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Thu 11:24 PM BBTShelby feels like Kryssie has no chance of being put up. - lnlharper
Shelby tells Jason not to worry because Cornbread has been talking to Danielle and Shane all night, and they both are already infected.
Thu 11:23 PM BBTJason is doing this game-talking in front of Scott (who is with the Monte/Shane/Cornbread crew who want to nominate Jason) NT - lnlharper
Thu 11:22 PM BBTJason talking about how he has not much of a rapport with Monte/Cornbread. Feels the same as last year. - lnlharper
"Let's get the smoking corner..." Talks about how he hasn't gotten alone time with Morgan or Alex. Jason is super nervous. His biggest regret from his season is not playing hard enough. He thinks someone has to start talking game (people have been talking game). Kryssie agrees and says she's been dying all day to talk game. Shelby agrees.
Thu 11:19 PM BBTJason feels like he would be an easy first out, and he doesn't want that to happen. NT - lnlharper
Thu 11:17 PM BBTKryssie tells Jason that everyone likes him, and he'll probably be HOH. NT - lnlharper
Thu 11:16 PM BBTMany HGs getting ready for bed (brushing teeth, etc) Jason, Shelby, Kryssie and Scott in BY. Slight game talk. NT - lnlharper
Thu 11:13 PM BBT11:07 Morgan tells Monte she doesn't want to infect Jason and have America hate her. Thinks she will infect Whitney because Whit - lnlharper
won't hold a grudge. Monte says she should do what she thinks is best for her game.
Thu 10:22 PM BBTKryssie is holding court outside, explaining things with her boyfriend. NT - ChillTownChick
Thu 10:16 PM BBTJustin says he's not terribly religious but believes in heaven and hell and thinks people can get possessed especially if they - scoobydoo
drink alot and do drugs
Thu 10:14 PM BBTJustin talking about movie Sinister and how it scared him NT - scoobydoo
Thu 10:12 PM BBTAlex says it's cool that Scott's sister is a coder. Scott says it's over his head. NT - scoobydoo
Thu 10:11 PM BBTAlex says the camera loves Jason. Alex says she favorites alot of his things on Twitter. NT - scoobydoo
Thu 10:10 PM BBTScott says his job as debt collector has given him confidence in speaking. Was working fast food before that NT - scoobydoo
Thu 10:10 PM BBT(ed: I'm out! Not sure if it will be an official announcement but HGs should be able to sleep now. Morgan has BB bug currently) NT - CassieM
Thu 10:08 PM BBT10:06pm BBT: Whitney and Monte are whispering on the hammock. They say Jason is not trustworthy. They don't trust Justin either. - CassieM
Monte thought Shelby was ok but she seems close to Kryssie. Monte is fine with Neeley and Danielle.
Thu 10:08 PM BBTAlex and Scott still feel like it's not real - them being in the house. Alex asked if this is Scott's first time applying. Scott - scoobydoo
says no - he has been applying since he was 21 but this is the first time he's ever gotten a response.
Thu 10:05 PM BBTScott does not do Twitter but goes on Reddit NT - scoobydoo
Thu 10:04 PM BBTAlex says she told her mom to not get on twitter because BB fans are intense and people might hate her. NT - CassieM
Thu 10:03 PM BBTAlex and Scott both are regular Jokers users :) NT - CassieM
Thu 9:55 PM BBTMorgan doesn't know who to give the bugs to. She thinks she's just gonna ask who doesn't want HOH and give it to them. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:52 PM BBTShelby asks Justin if he can beat box. He can! The group dances a little and then the fun dies again. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:51 PM BBTJason says next booze drop they should make jungle juice. Shelby, Scott and Morgan agree. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:51 PM BBTJason: Where is Jeff Weldon when you need him? He would be asking everyone foul, foul things NT - scoobydoo
Thu 9:50 PM BBTJason says the prank-thing is James's thing. They go back to the drawing board on what to do. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:49 PM BBTShelby tells Jason to stop the crab talk-she's ready to do a prank! Morgan is on board making things fun. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:48 PM BBTJason lays it on to Morgan: he knows Cornbread is gonna get the HOH and he will go home first. He is asking her to not give Jason - CassieM
the crabs.
