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Big Brother Forum Guidelines
07/07/04 10:55 PM

For suggestions that may make posting life here at Jokers more pleasant and enjoyable for you and your fellow posters, please read the Posting Guidelines

BBUSA Video/Media Content Policy: Big Brother Media Content Policy at Joker's Updates (does not apply to Canadian content)

Timezone Notes:
The default time displayed (if not specified otherwise) is Big Brother USA timezone.
Big Brother Canada time is EST.

BB USA and BB Canada forum descriptions:

BB Updates
- Use this forum for posting live feed updates for other users to catchup on the events in the house.
BB Discussion
- Use this forum to discuss Big Brother.
BB In-Depth
- Use this forum as an extension to BB Discussion, for more in-depth discusions (slower paced forum).
BB Polls
- Use this forum to post polls about Big Brother.
BB Flashbacks
- Use this forum to highlight or find moments on the live feeds of interest.
BB Media
- Use this forum to post BB related pics, artwork, video, and audio clips in.
BB News & Rumors
- Use this forum to post news about Big Brother.
BB Alumni
- Use this forum to post news about houseguests from previous seasons of Big Brother.
BB Help Center
- Use this forum for finding answers to common technical questions about BB feeds, etc.
The P/X
- Use the forum for more BB Discussion and for general discussion not allowed in the BB Discussion forum.

Political Discussions:
If BB becomes political in content, you may discuss it in BB forums within reason. Until that time, please keep all political comments in the political forums.
This includes negative references to any political party.
If heavy political discussion occurs, we will move it to Current Affairs.

Please follow the following posting rules:
1) Do not post URLs in subject lines
2) Do not post personal information including phone numbers, addresses, and email contacts
Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your post being edited or completely removed.

When posting please try to follow these guidelines:
1) Check that you are posting in the correct forum for the subject
2) Check that the information you are posting has not already been posted
3) Credit sources where credit is due (including articles, pictures, quotes)

BB Updates

You're the best updaters on the web, you don't need many guidelines. That said:

Joker's prefers very little editorial in updates. Please stick to actual updates and little, if any commentary. Commentary will be removed or moved to the PX, at moderator's discretion.

BB Discussion

Check out the PX or the Salon for General Discussion

This forum is for BB Discussion... anything else, not on topic, will be moved at the moderator's discretion, to the appropriate forum. Thanks for respecting this!

You can reach the PX HERE and the Salon HERE.

You can post Big Brother spoilers in BBDiscussion (and P/X) during EST showing

We have a forum for The Amazing Race that should be used for Amazing Race posts. No shows other than Big Brother should be spoiled in BBDiscussion.

BB In-Depth

The same rules for BB Discusion forum apply here. This will be a slower moving forum for lengthier discussions. To have a topic moved to In-Depth that was started in BB Discussion, notify the moderators.

BB Polls

Post BB Polls in this forum.

BB Media

Use this forum to post BB related artwork, screen caps, video, and audio clips in.

BB Help Center

Use this forum for finding answers to common technical questions about BB feeds, etc.

BB News & Rumors

This forum is for Big Brother News/Rumors with a limited amount of discussion. Any posts containing lengthy discussion may be moved to BB Discussion or The P/X. Any posts containing flames/arguments may be moderated.

Copied chatroom transcripts are not welcome without permission.

Always post credit (a link) to any article you post or the post may be removed.

News & Rumors forum is not for making requests, asking questions, or advertising radio shows or chats.

To notify a moderator of posts that violate guidelines click on the Notify Moderator button on the message's subject box () and explain the problem.

Posts that contain information already posted in BB News & Rumors forum will be considered a duplicate post and removed.

Jokersupdates.com does not claim any external sources to be accurate in their reporting.

BB Alumni

This forum is for Big Brother Alumni news. Any posts containing flames/arguments may be moderated. see BB News & Rumors forum guidelines for siting and posting external links or content.

The P/X

As always, the PX remains wild and free. Most anything goes, with the exception of flaming and other standard JU rules.

Spoilers in The P/X are not disallowed but are greatly annoying to your fellow posters. It is highly recommended that you keep spoilers out of subject lines using spoiler warnings in The P/X forum.

If a thread about a show other than Big Brother gets long, the moderators =might= move it to that show's forum for further discussion: the P/X moves so fast, it could be lost otherwise.

Mainly, enjoy yourselves and Enjoy Big Brother!

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