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Full transcript of Paulie/Zak argument. Extremely long! 8:50 pm on 08/02, feed 3 & 4. Good read for Non-feeders!
08/03/16 03:25 AM

First, a synopsis as simple as I can make it, about what Zak/Paulie are arguing about.

Zakiyah told Paullie that Michelle conveyed to her some concern about Victor being aware and mad about 3 people in their group whispering together, in front of Victor.

According to Zaki, Michelle was concerned about Victor feeling some type of way about the whispering. Paulie believes (or claims to believe) that Zakiyah is lying about this.

Paulle claims to believe that Victor did NOT tell Michelle about the whispering. He claims to believe that Michelle is the one who complained about the whispering to Victor.

He claims that Michelle told Zakiyah that Michelle hates it when those 3 people whisper together. He further claims that Zakiyah twisted the facts to say that Victor said it, instead of Michelle saying it. He is claiming to believe this because he says James told someone this information, who then relayed it to him (Paulie). He will not tell Zaki who told him the information.

His second accusation against Zakiyah is that she lied to Paulie about who was in the bumper car room when the conversation between Zakiyah and Michelle happened. Zakiyah claims she forgot or dismissed the fact that James was sleeping in one of the bumper cars, and when Paulie asked her if someone else was in the room she said it was only Zakiyah and Michelle, because James being in there seemed so unimportant, she had to stop and actually remember he was there.

Again, according to Paulie, James was in the bumper car room, heard the conversation and told someone else, who told Paulie a version that differed from Zakiyah's version.

Now, here is the argument between Zak and Paulie.

Paulie: What's going on?

Zakiyah: I don't know. About anything anymore.

Paulie: I told you what was going on.

Zakiyah: No, I feel like you had a moment. And you didn't finish your moment. And I don't know.

Paulie: You were sitting there, saying that people were holding Information from you. And I gave you 2 chances to say information that I knew were facts--

Zakiyahk: About WHAT? I don't understand....

Paullie: Z, I trust you 100%. I trust the 5 100%. But if you want Information, I give you all the Information.

Zakiyah: (raises voice) I give YOU all the Information.

Paulie: I just put you on the spot for 2 pieces of information....

Zakiyah: (frustrated, seems confused about what he is talking about) About WHAAAT?

Paulie: Which makes me feel like, where is the information I'm giving to you ACTUALLY going?

Zakiyah repeats what Paullie just said, as If she is trying to understand where he is coming from: "Where the information you give to me is actually going."

Paullie: Yes.

Zakiyah: About...whaaaaat. Because If there's anything you tell to me, I feel like I tell Michelle. Is that not who I'm supposed to be talking to? Do I not need to talk to her? Like...

Paullie: When?

Zakiyah: At all. In general. Like I talked to her yesterday....

Paullie: About what though? I'm not talking about the 'on the block' stuff.

Zakiyah: About....that's it.

Paullie: I'm talking about where I say to you, like "Look Z, this information Is ONLY for you."

Zakiyah stares, thinking about what she could have said to Michelle that Paullie is referring to.

Paullie continues: Like the stuff I tell you when I'm like, "The only people I tell this to is you and Corey."

Zakiyah still thinking, long pause, throws her hands up in question: Is there something I told Michelle? Like...

Paullie: No, no no. This Is not me doing anything. This is me---just, that's my thought of being like.... (puts emphasis on each word) Where. Is. My. Information. Going.

Zakiyah silent, thinking.

Paullie: Is It going anywhere? If not, fine. Because there was really no reason to lie...about what Michelle actually said in the room. And If there was anybody in the room.

Zakiyah: Mmmm. Ok. Well....

Paullie: And that was basically it for me.

Zakiyah: Oh. Well, ok. I don't know. That just made me not wanna....It made me not....I don't know. (sighs deeply)

Paullie: It made you not wanna what?

Zakiyah: Not wanna deal with anything (throws her hands up, as If she gives up)

Paullie: Deal with what? What's there to deal with?

Zakiyah: No, you're making me feel some type of way, like I did something to you.

Paullie: You didn't do anything to me. You just lied about 2 things that I---

Zakiyah: Lied about....what did I lie about? (puts her hands to her head and then holds them up In confusion).

She continues: What did I lie about? Can you just tell me flat out? Like if I felt like you lied to me I'd tell you....

Paullie: I told you. I just told you. I said I asked you If that's really what Michelle told you in the room. And I asked you if there was anybody else In the room.

