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BB19 September 6, TIME 1:12 a.m. (Cam 3/4 ) Wednesday - Josh talks to us about how is is feeling about Paul and their threesome. Summary inside
09/06/17 10:55 AM

In the HOH room:
Josh tells us that has been trying to talk to Christmas to let her know the game Paul is playing not because he doubts or does not trust Paul but that they must work together as a team. He understands the angle Paul must work as a vet, how he must work with everybody and what he does to win-more power to him. But, if they are a team then they need to do whatís right for the team. As business owners, as an athlete he thinks the three of them understand that. Christmas thinks he is trying to plant seeds, cause doubt and separate the team. That is not his intent and we could pay him right now as much as he needed 25,15,10,5 grand to turn on these people and he will say F* no. In his heart, there is not one doubt where he does not trust Paul. -Fished for several seconds at 1:14- He thinks being a fan of the show he can see Paulís great, aggressive, intense game but Josh is playing against Paul and with him. In Paulís plan, he needs to do things to benefit for the three of them. Paul reminds Josh of his brother. His brother does business for the company but he also does things for himself on the side. Josh does not work like that he is all for the company, the team, his family (and so is his brother). So, there is no mistrust or Josh wanting to turn on Paul he may not have the right words to say it though because when he sees something he instantly reacts and that has been his problem his whole life. Josh has connected the dots in this game, Paulís mindset and what he is doing. Josh wants his voice heard so everything that Paul plans they dissect it and do what is best for the team. Christmas thinks that is him creating doubt in the team and that is not Joshís intent. He canít have her believe that. But, he is not naÔve. He can see moves before they are made by connecting the dots. He can do that, he thinks a lot of other people in the house can do that too. Josh is a team player and he wants to win for his family but it is not only himself that he is looking out after but also Paul and Christmas. He knows Paul is looking out for the three of them (nods head) but Paul is protecting himself. Josh does not know if he should drop it because Christmas and him have gotten into arguments about it, sheís annoyed, itís gotten heated and they have both walked away from conversations (note: Josh has walked away days before on Christmas and she laid into him about it ,but Christmas has not actually walked away, she was going to but stayed and finished the conversation that proceed this soliloquy) He does not know whether to drop it because she is not seeing what he is seeing or he if needs to act on it. He is not going to turn on them but he is also not going to play someone elseís hand. Either they play together or they must sit down and talk. The one thing he thanks his family for and the business men in his family for is learning how to separate personal from business and this is business. He is trying to separate the two. He wants all three of them to win something, to be in the f3 and whoever wins-wins. He will be happy from the bottom of his heart for who in the three of them that wins but he also knows he is not going to have his game Ďtaintedí along the way to top three. Heís played a straight forward game and is not going to change his style for anybody. He is not going to start playing dirty for nobodyís gain or personal benefit (lol). Christmas is not seeing that. He can separate personal. He can separate business. He can separate game and he can separate personal. All they need to do is have a conversation. Paul is already in top three but he has his agenda in top three and is clueing them in little by little. Josh is connecting the dots and solving the puzzle and realizing why Paul is doing what he is doing. Doesnít mean Josh donít trust him. Doesnít me he wonít work with him. Doesnít mean he is going to clip him. Doesnít mean he wants to go against Paul. It just means pump the brakes and letís do what is best for the three of us, thatís it. He believes that the HGs have been underestimating himself this whole game and he has not been performing to the best of his abilities. He has given his best in every competition. Now it is a Ďdo or dieí situation and he needs to win every single competition and win 500k for his family. Now, he is cranking it up, zoning in and is locked into top three. He hopes that Paul clicks to his senses and realizes that what he is trying to pull is not what is best for the three of them. Josh is thinking about the three of them. At 1:20 Josh is done talking to us so he heads back downstairs.

If it makes you happy then why the hell are you so sad?

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* BB19 September 6, TIME 1:12 a.m. (Cam 3/4 ) Wednesday - Josh talks to us about how is is feeling about Paul and their threesome. Summary inside
LiZinTeXaS *
09/06/17 10:55 AM
xx * Thank you for posting that from one who can't get live feeds. NT
09/07/17 01:21 PM
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