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BB19 September 6, 12:06 am(Cam 1/2) Wednesday - Christmas and Josh conversation where Christmas gets upset with Josh transcript inside
09/06/17 09:56 AM

For those without live feeds, here is a summary of what was said during the conversation.

Christmas tells Josh if he wants to make sure Alex goes OTB and home this coming eviction then he needs to gun it and beat Paul for HOH since he will also be trying to win it. Josh thinks Alex will come for him and Christmas and she says no that Alex would come for Josh and Paul because getting Paul out would clear her path to win. They both agree they have played a clean and honest game with every hg this season. Josh is trying to break into Paulís brain and think like him. They also agree that Raven will not be a threat since she is very easy to throw off before a comp and she wonít win like Alex can. Christmas warns Josh to be careful what he says to Paul right now, he is sensitive. Josh says yes because Paul went straight to Jason when Josh has spoken to Paul about it earlier and acted like the target was on Paul, pairing Christmas and Josh up to Jason in the process of damage control. Josh then says he is not saying Paul did say that to Jason. Josh believes Paul does want them in f3 but that Paul wants to win and is putting the blood on Christmas and Josh. Josh questions why Paul would not put Alex straight up. Josh keeps sayingí Iím seeingí. Christmas saying ĎNoí. Christmas says either of them could be backdoored if Alex wins the veto. Josh thinks they have Raven and Paul does not and Paul sees that. Christmas chastises Josh for making a (showmance?) comment to Raven that she picked up on it and it makes Raven feel more alone in the game once Alex is gone. Josh says Raven is feeling weird because she is floating around. Josh says itís on next week. He is going to win HOH and Alex wonít win Veto and she will go. Josh says he would of won OTEV had he not stumbled on round 3. Christmas says No (lol). Josh says Paul has control over Kevin and Alex then he has us and he can have Raven take a shot at them. Christmas says Raven canít win anything. Christmas saying positive things about Paul winning HOH this week while Josh interrupts and says Paul wants to win so he can get them out in the next week. Christmas says she is uncomfortable with this whole conversation. Josh we have to have this conversation. That Paul has to protect his game but not to dirty theirs in the process. If Josh wins HoH then they donít have to have this conversation with Paul. Christmas says they have a plan already and they are sticking with it. Josh trying to say Paul is going to change it. Christmas upset by this and says she does not think Paul is going to harm their game just to protect one person. Josh saying that while Paul is protecting them he also looks at them as not threats. Christmas cuts him off and says ĎOk, Iím done with this conversationí Why? Sheís done- sheís pissy. Why? Because youíre giving me an earful of stuff thatís not. Josh cutting in-Christmas, Christmas listen to me. She says yes, I told you. Josh asks where are you going? Inside to listen to music. Why are you getting mad? Because I am hearing lots of things and it is not team related, itís not cool. She says donít tell me that you have come to the conclusion that is going to taint my opinion of this team, it is not cool so back off on it. Josh is trying to get a word in and asks can you hear me out? She says ďI didĒ. Josh says I donít look at Paul like that, with any different eyes. He said earlier in DR you could pay him 25k and he would not take a shot at either Christmas or Paul. No amount of money is going to change the man he is and the way he was raised. Until Paul crosses Josh, Josh will stick to him like white on rice. Christmas says ok, that is all I want to know so as far as Paul what he is doing for his game but if he deviates from their plan... Josh cuts in again and Christmas says Ďwill you listen to me?í If Paul goes against their plan and they do not agree then that is a betrayal so donít plant these seeds in my head. Josh says he is not planting seeds. He knows this because he is a superfan and he has seen this. Christmas says that is fine but Paul can play his game and they thereís and for Josh to stop planting seeds that Paul is not loyal. Josh says he never said that and Christmas says you didnít say it but you are implying that Paul is stacking his cards just in case one of them gets clipped and she does not accept that. Josh says ok can I tell you something because we cannot walk away from this conversation like this. Christmas agrees with that last statement 100 percent. Josh asks have I been wrong analyzing anyoneís game? Christmas wonít answer that, instead says Ďgo aheadí. Josh thinks Paul is protecting them but they are already protected and Paul is removing himself from them as a threesome which is smart. Josh saying Iím telling you over and over. Christmas, annoyed, asks telling me what Josh? Paul wants Raven to go before Alex. Christmas not comfortable with that (Raven going first) and Alex must go next. Josh says yes and that is a team move. Christmas says she donít blame Paul for trying since he has been playing his heart out this year, he got screwed last year coming in 2nd place. He came in as only vet and she understands his position. Josh says same. Christmas says she would not have gotten to where she is now without Paul and Josh so she understands what Paul is doing now and she is okay with that. She tells Josh he needs to work his own angle, that is what he should be doing also. Itís not like Paul is throwing us to the wolves and we have to figure it out. Josh saying itís not, itís not. Christmas does not want to hear that because it plants small seeds of doubt and she donít want to hear that right now. Josh keeps saying okay. Christmas saying that she is frustrated and that is all she is saying. Josh okay but I am not looking at him any different. Christmas says the tone of Josh's conversation and what he said was not team related. Josh Ďfrom the bottom of my heart, God knows this, his game unfolding in front of me has not made me lose any trust in him.í It has not made Josh turn on Paul, or look at him different. If anything, itís like Ďwe are a team pump the breaksí. Christmas says it makes you have to turn it up (win comps). She has known what Paul is doing since early on. Itís time for them to turn it up to get to f2. Paul comes out and conversation stops.

If it makes you happy then why the hell are you so sad?

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* BB19 September 6, 12:06 am(Cam 1/2) Wednesday - Christmas and Josh conversation where Christmas gets upset with Josh transcript inside
LiZinTeXaS *
09/06/17 09:56 AM
xx * paul will either win out or get 3rd place
09/06/17 03:04 PM
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