Zakiyah: (as if she is trying to lay it out clearly, once and for all) Michelle and I were in the bumper cars yesterday, taking a nap. She said, "Yeah the 3 of them were talking yesterday or whatever, I feel like I don't know information," or some sh*t like that or whatever. And I was like, "Oh really? Well why don't you just talk to them or whatever. Cause If you feel some type of way you should talk to them."

Zakiyah continues: She (Michelle) was like "They need to be careful. Victor was sitting right next to me, and he (Victor) pointed it out to me." That's what she said, that it is exactly what Victor said to her. That's it. I didn't care about it. Because it's ya'll 3. I trust you and them. I don't know if I trust Nicole or whatever, but at least if you're in the same room then I trust it...like, cool. So...that's IT.

Paulie (with a smirk) But...it WASN'T just you and Michelle in that room when she said that information.

Zak: Well, who else would it have been? Like...

Paulie: Look---

Zak: I don't CARE if there was someone else in the room.

Paulie: The information came to me not directly from the other person in the room. But let's think about who that other person would have talked to, to get it back to me. But what I'm saying is....the reason that I knew that Michelle DIDN'T say that Victor was the one that said information, is cause the information was from the person in the room. And you know exactly who that person was. Which is why, as you're still sitting here trying to say there was only 2 people in the room, there was THREE people in the room.

Zak throws her hands up: I don't KNOW who was in the room. I wasn't sitting there counting...Paulie. If it was me, I would be like straight up. Say what you have to say or whatever.

Paulie: I was straight up. I don't know how much MORE I can be with what I literally just said. (has an intense smirk/smile, as if he is about to laugh.)

Zak: I don't know like who---what....I don't know. You're making me feel like I'm...

Paulie: You said it. Out in the Tokyo room. James was in the room. James was in the room.

Zak: Ok.

Paulie: James was 100% in the room.

Zak: Ok. (has a confused look on her face)

Paulie, laughingly: So why you gonna say there was only 2 people in the room.

Zak: Are you including me?

Paulie: Yeah, including you.

Zak: Ok, well...1, 2, 3? Like...

Paulie gives her a tilt of the head, and a smirk.

Zak: Ok, somebody's pretending to sleep in the bumper car, it is what it is , what are you...what do you want me to saaay? Like...

Paulie, looking at her like she is a 5 year-old with frosting on her lips, saying she didn't eat any cake. He says: I mean, there is a difference between 2 people being in the room, and 3 people being in the room.

Zak: Well, 1, 2, 3...so what. It's a different story? Like, that's what she said to ME. That's what she said to me.

Paulie looks at Zak. Long pause. He says: No it wasn't.
He is sitting on the floor, knees to his chest, resting elbows on his chest and rocking back and forth slightly. Still with the look of catching 5-year old with frosting.

Zak: Ok, so now I'm a liar. Do we need to get James in here? I don't mind being straight up. We can get all 3 of them (Michelle, James, and the person James supposedly told the info to) in the room.

Paulie: That's not really how I like to play. But...if you want to do it that way, then that's fine.

Zak: I could care less. Because that's what she said.

Paulie: Look, there's 5 of us that are playing the game, alright? Now if she's (Michelle) feeling a type of way, that's one thing. If she said that information in front of Vic, she doesn't know how Vic is going to take that information, and go. And then, she came into a room and she said that AGAIN, without realizing that another person was in the room. How does she know how HE (James) would have tooken that? And now, all of the sudden 5 people get blown up because of the actions of one? And that's why I'm saying, where's my information that is ONLY going here, going? Because when I asked you, did she really say those words verbatim.

Zak: She didn't say it "verbatim," she didn't say word for word the exact...but she put it in the exact same kind of way.

Paulie: In the context of, Vic leaned over and said it, Michelle didn't lean over Vic and say it. Because the information that came from the 3rd party in the room.

Zak; I wasn't outside, Paulie. So I wouldn't know if she said the same...

Paulie: But you knew what she said to you in the room with 3 people. And now what you're saying she said, doesn't match up with what the 3rd person in that room is saying.

Zak: Ok well, that's what she said to ME. Unless he heard a different version while he was pretending to sleep...I don't know. I don't know.

Paulie: But also the fact that you didn't realize he was in the room.

Zak: I didn't take offense to it like, "Oh really? They were outside and they were talking, like da da da..." I could have got mad about it, I could have felt some type of way...I could have felt like maybe they're lying about something. I could taken it any kind of way. But I'm just like, "Ok. Well it's the 3 of them. What's the big deal?"

