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Tue 10:24 AM PTThere is some guy mopping on the live feeds graphic/video...the bottom section is video NT - M3gabyt3
Mon 11:18 AM PT11:16 AM The Sixteenth and Final Houseguest is Chris "Swaggy C" Williams, 23, Bridgeport, CT, Day Trader. NT - Scott3325
Mon 11:09 AM PT11:07 AM Houseguest No. 15 is JC Monduix, 28, West Hollywood, CA, Professional dancer. NT - Scott3325
Mon 10:59 AM PT10:57 AM Houseguest No. 14 is Rachel Swindler, 29, Las Vegas, NV, Vegas entertainer. NT - Scott3325
Mon 10:40 AM PT10:38 AM Houseguest No. 13 is Kaitlyn Herman, 24, Encino, CA, Life coach. NT - Scott3325
Mon 10:29 AM PT10:27 AM The Twelfth Houseguest is Winston Hines, 28, Bowling Green, KY, Medical sales rep. NT - Scott3325
Mon 10:19 AM PT10:16 AM Houseguest No. 11 is Steve Arienta, 40, Wanaque, NJ, Former undercover cop, College professor. NT - Scott3325
Mon 10:01 AM PT9:58 AM Houseguest No. 10 is Scottie Salton, 26, Chicago, IL, Shipping manager. NT - Scott3325
Mon 9:50 AM PT9:48 AM Houseguest No. 9 is Angie "Rockstar" Lantry, 34, Columbia, MD, Stay-at-home mom. NT - Scott3325
Mon 9:39 AM PT8:39 AM CORRECTION Houseguest No. 4 is Faysal Shafaat, 26, Orlando, FL, Substitute teacher. NT - Scott3325
Mon 9:32 AM PT9:30 AM At the halfway point, the Eighth Houseguest is Kaycee Clark, 30, Tempe, AZ, Pro-football player. NT - Scott3325
Mon 9:13 AM PT9:10 AM Houseguest No. 7 is Brett Robinson, 25, Charlestown, MA, Cybersecurity engineer. NT - Scott3325
Mon 9:03 AM PT9:01 AM Houseguest No.6 is Sam Bledsoe (female), 27, Stuarts Draft, VA, Welder. NT - Scott3325
Mon 8:58 AM PT8:52 AM Houseguest No. 5 is Haleigh Broucher, 21, College Station, TX, College student. NT - Scott3325
Mon 8:28 AM PT8:26 AM Third Houseguest is Angela Rummans, 26, Playa Vista, CA, Fitness model. NT - Scott3325
Mon 8:19 AM PT8:16 AM Second Houseguest is Bayleigh Dayton, 25, Atlanta, GA, Flight Attendant. Ross commences interview. NT - Scott3325
Mon 8:05 AM PT8:03 AM Ross Matthews greets us from the Diary Room. First Houseguest is Tyler Crispen, 23, Hilton Head, SC, Lifeguard. NT - Scott3325
Mon 8:04 AM PTRoss will be doing the interviews... NT - M3gabyt3
Mon 7:52 AM PT7:50 AM Live Feeds change to: Meet the Houseguests First! / Watch interviews with this season's cast / LIVE at 11am ET/8am PT NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:24 AM PTAPSR, NT and other acronyms used by Joker's Updaters... - ForumAdmin
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BBT - Big Brother Time (Pacific Timezone).

The House

APSR - Short for what HGs call the "Austin Powers Sex Room"
RBR - Rose/Red Bedroom
GBR - Green/Money Bedroom
HOH - Head of Household Room
HNR - Have Not Room
HN - Have Not Room
BR - Bedroom
KT - Kitchen
BY - Backyard
HT - HotTub
DR - Diary Room
LR - Living Room
SR - Storage Room
BA - Bathroom Area
WC - Wa...

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Fri 11:54 PM PTYou have reached the end of the BB Updates forum. Older updates can be found in our archives... - ForumAdmin
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Thu 4:23 PM PTHot Tips for Live Feeders, Guidelines, and Update Archives - Jokerette
You guys are =the= best updaters on the web, and we all love you for it. Jokers is known for it's updaters world wide. I would ask only that you cut way back on personal comments.

In addition, please try to be unbiased... not everyone hates Natalie, for example! Simply don't add your own narrative, and all will be well. Make sure you know the facts.... your updates shouldn't contain the phrase "I think.".

Update what you see: don't 'fill in the blanks' lol! Don't put Nat and Jessie were talking in the BR NT (Please tell us WHAT they were talking about.) Also, if you just have a few words in the title... and a few inside... put them together in the title and use NT...

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