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This is a response to: What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel
JU KeepinItReal
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Hey, petite6, donít freak out..itís sound frequencies, and Iím told it varies by the medium you use
05/16/18 08:42 PM

Cell phone or iPad tv lap top... etc it IS like the dress thing, and wasnít that about light and shadow? whatís cool is how it started and got to now!

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* What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel
05/15/18 04:11 PM
xx * They played this on the radio this morning and I heard Laurel. Anybody that hears Yanny is a freak an smokin crack NT
05/17/18 01:25 PM
xx * and isnt Yanni that guy that played that annoying new age music? You Yanni freaks need to go to hell! NT
05/17/18 01:27 PM
xx * I just see a couple of sex crazed kangaroos. NT
05/17/18 09:21 AM
xx * Sorry I missed this petite...Definitely Laurel -:) NT
05/17/18 05:56 AM
xx * Hey, petite6, donít freak out..itís sound frequencies, and Iím told it varies by the medium you use
05/16/18 08:42 PM
xx * I hear Yanny every time but now I have an uncontrollable urge to kill Papshmear!
05/16/18 07:59 PM
xx * I donít know what either one sounds like :p NT
05/16/18 03:00 PM
xx * The NYT made a tool to help you hear both Yanny and Laurel
05/16/18 01:48 PM
xx * Probably the most concise explanation comes courtesy of Rachel Becker and Elizabeth Lopatto of The Verge, who write:
05/16/18 10:45 AM
xx * no, no, no no no no I will not be hearing it...this ANALYSIS is waaaaay better: Laurel or Yanny? What science has to say
05/16/18 12:32 PM
xx * Sooooo basically, if you hear Laurel, you're old. Haha NT
05/16/18 10:46 AM
xx * I want to change my answer. NT
05/16/18 01:13 PM
xx * how can I give this reply a thumbs down?? NT
05/16/18 12:33 PM
xx * I hear Yanny too, I don't get the confusion. NT
05/16/18 07:31 AM
xx * Laurel. I don't get how they could possibly sound alike. NT
05/15/18 10:07 PM
xx * Of course it's Laurel. Those other folks are just trying to gaslight us. NT
05/16/18 09:53 AM
xx * I hear Yanny NT
05/15/18 05:58 PM
xx * I don't get how you hear that. what's wrong with your ears?? NT
05/15/18 06:07 PM
xx * I hear Yanny too, maybe something wrong with your ears and not ours ;-) LOL NT
05/16/18 06:51 AM
xx * you do not hear Yanny and you know it!!!! NT
05/16/18 12:32 PM
xx * I hear Laurel. My mom and cousin hear Yanni. I'm now going to knock on all my neighbors doors and ask them WTH do they hear? NT
05/15/18 05:14 PM

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