Paulie: And I don't care if it's the 2 of you talking. But, there was the 3rd person in the room. And both of you knew the 3rd person was there. So why was anything spoken about, and why did YOU lie about there being a 3rd person in the room when I said that?

Zak, frustrated. Presses fingertips into her eyeballs. She says: What do you MEAN I lied about....because---

Paulie laughs: I asked you point blank.

Zak: I didn't sit there and think about James...

Paulie: Well, why wouldn't you? I asked you so I asked you, was it just you and Meech in the room. You said there was nobody else in the room.

Zak: Because I really had to think about it. I was like, ok....who was in there taking a nap? Oh, ok James was in there. Who, James? Ok, James. But I wasn't talking to James, I was talking to Michelle. It was a conversation that we were having. I feel like you're trying to make it deeper than what it is.

Paulie: No, I'm not trying to make it deeper than what it is.

Zak, long sigh: Ohhhhhh.

Paulie: I'm just saying, you were trying to say I with hold information when I don't with hold information from you.

Zak, rests chin in her hand looking up at the celing: I guess we just talk way different. Cause I feel like, if I knew there was a person or whatever, like yeah yeah yeah, such and such. He was lying there in the bumper car. I wasn't talking to him, I was talking to Michelle. He was over here, I was talking to Michelle. I was getting that information, I was like cool, it was just them (3 people whispering). Whatever. What do you want me to saaay?

Paulie: In a room. If people are whispering in a room, even if someone is on the other end of that room. That tiny ass room...

Zak: He wasn't on the other end of the room. He was like 2 bumpers...

Paulie: Ok so even more so...a conversation that is just between you two about the other 3 should be spoken about in front of, like that information. Information like that. Like, "They are always like this!" (referring to the 3 people whispering)

Zakiyah's eyes tilt up to ceiling, as if she is thinking hard, trying to understand his point.
She says: What did he say that I said? (she is incredulous, as if thinking there has to be more to this than the conversation about the 3 whispering people).

She continues: What did I say that was like, so major? (she rubs her eyes)

Paulie (looks amused) : I don't understand what's so hard to understand, like what the problem is where me asking you, WAS it just you and Michelle in the room and you said yes, nobody else was in the room. But there was a 3rd person in the room. (camera zooms in on Paulie's left hand, fingers pinched together, using it to emphasize point.)

Camera zooms back out, Paulie has amused look on his face while Zaki is exasperated.

Zaki: You're gonna get mad at me cause I had to sit there and think about it?

Paulie: I'm not mad. (tight smile on his face, forehead wrinkled up) I'm not mad at all. He gestures with his hands sharply: I'm not mad. I don't understand why YOU'RE freaking out.

Zak: I'm not---

Paulie: Good, then there's no reason.

She says he is not being direct with her.

Paulie: Were you being direct with me when I asked you 3 questions? (He is smiling through all of this.)

Zak: I would have been like, "Are you sure Vic wasn't outside with you?"

Paulie: I know for a fact that Vic was outside. If you were like, "Was Vic not sitting next to Michelle?" I'm like, No he was 100%. But then as soon as Michelle was done saying that to him, he walked right over and said, "Michelle just said this."

Paulie looks over at Zak, with a stern, intense glare. He purses his lips.

Zaki seems confused: Hmm? What did you just say?

Paulie: I said exactly what I said downstairs. That after Michelle got done talking to Vic, he walked over and said, "Michelle just said this to me."

Zak: Ok. Well, I'm letting YOU know, that Michelle said that Vic said that to HER. Unless they was outside and it was a completely different scenario.

Paulie: And the 3rd person who was in that room, also, makes THAT statement false. (gives her the look that he just caught her in a lie.)

Zak: Ok. Well, I don't know what you want me to tell you. Unless she's lying to ME, I don't know what to tell you. Unless he's trying to prove something to YOU, I don't know what to tell you but--

Paulie protests, and Zak claps her hands, throws them up in surrender.
She says: I hope to God, when you get outta here, when it's all said and done and they replay everything, you see what the F*** really happened. Cause I can sit here and say it all day, and you're just not going to believe anything. I don't understand how I go from telling you every single thing since week 1--

Paulie: Look--

Zak: ...to this. Like...

Paulie, pointing his index finger for emphasis, his lips very tight, voice low and he is looking at the floor, he says: Zakiyah, there is no reason for you to flip out.

Zak exasperated: Oooooooh!

Paulie: And right now, THOSE kind of comments don't make me feel a certain way.

Zak: Okay!

Paulie: Live feeds. Replays. I don't give a F**K what I watch after this.

