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Sharon changed her earrings and these ones look much better. Wish Dina's memory would return. Thank goodness Scott used his phone so Paul
11/14/17 04:45 PM

and the GCPD could find them in the storage unit. What gets me is why didn't Scott try banging really hard on that door or go through those boxes and look for something heavy to pry the door open? I know he was having PTSD symptoms but you'd think he would've tried everything and anything in his power to get out of there.

I have a question now, too. When Phyllis asked Hilary if she got the nude photos of herself from Jordan's room last week, she replied no she didn't. But didn't Hilary find something like that in the fireplace which she held in her hand and smiled broadly like she'd found the device that Jordan had used to store the original photos? I got the distinct impression from that episode that she'd found what she was looking for....or am I totally wrong??? Anyone, help!

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* Spoiler for Wed. Nov. 15, 2017
11/14/17 01:31 PM
xx * Sharon changed her earrings and these ones look much better. Wish Dina's memory would return. Thank goodness Scott used his phone so Paul
11/14/17 04:45 PM
xx * She found all the fake ID's Jordan used in his "other" life. She probably figured that if she exposed Jordan before he exposed her, she would have the
11/15/17 12:47 AM
xx * I don't get how Scott ever became a worldwide investigative journalist, every move he's made in this small town case has been
11/14/17 07:58 PM
xx * terlu, that USB is what I thought she had found, too. It was a small gray contraption she held in her hand and smiled widely. What is AFAIK? NT
11/15/17 01:54 AM
xx * Hi Cats, AFAIK is as far as I know. :) NT
11/15/17 10:10 AM
xx * terlu, thank you! NT
11/15/17 02:25 PM
xx * YW Cats, I shouldn't be such a lazy typer. lol NT
11/15/17 08:42 PM
xx * I'm right there with you, terlu! I don't see how Scott got to be an "investigative journalist." I see no evidence that he's a badass at all! NT
11/15/17 12:52 AM
xx * Jordan admitted to hilary that he was bluffing when she called him out on the photos because he didn't retaliate after she aired the fake Id's NT
11/15/17 12:26 AM
xx * Hi cats. Can only talk a sec, but what she found was all that info about his background all with Chelsea that she put on GC Buzz. NT
11/14/17 07:04 PM
xx * But she didn't mention anything about Chelsea, did she? NT
11/15/17 12:43 AM
xx * Ah, ok, thanks for explaining that. I misunderstood what she found in the fireplace. NT
11/14/17 07:11 PM
xx * You/re welcome. Mom is in rehab and trying to sleep so I'm trying to be quiet but this place is so noisy NT
11/14/17 07:22 PM
xx * so are they going to find when they open the storage unit.....
11/14/17 01:51 PM
xx * No clue. You can't tell from the preview they showed what state or in-state Abby and Scott were lol. Of course, they'd suddenly start necking lol. NT
11/14/17 04:39 PM
xx * well we all know what that leads to....LOL NT
11/15/17 12:28 AM

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