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Sometimes Bad News is Fun to Watch
09/12/17 03:02 AM

Sometimes Bad News is Fun to Watch. #BB19
Monday, September 11, 2017
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Yesterday afternoon, Paul took a meeting with Alex where he told her that he would not be using the PoV on her, leaving her on the block for eviction. It was a rather tense conversation, but Alex was mostly calm and kept her face down.

Paul: I really think I can win this year, but I can't win against you. It sucks, but I have to do this.

Alex: It just kills me that I put you in front of Jason. You should have saved him with the PoV, not me.

At one point Paul compared losing Alex this week to losing Victor last year at this same time. Alex nods, understanding the comparison. And as they began to wrap up, Paul told Alex that she could still try and swing the votes with Josh and Christmas, once again trying to make sure an evictee blames anyone else but him.

Later on BBAD, the same thing that we've seen for the past few nights continued, with Christmas, Josh and Paul gathering together to congratulate themselves over all they've accomplished.

(Or all of PAUL'S accomplishments, actually.)

The three of them started cursing every time it looked like Alex or Kevin might be approaching the spiral staircase upstairs, to join them. (AS IF.)

(And check out this BBAD news crawl...)

Paul is very dramatic about how he lost Victor last year at this time. Josh asked if Paul ever sees Victor now, but the camera wasn't focused on Paul's face, only Josh's face. I did not hear Paul say "yes", but he did say that Josh "will see Victor.....and he's crazy".

Christmas: No one will remember Kevin. They will remember Alex, and Jason, but they won't remember Kevin. Because he DID NOTHING!

Well, I can't wait for Christmas to learn that we don't think she did ANYTHING but bend over and take it from Paul all season, including him GIVING her the HoH title twice. And Paul has also been planting seeds with Josh about Christmas, trying to be sure Josh will cut her at the end, instead of him. Which is actually what Christmas told Josh to do, as well. We'll remember you Christmas, don't worry about that. Read on here: http://bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com/2017/09/sometimes-bad-news-is-fun-to-watch-bb19.html

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* Sometimes Bad News is Fun to Watch
Dreamer Administrator
09/12/17 03:02 AM
xx * Great comments on the linked article in response to Paul's condescending, know-it-all remarks to Kevin re Kevin's calling sprinkles "jimmies."
09/12/17 12:57 PM
xx * Agreed, great comments. Jimmies! NT
09/12/17 07:20 PM
xx * What was Paul's comic? I haven't seen the episode. NT
09/12/17 05:27 AM
xx * We'll see Paul's and the other houseguests comics on the Wednesday episode NT
Dreamer Administrator
09/12/17 03:25 PM
xx * yeah i haven't seen pauls NT
09/12/17 02:13 PM

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