Zak seems to resign: Alright.

Paulie: I care about what gets cross referenced. I care about what information that I'm able to cross reference.

Zak keeps saying: Ok, ok. Alright. Well...

Paulie: And you know that. And you're gonna come at me and say you feel like I with hold information, and I say I don't.

Zak: I didn't say---I said I felt like you're not being open. You're not being direct with me.

Paulie: Oh. I'm being direct.

Zak: I don't care. Paulie, I don't care anymore.

Paulie: You get more information and more detailed information.

Zak: I'm getting flustrated.

Paulie: What are you frustrated about?

Zak: I'm like, what am I doing TO you? What am I doing?

Paulie chortle/laughs and looks at the floor. He says: Is this how you're gonna try and flip it? Z...you're doing nothing. You're doing nothing to me, which is why this isn't a big deal. But if you wanna turn it, and be like what am I doing to you, I don't understand.

Zak puts both palms on cheeks: Ok I'ma shut up. I'm not....

Paulie: I'm saying, Z...this is the info, this is what was checked. I thought us 5 had something where it was like, we're chillin'.

Zak looks like she's about to cry.

He continues: That's it, we're chillin'. And all of the sudden, comments are being made. And I'm bringing it to your attention why that's a dangerous thing. Especially what I said to you last night when I was like, look, if she's (Michelle) being upset and vocalizing about it, that's a dangerous thing. Cause we don't know how other people are going to take the information.

Zak: I can understand that. I get that.

Paulie: There's no witholding information. That's it, that's what it was.

(Ed. When Zak is referring to with holding information, she is talking about when she asked him who the person was that reported the conversation to him. When she asked him who it was, he would not tell her, dismissing her question with the answer that it is not important who said it.)

Paulie: And I gave you my reasons for what I told you I was going to talk to Michelle about.

Zak: I get it. I understand why you are frustrated.

Paulie: I'm NOT frustrated.

Zak: Well, I understand how you would feel however you are feeling right now. I was just....I don't know. You confuse the hell outta me. That was one thing. And then the fact that you said I don't have to worry about where you got this information....I was like, that's already the 2nd time somebody's done that to me back to back, so I'm like, Am I in the dark about something? Like what?

Paulie laughs: Alright. 2nd time SOMEBODY did that. That's the first time "I" did that.

Zak: Ok, well can you understand why it would be frustrating to me?

Paulie, sarcastic: I don't know. Can you understand how it would be frustrating when I asked you questions about with holding information and you did the exact same thing?

Zak exasperated again: I-I--I don't even want to talk to you right now.

Paulie: I don't HAVE to talk to you. You wanted me to come up here and talk to you.

Zak begins to cry.

Paulie: I'm just saying, you wanted me to come up here and talk. I'm talking.

Zak crying: You don't have to talk to me. This is like, honestly if you don't think I have your back....if you feel like I'm being malicious or whatever just like....

Paulie calm, with a slight smile as Zak cries. He says: Did those words come out of my mouth?

Zak: That's how I'm feeling right now. (crying)

Paulie: Did those words come out of my mouth?

Zak: I don't know. Like, I don't know what your intensions is when you're talking to me. I'm telling you what I know!

Paulie calm, matter of fact: I'm giving you information. I'm telling you how I interpreted certain information and I'm giving it to you.

Zak very upset, whimpers.

Paulie, same matter of fact tone: Is THAT not what you wanted me to do? Is that being malicious?

Zak cries: I'm saying, if you don't want to have this conversation with me, then don't have the conversation with me. I asked because I felt....I'm just gonna feel stupid if I'm sitting up here every damn time when I go into the DR and I say I trust this person (Paulie).

Tears down Zak's cheeks. She says; You're always the first think that comes off my F*ing mouth and it's like you're acting like this towards me and making me feel WEIRD.

Paulie, calm: I'm not acting any type of way. I'm literally giving you information. Look, these are the questions I asked. These are the answers you gave me.

Zak: Ok! (crying)

She tells him that if there is any serious information, she is going to tell him. She will tell him what people say, and what she feels. She will tell him if there is something is major.

Zak: I don't know what's going through your head. The way you approach me with certain information it's just...

Paulie, has a look like Zak is being ridiculous: But you do. Because I tell you what's going on in my head. Every time you ask me if there's something different. I"m like, No. It's the same. I told you I take it week to week. And that's how I take it.

