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This is a response to: What, protective gear doesn't come in XXXXL? NT
Jokers Wild
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That big tank for them to lean on and do nothing apparently NT
05/27/22 12:12 PM

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* Q: “What efforts were made to break through that door to get inside that classroom?” A: “NONE.”
05/27/22 10:44 AM
xx * From Uvalde's town budget. Police funding is the largest share of the general fund.
05/27/22 04:16 PM
xx * I wouldn't imagine the townsfolk will be thinking they got their moneys worth. NT
05/27/22 05:04 PM
xx * 11 y/o Uvalde survivor told CNN that before this massacre he wanted to be a policeman. Now he wants to be a surgeon so he can “help people” Kids are a mic drop NT
05/27/22 12:34 PM
xx * Texas police release timeline in deadly school shooting, revealing that the suspect was inside for 77 minutes.
05/27/22 11:58 AM
xx * what was going on here?
05/27/22 11:59 AM
xx * What, protective gear doesn't come in XXXXL? NT
05/27/22 12:11 PM
xx * That big tank for them to lean on and do nothing apparently NT
05/27/22 12:12 PM
xx * Was that the problem, the tank was too big for the school hall? Obviously, there is a desperate need for mini-tanks. NT
05/27/22 12:20 PM
xx * Wow this caller transcript. The kids had more courage than the police force
05/27/22 11:47 AM
xx * Police said they believed the children were dead, here is a call log from inside the school begging for police to come
05/27/22 11:01 AM
xx * Big ups to the people that have learned in the past several years to never take police and their initial counts of what transpired as facts. It changes, many lie to tell their story and sometimes
05/27/22 10:54 AM
xx * Director of the Texas Dept of Public Safety tells @ShimonPro that none of the 19 officers in the school attempted to break into the classroom where the children & teachers were massacred bc they
05/27/22 10:46 AM
xx * Unreal: This official just said that a decision was made to not break into the classroom because the officers on site believed there was no longer an active shooting situation, even though children
05/27/22 10:48 AM
xx * These are just stories they tell us, and themselves, to cover for their cowardice and incompetence. NT
05/27/22 11:02 AM

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