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This is a response to: Canít stand big brother team. Saw them on BB and they said horrid things about gays, races, etc. NT
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Trangender people, not gays. NT
02/13/18 05:19 PM

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* No Victim Noises
Dreamer Administrator
02/08/18 02:15 PM
xx * Canít stand big brother team. Saw them on BB and they said horrid things about gays, races, etc. NT
02/12/18 11:14 AM
xx * Trangender people, not gays. NT
02/13/18 05:19 PM
xx * Yep, and then get petty when other don't support them, I guess they don't know that game play s not the same thing as real life. Words however reflect who you are /think/believe. NT
02/13/18 05:18 PM
xx * Odd I don't recall that. NT
02/13/18 03:35 AM
xx * Check out the link
02/13/18 07:35 AM
xx * Live feed transcripts are still available. Cody was always like, ďI hate transgender people. Iím in the military, what do you expect?Ē NT
02/13/18 07:33 AM
xx * lol it wanst exactly like that but this is all im gonna say & not get into this bs anymore. had enough of it when the season was airing. NT
02/13/18 09:40 PM
xx * No BS, just the truth as he spoke it. NT
02/14/18 09:35 AM
xx * Not This ^^ NT
02/14/18 05:07 AM
xx * I can understand where he is coming from. I think he has a right to an opinion as everyone else does. NT
02/13/18 06:01 PM
xx * LOL. I totally missed that last night. NT
02/08/18 09:07 PM
xx * So sounds like Indy (Alex/Conor) and X-Games (Kristi/Jen) are their allies. No surprise, I guess, but interesting to hear them spell it out. NT
02/08/18 03:30 PM
xx * Yep check out this pic from their viewing party last night
02/08/18 09:12 PM
xx * Goat yoga lol NT
02/09/18 04:02 AM
xx * What a great pic, all my faves together. Thanks! NT
02/08/18 10:36 PM

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