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This is a response to: Who would you rather they bring back, Justin Hartley or Michael Muhney? NT
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Hi Caramel!! (hugs) the one and only MM!! NT
12/07/17 07:38 AM

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* Sharon seems desperate and pathetic
12/04/17 10:03 AM
xx * Sharon always plays desperate and pathetic but so well!! :) NT
12/07/17 07:36 AM
xx * She does not, that would be Abby who only hooks up with men already spoken for NT
12/07/17 08:11 AM
xx * Who would you rather they bring back, Justin Hartley or Michael Muhney? NT
12/06/17 10:33 PM
xx * I’m fine with either of them returning. I just want him to get his wife and kids away from Nick lol NT
12/07/17 09:38 AM
xx * Hi Caramel!! (hugs) the one and only MM!! NT
12/07/17 07:38 AM
xx * Hi Matzak! Hugs back at you! MM is great, but Justin is too and he has the hunk factor. He makes me swoon!
12/10/17 12:54 AM
xx * LOL Caramel. Me, too! NT
12/10/17 04:55 AM
xx * Excellent question, Caramel. They're both good Adams but Justin's booked up with This Is Us so no way he'd return. Michael M. would be great! NT
12/07/17 01:53 AM
xx * Sharon doesn't know anything went on between Scott and Abby. Abby is the one who looks pathetic to me always calling Scott to come help her. NT
12/05/17 04:21 PM
xx * Sharon has watched them intently and she senses that something is there. She's not sure what, but nobody is coming between her and her man! NT
12/06/17 10:35 PM
xx * Sharon did speak to Noah about thinking something was going on and that’s why she’s acting desperate moving Scott in with her NT
12/06/17 07:27 AM
xx * no, she thought Abby had a crush on Scott. Didn't say it was reciprocated She didn't say anything was going on. She is not desperate. NT
12/06/17 08:16 PM
xx * Maybe not, but she is possessive and a insecure. NT
12/06/17 10:20 PM
xx * How dare her want her boyfriend to only have sex with her. NT
12/07/17 08:09 AM
xx * I'm wondering why they want her to act 30-something, when the "kids" are close to that. NT
12/04/17 10:32 AM

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