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Hot Tips for Live Feeders, Guidelines, and Update Archives
07/15/04 04:23 PM

You guys are =the= best updaters on the web, and we all love you for it. Jokers is known for it's updaters world wide. I would ask only that you cut way back on personal comments.

In addition, please try to be unbiased... not everyone hates Natalie, for example! Simply don't add your own narrative, and all will be well. Make sure you know the facts.... your updates shouldn't contain the phrase "I think.".

Update what you see: don't 'fill in the blanks' lol! Don't put Nat and Jessie were talking in the BR NT (Please tell us WHAT they were talking about.) Also, if you just have a few words in the title... and a few inside... put them together in the title and use NT (No Text).

We SO appreciate what you do. Thank you so much! Please give us your opinions in Big Brother Discussion Forum

Again, you're the best on the web. I've had compliments on you even in other site's articles! Thanks for being the very best. We love you guys for what you do.

- Jokerette

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Posting Guidelines for Updates
See BBHelp for Live Feed issues.)

We appreciate your live feeds! Please try and keep commentary to a minimum, and if you can, try not to type one line feeds. Your readers will LOVE you if you type up factual feeds that are longer than 1 line!

You're the best live feeders on the web, year after year.

Your updates from previous days shown here: Archives
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tips for live feed posters

Thank you all for venturing into the world of Live Feed Posting. We greatly appreciate all your hard work and the hours you put into posting live feeds so those without them can feel a part of the family here at Jokers.

Here are some hot tips to help make your live feed posts easier for you and enjoyable to read:

1. Avoid making a one line post.
This is one of the most important things to remember. When one line LFPs are done, people often have to read 6-7 pages back just to be filled in on what's happened the last few hours. Your posts will go to waste as people won't be reading them. Also, avoiding one line posts keeps the BB Updates forum neat and tidy.

2. Have a detailed subject line.
Make sure your subject line includes what the content of the LFP is about, so people will be able to know if they want to read it or not. For example: The subject line "Cowboy and Jase conspire in HOH" is much more informative than the subject being "Cowboy just said..."

3. If your LFP covers a lot of time, state the time frame
If you're LFPing on a series of conversations and events, it's a good idea to state the time frame in the subject as well as during your post. Having a subject line saying "LR conversation 10pm-10:30pm", let's people know that this post is the 'One Stop' post where they can get caught up to speed on things all at once.

4. Conversation vs. Summary
When LFPing, it's often hard to type in what everyone says as there can be many conversations going at once and people talk faster than you can type! Don't get discouraged if that happens Just listen to the conversation for a few minutes, then type in a summary of what you just heard. A good rule of thumb to follow, is if there is just 2-3 people having a conversation, try and type it in conversation form. If there are more than that, switch to typing it as a summary. You'll save your fingers and your sanity that way

5. Don't worry about covering all 4 feeds
It takes so long to switch from one feed to the next and almost impossible to LFP all 4 feeds at once anyway! Just stick to the feed your on, cover it as best as you can, and be assured that someone else out there will be LFPing one of the other feeds.

6. If you make a mistake, no worries!
Don't worry too much if you happen to mix up who said what sometimes as their voices tend to blend in alot. Do the best as you can to be accurate, that's all that really matters.

We all know how tough it is to Live Feed Post. It's a thankless job but rest assured, there are hundreds of people reading your posts who are VERY thankful you are around and doing this.

There's always a Joker, in the pack...

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* Hot Tips for Live Feeders, Guidelines, and Update Archives
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07/15/04 04:23 PM

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