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Perfect ending for this season
09/21/17 08:01 AM

This could not have been a more perfect ending. The most bitter jury in the history of Big Brother lets the most bitter jury member in the history of Big Brother cast the deciding vote for one of the least deserving winners in Big Brother history.

I knew Cody was going to get AFP, because seriously, he was just awful. AFP for bitterness and just horrid gameplay? He not only destroyed his own game with the worst play ever seen in the game, but he took Jessica down, too. And she had a chance of getting her game going until he walked back into the house. Speaking of, Cody got 1st HoH, Won Battle Back, and had the Halting Hex used to save him, yet all those advantages were useless because he was a bitter turd.

The dude had the first HoH, the easiest one of every season. Sure, Megan dropping, after he and Jessica bullied her for having the audacity to be wrong about abut what Jessica said I mean, Jessica was calling her the name of the only Asian contestant she knew. But then he nominated Paul, even though his entire alliance were against it, so he quit talking to them. Then he nominated Xmas, who was in his alliance,

Basically, he was doing what Paul did all season, playing his own game and ****ting on everyone around him, except doing it meaner and much, much dumber. And let's not forget he, even tossed a competition to help Alex, screwing over his showman and alliance. The Cody love disgusts me more than any other thing about this season.

I also loved that before the votes are revealed, they got Jessica to lay out just how dominant Paul was, and how Paul was the easy winner, in total contradiction to her man, who she knew had it in for Paul. And they included her fawning over Paul just to twist the knife a little harder for Cody.

Now, while the jury was ultra bitter, and Paul absolutely deserved to win, Paul played himself out of the money. If it wasn't bad enough that he lied to the jury in his goodbye message, but then proceeded to spin his BS to the jury face to face. If he wanted "friendship," then honest answers, where he apologizes for playing the game so hard, and for how he had to play. Instead, he really had a large hand in making the jury bitter.

And he saved Josh's bacon, because had Josh brought Christmas, he had the winning hand. "I evicted the one guy you all failed to evict." Boom, Josh wins. Of course, that assumes the meatball could have thought of that, because he made no case for himself, at all.

Really, that would have been sweet, Paul finishing out of the money. But this season was too lame to even pull that off.

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* Perfect ending for this season
09/21/17 08:01 AM
xx * PERFECT POST for the Perfect Ending For This Season! Says it all! NT
09/21/17 08:50 AM
xx * Several things...
09/21/17 02:18 PM
xx * I can't think of a single redeeming quality that Cody has. America didn't love Cody, they just really hated Paul. And it was pretty obvious that
09/21/17 04:29 PM
xx * Hold on now Jayhawker, How did Americas hate for Paul...
09/22/17 04:23 PM
xx * He didn't hold anywhere near the top spot in the beginning. Choose the arrow pointing to the left in ratings and you can view all the way back
09/22/17 05:00 PM

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