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Hmmmmmm. The End. What do ya'll think? Josh DID make a little noticed move that I think made ALL the difference ...
09/20/17 07:28 PM

This is THE social experiment of BB for all to witness. As several have posted there is no rule stating what is the "Best" game. Sneakiness? Comp wins? Manipulation? Friendliness? A combination thereof? Who's to say?

Paul created an anger among the voting jury that was indeed palpable! This might be a replay of BB14 where the jury were all PO'ed at Dan -- BUT Ian had ingratiated himself with the rest of the cast enough so that he pulled it off.

Josh -- probably one of the most unpleasant HGs -- no -- THE most unpleasant HG to win BB EVER -- and this is going back to BB1. But somehow the BB19 jury felt majorly betrayed so that this loud goofball won.

NOW -- Here's how I think Josh pulled it off:
Alex said it best -- she angrily -- make that ANGRILY was casting her vote for the person who stabbed her in the front -- NOT in the back!!!

AND here's the move I think gave Josh the win -- During a VERY contentious conversation between Josh, Christmas and Paul -- It was JOSH that absolutely insisted that Paul talk to Alex when she was going to be evicted -- otherwise Paul might have not talked to Alex -- which seemed to give Alex some false hope of staying -- hence feeling betrayed by Paul, leading to her accusing him of the overt back-stabbing.

Now -- was that simply good luck on Josh' part to insist Paul talk to Alex? Maybe -- but it occurred during the week he was having doubts about Paul.

Anyway -- season's over. Let's hope next summer there IS NO RETURNING HG -- ALL newbies, please BB Gods!!! And hopefully a more fun season. Sick, Sick, Sick, of the name calling and the bullying from the POTUS on down to the BB House!!! How about we give that S-H-I-T a rest!

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* Hmmmmmm. The End. What do ya'll think? Josh DID make a little noticed move that I think made ALL the difference ...
09/20/17 07:28 PM
xx * This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but here goes
09/20/17 07:55 PM
xx * That isn't necessarilly untrue but that is why you manage jury votes. People transfer their guilt and they did and voted for Josh. Human Nature...
09/21/17 02:14 AM
xx * I totally agree... NT
09/21/17 01:34 PM
xx * Josh won for one reason because he was smart in his goodbye messages. He told each person that it was Paul who sent them out. They remembered that NT
09/21/17 09:12 AM
xx * What they do or don't think of themselves is irrelevant. The still got to vote and stick it to Paul. That's called getting the last laugh! NT
09/20/17 11:23 PM

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