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I'm Ready to Cross That Fine Line
09/03/17 03:08 PM

I'm Ready to Cross That Fine Line. #BB19
Sunday, September 3, 2017
By FeedWatcher

The march to the end and right off the cliff continues. Paul won the PoV last night.

I'm not clear if they threw it to Paul or not, but Bobby Moynihan, of Saturday Night Live fame was in the backyard during the competition to promote his new show on CBS, premiering on September 25th. Bobby is a very talented guy, but I can't help thinking that he looks like Artie Lange. And that Artie could have had this life, if he didn't have his crippling addictions and constant compulsion to annihilate himself.

Everyone was excited about meeting Bobby, and the energy he brought to the backyard. He mentioned his wife's name was Brynne, and their infant daughter Gracie, so be prepared to hear the house guests drop references to their new friends for the next week.

Paul seems like he's exhausted. I'm sure he knows that the last major obstacle to his victory will be gone on Thursday. Josh is making some noises to Christmas that he sees Paul's game, but even if Paul is on the block during the Double Eviction, I don't think Josh would have the votes to evict him.

So this win was a big one for Paul. He's not at risk this week, of course, but now his biggest target is gone. Everyone else in the game feels they are working closely with him. And now he'll have Alex clinging to him for safety, too, a stickier presence than ***** Trejo the Toucan.

Everyone played in the PoV comp except Josh, who was sitting on the sidelines with Bobby Moynihan. Someone asked Bobby what his favorite season of BB is, and he said "this one".

Paul: But what's he gonna say, he hates this season?

Josh got the distinct impression that Bobby was an admirer of Paul.

Josh: Have you met him before?

Paul: Him? No. I didn't even know that he followed me. That's dope.

The players wore suspenders and denim shorts. The girls' shorts had elastic bands in the back, which in my opinion gave the rear view a very unflattering appearance. And I'm talking about Alex and Raven here---I don't think that Christmas played, but I'm not sure about that.

It might have been a new competition, and there was a boxing ring and they went through rounds, I think. There was something kicking them from behind and Jason said he never really felt it, but Alex did. There was also some sort of dancing involved, and Christmas thought Raven would do better than she did. Read on here: http://bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com/2017/09/im-ready-to-cross-that-fine-line-bb19.html

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* I'm Ready to Cross That Fine Line
Dreamer Administrator
09/03/17 03:08 PM
xx * OMG I thought he was Artie Lange !!! Ooops. NT
09/05/17 04:03 PM
xx * The show has jumped the shark, we are all just circling for the end already! NT
09/04/17 08:16 AM
xx * I haven't watched an episode in 3 weeks, just following here. Seems inevitable that Paul will be F2. If someone finally targets him, I'll tune in NT
09/04/17 10:19 AM

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