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This is a response to: Oh yeah, I just meant that as a comment about her. She's totally blown it by waiting too long and letting golden opportunities pass. There's almost no way to get them both out now. NT
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Well I think Donathan goes before she does so there's that NT
05/16/18 09:29 PM

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* Survivor never gives us the full story but I really think Donathon blew a real chance tonight.
05/16/18 06:19 PM
xx * Yeah. At the least he put a vote against him. But I'm starting to think there is something that happens on these shows that doesn't translate to us because we can never know what it's like until we
05/17/18 04:39 AM
xx * Anybody catch Angela's expression when Dom & Wendall told her to vote however after the tie. She looked horrified that she actually had to decide for herself. NT
05/16/18 09:31 PM
xx * Yeah at first it was "stay the course/stay the same", then it was "plan by the watershed" and then it was "split 3 ways" LOL talk about confusion! NT
05/17/18 04:40 AM
xx * Yeah she was bumpuzzled NT
05/16/18 09:32 PM
xx * He's panicking NT
05/16/18 09:27 PM
xx * I think Laurel has blown it the last 3 TCs. She's very likely to get to F3 now but she's delusional if she thinks a split vote between Wendell & Dom will result in her winning. Who will vote 4 her? NT
05/16/18 06:26 PM
xx * In her defense I think she's only trying to make Dom and Wendell think so. I think she has the best intentions of getting rid of them then punks out. NT
05/16/18 06:34 PM
xx * When though? I think everyone knows they both have idols. Plus there's high chance of them winning immunity comps. They're coasting straight to the F4.
05/16/18 08:47 PM
xx * When. Every week. Then she chickens out. I'm not defending her I'm just saying that's how I see it NT
05/16/18 08:58 PM
xx * Oh yeah, I just meant that as a comment about her. She's totally blown it by waiting too long and letting golden opportunities pass. There's almost no way to get them both out now. NT
05/16/18 09:06 PM
xx * coming here to say pretty much the same! omg there's that "what is she thinking!" vibe and I just have to say playing the game must be a whole lot harder mentally
05/17/18 04:46 AM
xx * Often they really do think they're playing the better game and will get more jury votes than the others. In that case we can kind of excuse them for not getting the obvious (to us) winners out
05/17/18 05:57 AM
xx * Yes, to be precise, Laurel thinks Dom/Wen will "split votes" and she'll get the win by default? Ugh. But she did also say she's letting them think that? So idk..crazy is right! NT
05/17/18 06:06 AM
xx * I didn't get the impression she REALLY thought that she'd get enough votes in that scenario. I think that's just what she was telling them to keep them thinking she's not going to turn on them.
05/17/18 06:22 AM
xx * Yep my thoughts too.It was a good way for her to show she had thought about it and would take them and still expected to win..not a bad strategy but like you pointed out will most likely NOT happen NT
05/17/18 06:26 AM
xx * I also don't think there would be much of a split vote anyway if both Dom/Wendell make the F3. I get the impression that Dom is considered the "top dog" and would get most of the votes over Wendell.
05/17/18 06:38 AM
xx * Yeah, I think Donathan is right, I think Wendell is perceived as Dom's "wingman" or at least that's how I perceive it too. I'm gonna guess Dom is good at making fire. NT
05/17/18 06:44 AM
xx * She is a fool! hate this season! NT
05/17/18 06:07 AM
xx * Well I think Donathan goes before she does so there's that NT
05/16/18 09:29 PM
xx * Tonight was a golden opportunity to get Wendell out. Now it's too late for her to act. She's going to end up being the F3 person who gets no votes. Donathan will be mad and vote for Dom. NT
05/16/18 06:37 PM
xx * yep, that's the way I see it going too. Shame! NT
05/17/18 04:47 AM
xx * We talk about Laurel and Don not doing anything but what the hell are Seabass and Angela doing? And Kellyn just recently wanted to do something. Do they all think they are Final 3 with those 2?
05/16/18 06:25 PM
xx * Kellyn tried making moves for awhile but they either never worked out or people didn't stick to the plan. Ang is probably happy just adding to her paycheck. Sea Bass is playing both sides. NT
05/16/18 06:29 PM
xx * She didn't do anything until last week. She was Naviti strong until they took out Chelsea. NT
05/17/18 07:55 AM

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