Thu 9:47 PM BBTShelby says no one is giving the crabs to Cornbread. Jason thinks it will come down to him and Cornbread and CB will get it. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:45 PM BBTJason says he and Steven from BB17 text each other alot - talking game. NT - scoobydoo
Thu 9:44 PM BBTShelby is complaining about how she disliked the serious relationship convo that happened and wanted it to be funny. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:42 PM BBTJason's summation of Davonne's game: She focused too much on Frank and Tiffany and didn't realize she would be going next. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:41 PM BBTShelby joins the convo and says she'd be causing a sh** storm if it happened to her. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:41 PM BBTJason mentions while discussing the Davonne/Frank butt-slapping he was a victim of sexual abuse and felt he needed to speak on it - CassieM
on twitter.
Thu 9:35 PM BBTScott mentions how cool it is for live feeders to see feeds from day one and not day six or nine. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:33 PM BBTJason says he's getting more and more nervous during the HOH comp. He says he's nervous about wanting the first HOH the closer - CassieM
he gets to getting it. Jason says he's a little worried about it coming down to him and Cornbread, since they haven't connected yet. Jason thinks he's too low-brow and ratchet for this group.
Thu 9:30 PM BBTJason said it was easy to rag on people during his original season but not with this group. Jason said he ragged - scoobydoo
on Clay and Shelli

Scott said he liked Amanda and Jason said he loved her. Liked seeing a strong aggressive woman. Jason met her once and she was really nice.
Thu 9:30 PM BBTScott is a fan of Amanda, and so is Jason. They both appreciated her being an aggressive female player. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:29 PM BBTJason says he's only done RHAP once and it was a mess and they'll prob never call him again NT - scoobydoo
Thu 9:28 PM BBTJason and Scott are talking about BB15 HGs. Jason says he's hung out with McCrae an Spencer a lot. They shout out RHAP-it is clear - CassieM
Scott is a fan.
Thu 9:26 PM BBTJason and Scott are chatting while smoking cigarettes. Scott says he started smoking cigarettes to stop smoking "other things." NT - CassieM
Thu 9:24 PM BBTMost HGs are just trying to stay awake until 10pm bedtime. Shelby looks visibly tired-bags under eyes. Alex off to the DR. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:19 PM BBTA trend is appearing: HGs have a group convo while Justin does his own thing. Current Justin project: stacking the pool floaties. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:13 PM BBTJustin and Kryssie are making get-to-know-you talk over Kryssie's heavy lifting hobby. NT - CassieM
Thu 9:03 PM BBTShane and Alex both admit being very happy right now about their position in the game in the storage room. NT - CassieM
Thu 8:59 PM BBTKryssie, Danielle and Monte are lifting-Monte is spotting primarily for the girls. Everyone else by the Jacuzzi. NT - CassieM
Thu 8:46 PM BBTShane says he doesn't like Kryssie and wants her out first over Neeley. Whitney agrees and says she's a loose cannon. NT - CassieM
Thu 8:41 PM BBTShane says these people are too busy doing their little circle jerk and not playing the game but they (Shane, CB,Monte,Scott) - CassieM
did good.
Thu 8:40 PM BBTShane says somewhat urgently they need to shut their mouths now they have things figured it out. NT - CassieM
Thu 8:37 PM BBTShane and Cornbread are chatting over the chess table. Cornbread expresses concerns about Shelby. Shane says quickly it doesn't - CassieM
matter, they got the votes.
Thu 8:36 PM BBTMonte talks strategy with Scott about how its good their aren't in the running. NT - Thunderclap
Thu 8:34 PM BBTMonte tells Scott he's safe if he's HOH NT - MaddyP

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