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BB19 September 1, 1:51 am(Cam:quad) Friday - Christmas's odd HOH letter mentions dates, friendship,tiger...text below
09/01/17 10:35 AM

Christmasís letter from Lindsey. X says ďI met her when I first moved to Raliegh in 2009Ē (that was 8 years ago not 10 like the letter says)
Hi Friend
Nugget (they call Aden nugget) and I made you a necklace as a little token to help when things get a little tough. Aquamarine: 10 beads signify 10 years of friendship gives you confidence and harmony. Dream catcher: to remind you that no matter life throws your way you are able to still create the life of your dreams. Tiger eye gives you power, courage, passion, strength, and good fortune. We are so incredibly proud of you, you are kicking so much booty with a literal boot tied to your (?). There is so much to tell you that I donít even know where to start. So hereís a brief run down. Sweet Goddy (dog) died on July 14th from stomach cancer. That is one of the hardest things Iíve had to do and I was missing you something fierce that day. Nugget is going into the 2nd grade, he started August 12th (a Saturday) and has officially taken up extreme scootering. He is very proud of his Aunty X. Wedding planning is going full force. We put a deposit on a venue the weekend of August 12th and I canít wait to tell my best (bougee?) all about it over a bottle of bubbles. There was so much more but I want to save it for when I get see your sweet face again. We are sending so much love and positive energy from the Rockies. Namaste sweet friend, I love your sweet face.

Thoughts: Friendship : Paul Tigereye:Alex ???
Anyone else have thoughts?

If it makes you happy then why the hell are you so sad?

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Subject Posted by Posted on
* BB19 September 1, 1:51 am(Cam:quad) Friday - Christmas's odd HOH letter mentions dates, friendship,tiger...text below
09/01/17 10:35 AM
xx * That's It. No More Letters from HOME!!! NT
09/02/17 10:18 AM
xx * Where can we see this necklace to see the stones in it? Also the comment sending love & energy from the Rockies that's a long way from Raleigh! NT
09/02/17 05:32 AM
xx * I wonder if Xmas and her friend discussed these "secret codes" beforehand? NT
09/02/17 03:36 AM
xx * Aquamarine is about cody and his service. Xmas isnt viciously attacking him after the letter..at least for now NT
09/02/17 03:51 AM
xx * I think it sounds like an innocent letter. NT
09/01/17 08:35 PM
xx * These HOH letters are getting more blatantly coded and loaded with insider game info. Not fair! NT
09/01/17 06:39 PM
xx * Someone needs to get the boot behind the scenes at BB. This was my summer guilty pleasure and am sure for a lot of us. I'm done, this is pathetic NT
09/01/17 08:55 PM
xx * Looking at the pic of actual letter- It says "Gotti" Bet it refers to Kevin NT
09/01/17 04:58 PM
xx * fact is, she is still tethered to Paul with the deal for fin 3, so she needs to get rid of him???? NT
09/01/17 04:36 PM
xx * Hidden Message thoughts
09/01/17 04:02 PM
xx * Could 2nd grade be code for 2nd place? Didn't Kevin start distancing from X on the 12th after she was tethered to Paul? NT
09/01/17 03:36 PM
xx * She mentions August 12th twice. What is the BB significance of that date?
09/01/17 03:14 PM
xx * aug 12th was veto comp - outback dinner- tethered to paul NT
09/01/17 03:18 PM
xx * This is clearly a coded message. BB let this in? NT
09/01/17 03:11 PM
xx * i think yo are right liz plus someone pointed out this morning no way did anyone start to school on the 12 its a sat NT
09/01/17 11:22 AM
xx * Wow I bet you guys are right! The jewelry could symbolize people she can trust (or distrust)! NT
moeopoly *
09/01/17 11:21 AM
xx * Thought Dreamcatcher & Extreme scootering referred to Jason & old dogs Kev... also dates sound like she needs to correct her studying Days Comp. NT
09/01/17 10:42 AM
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