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***Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far... [Updated Sept 3]
09/03/12 04:03 PM

***Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far...

These are things Danielle has said, Are they True or Lies? Who knows for sure. What we do know is, she is the most interesting women in the World

* She was beaten as a child
* She had an alcoholic father
* She had a possessed father
* She had a preacher for a father
* She had whiskey at the age of 4
* She has a mother who spent 10 years writing a single computer program that only she is capable of writing
* She has parents who are in the Marines
* She has parents and godparents
* She is closer to her godparents
* She talked to her dad and the last thing he said to her was she was going to hell
* She says her real dads name is Dan, just like her coach!
* She raised her brother
* She learned to swim because her dad would toss her into the pool and tell her to sink or swim
* She had a boyfriend who punched her in the face during High School
* She had a boyfriend kiss her and bite a hole in her lip
* She was whipped AND paddled in school
* She is an LN, RN, and will be a LNP
* She was promoted to charge nurse
* She is a kindergarten teacher
* She is almost a Doctor, Doctors ask her for advise
* She has a 4.0 GPA
* She was almost sold by her parents to Gypsies
* She has friends whos dads all work for NASA
* She fell 15 feet onto a log
* She has hollow vertebrae
* She Broke her back in a swamp in which her father had to pick her up and carry her out of the swamp, because that's what u do with people who have broken backs
* She watched as her father cut down every vine in the swamp as revenge
* She also had her dog die that day
* She had the potential to be real tall but the broken back stopped her growth
* She may or may not have been in a car accident that had a fatality
* She was in a car accident
* She was in a jetski accident
* She has broken her arms
* She Broke her Jaw
* She had her Jaw wired shut
* She Broke her Cheekbone
* She Broke her Nose... Twice
* She has ADHD
* She gets Cysts
* She had many UTI's
* She has IBS
* She has Renal Failure
* She has a Spastic Colon
* She has had to have colonoscopy every year since 15
* She has Anemia
* She had a staph infection she contracted from her brother, but it wasn't in a sexual way
* She has Kidney Problems
* She can't Drink dark liquid due to her kidney problems
* She takes 20mg of Adderall XR a day
* She has her own song at a Piano bar that plays when she enters
* She went to a male strip club and was asked on stage
* She had 14 hour shifts at the mall
* She once had a stalker and had to change her number
* She teaches Sunday school
* She fought and won the battle of anorexia in a couple months
* She does not believe in breast feeding, it ruins ur boobs and makes boy babies touch other women's boobs
* She had to have an amusement park ride stopped so she could puke
* She is a Certified Diamontologist
* She had an $8K diamond rock stolen from her when she worked at a jewelry store
* She worked at Victoria Secrets
* She has invested a lot into stocks
* She knows many magic tricks
* She does not believe you are born gay
* She WAS homophobic, she is cured!
* She suffered her family's rental house being burned down by arson
* She was cast for the Bachelor but had to pull out
* She was cast in a country music video but had to pull out because of BB
* She was in Miss USA
* She has had singing lessons
* She has immunity to restraining orders
* She had a 3 story tall tree house
* She is Friends with Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
* She was the best Cheerleader ever for years (yet has no balance)
* She was a profession Latin dancer
* She was a gymnast
* She played softball and was forced to go to the batting cages every other night
* She has a great grandfather that invented Laundry detergent
* She was Married... And then wasn't
* She was engaged and then wasn't
* She had Breast Implants
* She had her credit cards maxed out by her almost husband who spent her money on the women he was cheating on her with
* She has tried every sexual position imaginable
* She has has sex in every location possible
* She had her salad tossed
* She loves to Swallow
* She teaches Sunday School
* She has a brother who is a Professional Fighter
* She slept through a Tornado
* She has two Vibrators
* She was asked to be a Budweiser girl
* She said her mother found out she would marry her dad because of a Ouija board
* She broke up a lesbian couple
* She was a Teen Ambassador to China
* She can speak many languages (Spanish and Chinese) yet cant in front of people
* She used to walk a runway yet cant in front of people
* She is Miss September 2012 of the Harley Davidson Calendar
* She was ravaged and brutally attacked by Janelle and lived to tell about it
* She slayed the evil bully Janelle and got her evicted
* She witnessed Joe masturbate, then didn't
* She was talking to F/B for 15 min but went into a time warp and the convo was magically stretched to 1 and a half hours
* She once admitted to being wrong 8:52pm August 20th 2012
* She has invited Britney to participate in her wedding (she doesn't even have a boyfriend)
* She has invited Jenn to participate in her wedding (again... doesnt even have a boyfriend)
* She says Shane keeps wanting to kiss her but she had to turn him down
* She said Shane slammed the door in her face twice!
* She has been confronted, yelled at, attacked, cornered, harassed, lied to, bullied, slammed on and sneezed at by every HG in the BB house twice over!
* She beat Dan in the Tea cup HoH even though he filled up the safety jug and caught up to her HoH jug and Dan is pissed
* She has never lied in the BB House
* She went in search of the Crystal Skull
* She was a Platoon Captain during the Vietnam War

