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Thu 11:55 AM BBTJeff Highlights for over 1 hour, (most likely for most of day?) NT - serac
Thu 10:41 AM BBTJeff Highlights now. NT - serac
Thu 10:40 AM BBTClay and Shelli take bed. Johnny Mac on couch. HOH Lockdown. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:37 AM BBTFish... Mention of Vanessa being from Vegas... FISH.. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:36 AM BBTFISH because Shelli exposed Production for special treatment for Audrey last week NT - Pecker
Thu 10:35 AM BBTSecond Bedroom is not going to be open this week. It was open last week for Audrey. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:34 AM BBTSteve wants no spice on his food. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:34 AM BBTClay discussing what he's going to make tonight when he's not a HN. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:33 AM BBTClay almost says Ooh as discussed last night. Liz sings the Wackstreet Boys. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:33 AM BBTClay is excited about not laying in the dental room tonight. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:32 AM BBTSteve wants a spot on the ground in the HOH room so people don't crowd around him. NT - HumanFrailty
Thu 10:26 AM BBTShello, Clay, Vanessa JM, Liz all eating in the KT NT - Stacey75
Thu 10:25 AM BBTJames is in the shower blowing snot rockets. NT - Stacey75
Thu 10:18 AM BBTHG are starting to get up. NT - serac
Thu 10:03 AM BBTFish . . . NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:15 AM BBTAustin back to bed. NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:25 AM BBTWith Liz facing away, on her side of the bed and burritoed in blankets ... Austin able to retrieve enough blanket to halfway cover up. NT - Buffering
Thu 9:13 AM BBTAustin to WC.... NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:19 AM BBTDid not wash hands, but did fix his hair at wc mirror. NT - Buffering
Thu 9:13 AM BBTAustin up,coughing. To the bathroom NT - Stacey75
Thu 8:46 AM BBTJames is restless NT - Stacey75
Thu 7:32 AM BBTClay is up & to the BR, then he goes back to bed, everybody else still sleeping. NT - serac
Thu 6:56 AM BBTAll HG are sleeping, very little restlessness now. NT - serac
Thu 5:20 AM BBTSteve wide awake. Gets up, arranges bedding, paces around HN, gets back into bed. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:04 AM BBTSteve told Van: Outside the house my entire social life and interactions with people is online. Feeds, BB blogs, BB sites. NT - PowerofVito
Thu 5:04 AM BBTSteve continues his snorting and his moving around. NT - Scott3325
Thu 4:50 AM BBTSteve still restless. Appears to be fully awake. All other visible HGs quiet. NT - Scott3325
Thu 4:46 AM BBTSteve restless in HN. NT - Scott3325
Thu 4:31 AM BBTVisible HGs quiet in bed... NT - Scott3325
Thu 4:30 AM BBTSteve to bed in HN and then immediately up to go get another pillow. House lights go off. NT - Scott3325
Thu 4:23 AM BBTSteve enters HN room after shower, reports in his last ~hour of activity, Clay\Shelli tell him like love being hn with him. They - KnightHawk
start talking about possible hoh competitions
Thu 4:19 AM BBTShelli\Clay briefly discuss BB as a game and how twisted it is, they both laugh and Clay says he thinks they're gonna win. NT - KnightHawk
Thu 4:11 AM BBTS\C goto bathroom and settle in for the night, Steve comes down from hoh, takes shower. NT - KnightHawk
Thu 4:10 AM BBT3-4am Steve and Van chat strategy and F2 in hoh while S\C chat in have not room about similar and then lovely dove talk. - KnightHawk
They discuss S\C and what they are up too.
Van lets Steve know that John leaked their f2 to S\C.
Steve mostly denied that he made the final two with john, says they made agreement just to lookout for each other, van pretends not to care too much other then to let him know john is passing on info to S\C and to be very careful what he's telling john if he doesn't want it getting back to S\C. (Ed. Van doesn't really buy steve's denial about f2 not sure she cares though)
They talks a more strategy and BB and about Steve's social game and stuff, the above was the real take away as well as Vanessa laying out to steve S\C's game (ed. which she has pegged to a tee).
Thu 3:11 AM BBTWishes them the best of luck and hopes they are the first showmance to get to the F2. Says to Clay he might vote for her chick if - Dolffie
they got there. Jason leaves.
Thu 3:10 AM BBTShelli asks about Steve. Austin needs Steve this week to get Jason out. Jason is getting better with Steve. NT - Dolffie
Thu 3:06 AM BBTJason leaving for them to ponder and think. He would like to know what they are going to do. He hopes they consider it. NT - Dolffie
Thu 3:06 AM BBTVanessa is telling Steve alone now he needs to win HOH too prove himself to the alliance NT - Tywyllwch
Thu 3:05 AM BBTHis wet dream final is him, Clelli, Vanessa and Meg. NT - Dolffie
Thu 3:04 AM BBTIn the long run Becky will be a wall they have to go thru. He has never done anything to them, never taken a shot at them. NT - Dolffie
Thu 3:03 AM BBTHOH crew talking about hair and roots so yeah switching to other cam NT - Tywyllwch
Thu 3:02 AM BBTArgues leaving a physical pair of Becky/JM over him is dumb. His BB knowledge can be really helpful. NT - Dolffie
Thu 3:00 AM BBTSteve is trying to convince HOH crew he is not throwing Hohs comp, but he is pausing and V and all are jokingly calling him out NT - Tywyllwch
Thu 3:00 AM BBTJason would be loyal to a F4, F5, whatever they want. He will go down with their ship (like he did with Day). NT - Dolffie
Thu 2:59 AM BBTAudrey made Jason's noms that first week. He doesn't know what he is doing. He will come to them for the answers. NT - Dolffie
Thu 2:58 AM BBTAustin wants to continue to win HOH and make Meg a have not for a next week 3 weeks so she is practically dead by the end NT - Tywyllwch
Thu 2:57 AM BBTAustin and HOH crew said if they pick have nots they will pick Jacke, James and Meg. NT - Tywyllwch
Thu 2:56 AM BBTShelli: are Austin and Liz working with Becky? She thinks Steve is their puppet, probably not working with them. NT - Dolffie
Thu 2:56 AM BBTVanessa is telling Austin, Steve and Liz need to win HOH, but in particular Steve needs to buck up and win this week NT - Tywyllwch
Thu 2:54 AM BBTSteve keep asking why they (Jackie, Meg, Jason and James) dont like him when he tries to be nice to him, V says its high school NT - Tywyllwch

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