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I'd have to agree with you (begrudgingly so). I hate Paul, but he outplayed these fools and got them to take out each other..
09/18/17 12:35 PM

all the while instilling their implicit trust. That is no easy feat. I do think there is always an element of luck involved, as just about every single competition fell in Paul's favor. But he did manage to convince sooooo many of them to throw comps against their own best interests (Hello Alex!). He convinced many of them that he had exclusive deals with them and that him talking to others was just to gather info. They were all taken.

As far as an end of Paul v Josh, even with a bitter jury, Paul should win. This jury has no respect for Josh, none. Josh is seen as a brainless coattail rider and henchman. They remember that he started out burning down the house, and should have met the same fate as Jozea or Devin. Whatever gameplay Josh may have had will be disregarded, and I don't see him being able to articulate his gameplay without breaking down, yet again. Even a crippled Xmas gets more respect for gameplay from the jury than Josh does.

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* Where does Paul stand in the pantheon of BB players? My take...
09/16/17 01:17 PM
xx * He's a two-time loser who still hasn't figured out how to manage the jury. I doubt he'll get a third chance. NT
09/20/17 11:25 PM
xx * Well now without having won the season he can't be put in the same class as the past BB greats. NT
09/20/17 09:43 PM
xx * I remember watching BB8 (ED) and thinking how passive the cast was. Same here. Paul did a great job but as a person he sucks so I can't respect it.
09/18/17 12:17 PM
xx * Ask Yourself This Question – Those You Call The Greats — How Would They Fare With This Cast?
09/18/17 10:10 AM
xx * Grrrrrreat post! Enjoyed your descriptions of the BB minions past and present. To use an old '60s expression. "Right on!!!" NT
09/19/17 09:43 PM
xx * I disagree with your analysis of what would have happened if the Paul nom had succeeded. It was the Xmas nom that broke things apart, not Pauls. NT
09/18/17 03:34 PM
xx * Nusa, I agree with you totally.. NT
09/19/17 02:08 PM
xx * I'd have to agree with you (begrudgingly so). I hate Paul, but he outplayed these fools and got them to take out each other..
09/18/17 12:35 PM
xx * Paul is a above average player at best who was luckily casted with the most clueless house guests of all time. And yes Production can be extremely
09/16/17 10:55 PM
xx * I completely agree with what you said, but I have come to the conclusion that "with any other cast", a different outcome would occur will ever
09/17/17 08:14 PM
xx * "With any other cast he wouldn't have made it this far...". You do realize he got this far last season, too, right? That was a different cast. NT
09/17/17 09:43 AM
xx * Yes he made it that far last year but this is a whole different season. No other cast would allow a 2nd place vet to make it this far. It just
09/17/17 08:18 PM
xx * With so many cast with no knowledge of BB at this point, this scenario will happen over and over. They know no better. NT
09/17/17 08:46 PM
xx * Yes but in fairness it is apples and oranges. He came in as a vet and experience this time around with an unfair advantage with three saves. NT
09/17/17 11:42 AM
xx * But when he had none of those things, he got that far. He deserves the win. NT
09/17/17 12:30 PM
xx * Sure he did, but still not apples and oranges. Whether or not we think he deserves the win, jury decides if he does, maybe too much blood. They will
09/17/17 10:16 PM
xx * Agree about Josh. If he sends Paul packing then he does deserve to win. Jury seems bitter now, but we shall see! :) NT
09/18/17 06:41 AM
xx * I think he got far last year with much help from Victor. Victor should have been the winner IMO. Paul was lucky last year but I wanted him to win
09/17/17 08:02 PM
xx * Paul's Paul. He was so last year & he is so this year! I predict a landslide vote for him to win-'Cause-(& this is my favorite BB19 show moment)...
09/17/17 04:05 AM
xx * Paul is in the same class as Boogie, Jordan and Rachel. All 2nd time playing winners... NT
09/19/17 01:58 PM
xx * no jordan won first time round NT
09/19/17 01:59 PM
xx * I have to agree with you BBenthusiast but I think he will get the Andy vote and a winning "BB vet" should never be put in the same category as the
09/17/17 09:01 PM
xx * I
09/16/17 01:51 PM

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