** NOTE ** This list is communal, with lots of contributors so feel free to add this. Please note they must be things she has said, proof not required but recommended... Also the last two in the list are just jokes. Image courtesy of SnapDragoon

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* ***Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far...
08/22/12 03:22 AM
xx * She sure was a character!! NT
10/05/14 07:47 PM
xx * no life? NT
09/20/12 06:29 PM
xx * awesome; poor dani lol NT
09/20/12 11:46 AM
xx * Janie loves you Gorf!
09/19/12 03:47 PM
xx * LMAO NT
09/25/12 01:52 AM
xx * Danielle is going to hunt him down and castrate Gorf with a butter knife ;-) NT
09/19/12 09:42 PM
xx * This needs to be reposted on the first page Gorf! NT
09/18/12 04:07 PM
xx * she told Dan she was working 3 jobs - one of which was Substitute teacher NT
09/16/12 07:56 PM
xx * Sweet!! Thankyou much! : ) NT
09/12/12 10:35 PM
xx * Gorf, this is amazing! NT
09/11/12 11:16 AM
xx * OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!great just fabulous NT
09/10/12 03:17 PM
xx * father jumped through a Mercedes and threw a guy thru the window from INSIDE the car
09/10/12 03:11 PM
xx * has a mass on one of them, and had radiation treatment before coming in the house. But it's non-malignant. NT
09/10/12 03:07 PM
xx * has silicone breast implants. NT
09/10/12 03:06 PM
xx * Last night on BBAD she said that she worked for a photographer when she was 16. NT
09/08/12 10:12 PM
xx * She had 4 legal guardians
09/07/12 05:44 PM
xx * She worked in a rollerskating rink. (lol) Sept 3 - 10:09pm Cam 3 NT
09/03/12 10:19 PM
xx * Her mom was an olympic swimmer NT
09/09/12 05:38 AM
xx * ***Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far... [Updated Sept 3]
09/03/12 04:03 PM
xx * She made President's List NT
09/25/12 06:51 PM
xx * oh my Lord.....so FUNNY! NT
09/19/12 04:00 PM
xx * this is the greatest bb list EVER! congrats Gorf! NT
09/19/12 03:56 PM
xx * Seems we have a COMPLETE list here,,,,,,, Love the pic! NT
09/11/12 11:10 AM
xx * Had chemo, yes chemo.....How the other HG's have straight face hearing this is amazing lol NT
09/10/12 04:06 PM
xx * ***Danielles Life Story*** The Story so far...
09/10/12 08:57 AM
xx * She "knows" the entire Alabama football team!
09/09/12 11:45 AM
xx * IF 20% is true = explains a lot...... NT
09/08/12 09:21 AM
xx * Beginning of the season pic & same zit n same place to boot... NT
09/08/12 09:19 AM
xx * I really hope she sees this! NT
09/07/12 01:13 PM
xx * I hope she doesn't. I don't like the looney toon, but I don't wish this wall of reality on anyone...she's going to fall hard... NT
09/07/12 02:05 PM
xx * She's been compared to Salma Hayek and Kim Kardashian. Hears it all the time. NT
09/03/12 10:59 PM
xx * and J-Lo and Katherine Zeta Jones NT
09/05/12 07:50 AM
xx * Under she has breast implants (which she did say) you need to say her boobs are real (which she also said either last night or night before) NT
09/03/12 08:18 PM
xx * add she's a charge nurse in trauma who saw a lady who had a sprouting potato shoved up in her hooha, she swears! - fb 9/3/12 12:58pm c3&4 NT
09/03/12 04:28 PM
xx * and as a charge nurse, she manages the other nurses, but cares for 60 patients a day alone NT
09/05/12 03:35 AM
xx * Possibly true. I was a supervisor of a 120 patient facility and cared for 30 patients on my own. By the way, I changed my profession after that! NT
09/25/12 07:25 AM
xx * also, she's not a teacher, but all the modelling, that's true! NT
09/03/12 04:34 PM
xx * does anybody have the fb for any of these? NT
09/03/12 04:12 PM
xx * She told Shane she came in 2nd in Miss Teen Alabama. NT
09/03/12 03:58 PM
xx * This is great, thank you for putting this list together! NT
09/03/12 03:53 PM
xx * was asked to be a Budweiser Girl -- talking to Joe and Shane in backyard
09/03/12 12:13 PM
