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Wed 3:09 PM BBTEveryone awake save for Frankie & Caleb. All gathered in kitchen talking jobs & most embarrassing moments. On indoor lockdown. NT - AdamAndEvel
Wed 3:02 PM BBTHayden to Victoria in bee room. Saying Brit told him she wanted Victoria & Zach out. "Obviously I'm voting her out." - AdamAndEvel
Victoria wonders why she's saying that.

"She's dumb," Hayden replies. "She doesn't know how to play. Just don't worry about it."
Wed 2:56 PM BBTBrit to Nicole in BR: "I don't even want to talk game to me, because I feel like no one wants to hear it, and I don't want to - AdamAndEvel
talk about it either."

Then proceeds to talk game. "I just don't know what to offer, and I'm not going to lie and promise something that I'm not going to do. I feel like I'm OK as long as people speak up about how they're voting."

Nicole just mm-hmming.
Wed 2:41 PM BBTCody/Christine in BR NT - utsajennifer
Wed 2:29 PM BBTDer called to DR NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:22 PM BBTJocasta called to DR NT - utsajennifer
Wed 2:18 PM BBTJa & Donny doing their 2 o'clock walk. Hayden in BR. NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:10 PM BBTVic called to DR NT - Scott3325
Wed 1:52 PM BBTAmber/Jocasta/Donny talking about Victoria not wanting to talk to them in BR. Victoria walks in. Amber leaves. NT - utsajennifer
Wed 1:15 PM BBTAmber/Jocasta/Donny doing a smell test in the Kitchen NT - utsajennifer
Wed 12:27 PM BBTBrit in HOH room telling Cody & Zach to wake up. NT - Scott3325
Wed 12:16 PM BBTCaleb making food. Amber Jacosta Britney and Donny are sitting in living room. Everyone else asleep NT - momof3boys
Wed 12:02 PM BBTBrittany/Donny/Jocasta in the LR pretending to watch Big Brother on TV NT - Kayla08
Wed 11:55 AM BBTCaleb tells Frankie about the pickle-in-banana plan. Frankie: "Wooooww. So you're a pickle? If you do that, I wanna be there!" NT - AdamAndEvel
Wed 11:55 AM BBTNow Caleb is telling Frankie about the elaborate pickle-in-a-banana plan. Frankie says he wants to be there when he does it. NT - Kayla08
Wed 11:52 AM BBTBB announces an indoor lockdown NT - Kayla08
Wed 11:51 AM BBTCaleb says he's going to take a banana peel, wrap a pickle in it and give it to Amber. She hates bananas, but loves pickles! - Kayla08
And says "You can not judge a book by its cover"
Wed 11:50 AM BBTTalk turns to pickles and bananas. Caleb regales Brit with an extensive autobiographical expose of his history with pickles. - AdamAndEvel
Caleb talks about Amber always saying, "You're crazy! You're nuts!"

Caleb's going to put a pickle inside a banana peel for her, simply because you can't judge a book by its cover.

"Give the banana a chance. Peel it. See what's inside."
Wed 11:45 AM BBTCaleb: The best part was the beginning. We (he and Amber) just walked out and she was not expecting it. NT - Kayla08
Wed 11:44 AM BBTFrankie heads off. Brit: "Your date was so cute, Caleb." Caleb: "I know. It was awesome. Did you ask her about it?" Brit says - AdamAndEvel
no, Amber was talking with Jocasta for a long time.
Wed 11:44 AM BBTBrittany: Your date was so cute, Caleb. Caleb: I know. It was awesome. It was perfect. - Kayla08
Until the end when we started talking game, even though we said that we wouldn't
Wed 11:41 AM BBTCaleb comes over to Frankie/Brit. Frankie: "Oh my god, look at this vision of gorgeousness. Caleb, you are by far the hottest guy - AdamAndEvel
in the house. When I get out of here, I need to go to a Daddy Bar and pick me up a Caleb."
Wed 11:39 AM BBTBrittany: The only person I want out is Victoria. We're all sacrificing & trying really hard & its like a fashion show for her NT - Kayla08
Wed 11:37 AM BBTDonny joins Chris/Nic on couches, breaks up game talk. Frankie and Brit talking about the veto comp/Zach. - AdamAndEvel
Brit tells Frankie that Victoria would be her target next week if she won HOH. It'd be the easiest week ever. Frankie wonders what if she won veto. "Like, what if it's a strawberry counting competition?"

Brit going with her usual pitch of Victoria not deserving to be here, not fighting, it's a fashion show etc.
Wed 11:33 AM BBTChristine: "There's only 2 people I'm terrified of winning: Donny and Jocasta." They think it'd be funny if Victoria won. - AdamAndEvel
Nicole said she'd put up Donny again, even though she hated to do it the first time.