Zak still tearful but pulling it together: Ok. Well, Paulie, you have to understand that Zakiyah is going to feel some type of way if you say, "Don't worry about who said this, and if somebody says it again, it's gonna be like well...it's two people that I wanna trust in this house (Ed. she is referring to James and Michelle, I think?) So why are they doing this to me? I'm GONNA feel some type of way. I'M gonna feel some type of way.

Paulie: Ok, if you wanna feel some type of way because I was giving you chance 1, chance 2, chance 3 to say it....

Zak not crying now, she starts to fight back: Ok, my feeling is if you are going to do that then you don't trust me. And my thing is if you don't trust me then just leave me...just--just leave me alone. Because I feel like I've been loyal!

Paulie: Hm.

Zak continues: Like I been loyal to this one, and this one (referring to people in her group).

Paulie: Z, if I didn't trust you I would say "Z, I don't trust you."

Zak: Ok.

Paulie: But if I'm coming to you with certain information, I'm not even gonna take it a certain way because I'll sit here and be logical and be like, ok maybe it WAS a mistake. Maybe she DIDN'T think there was another person in the room. Two bumper cars away. And I'll logically be like, ok. She could have missed that. And they BOTH could have missed that. So TWO people could have missed that there was ANOTHER person in the room when information and conversations were happening. Two people who happen to be part of a 5 person thing that I thought was going on.

Zak seems to have lost hope at this point. A lot of "Ok's" and "alright's".

Paulie continues: And I'm still going to stick with that and protect it no matter what. But if MY information is going to YOU and it's going somewhere else....

Zak getting heated again, very frustrated and incredulous: Whyyyyy wouuuuld it BE though? WHAT information...that you tell ME...getting relayed to---

Paulie: I'm not saying it's gotten back to me that anything has. I'm saying what it has been.

Zak resigned again: Alright. Alright Paulie. No.

Paulie: Ok. That's fine. If you wanna be a certain way....

Zak: I'm not being a certain way. It's just, you're making me feel...

Paulie: You're making it seem like it's more than it is. Malicous...none of that was said. I'm literally speaking about a specific situation where I asked 2 questions. And I asked another question, making it 3 in total to try and figure out one situation. And you lied about all 3 things. And that's my thing.

Zak: I lied about all 3...ok WHAT 3 things. The one I'm thinking about right now is the fact that I didn't pick up on the fact that James was in the room initially.

Paulie: Mmhhm.

Zak: And then...

Paulie: And what Michelle said when she actually walked into the room.

Zak: When Michelle said that Victor was sitting next to her, and they both were picking up on the fact that ya'll were all 3 talking over there, and that's it. (her eyes are wide, in a look of resignation and disbelief.)

Paulie: That's not it.

Zak: What IS it?

Paulie: You know the 3 questions I asked you. And the first one was, So it was just you 2 in the room? Yes. Ok. Then, (2nd question) That's what Michelle said, 100%? Yes. And it didn't have to be verbatim. I don't care if it's verbatim. But the idea of the information going from Victor to Michelle and not Michelle to Victor.

Zak: Ok, so I didn't pick up on the fact that James was in the room initially, ok.

Paulie: And the 3rd one being, Are you SURE someone was not in the room?

Zak: And I said Yes! Because I didn't think about the fact that he was sleeping in the---ok Paulie so these are lies to you. So I'm a liar. I'm a liar to you.

Paulie: If you wanna make this some dramatic thing....

Zak: I'm not mak--

Paulie: And make it bigger than what it is....I'm not calling you a general liar. I'm not calling you a general malicious person, I'm not saying you have ulterior motives.

Paulie shrugs his shoulders casually and says: What? Those 3 things right there to somebody who is upset at having information with held from them....KINDA makes you seem phony.

Zak: WOW.

Paulie shrugs again: That's what I'm saying. If you wanna play it like that, and be like am I this? Am I that?

Zak: WOW.

Paulie: Yeah. If you're sitting here saying why you with holding information...

Zak exasperated again: I didn't say with holding information but I don't understand why your'e not giving me a name. Like I....

Zak covers her eyes with her hands and says: Oh my God. This is playing out so freaking WRONG. This is playing out so WRONG. That's NOT what it is. I'm trying to say that's not what it is. You're thinking of it that way...that's not what it IS! I'm sorry! I apologize on everything. If I didn't think about the fact that James was sleeping there, I really had to sit there and think! You seen me like sitting there trying to think. Like Yeah, James did nap right there. I'm sorry I didn't pick up on that!!!

Paulie: That's fine. (he looks at her with a slight smile)

Zak: That's what Michelle told me. If she's giving you something else it's probably because she fears your ass.