xx * Danielle's father was chosen by a Ouija board. True story..hehehe.
09/03/12 01:36 AM
xx * Dani said Jodi tried to touch her teeth on the first night in BB NT
09/02/12 11:15 PM
xx * GORF...is this the most recent list? NT
09/01/12 05:16 PM
xx * Danielle has ovarian cysts NT
09/01/12 04:00 PM
xx * Sept 1, 2:23am .... She tells Joe/Shane she has 2 vibrators NT
09/01/12 11:36 AM
xx * She told Brit she had fake boobs but then told the guys that they were real. NT
09/01/12 10:18 AM
xx * Danielle's brother has had cat scratch fever before. NT
08/29/12 07:27 PM
xx * and she was almost caught doing it. (after Brit's story) NT
08/29/12 07:34 PM
xx * 2:50 pm cam 3 Danielle got sick on BB because of the toxic paint NT
08/28/12 02:53 PM
xx * Gorf....11:53pm Cam 4 Danielle lost her swimsuit bottoms in the ocean and had to have someone bring them back to her. NT
08/28/12 12:01 AM
xx * Gorf, Danielle has slept through a tornado Cam 3/4 Aug 28 11:12 PM. Add it to the list NT NT
08/27/12 11:16 PM
xx * Danielle says her brother is a professional fighter, Mon 8-27-12, approximately 5:50PM BBT NT NT
08/27/12 06:40 PM
xx * And he may or may not have taken steroids at some time. NT
08/27/12 07:06 PM
xx * She teaches Sunday school (telling Frank she wouldn't lie because they'd think she's a bad person.) NT
08/27/12 03:15 PM
xx * Gorf, add that Danielle 'had a stalker and she had to change her locks and phone number' - Aug 27, 1:18 AM Cam 1/2 NT
08/27/12 10:44 AM
xx * Her latest quote tonight: "I gave up med school to be here..."
08/27/12 12:33 AM
xx * Has been paid to be in over 10 photo shoots NT
08/26/12 02:20 PM
xx * She always lied about what Janelle said, and was outraged at how "mean" Janelle was
08/24/12 11:25 PM
xx * You have to add the Trey stuff and Her Dad in just like Bruce Willis in Armegeddon NT
08/24/12 10:48 PM
xx * She worked 15 hours a day at the mall. NT
08/24/12 10:20 PM
xx * She was pulled up on stage at a male strip club...because they all wanted to take pictures with her. NT
08/24/12 10:10 PM
xx * Her father is a Sunday school teacher.
08/24/12 09:51 PM
xx * Hi Gorf, I think this is a new one. She gets migraines. NT
08/24/12 12:41 PM
xx * i love brit in the back of that gif NT
08/23/12 05:42 PM
xx * She one made them stop and amusement ride and threw up over the side NT
08/23/12 12:39 AM
xx * Also, she has a hot dad, who works for UPS NT
08/22/12 11:23 PM
xx * That little face she makes on your pic is perfect for this post NT
08/22/12 11:19 PM
xx * Thats courtesy of SnapDragoon NT
08/22/12 11:20 PM
xx * Never heard this one! Is it TRUE?-She was a Platoon Captain during the Vietnam War NT
08/22/12 11:19 PM
xx * no lol I make that clear at the bottom of the list with the *** note *** NT
08/22/12 11:21 PM
xx * Gorf you have out done yourself. I don't know how your kept tabs on that self made fairy tale. She is one french fry short of a happy meal. NT
08/24/12 12:26 PM
xx * lol, sorry I got stuck on that one...lmao Awesome Post! NT
08/22/12 11:22 PM
xx * lol no worries u certainly arent the first :P hence the note :) NT
08/22/12 11:22 PM
xx * wow, she such a whack-a-doodle. NT
08/22/12 11:18 PM
xx * LOL NT
08/22/12 11:15 PM
xx * Funniest thing I've read in a long time. Post of the season! NT
08/22/12 10:04 PM
xx * best thread ever!!!!
08/22/12 09:53 PM
xx * omg lol...shes ashmatic too NT
08/22/12 03:08 PM
xx * Whew!!! LOL--I think!!! OK--2 more: Joe's Life Story; Ian's Life Story...
08/22/12 11:20 AM
xx * Nice ~ she definitely has the right stuff to be in All-Stars! NT
08/22/12 03:39 AM
xx * Can you imagine her in the same house as ED? He'd tear her apart! NT
08/22/12 07:39 AM
xx * Love this, I wish we had a montage video of all of her craziness! NT
08/22/12 03:29 AM
xx * OMG if someone could put one together that would be TOO fantastic!!! NT
08/22/12 10:05 PM

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