Nicole: "We might be sitting pretty decent this week. Think about it: we can't even think of 4 people to put on the block. But then again, you never freakin' know."
Wed 11:30 AM BBTNicole/Christine on BY couches now. Talking about how Amber hates Zach, but neither of them would put him up. - AdamAndEvel
Christine wants to be HOH because she doesn't want to be one of the options for the pawns. Nicole wants to win but she doesn't want to have to put 2 people up. She wouldn't put up Cody, Hayden, Frankie, Zach.

Christine said maybe convince Zach to be a pawn, because he already volunteered. Nicole says OK then maybe.

Brit on loungers near pool campaigning to Frankie. Talking how people "scatter like cockroaches" away from her now.
Wed 11:26 AM BBTChristine tells Nicole that getting rid of Amber or Caleb isn't good for her game now and she'd rather target Donny. NT - HumblePie
Wed 11:23 AM BBTFrankie talking about family/friends with Brittany in the BY. Christine went on to tell Nicole that she'd rather get Donny out - AdamAndEvel
than Caleb and Amber at this point.
Wed 11:20 AM BBTChristine & Nicole laughing about Donny in kitchen. Nicole: "He likes to walk with you." Christine: "He's keeping his enemies - AdamAndEvel
closer." They laugh about how he knows what to say to which people now. Nicole says, "He told me he's just keeping his mouth shut."
Wed 11:14 AM BBTBB asking HGs to retrieve their activity trackers from the SR NT - Kayla08
Wed 11:07 AM BBTFish NT - momof3boys
Wed 11:04 AM BBTChristine & Donny in hammock. Chris: "Have you heard the rumors?" Donny: "Well I saw Brittany come down from upstairs this - AdamAndEvel
morning. But what are the rumors?"
Christine: "Well apparently me and Nicole are the deciding votes." She laughs, and assures him he is safe.

Donny says he'll pack regardless. Either he'll be hanging out with Christine or Kristine (his girlfriend) next week. You have to have a positive outlook on things.

Donny: "Y'all are the deciding votes, huh? I better kiss up to Nicole today, fix her a bowl of Fruit Loops."
Wed 10:54 AM BBTFrankie, britney and Amber laying in the sun. Christine on hammock. Donny working out and Nicole getting ready in the bathroom. NT - momof3boys
Wed 10:45 AM BBTFrankie asking some of the other HGs if they ever saw the show Victorious and is talking about it NT - Kayla08
Wed 10:38 AM BBTNicole & Victoria in BR discussing last night's drunken antics. Nicole says she was embarrassed at her discussion of abbreviations - AdamAndEvel
with Hayden last night. Victoria tells her that's not embarrassing. "I kissed a gay guy on camera, that's embarrassing. My mom's gonna freak," she concludes.
Wed 10:23 AM BBTBrit giving some of her makeup to Amber "in case I go" NT - Scott3325
Wed 10:20 AM BBTAmber to Donny: That was my first and last date in the BB house. I would have felt awful if I said no! NT - Kayla08
Wed 10:12 AM BBTBB calls for HGs to turn in their activity bracelets NT - Kayla08
Wed 10:11 AM BBTNic looking for her hat NT - Scott3325
Wed 10:03 AM BBTThe girls and Frankie are brushing their teeth. Donny is washing dishes NT - momof3boys
Wed 9:53 AM BBTFish - wake up??? NT - Scott3325
Wed 9:47 AM BBTDonny to DR NT - Scott3325
Wed 9:44 AM BBTDonny in BR. All other visible HGs in bed. NT - Scott3325
Wed 9:41 AM BBTDonny up and then Fish... NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:17 AM BBTChristine to BR and back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:29 AM BBTDerrick and Victoria head in to the house. He pees, she picks a pimple. He says goodnight. She continues to fuss in the bathroom NT - silverscreamgrl
Wed 4:29 AM BBTDerrick drills Victoria about Frankie. Is he a good kisser? She won't answer, then finally, after saying they were fast kisses, - silverscreamgrl
admits he is a good kisser. He ribs her about Frankie then kissing Brittany - she says, "at least he kissed me first." He then ribs her again and says, "and after he kissed her too." She says, "true, that's disgusting."
Wed 4:27 AM BBTVictoria says that she realizes Derrick is a good guy and everyone comes to - silverscreamgrl
him with their problems and trusts him and worries that him and he is a "player". He is trying to talk around her and say he is only being himself and he is down with that. He says the only person he knows and trusts in there is her. That Cody is not his best friend, Zach is. Hayden too. He has no ally, except for her.
Wed 4:21 AM BBTVictoria telling Derrick that he reminds her of Dan. Derrick is trying to downplay his game to Victoria. NT - eureca
Wed 4:17 AM BBTDerrick: "I'm only doing game moves when necessary." NT - silverscreamgrl

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