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Sat 9:46 PM BBTPart One: Detailed Convo's about "Zaulie" Z talks to James and Michelle about Paulie..... - navywife09
Friday-11:00PM CAM 3/4- James and Zakiyah convo about Paulie

Z: he don't like me
James: you don't know that
Z: I don't think he does.. I think he just tolerates me.. I think.. I do his hair..and I'm a nice body to lay next to
James: ohhh noo don't say that
Z: I'm starting to feel that way..he doesn't try to get to know me.. when u hang out with Natalie do u ask her questions n stuff like that? like.
James: Ohh all the time. Im like all up In her *****
Z: why don't .. somebody needs to tell Paulie that.
James: (laughs)-I mean I can have a guy talk with him
Z: yeah be like yea be like how do u feel about Zakiyah or whatever

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Sat 9:46 PM BBTVeto has hit the hour mark. NT - CassieM
Sat 8:40 PM BBTFeed Highlights. Veto Time NT - Mammura
Sat 8:34 PM BBTNatalie hosting veto NT - Mammura
Sat 8:33 PM BBTNatalie is called to the DR. Everyone cheers (they've been DYING for the veto comp) NT - CassieM
Sat 8:31 PM BBTFrank and Bridgette dogging James, calling him a sissy. Just general trash talk of everyone remaining in the house. NT - CassieM
Sat 8:25 PM BBTFrank says all James can win is endurance comps. NT - bb713
Sat 8:25 PM BBTFrank said he "went at" James in the DR. NT - CassieM
Sat 8:24 PM BBTBridgette: Hopefully it is a mental challenge because they're all f***ing idiots. I hate everybody. NT - CassieM
Sat 8:24 PM BBTFrank says if they win even though they dont want to, they have to be humble ALL week! NT - bb713
Sat 8:23 PM BBTBridgette: Go f*** yourself. Win an HOH b****! (referring to Mich) NT - CassieM
Sat 8:23 PM BBTFrank talking about Michelle saying earlier that she is getting a "Big Meech edit" Frank says "Its not a edit its a segment - bb713
fu*kin mook! They have to give you an edit because no one knows who the f*ck you are!"
Sat 8:22 PM BBTFrank says some harsh things about no one knowing who Mich is. Talk turns to mocking her for wanting to win a veto. NT - CassieM
Sat 8:21 PM BBTBridgette/Frank talking about hoping they win comp and get a power this week. NT - CassieM
Sat 8:21 PM BBTFrank: How great would it be if we win and everybody else in the house... FISH NT - bb713
Sat 8:20 PM BBTFrank thinks if Victor goes up on block he would go home, but DaVonne is who they want out. Frank says he's getting pi**ed at - CassieM
production which causes fish.
Sat 8:20 PM BBTFrank just said he is getting pissed at production. FISH NT - bb713
Sat 8:16 PM BBTPaul is talking about calling Frank a 'b****' in response to Frank saying he wouldn't shave his head. Frank said to Paul "too - CassieM
far bro."
Sat 8:15 PM BBTFrank said in DR session he'd rather go home this week than in a couple of weeks (ed: people have suspected Frank doesn't mind - CassieM
if he goes home/is ready to go home)
Sat 8:13 PM BBTBridge and Frank now in Safari Room. Frank cannot sit still wants to 'get the show on the road'. He seems visibly on edge. NT - bb713
Sat 8:11 PM BBTMich commenting about Paulie/Zakiyah doing something last night that made her laugh but didn't know what it was. Mich is drinking - CassieM
two teas to stay awake.
Sat 8:05 PM BBTCorey and Nicole snuggle into bed together while Bridgette wraps her ankle while Frank chills on his bed. NT - CassieM
Sat 7:47 PM BBTZakiyah/DaVonne/Paul commenting on how the day has been weird due to the late HOH throwing schedules off. Paul begins to talk - CassieM
about his modeling/how he was once with an agency but quit to make more money freelancing.
Sat 7:43 PM BBTZakiyah/DaVonne/Paul talking about bars vs. clubs. DaVonne says she's a homebody, but occasionally goes downtown. Zakiyah talking - CassieM
about Charlotte. She's telling Paul his business would do well in Charlotte.
Sat 7:36 PM BBTVictor made a pizza. HGs gathering around to eat. Corey is talking about once seeing an all-out brawl at the bar he works/worked - CassieM