Paulie: She didn't---I haven't spoken to her about it at all.

Zak throws her hands up: Ok so.....

She resigns again, crying: I'm phony. (shakes her head) Very distraught.

She says: I don't know what else to say right now. I feel stupid!

Paulie, amused expression on his face: You need to relax.

Zak: I'm tryin' to...you know like.....uhhh my God. (crying)

Paulie sits there and stares at her blankly.

Zak wiping tears from cheeks. She says: I'm phony. (closes her eyes)

Paulie openly laughing, clearly amused. He says: So, THAT'S what you're going to take from the entire thing (makes a circle with his index finger in the air). I said it makes you SEEM phony. (big smile) so now all of the sudden you're gonna say "I'm phony."

Zak is frustrated, crying, protesting in sputters.

Paulie laughing, taunting, does a "weighing out" gesture with hands: So, "makes you SEEM" and "I AM" are the same thing.

Zak with wet cheeks, eyes narrow: Oh my God. I don't know what you're trying to do.

He continues same sarcastic amusement: They are two separate things. I'm literally taking what you're saying, when you say "I'm phony" and I'm saying so THAT'S the only piece of information that she took out of this entire conversation. Ok.

She interrupts him and he laughs.

Zak: What do you want to KNOW. What do you really want to know???

Paulie: I don't want to know ANYTHING. Anything that needs to be known is right here. I said we take it by a week to week basis. What's right in front of us? Two people we can make a choice as to who we want out. That's it. Whichever way the 5 people want it to go...is how it goes. (makes a sharp motion with his hands to emphasize) It's simple.

He is matter of fact. Zak quiet.

Paulie: There's nothing that needs to be known cause there's no information to be known at this point. That's why I don't understand why you're flippin' out. I thought you just wanted to talk to me about....whatever. You left the room. People came in like, "She seems pissed," I'm like ok. So I figured it was just about something you might be upset about and we were just having another talk.

Zak depleted, right side of face resting in open right hand, tears on cheeks.
She says; No, you did not think that. That conversation was not finished. We didn't get sh*t accomplished. I said there was other things I wanted to talk about and then this all happened. I did not expect any of this to take place. (makes circle motion with index finger)

Paulie: Well, what did you wanna talk about?

Zak: Paulie, I don't know if sh*t matters at this point. If you don't trust me for whatever reason, and sh*t seems phony then hell, get me out next week since I seem like this kind of person to you. (Ed. Paulie has been talking about doing just that, since at least yesterday)

Paulie: I never said those words. But if those are the things that you wanna put together, that's on YOU. Cause those words didn't come out of my mouth.

Zak: I just don't know right now. (she's very upset again) You're being cold right NOW!

Paulie: I'm talking logically. TO you.

Zak: But you're being F*ing cold about it!

Paulie: Do you want me to be passionate? And be emotional about it, and upset about it? (He is nonchalant and flashes a quick smile) I'm gonna talk logically about it. I'm logical when I talk. When I talk logically to you, I'm gonna talk to you like an adult. Like you're an adult, you can take this information, process it and then give it back to me.

Zak is silent. Paulie stares at her. She seems at a loss of what to say.

Paulie laughs again. He says: I'm like, I don't even understand why you're freaking out. I've shown you ways of what I will do to keep you out of potentially harm's way.

Zak: I felt the same way.

Paulie laughs out loud: You felt the same way! So I should be under a generalization of where (he mocks her, throws his hands up and does an imitation of a freak out) He says: Ohhh that's it! You don't trust me anymore! You FELT the same way. (now very sarcastic, speaking fast) That's past tense, it's not present tense, it's not future tense!"

He drops his arms and looks at her with a taunting expression. Laughs again and shrugs his shoulders.

Zak: (hard to hear, something about talking logically) I just put two and two together. I just thought that because you knew that I genuinely CARE about you, that I'm gonna tell you everything.

She shakes her head and starts crying again. She whispers, mostly to herself: That's my fault.

Paulie stares at her blankly.

Zak picks her finger nails and says softly: I'm not doin' it. No more.
Her eyebrows are pursed, she is looking down at nails, shaking her head. Very distraught.

Paulie states clearly: Ok then. I guess information HAS been a one way street then. (says something inaudible as Zak says No in protest)

He says: I guess that's nothing new.

Zak: That's not....you're...you don't realize how you're doing this to me but you're just like...you're--you're---you're making me feel....like bad.

She laughs: I don't know how to say anything to you. (smiles as if this is so ridiculous) I don't know how to TALK to you. You're like the first person I ever, like I don't know how to talk to you. I thought my loyalty was enough and...I guess it's not.

