspoken. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 11:07 AM BBTAll they need to do is win Veto or Road Kill and they can maintain their numbers. NT - mydiggs
Fri 11:04 AM BBTIt's a Road Kill competition NT - mydiggs
Fri 11:03 AM BBTHOH Convo: Frank says he won some sort of competition; surprised nothing has leaked out yet. NT - mydiggs
Fri 11:02 AM BBTVets discussing what will happen with HOH. NT - ChillTownChick
Fri 10:48 AM BBTBronte to Paulie: "Am I the only one who doesn't want to leave here famous? I just want a half million dollars." NT - jellyfisher
Fri 10:46 AM BBTFrank, Davonne, James, and Tiffany chatting in the HoH about the other side, that they are in for a rude awakening on Thur NT - muddbull
Fri 10:41 AM BBTPaulie tells Bronte that he think he's been handling being on the block pretty well - muddbull
that he has been pretty calm the entire time, and that he hasn't made people feel uncomfortable or cornered them to tell them what to do. Bronte agrees. Paulie says that Jozea hasn't handled it very well. And that he's had to talk Paul off the ledge a couple of times already.
Bronte says she was upset at first since the people she liked in the house was being targeted, and that she doesn't want to live with a bunch of bores.
Fri 10:35 AM BBTBronte tells Paulie he's a big flirt, and he denies it, saying he's as friendly as Victor & Jozea. NT - muddbull
Fri 10:33 AM BBTBronte and Paulie talking on the living room couch. Bronte teasing Paulie about being the first one voted out. - muddbull
She tells him she likes to give people a hard time, but only the ones she likes. She asks if he is going to win and pull himself off the block. He say yes, and she think he will too.
Fri 9:38 AM BBTCorey helps Bridgette w/"blur". Bridgette continues adjusting "blur".Victor to SR w/trash.Paulie called to DR. NT - Scott3325
Fri 9:35 AM BBTBronte called to DR.James says that means pick players for Veto.Corey says why call Bronte and Fish. NT - Scott3325

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