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This is a response to: Trump will scrap critical Obamacare subsidy
Joker Super Slick
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Why does Trump want people to suffer? NT
10/12/17 06:49 PM

How can you ask someone to live in the world and not have something to say about injustice JCarlos

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* Trump will scrap critical Obamacare subsidy
10/12/17 06:42 PM
xx * Cutting health care subsidies will mean more uninsured in my district. @potus promised more access, affordable coverage. This does opposite.
10/12/17 07:18 PM
xx * this is a Republican so they know what mess this will cause NT
10/12/17 07:19 PM
xx * the core drive behind all this, is that his white uneducated constituents that voted him into office, cannot fathom the thought that...
10/12/17 07:20 PM
xx * That seems a little bit extreme, but I think you may be onto something with that stuff about thinking non-Whites are lesser beings
10/12/17 07:37 PM
xx * Why does Trump want people to suffer? NT
10/12/17 06:49 PM
xx * Because he is playing to his base... uneducated whites that want to see minorities suffer, even if they will suffer themselves too. NT
10/12/17 07:00 PM
xx * Because he can? Because someone told him it was a good idea? Because poor, dependent people are easier to control and cheaper to employ? Obama? NT
10/12/17 06:54 PM
xx * It will either be Obama's fault or Hillary's fault. Talk about lack of accountability. NT
10/12/17 06:55 PM
xx * CBO: 1 million will be uninsured in 2018; premiums will increase by 20%; insurer exits will leave 5% of enrollees with no insurer.
10/12/17 06:45 PM
xx * if this happens yall are screwed. NT
10/12/17 06:43 PM
xx * Yes! I could not believe the headlines when I saw them! This will flood the hospitals with people who have no coverage. NT
10/13/17 04:20 AM

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