Paulie: What makes you think it's not? Because I'm asking you a reason?

Zak: No, because you're treating me like THIS right now!

Paulie: I'm treating you! (he smiles again) I'm having a CON-VER-SATION. That's the main thing that I can NOT wrap my head around is that YOU relate it TO--treating you a certain way. Emotional...this....whereas, I'm talking to you logically.

Zak stares blankly: Okay Paulie.

Paulie: Relaying information to you.

Zak: Ok.

Paulie smiling: Ok. Alright.

He looks up at her and quickly says: Like, I'm not gonna feel bad! By you saying this. Like I care for you, emotionally, whatever it is. But if I'm logically talking to you like, look there's this information....

Zak staring down, blank and confused.

Paulie continues: Um....why'd you lie about it? And I just want to know genuinely why you lied about it. If you say "I didn't know" then ok, she didn't lie about it. She just didn't know. Ok.

Zak: You keep saying I'm lying about it. Like i'm lying! Like, you lie, you lie, you lied about it...my thing is I didn't realize.

She is getting very frustrated again, throws her hands up like she's in church and says: I swear on everything I LOVE that I didn't realize!

Paulie: Then that's it.

Zak throws her head back and hands on face in frustration.

Paulie still sitting with elbows resting on knees. He says: Then you didn't lie. Then, you just didn't know. You just had different information.

Zak crying. Distraught. There is a long silence.

Zak says: Now what?

Paulie, very matter of fact, says: I'd like to keep it to what I initially said. (shrugs) If you feel a certain type of way, and I need to worry about you, then that's it. (shrugs)

Zak: You never had a reason to worry about me.

Paulie shrugs again: That's it. You don't have to have a reason either.

Zak: Paulie you don't trust me for whatever reason. You don't. You don't trust me, because---

Paulie: If I question a situation....

Zak: You questioned a situation....

Paulie does chopping hand motion, finger pointing (imagine Tom Cruise when he is frustrated with his brother in Rainman) : "A" situation. One situation. One single situation. (raises eyebrows, as if he has made an obvious point)

Zak: I don't GET it though. There's been times where I AM a little---I'll feel some type of way because I trust you. Because I never had to question you. These are things I think and I feel, but I don't say sh*t to you, I just go about my day because I TRUST you. I don't probe your mind, I don't question you...I don't do that to you.

Paulie: Do I probe your mind?

Zak: Like TODAY! You did! I don't care anymore. I will never do this again. Like....if anyone's ever asked me I said I trust you 100%.

Paulie, voice low and flat: Are you trying to infer that my answer is something different?

Zak: No! I'm not saying....ok. You're making me out to be this person that I'm not.

Paulie: No, I'm really not. We're just having a conversation about it.

He pauses.

Then says; You know like we're sitting there last night, arms around each other....everything. I don't understand why YOU would think something else. Even IF I'm questioning you about it.

Zak: (refers to the intimacy) This could be strategy for you. I could be that way....

Paulie: I could say the same thing.

Zak: And that's never going to be the case.

Paulie: Yeah but then why do YOU have to think that. I don't care about who's playing devil's advocate where. Like in your DR session, they do that with everybody.

He raises his voice like a coach and says: So if THAT'S what puts the sh*t in your head, you need to be stronger minded! If i'm being honest.

Zak: They didn't put that in my head. I was thinking that it could be.

Paulie: Then where did that information come from?

Zak being bolder: My DAMN self!

Paulie: No it didn't. Day said it to you.

Zak: No! Yeah she said it by my thing is before then---

Paulie: That's just like her saying I got a F*ing girl at home, like who the F**K are you to say that! Sorry. I could have said the same sh*t about you. I'm not gonna sit here and have an argument every--single--f*ing--time! We sat there last night, I had my arms around you, you think it's strategy...go ahead.

Zak protests: No no no...I said I could have said that. Could have, could have...back then.

Paulie: You're still trying to say it now. And when I'm like, Look....

Zak tells him again he is being cold. He denies it.

Paulie: I ain't being cold.

Zak: You are.

Paulie: we're having a conversation. Well I'm sorry if I'm taken aback by how I COULD be sitting there warm, with my arms around somebody and then all of the sudden, (makes nasty face and shrugs shoulders). One conversation makes you pissed, wanna talk and then this conversation's happening and you wanna get emotional about it when I'm like look, this is what it is.

She says she's not being herself, because she's not gonna put herself out there.
She says: I'm not a F*ing actress. I'm a regular ass person.

