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one of my new favorite shows is speechless anyone watch :) NT
12/07/17 08:19 AM

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* one of my new favorite shows is speechless anyone watch :) NT
12/07/17 08:19 AM
xx * The best new show to watch is "Search Party" I just finished S2 the other day and I can't stop laughing. NT
12/07/17 12:50 PM
xx * What channel is it on? NT
12/08/17 08:36 AM
xx * A super secret channel only for the cool kids :) haha actually i think its TBS or something NT
12/08/17 08:39 AM
xx * hahaha If you're a cool kid then I'm a cool kid too :P BH on the other hand ... lol Thank you. NT
12/08/17 08:40 AM
xx * Search Party, Loved S1, was waiting for S2 to end so I could binge them, didn't know all eps had aired already. NT
12/08/17 07:37 AM
xx * Watched all S2 last night, Loved It!! Better than S1, can't wait for S3 next year! NT
12/29/17 11:49 AM
xx * This is such a great show. All 3 of the kids are great characters. JJ’s aid Kenneth is really funny. NT
12/07/17 12:10 PM
xx * New Favorites? This is season 2 silly! I watch it every week and enjoy it. NT
12/07/17 08:50 AM
xx * i luv it :) esp since my sister is in a wheelchair its nice to see him over come obstacles NT
12/07/17 09:28 AM

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