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Thu 8:27 AM BBTArlie leaves the shower and his towel behind and walks downstairs naked. - KingstonSue
The only thing covering his junk is one hand. He is next seen wearing clothes in the backyard. He speaks again about being on BB being the coolest experience. "Being on the block on BB is something you never want." He pleads again to Canada to save him.
Thu 8:13 AM BBTArlie grabs a bite to eat then lays down on the living room floor. He says, "I don't wanna leave." - KingstonSue
Adel went to bed about a half hour ago leaving Arlie to talk to the cameras. In storage room he says that being on BB has been his dream. He thanks Arissa for being so gorgeous and how Jon screwed up the game and he'd see him in jury soon. He says this isn't going to be a plea to the houseguests. This has been a wild emotional rollercoaster. "Canada, please save me from the block. I'm not ready to go home yet."
Thu 7:47 AM BBTIt seems like Arlie pulled an all nighter. He's the only one up roaming the house. NT - Dani
Thu 5:46 AM BBTArlie and Adel are still up talking and talking and talking. Arlie giving him some game advice. NT - BBcbsRocks
Thu 4:14 AM BBTArlie/Adel say they would never give Jon their vote if he made final 2. And try to convince people not to vote for him as well. NT - eureca
Thu 3:52 AM BBTSabrina asked Allison if she is fine with Heather being the target after Arlie if they don't get Jon out. Allison says yes. NT - eureca
Thu 3:26 AM BBTJon asks Neda who she would nominate. She says the gremlins. Jon ask and backdoor who? She says Allison. NT - eureca
Wed 11:47 PM BBTAdel telling Jon about the stuff he told Allison about getting Jon out and floating in the middle saying it was lies. NT - eureca
Wed 11:46 PM BBTAdel tells Jon that he has been lying for the past 2 days to the gremlins. Adel pushing F4 with Jon/Arlie/Heather/Neda. Jon Agrees NT - eureca
Wed 11:40 PM BBTAdel telling Jon that hes has to lie to the house about wanting to go against him. He tells Jon not to get paronoid. NT - eureca
Wed 11:35 PM BBTArlie also told Sabrina/Rach that he doesnt think Adel will come after them and that his prediction is that Neda/Heather make F2 NT - eureca
Wed 11:33 PM BBTArlie telling Sabrina/Rachelle that he hopes that the gremlins and Adel make final 3. He tells them they should really trust Adel NT - eureca
Wed 5:57 PM BBTFeeds are back. The HGs got coloured bunny ears and are on outside lockdown. They're taking funny pics of each other. NT - BBcbsRocks
Wed 1:36 PM BBTAdel enters the room. Adel to Sabrina: Why youre laughing? Sabrina: Because youre leaving Adel: Well I guess I see you at the Jury - Dani
They were kidding.
Wed 1:27 PM BBTThe girls were trying to figure out who went out this place last season. They went thru the list & laugh about Arlie being this - Dani
season Gary.
Wed 1:23 PM BBTAlli B'days coming up she requested what kinda cake she wants. she mention she probably won't getting anymore alcohol because of - Dani
her drunken night. She said she's this year "Talla"
Wed 1:20 PM BBTEarlier by the hottub with Adel he list the hgs who would have his Jury vote: 1.Adel 2.Rachelle 3.Sabrina 4.Jon 5.Allison NT - Dani
Wed 1:16 PM BBTThe girls talking about possibly twist. Sabrina thinks its about be a Instant Eviction. Now Neda is joking about Alli's toes NT - Dani
Wed 1:11 PM BBTAllison,Rachelle,Sabrina & Neda in the main room talking about driving. Neda doesn't drive. Allison had a accident two winters ago - Dani
and it scares her to drive at night in the winter.
Wed 12:57 PM BBTArlie at the hotub talking about how much money he won as a gambler with Adel. NT - Dani
Wed 12:50 PM BBTThey all say Arlie needs to go - no other way around it. NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:49 PM BBTArlie tried to get a quick sec to the girls to campaign. He tells them to keep him. Jon bust in the room & joking yells at Adel - Dani
"Why did you leave him in here?"
