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Sat 4:31 PM BBTwho do I want to win veto to best keep Johnny in the house? thx NT - alanj
Sat 4:09 PM BBTJeff Highlights 4 hours! NT - 1Rita1
Sat 4:07 PM BBTAustin and Vanessa in hoh earlier today (part 4) - Lbc
v...if its you picking between me and Julia you agree to pick me. if its between me and Liz you agree to pick Liz.liz and Julia agree to pick Liz.on my side between Liz and Julia I agree to pick Julia. between you and Liz I will pick you. between you and Julia it would be you. if we agree to that as a foursome its very fair
a...I like that and its very fair it takes me off the hook
v...the four of us will know 100 percent what is going to happen. you have the best end of the deal all the way around you arealigned with the stronger twin between me and Julia you have me. you dont even have to win to get there. but that's ok that is the risk I took knowing you were falling for Liz I ...

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Sat 3:52 PM BBTAustin and Vanessa in hoh earlier today (part 3) - Lbc
v...they are going to piss you off so they might as well do two.
a...he said to me he Is on board to do this final six battle It out
v...he spent all that time with James. has he spent any time with you
a...he worked out he has been In the kitchen a little bit but he Is In the have not room, so you cant fault him
v...talking with them though and Julia heard them say oh that's what Is going on.
a...they are probably planting In his head he Is going to get cut next week.
v...Steve Is tight with you and so am I. basically If they out to him what I said to them about you hes going to realize. jmac Isnt stupid.
a...the reasons for why you tell me that Is so...

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Sat 3:09 PM BBTJeff Highlights for 3 hours! NT - 1Rita1
Sat 3:00 PM BBTAustin and Vanessa in hoh earlier today (part two) - Lbc
they are using things in the hoh room to try to strategize for the veto comp thinking it will be stay or fold counting

Vanessa counts how many holes are in the vase.
v...there are ten holes across the bottom of this vase how many holes are in the whole thing. you have 10 seconds
a...I say 200 actually 180 because you have to be under
a...you have more time out there though right
v....Iwould have guessed 130 so I would be over too
a....so multiply then just look at It and try to see
v....this Is exrtrewemely hard. Becky was good at It
v....I'm fine with whatever order Its usually a girls comp. let me do one against Liz see how she do...

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Sat 2:22 PM BBTAustin and Vanessa earlier today in hoh (part 1) - Lbc
Austin comes in to hoh
A....I feel like they have been working on jmac to use the veto
v...I know
a...they have been working hard on him
v....I wanted to pick you your the only person that could beat James at whatever he is good at. Steve
a...he didn't get picked so no point of talking about that anymore
v...did I think they were trying to put
a....no I just thought it up James and him have been like this--puts his fingers together-
v...jmac is the only one I'm worried about getting picked because he is a little bit of an x factor. I want to believe him but what if he got convinced to take James down.
v...that would really f me

