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Ok, guess what my mom got Christian for his birthday....
02/05/07 04:54 PM

A puppy, a cocapoo...well the mother is cocapoo and the father is toy poodle, both purebred...her name is Mikey and I will post some pics tomorrow when I can get a hold of her, she is in bed sleeping with Christian now, he hasn't let her out of his site since she got here...the other dogs have taken to her well...she is so sweet, just a little black curly fluff ball...can't wait to post some pics for you all...

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* Ok, guess what my mom got Christian for his birthday....
02/05/07 04:54 PM
xx * Awwww, but if she's 3/4 poodle it should be a cockapoopoopoo. NT
02/05/07 07:57 PM
xx * Or a poocockapoopoo. NT
02/06/07 07:55 AM
xx * Or a poopoopoocock, which sounds very dirty. LOL NT
02/06/07 10:29 AM
xx * So that makes it a cockapoopoo?
02/05/07 05:27 PM
xx * OMG, that is what we are calling a cockapoopoo.... NT
02/05/07 06:24 PM
xx * lololololol, twinks!!!! too funny! I can't wait to see either, ladyG!! :) :) NT
02/05/07 05:29 PM
xx * Awww, I can't wait to see her : ) NT
02/05/07 04:58 PM
xx * tomorrow....she is just so cute.... :D NT
02/05/07 06:25 PM

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