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Exactly. NT
05/27/22 10:49 AM

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* Sen. Ron Johnson blames "liberal indoctrination" for school shootings: "We stopped teaching values. Now we're teaching wokeness. We're indoctrinating our children with things like CRT."
05/27/22 07:41 AM
xx * In his NRA speech, Donald Trump cites "broken families" as a cause of mass shootings, "because no law can cure the effects of a broken home," he says. ROFLMAO NT
05/27/22 04:47 PM
xx * Says the man who has cheated on every wife he’s had. This many shouldn’t be allowed to utter anything about family values. NT
05/27/22 08:19 PM
xx * Well look at all the crime that Junior, Eric and Ivanka have done. Oh wait, that's white-collar crime, so that doesn't count right? NT
05/27/22 05:02 PM
xx * NEW: At the NRA convention, Ted Cruz just blamed mass shootings on “prescription drugs, video games, and declining church attendance.”
05/27/22 03:56 PM
xx * So, these two would be fine with keeping guns out of the hands of people from broken homes or who don't go to church?
05/27/22 05:36 PM
xx * Lara Trump blames fatherless children, lack of religion, and social media for school shootings.
05/27/22 12:08 PM
xx * Right-wing broadcaster tries to hit student protesting NRA meeting with all the usual GOP talking points on guns, and the kid destroys him on every one.
05/27/22 12:01 PM
xx * Sorry guys, if you didn't have a father growing up you're pretty much Do Si, La Sol, Fa Mi, Re Do
05/27/22 11:40 AM
xx * He is one of the worst. Extremely ignorant. NT
05/27/22 10:09 AM
xx * Asked what his plan is to keep schools safe, Kevin McCarthy says schools should be able to repurpose Covid funds to reduce doors. #DoorControl
05/27/22 07:42 AM
xx * Sure, reduce everything but the one thing that would help. NT
05/27/22 10:11 AM
xx * Exactly. NT
05/27/22 10:49 AM

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