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And from Bret
06/13/19 04:49 PM

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* Awwwwww...Chris thanks the fans
06/12/19 09:06 PM
xx * Dummies voted Rachel and her sister who sucked at everything. Good to see them pay for that mistake. NT
06/13/19 10:03 PM
xx * They were in the lead until they kept trying the coin search instead of the poetry raft. They didn't lose because Rachel & her sister weren't there, they lost because of their own decision making.
06/15/19 11:51 AM
xx * They didn't realize they could each memorize half of the poem or they would have been fine. NT
06/15/19 01:49 PM
xx * It got them further in the game. They wouldn't be able to beat the frontrunners, U Turn or no U Turn. NT
06/14/19 01:46 PM
xx * one leg longer is not something i would be that proud of. if i was involved in this race & someone tried patting me on the back for that i'd be like thanks but it means ---- all w/o the million lol NT
06/14/19 06:50 PM
xx * When he does his podcast, hopefully he fills us in more on what they were thinking. NT
06/14/19 09:31 PM
xx * No, but as a fan, I'm just happy they stayed around long enough to help get Rachel out. :-) NT
06/14/19 07:42 PM
xx * lol that was the only time where I didn't like them. But to be fair, they sucked so much this leg that the Reillys might well have beat them as well even if they were on that delayed flight. NT
06/13/19 10:16 PM
xx * Class act. NT
06/13/19 09:46 PM
xx * And from Bret
06/13/19 04:49 PM

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