Sat 7:31 PM BBTFrank telling Mich to not win this veto. "I wanna win something!" He says not this one. Bridgette: Can't you win one when you're - CassieM
on the block?
Sat 7:31 PM BBTMich asks if Bridgette would eat meat in a POV. She shakes her head no. Mich/Frank/Bridgette actually all talking amicably. NT - CassieM
Sat 7:25 PM BBTPaul telling his stories to a group of HGs that look bored out of their minds. Paul now chatting about his rings and one in - CassieM
particular he and his friends who promote a friend/jeweler's business. Paul says he never takes his rings off or leaves without them.
Sat 7:19 PM BBTJames/Natalie were just talking. They suspect that Nicole/Bridgette may be working together. James says he may throw a curveball & nom Nicole NT - jaguar3
Sat 7:19 PM BBTFrank/Bridgette sitting alone at the kitchen table, silent. Frank says "what the f***!" The noise in the BY is loud. They think - CassieM
the comp is being tested right now.
Sat 6:40 PM BBTPaul telling his bandmates that he hopes they're releasing their music right now NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:38 PM BBTPaulie says Derrick was working on a show for ID Discovery. Wishes good luck to D-Rock. Cody's movie will be out soon. NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:36 PM BBTPaulie thinks Zach was trying to get into acting NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:35 PM BBTPaul asks what Zach (BB16) is up to. Paulie says he doesn't really know but hangs out more with Zach's friends Logan and AJ NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:28 PM BBTPaulie says there was a strange guy who looked up everyone's facebook during Cody's season and even looked up his girlfriend at - scoobydoo
the time. He tried to friend everyone in Cody's circle.
Sat 6:27 PM BBTPaulie saying there was one person who would tweet him, his parents, etc to ask Cody to turn on his location because he wanted to - scoobydoo
fight him
Sat 6:25 PM BBTPaulie says everyone will have their haters and fans. Paul says he's more excited about the haters NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:24 PM BBTPaul asking what BB fans are like. NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:24 PM BBTPaulie says he likes Victoria from BB16. SAys she's completely different in person than how she was portrayed NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:22 PM BBTPaulie mentions that Paul was sleeptalking and saying "I will f*cking kill you all" NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:21 PM BBTCorey talking about his sleepwalking incidents in the BB house NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:17 PM BBTPaulie/Paul/Corey/Victor talking about partying after BB. Paul says he can hook everyone up with his barber NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:15 PM BBTPaulie talking about AFter-Party during Cody's season. Mentions Lance Bass was there and he's a huge BB fan. NT - scoobydoo
Sat 6:09 PM BBT6:03 PM James to Natalie:I'm starting to get all the feeling back in my hand.(After HOH comp) N:Good good good good! I'm very happy for you! NT - Scott3325
Sat 5:55 PM BBTJames telling Natalie about his previous season of BB. Natalie asks if anyone had been on another reality show. J: Jeff & Jackie. NT - Scott3325
Sat 5:52 PM BBTVic/Paul/Paulie tell stories abt their lives. Victor refers to some1 as a "*****". Paul subtley tries to advise against "R" word NT - BBTalking
Sat 5:49 PM BBTIn HOH, Natalie wonders if the fish get bored? NT - Singaling
Sat 5:36 PM BBTPaul now telling a story of his mom keying "a**hole" into a dude's car when Paul was a kid. NT - CassieM
Sat 5:30 PM BBTThe trio of boys move into the safari room with their coffees. Paul is still telling stories. They make quite the trio (Victor in - CassieM
his bunny beanie, Paulie in his headband and Paul wildly gesturing telling his story).
Sat 5:27 PM BBTFrank telling a story about how he had braces in college, and jaw surgery where jaw was wired shut for six weeks. NT - CassieM

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