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Mon 8:15 PM BBTChristmas is sitting chatting with Jason & Alex. Josh, Paul and Matt are playing pool NT - BBFanatic5
Mon 8:09 PM BBTJason's in the hot tub chatting with Alex who's sitting near the hot tub NT - BBFanatic5
Mon 8:09 PM BBTRaven washing dishes. Matt offers help which she declines so he heads to BY NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 8:07 PM BBTMark, Jason and Alex at hottub talking movies and tv shows NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:58 PM BBT7:50 Jason goes out to hot tub and Kevin gets up from hammock to join him and asks what is going on inside. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:50 PM BBTAll hgs minus Kevin are at kitchen table doing their own memory lane show of classic Josh moves and Jody slamming memories NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:47 PM BBTChristmas and Josh did not get bracelets,Paul says most at the table right now didn't like that is good and Christmas says or - LiZinTeXaS
maybe you just chose really bad
Mon 7:45 PM BBTPaul brings up how Cody came at him during friendship bracelet day Cody said I am ready to play this game with or against you NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:45 PM BBTMark talking to kitchen group saying Cody would not commit to coming to see him before leaving. Matt says Cody is the worse man - LiZinTeXaS
ever. Says Cody was still salty about the first week
Mon 7:43 PM BBTKevin is having some alone time in the BY hammock NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:33 PM BBTJosh thinks he is one of Derrick's favorites but if Derrick was in this house Josh would of spotted him out NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:30 PM BBTJosh admits he wanted Elena out because she was close to Paul. He is listing reasons for wanting each person out so far.Jalex next NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:26 PM BBTJosh feels Kevin is a threat to his game not just because he runs his mouth but that he is onto Josh's game and does not want - LiZinTeXaS
attention onto him. He is playing naive and goofy but he knows the game and is being strategic about it. He is going to amp up the goofy and I'm lost role he played. His dad said don't show anyone how intelligent you really are and that has worked for him in this house.
Mon 7:24 PM BBTJosh thinks Paul and Christmas don't give him enough credit.He has been the one to see who to keep an eye on. They are like his - LiZinTeXaS
siblings at home. They won't admit he is right but they will take the advice and work on it. He has been their second eyes which has helped everyone. Strongest competitors against him are gone.
Mon 7:20 PM BBTJosh feels good with Christmas and Paul, trusts them both, is locked in with them and just go for the win between the 3 of them NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:19 PM BBTJosh admits he has not played the cleanest game but hopes we see that he is playing the game NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 7:19 PM BBTRaven made Chicken Parm for everyone they are eating while Josh talks to us in the APSR NT - LiZinTeXaS
Mon 6:33 PM BBTKevin n Jason playing lawn darts NT - NikkiMirage
Mon 6:32 PM BBTMaven in the KT making food, Josh/Paul playing pool while Mark/Jason/Kevin watch n chat NT - NikkiMirage
Mon 5:37 PM BBTPaul and Josh still playing pool while Mark watches. NT - laceyest
Mon 5:35 PM BBTIt appears as though Kevin and Jason are watching a woman on top of the building who keeps walking by. NT - laceyest
Mon 5:20 PM BBTAll cameras switch to Josh and Paul playing pool. NT - laceyest
Mon 5:11 PM BBTKevin is impressed by how hard Jason has to work. Explains why Jason's hands are so rough NT - scoobydoo
Mon 5:09 PM BBTKevin asks Jason if he goes drinking with the other cowboys after work and he says he can't because he has to get up and go back to work - scoobydoo
in the morning. Some cowboys work for 8 seconds. He has to work for 8 hours.
Mon 5:05 PM BBTKevin and Jason taking about Plymouth Rock and Pocahontas. General chit chat. NT - laceyest
Mon 5:00 PM BBTAlex joins Paul and Josh in wave room. They're talking about Kevin and Mark and who their targets would be. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:52 PM BBTCam 1/2 Jason and Kevin in loungers around pool. Talking about expectation of game pre show. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:50 PM BBTJosh joins Paul in wave room. Paul wants Josh to be a pawn. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:46 PM BBTCam 3/4 Paul in wave room talking to himself about strategy. Who to eliminate and when. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:42 PM BBTMatt joins the outside crew. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:35 PM BBTJason and Alex eating chips and salsa. Kevin and Mark playing pool. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:25 PM BBTChristmas called to DR. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:24 PM BBTJason, Kevin and Alex outside in yard - laceyest
Kevin and Jason walking the parameter of the yard and talking about a previous comp. Alex eating chips and sitting in the sun.
Mon 4:21 PM BBT4:20 PM Christmas/ Matt/ Josh in HOH wondering what is going on in outside world - impeachment?; nuclear war? NT - Scott3325
Mon 4:19 PM BBTBB announces lock down is over. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:16 PM BBTPaul and Jason whispering in GBR about Kevin. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:04 PM BBTJason, Mark, Matt and Kevin in kitchen fixing drinks and snacks. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:03 PM BBTChristmas admits to Josh she was the rogue vote for Cody. Josh appropriately wigs out with "I KNEW it!" NT - Dolffie
Mon 4:02 PM BBTKevin telling Mark about losing a son named Kevin Andrew and his second son being named Andrew Kevin. NT - laceyest
Mon 4:00 PM BBTChristmas and Josh in APSR studying daily details. NT - laceyest
Mon 3:58 PM BBTKevin asking Mark how live feeds work and can his family see him right now NT - NikkiMirage
Mon 3:57 PM BBTGeneral chit chat in GBR between Kevin and Mark. Alex sleeping. Paul called to DR. NT - laceyest
Mon 3:56 PM BBTJosh and Christmas in HoH studying days while Kevin and Mark talk in the Money Rm. Alex napping NT - NikkiMirage
Mon 3:34 PM BBTMaven study days, which has been a popular activity today. Christmas & Josh were studying earlier, as were Alex & Jason. NT - Dolffie
Mon 3:22 PM BBTPaul leads a discussion to Kevin, Jason and Mark about weed, it's availability in LA, and how much he likes it. NT - Dolffie
Mon 3:07 PM BBTIndoor lockdown called once again! NT - BearRunner
Mon 3:00 PM BBTLockdown over NT - BearRunner
Mon 2:39 PM BBTIndoor lockdown called .... probable Megaphone NT - BearRunner
Mon 2:36 PM BBTChristmas tells Paul she told Matt & Raven to win HOH next week. Tells him Matt said target needs to be Kevin if Jalex win. NT - starlet
Mon 2:32 PM BBTJosh says he wants Jason or Alex to go next. Wants Matt or Raven to get HOH and do it so he & Paul can play next week. NT - starlet

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