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Sometimes It's Okay to Blame the Victim
09/26/17 12:17 AM

Sometimes It's Okay to Blame the Victim
Saturday, September 23, 2017
By FeedWatcher

Wednesday night's finale of Big Brother 19 already feels like a week ago. I can't remember a time that I felt so satisfied after a finale----I've only been truly happy with the winner a handful of times, but that's not really the case now. Out of the three finalists, Josh was indeed the one I was pulling for, but what felt satisfying is the unity much of the fan base felt once everything was said and done.

It wasn't what we feared, and it was never what we expected, but at least the results felt like a cleansing of sorts, and maybe a map to locate the road to recovery.

Julie looked fine for the Finale. Her hair and makeup were on point, and she looked comfortable in what appeared to be a jumpsuit. Yes, that comment is a little shady, but this was an action-packed two hours for Julie, so I'm sure mobility was a key feature. Now, that doesn't explain the choker, though, which may remain a mystery forever.

It's the last CBS episode of the season, but we still have unfinished business to clear up first, such as who won the first stage of the three-part battle to claim the HoH title one last time. We saw that competition kick off at the end of the last CBS episode, and the set looked other-worldly and elaborate.

But when Josh fell off his cloud, the scene looked so fake, like the set of a television reality show. I mean, of course it's fake---there are no such things as unicorns, and even if there were I don't think they would run in place on top of a fake cloud.

It looks better from far off. I do love the way the floor covering looks so far away, giving the unicorns a sense of height, even though they do not appear to have wings. How can a unicorn fly without wings?

The crew was ready to wrap things up after that. You can see that Josh was just managing to get on his feet, when the clouds suddenly tilted way back and the unicorn tails magically grew longer, making it much, much harder to hang on.

I think it actually took another 45 minutes or so for Christmas to drop, utilizing the instructions she received beforehand. She was told exactly how she was supposed to land on her cloud to avoid further damage to her shattered foot.

And this ANNOYING crawl worked it's way across my screen several times during the BB finale. I don't have Direct TV, so I don't give a crap about Direct TV dropping the local CBS affiliate. Read on here: http://bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com/2017/09/sometimes-its-okay-to-blame-victim-bb19.html

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