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Sat 2:10 PM BBTJeff Highlights 2 hours NT - 1Rita1
Sat 12:09 PM BBTJeff Highlights ... ... NT - Scott3325
Sat 12:07 PM BBTBB tells Liz to put on her mic, turns out it's Julia & Liz has a fit that they got it wrong for like the 5th time she says. NT - serac
Sat 12:05 PM BBTVanessa has determined that Steve is lactose intolerant due to his farts. "He farts non-stop. He's a farting machine!" NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 12:02 PM BBTVanessa into bathroom and further Stay/Fold strategy is developed. Vanaustwins verify w/ Steve. Meg heads out of Have Not. NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 12:01 PM BBTVanessa and Auswtins going over strategy to win stay/fold. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 11:59 AM BBTTwins in bathroom putting make-up on very speedily on F 3/4 (no audio). On 1/2, Steve wishes James/Meg luck in Have Not. NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 11:58 AM BBTMeg tells James she'll be mad if it's the counting comp & everyone uses strategy against them. On the other feed, Austin explains - AdamAndEvel
how to use strategy against them. All of them fold except one, have an order as to which person guesses ahead of time: Vanessa then Austin then Julia then Liz.
Sat 11:56 AM BBTAll HGs begin scampering thinking it might be veto time (JMac is host). "It's game time!" announces JMac as he awakes. NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 11:55 AM BBTAll is quiet in Have Not on F 1/2. Not so in purple room on F 3/4: "Slurp! Squelch! Squish! Smack!" JMac called to DR. NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 11:49 AM BBTLots of Darth Vader-esque heaving breathing in purple room as Austin pets his pretty Liz. Meg back to bed in Have Not. NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 11:46 AM BBTAustin/Liz canoodling/kissing in purple room. Meg wanders through & tries not to look. NT - AdamAndEvel
Sat 11:34 AM BBTAustin telling Liz the strategy if it's the fold/stay comp. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 11:21 AM BBTJulia: "Meg is a user. First Jason, then Jackie and James." NT - jellyfisher
Sat 11:20 AM BBTJulia on Meg, Jason, James: "You were bullies. You were mean to people." NT - jellyfisher
Sat 11:14 AM BBTJulia says back when everyone was trying to figure out the twin twist, James bullied her because he kept asking her questions. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 11:12 AM BBTJulia: "Meg is naive and James has his tail between his legs." NT - jellyfisher
Sat 11:05 AM BBTJulia feels bad for Meg because she was is a lot of pain last night. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 10:51 AM BBTVan and Austin now planning a strategy for the counting comp. NT - WhyNotMe
Sat 10:46 AM BBTAustin went up to HOh to talk to Van, they are happy with the POV draw but mostly she is worried of James coming off block NT - WhyNotMe
Sat 10:43 AM BBTEarlier Meg told James that Austwins are such babies cuz they said they would be afraid to use veto if they won it... - WhyNotMe
Fearing that one of the other two of them would go up as replacement. James said yeah, at some point they have to go on the block
Sat 10:39 AM BBTPlaying in veto: Van / James / Meg / Austin / Liz / Julia NT - WhyNotMe
Sat 10:38 AM BBTMeg says the only think keeping her from thinking that is the lie Van told them, planting a seed that he was going after twins - WhyNotMe
He agrees, and she says that he should have talked to Austwins about that yesterday cuz now it would just look like he's saying cuz they got picked for veto.
Sat 10:36 AM BBTMeg says that she has a feeling that she going home this week. No matter who is next to her on the block. NT - WhyNotMe
Sat 10:34 AM BBTAustwins Fortress are playing in veto. (Austin, Liz & Julia, per Meg & James.) - Tigrress
Sat 10:22 AM BBTMeg to James: She (Van) is terrified of me right now. I love it. I can tell by her looking at me. NT - Scott3325
Sat 10:22 AM BBTMeg is icing her knee in the Have-Not room. NT - serac
Sat 10:18 AM BBTJames says it sucks John wont be playing in the POV NT - Tywyllwch
Sat 10:14 AM BBTJulia got picked for veto. Power outage during the night. Back to Jeff Highlights. NT - Scott3325
Sat 10:13 AM BBTFeeds return..... NT - Scott3325
Sat 9:32 AM BBTJeffish. Time to pick the Veto players NT - tofindmypassion
Sat 9:13 AM BBTVan called to DR. James says she was already called for her meds. Thinks her session will be about veto. NT - Scott3325
Sat 9:10 AM BBTJames calls John Little Red Riding Hood. (He's wearing a red hoodie.) John agrees. Says Big bad wolf ate my gramma. NT - Scott3325
Sat 9:07 AM BBTBack from Fish. Van primping in HOH BA. Steve is out of bed off cam. Meg out of DR to HN off cam. NT - Scott3325
Sat 9:00 AM BBTMeg struggles off chair. James assists her. James:"Go get 'em tiger!" Meg to DR. James back to bed. Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:58 AM BBTFish...then James called to DR. James to DR. Steve restless. Liz/Aus convo off cam. Meg called to DR. James to HN. NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:42 AM BBTBB: Julia please change your battery. "Ohhh." Julia to SR for batt & back to HN off cam. NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:39 AM BBTVan called to DR. Van in & out of DR, to HN for clothes, off cam, HOH frig for drink & snack, & back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:30 AM BBTVan in HOH dining on Cheez-Its and water for breakfast. Reading her HOH letter. Aus/Liz/Ste back to bed. Van back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:26 AM BBTSteve enters BA. Liz asks him why everything...Fish... Steve: Did it maybe happen two hours and six minutes ago? NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:24 AM BBTLiz complains that the time on the microwave is incorrect. Who would do that? Liz & Aus to BA. NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:19 AM BBTFeeds back...HN sleeping. HOH Van out of WC & wash hands, down to SR for batt. Liz & Aus to SR for batt. NT - Scott3325
Sat 8:08 AM BBTFISH??? (All HG were sleeping). NT - serac

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