Paulie: I'm not gonna put myself out there when you think I'm gonna be emotionless towards this sh*t. Like I have no emotion when it comes to F*ing you.

Zak: I'm not saying you have no emotion but I'm saying you're----you're playin'. Like You're playin' the game doing what you have to do.

Paulie: I told you that's what I was gonna do. I told you when it comes to us, I have emotions but when it comes to this sh*t I wanna do....there. I'm gonna be F*ing logical about it. Don't mix what I say there, what I wanna do there, with YOU.

He glares at her and then looks away.

She has her chin resting in both hands and looks tired.

Paulie: I'm never gonna say this is the strategy I wanna play out. I'm never gonna say is this the way she's thinking about me. Like, separate the thoughts.

Zak: I'm sorry you feel betrayed by me for whatever--

Paulie cuts her off harshly: Once again a word betrayed, that nobody said.

ZaK: I'm sorry I made you feel some type of way. I don't know what word. I'm not going to say words cause I feel like you're just going to jump down my throat.

Paulie: The conversation wasn't over but does it need to be this? I don't feel that type of way. I'm very logical.

He talks very fast about playing logical, says: Boom, here's the pieces, how do you play?

Zak just shakes her head.

Paulie: You try to make it be something way more complex than it is.

Zak says quietly: No I'm not.

Paulie: Yeah you are.

Zak: Don't tell me what I'm tryin' to do.

Paulie: Hmm?

Zak: Don't tell me what I'm tryin' to do.

Paulie gets up snappily, says sentence as if it is all one word: Ok this conversation is over Z.

He heads for the little door and says: I don't tell you anything. I don't tell you what you should or shouldn't do. We're playing the game and that's it.

He disappears through the little door.

Camera zooms in on Zakiyah as she cries. Paulie heads to HOH and motions for Paul to come up. Gives some type of hand signal to someone downstairs.

He proceeds to take Paul in HOH starts sharing information in rapid fashion.

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* Full transcript of Paulie/Zak argument. Extremely long! 8:50 pm on 08/02, feed 3 & 4. Good read for Non-feeders!
AuntieDee *
08/03/16 03:25 AM
xx * Every time I have read about this I think Paulie is a jerk.He made a big deal but hardly made sense.Z and him are to much. NT
08/08/16 11:39 AM
xx * sure seems like he really enjoyed that. NT
08/07/16 06:38 AM
xx * Thanks for transcribing AuntieDee! Also, Paulie is a weirdo for getting so bent about a non issue. It's not even a big deal and he is being a jerk. NT
08/03/16 05:28 PM
xx * It doesn't take much to set a serial abuser off. It's more about them feeling powerful & controlling over the woman. All about the beat down! NT
08/03/16 06:28 PM
xx * I've said all along that Paulie is a egotistical user jerk. Once, I was told I was out of line because
08/03/16 04:22 PM
xx * not a paulie fan~ but this is BB game not the bachelorette~ z is on the wrong show she practically lays on top of his shadow ~ he cant get away
08/04/16 10:19 AM
xx * Did Paulie Queeg ever find out who took the missing strawberries? NT
08/03/16 03:02 PM
xx * Paulie is a complete prick NT
08/03/16 02:15 PM
xx * wow thanks for the hard work NT
08/03/16 11:57 AM
xx * Yeast infection > Paulie
08/03/16 08:09 AM
xx * I haven't been this disgusted ever! But BB9 comes close. NT
08/03/16 04:30 PM
xx * Z is a head case and Paulie needs to drop her NT
08/03/16 07:46 AM
xx * She got caught in a lie, was confronted and then cried about it. NT
08/03/16 10:11 AM
xx * Disgusting to treat and berate her like this esp after he fingered her last night !
08/03/16 06:43 AM
xx * Very juvenile and woman-haterish NT
08/03/16 04:33 PM
xx * So, if you fool around, you are indebted to that person? Not in this reality. NT
08/03/16 10:12 AM
xx * No but he could have some empathy. He seems to enjoy hurting her. NT
08/03/16 04:39 PM
xx * Paulie/Zak Transcript
08/03/16 06:34 AM
xx * After reading this, I really understand now the feed watchers that dislike Paulie. NT
08/03/16 05:59 AM
xx * Thank you for taking the time to transcribe this AuntieDee NT
Dreamer Administrator
08/03/16 04:55 AM
xx * This was an amazing transcript. It was only difficult to read, because of Paulie's behavior. He's an ass. NT
08/03/16 05:54 AM

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