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This is a response to: Even Probst is irritating me, which never happens. lol NT
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He was way over the top during that challenge. "Greatest efforts ever"??? Give me a break. NT
10/27/21 08:29 PM

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* Am I the only one who thinks that 'power' is lame? She's screwed if she breaks it. Why bother? NT
10/27/21 05:59 PM
xx * Worse than lame, it's pretty unfair. Winning a comp should mean something, and they were told that it meant safety (with a feast thrown in). Now winning may suddenly mean losing. That's bad. NT
10/28/21 02:09 PM
xx * The entire season is lame because the producers are trying too hard and it is overproduced because they had too much time to edit it, plan, etc. NT
10/27/21 07:38 PM
xx * And way too many powers and advantages. NT
10/28/21 08:27 AM
xx * Itís lame and this show has become heavily overproduced. Iím over it. NT
10/27/21 06:52 PM
xx * Survivor has officially jumped the shark. NT
10/28/21 07:51 AM
xx * Even Probst is irritating me, which never happens. lol NT
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10/27/21 07:02 PM
xx * He was way over the top during that challenge. "Greatest efforts ever"??? Give me a break. NT
10/27/21 08:29 PM
xx * And dare I say... it wreaked of overcompensation from the fact that the rock draw ended up producing a team of all women (plus poor Xander). It came across as
10/28/21 10:40 AM
xx * I agree. And Xander just canít catch a break, it seems. Iím glad Erika caught a break last night. I hope she takes advantage of it and smashes the crap out of that hourglass. NT
10/28/21 10:52 AM
xx * why do you say "poor Xander"? NT
10/28/21 10:51 AM
xx * He's had bad luck all season. Got stuck with a crappy tribe at the start... stuck with the weak team on the rock draw... got screwed for weeks by finding the tri-idol clue that
10/28/21 11:06 AM
xx * I'll give ya the luck of the draw with teams but I'd temper that with just because a team is mostly women doesn't make it a 'weak' team. Also, he didn't have to open the tri-idol clue...he was warned
10/28/21 11:12 AM
xx * I think he had bad luck but that bad luck has been compound immensely by his lack of strategy. Seems like a nice guy just totally in over his head. thought he could just win a bunch of comps. NT
10/28/21 12:45 PM
xx * He broke the #1 rule of Survivor: Don't voluntarily share advantage info unless you get caught. A lesson that 80% of players never seem to learn. NT
10/28/21 12:58 PM
xx * Oh sure, but that was a largely muscle task, and it was clear which team ended up with way more muscle that the other. It was quite lopsided. That's just luck of the draw, of course.
10/28/21 11:27 AM
xx * That was one competition and although the physically stronger team won, Xander's team certainly competed, caught up and almost pulled it out at the end. I wouldn't call it lopsided. The puzzle
10/28/21 11:38 AM
xx * I think that's the only competition that team was formed to compete in, although that's still a bit unclear. It seems they've actually merged now, but it was a weird merge
10/28/21 12:05 PM
xx * I just don't see how you can call it bad luck when it hasn't affected Xander negatively. He naivety in sharing his information is what has him in the cross hairs. NT
10/28/21 12:46 PM
xx * It's still bad luck whether he's squeaked by or not. He's only survived because Ua lost the last 3 immunity challenges and Yase hasn't been back to TC. Rather surprisingly, after Yase lost
10/28/21 12:55 PM
xx * Surprising, or good luck? And if Erika does smash the sands of time thingy he'll have more good luck...won't be going to tribal! NT
10/28/21 01:06 PM
xx * I'd have broken it before Jeff left. She should know they have no allegiance to her, so she shouldn't worry about them. She may have better luck with the others. NT
10/27/21 06:51 PM
xx * One of the most over produced seasons of Survivor on record. I wonder how many more viewers it will lose this week? NT
10/27/21 06:00 PM
xx * It's getting crazy. I see another cookout forming too. Erika better break that hourglass or she's going home. NT
10/27/21 06:41 PM
xx * Sheís already screwed anyway NT
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10/27/21 06:00 PM
xx * Yup judging by the edit shes going home unless she breaks it NT
10/27/21 08:44 PM

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