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Thu 3:43 AM BBT3:37 AM Jason to BY & says good night to Scott. - Scott3325
Jason says he'll leave the lantern by the door. Scott says he'll be going to bed in about 15 minutes. Jason to BA & brushes his teeth. Scott walking in BY and says "How do I keep Alex safe?" "So there's nine - minus one" "It's all going to depend on the care package."
Jason to HN, prepares bed, & eventually turns off lights & climbs in.
Scott continues walking in BY and talks about upcoming week.
3:46 AM Just after Jason gets into bed in HN, Scott enters and asks if he can turn on the lights, which he does after Jason gives his OK. Scott prepares for bed, makes bed, turns off lights, & eventually climbs into bed at 3:50 AM.
3:49 AM House lights go off.
Thu 3:08 AM BBT2:00am Cam 3 - Alex: I know Neeley was kind of your greatest ally. Her leaving was good for my game, but not yours. NT - TwoMinutesHate
Thu 3:07 AM BBT 2:00am, Cam 3 - Morgan + Alex. Morgan: It sucks that everyone else has someone on the other side, and Neeley was mine. NT - TwoMinutesHate
Thu 2:38 AM BBTKryssie talking about her CD and the fact they don't have management. NT - starlet
Thu 2:37 AM BBTDani telling Shane to go download this Frank Ocean Cd, Jason says yeah y'all going to be having sex to it. Dani doesn't deny. NT - starlet
Thu 2:22 AM BBTJustin, Jason and Dani are listening to her Frank Ocean Cd. Kryssie isn't familiar with it. NT - starlet
Thu 2:21 AM BBTJason says they put new satin sheets on Dani's HOH bed, Dani says Shane is coming back for a suprise. NT - starlet
Thu 2:00 AM BBTMorg tells Alex that Scott said he will do anything to keep Alex safe. Alex says that makes her feel weird & also a bigger target NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:58 AM BBTAlex is convinced that Danielle will put Alex OTB. Morgan thinks Morgan is the target. NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:57 AM BBTAlex wonders to Morgan if this will finally be the week they put up the Willet sisters. Morgan says hell no. NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:54 AM BBTScott says he learned from Jason that he's not the target wh/ is bad bc Scott wants control over the veto & wants to keep Alex safe NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:54 AM BBTScott alone in the BY sings: I'm still here & people are scared. BB: Please stop singing! NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:51 AM BBTJason & Scott in the BY talking about past BBs. NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:49 AM BBTJustin tells Kryss to not beat herself up bc Neeley went home on her HOH. Kryss says shes afraid she will beat some of these ppl up NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:36 AM BBTDanielle said to Kryss & Justn that Scott & Alex arent going OTB. Then she said she doesnt know what shes going to do. NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:24 AM BBTKryssie tells Dani that its ok, she & Shane will have time to break barriers after. Dani says Shane is so dreamy. NT - starlet
Thu 1:23 AM BBTDani says "Shane I wish you were here to share this HOH bed w/me but I'm kinda glad your not because I might lose self control" NT - starlet
Thu 1:20 AM BBTJason wishes Scott the best & everything in this game. Says he hopes it doesnt go the terrible petty route. Scott agrees. NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:17 AM BBTScott & Jason in the BY. Scott says maybe he broke the stereotype bc he is not good at mental & his strategy week 1 was bad NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:15 AM BBT(1249) Jason says they are painting them in episodes as petty & the other side as fun BB: Stop using production as your strategy! NT - Tigrress
Thu 1:07 AM BBTScott still defending that he wasn't clapping at Krissey's injury to Jason NT - Spygirls
Thu 1:06 AM BBTThe BS girls talk about how good Neeley looked tonight. Shelby says that she likes Neeley's natural hair NT - Spygirls
Thu 1:05 AM BBTDanielle is planning on nominating Whitney and Morgan NT - Spygirls
Thu 1:04 AM BBTJason walks into the Tokyo room to grab his jacket. The girls say hi to him, he walks out without responding. Alex says - Spygirls
Alex says I guess his attempt to act nice lasted like 5 minutes
Thu 12:56 AM BBTShelby tells camera the real reason she cried is because Nov. 18 is when she gets bar results and after the HOH comp she felt just - jellyfisher
like she did at the bar exam, like an idiot.