Wed 12:49 PM BBTJons following arlie around all day so he doesnt campaign. NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:49 PM BBTNow arlie is begging allison, rach and sab to keep him and that hes going after jon. NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:45 PM BBTAdel just told allison that hes cutting JOn if gets HOH NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:41 PM BBTThey all basically told Arlie hes going home NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:41 PM BBTNow arlie is explaining exactly how he threw every comp NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:41 PM BBTArlie told them hes never tried so he looked like a weak person and no threat but he can smoke them in any comp NT - lvrofjetsnkirby
Wed 12:14 PM BBTRachelle & Sabrina by the Hottub they've come to agreement its best to get rid of Arlie. They're planning for the next HOH - Dani
their plan is to nominate Heather & Adel with the option to bd Jon.
Wed 10:40 AM BBTAlli,Rachelle,Sabrina & Jon in the main room trying to work out a f5 Deal. They seem to be going in circles. Sabrina wants - Dani
Jon to confirmed on Neda's behalf she'd gun for Heather & Adel if she wins HOH next week. Jon sorta agrees.
Wed 10:15 AM BBTJon compliments Rach, "Whoa, Ro!" Jon to Ali, "We are going to Hooters when we get out of here." - KingstonSue
Earlier: Allison, "I hope my friends and family still love me after me being such an ******* in this house."
Wed 10:12 AM BBTJon, "The camera is watching Neda in the shower. Bunch of perverts." NT - KingstonSue
Wed 10:06 AM BBT10am The girls guess Jon's weight. Jon, "Wake up Canada! It's me, Fat Jon." - KingstonSue
Talk turns to pot luck dinners and kitchen and shed parties and Newfoundlanders returning from Fort Mac.
Sabrina wants to know if it's dangerous to do waitress work in Fort McMurray. She mentions that Adel works there.
Wed 9:47 AM BBTJon, "Those chandeliers looked so good last night." He says he can't wait to see the first episode. - KingstonSue
Arlie to Jon, "No more for Delmore."
Jon, "F off."
Arlie and Allison are silent on couch while Jon does the dishes.
Wed 9:35 AM BBT9:30 HGs Take on the Day. Jon to Allison and Arlie, "I think the hammock's gone for good." - KingstonSue
Allison, "I feel like I'm dying."
Jon, "I don't feel good at all."
Earlier in main bath: Jon, "My head is pounding."
Rachelle," I'm so tired."
Sabrina, "I'm dyin'."
Heather gives Jon permission to use some of her 'Vaseline sh*t'.
Wed 3:53 AM BBTJon tells Neda goodnight. So she goes to bed. Everyone else appears to be already asleep. NT - eureca
Wed 3:52 AM BBTNeda also mentioned to Jon about season 3's jury not being sequestered so they saw Danielle's DR's and were bitter. NT - eureca
Wed 3:51 AM BBTNeda was telling Jon about Danielle Reyes playing a great game in season 3 she mentions that she is one of her favorites. NT - eureca
Wed 12:45 AM BBTSab saying at least if Arlie wins he deserves it. He at least admits he is a psychopath NT - NMC
Wed 12:37 AM BBTAllison realizing Jon/Neda were lying to her. Back to evicting Adel. NT - NickUhasFan
Tue 11:50 PM BBTHeather and Arlie in the bathroom talking. He telling her how he feels betrayed by her NT - jgevans0206
Tue 11:45 PM BBTJon and Neda still in HOH with Allison. They are trying very hard to get her to stay on their side and vote out Arlie. Mean while - jgevans0206
Sabrina and Rachelle freaking out because they are talking to Allison for a long time. They are freaking out that Allison will turn on them.
Tue 11:14 PM BBTNeda and Jon in HOH right now trying to cover up their lies to Allison. So they can get her on their side NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:58 PM BBTNeda and Jon are trying to come up with more lies to cover their butts NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:56 PM BBTNeda is in the HOH talking to Jon freaking out because their lies are catching up with them NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:32 PM BBTArlie and Adel talking about how funny it would be if Sabs got to the end.But they both think Heather and Neda will make final2 NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:29 PM BBTArlie and Adel talking by the pool. Arlie is telling Adel being on slop was his down fall and that's why he lost POV NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:28 PM BBTHeather is telling Allison that it was all Arlie's idea to backdoor her this week. But they changed Jon's mind. NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:25 PM BBTAllison,Neda,Heather had to leave hoh so Sabrina and Rachelle could talk to Jon. NT - jgevans0206
Tue 10:15 PM BBTJon,Neda,Allison, and now Heather in HOH. Heather is rehashing her conversation that she just had with Sabrina and Rachelle NT - jgevans0206

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