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Leaked Audio: GOP Candidate Says She Doubts Rape Victims Get Pregnant
06/27/22 10:20 AM

A female Republican congressional candidate claimed on the campaign trail in Virginia last month that rape victims are less likely to become pregnant because “it’s not something that’s happening organically.”

Yesli Vega made the eyebrow-raising comments while being asked for her thoughts on what then promised to be a Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending the federal right to abortion.

An audio recording of the remarks, which took place at an event in Stafford County, was published by Axios on Monday. Vega—who is Democrat Abigail Spanberger’s rival for Congress in the Virginia’s liberal-leaning 7th District—said she was drawing on her experience as a Prince William County supervisor and a sheriff’s deputy after affirming her belief for state-level restrictions on abortion.

“The left will say, ‘Well what about in cases of rape or incest?’” Vega can be heard telling an unidentified interlocutor in the clip. “I’m a law-enforcement officer. I became a police officer in 2011. I’ve worked one case where as a result of a rape, the young woman became pregnant.”

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* Leaked Audio: GOP Candidate Says She Doubts Rape Victims Get Pregnant
06/27/22 10:20 AM
xx * Wasn't someone in here recently complaining that MEN don't understand menstrual cycles and conception? NT
06/27/22 12:33 PM
xx * Maybe it's a a republican thing. NT
06/27/22 02:18 PM
xx * Well, that's certainly a possibility. They do seem to live in a different reality with alternative facts. NT
06/27/22 02:36 PM
xx * This Republican party has to be the most ignorant in history...she thinks a woman's body shuts down during rape and therefore can't get pregnant
06/27/22 10:24 AM

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