Thu 12:36 AM BBTDanielle goes downstairs to get her " Shane " pillows to bring up to the HOH room. NT - starlet
Thu 12:35 AM BBTDanielle starts crying reading her HOH letter and says she misses her son. NT - starlet
Thu 12:27 AM BBT12:11 Ballsmashers are upset that Scott got compared to a sexual abuser & someone who's violent. They say that stuff shouldnt be - Spygirls
part of the game
Thu 12:25 AM BBT12:11 Ales says that production told everyone before the season started to not be like BB15 NT - Spygirls
Thu 12:18 AM BBTDanielle exits the DR & calls the housepets to see her HOH room. NT - Tigrress
Thu 12:17 AM BBTScott tells plastics he heard Kryss go to Bthrm & thought it was before she started, says he was getting himself hyped up & also - Tigrress
to get get her razzled.
Thu 12:14 AM BBTJason says to Krys hearing prod say "oh no Whitney" is usually what twitter is thinking. BB: You are not allowed to talk abt prod. NT - Tigrress
Thu 12:03 AM BBTShelby/Scott/Alex then get into a very excited Pokémon discussion. Morgan doesn't understand what theyre talking about NT - naomii
Wed 11:58 PM BBTthe bs'ers say the game is being controlled by America. Whitney says we're like the sims and America just clicks on us NT - naomii
Wed 11:26 PM BBTScott saying when Neeley left he was absolutely mad manning it, he's going to let Dani have her night it she has it coming NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:26 PM BBTJustin is grateful for his parents because they have always supported him. He is almost crying. NT - scoobydoo
Wed 11:24 PM BBTKryssie says she got death threats after the viral video so she's used to it NT - scoobydoo
Wed 11:24 PM BBTJason: I make fun of people. People make fun of me. NT - scoobydoo
Wed 11:23 PM BBTJustin and Jason say they welcome people ragging on them. Jason says you have to laugh at yourself. NT - scoobydoo
Wed 11:23 PM BBTJustin and Jason saying they don't care if ppl make fun of him and try don't take things to serious.. NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:22 PM BBTKrys/Jason/Justin wondering why Neeley was America's eviction vote. Jason says sometimes the public gets tired of petty comments - scoobydoo
when they go too far so thinks they might all be in trouble. Justin wondering if he's ever talked trash
Wed 11:22 PM BBTJason, Neeley, Krys wondering what made Am. Dislike Neeley this week. Justin doesn't think he's said anything to bad NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:22 PM BBTJason suggests to Kryss/Justin Neeley might have gotten evicted bc of the petty comments. Says Am. doesnt like that they may have taken too far & are - Tigrress
in trouble.
Wed 11:21 PM BBTJustin hoping Am. Is in his favor this week. NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:20 PM BBTJustin saying he playing this game and he has it going on.. He's got his "riders" and his gift of gab NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:19 PM BBTJustin talking about Neeley leaving, and how his last three are Kry, Justin and Jason and that's all he cares about NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:18 PM BBTJustin in BR saying when he gets down he just goes to sleep. He can't be around ppl NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:16 PM BBTMorgan telling a story about a guy peeing on her feet and her getting angry with his girlfriend bc they were new open toes shoes NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:15 PM BBTMorgan said the coach was really mad but they thought it was really funny NT - JamieILiv4bb
Wed 11:14 PM BBTMorgan talking about doing Pyramids at football games and a time when she got distracted as a spotter, and she let a girl fall NT - JamieILiv4bb

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