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Jackson can be a real pompous douche at times but over the years I have seen so many so worse who did not get half the hate that he gets. Why is that? NT
09/22/19 07:05 AM

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* Jackson can be a real pompous douche at times but over the years I have seen so many so worse who did not get half the hate that he gets. Why is that? NT
09/22/19 07:05 AM
xx * The way he treated Holly was over the top and I hate him for it. He is a hateful and abusive. NT
09/22/19 08:04 AM
xx * He let his true colors show from day 1 with having competition for camp counselor... i worked damn hard to be who I am and and get where I am and no ones going to take that from me NT
09/22/19 08:03 AM
xx * Or what ever entitled/frail ego non sense he was blubbering. NT
09/22/19 08:04 AM
xx * he abit douche.but hes overall calm, cool, respectful+ he has an iron backbone.Its kinda impressive. hes so "man" which makes sense why his hate is high. the future is female and his type is no longer
09/22/19 07:51 AM
xx * I have ZERO respect for any person who cheats, violates BB rules, and last but not least that production protects and helps throughout the competition. There should have been penalties. NT
09/22/19 07:48 AM
xx * I agree but a lot of that hate should go to production. They allowed all of this to happen. It's not right. Why do HN's if they are allowed to blatantly cheat? NT
09/22/19 08:26 AM
xx * He is a vile human being. Self centered, self serving, condescending, and just plain gross. He will be remembered as a PD winner just like Josh and Boogie. Heíll get his precious confetti,
09/22/19 07:30 AM
xx * He has a certain look even if it isnít true. He seems to be the type to get his way. Itís creepy. Not since Maggie have I felt this way. NT
09/22/19 07:23 AM
xx * This is my first year here, so I can't speak for prior season. However, I don't think the Jackson hate is that much different than the hate for many of the other HGs. People still post awful things
09/22/19 07:22 AM
xx * Itís different when you compare the hate Jackson gets this season compared to cast members who were 100 times worse. Sorry have to disagree, I have seen posts from fans who canít wait for them to get
09/22/19 07:29 AM
xx * I don't mind if we disagree. I just see the hate being more spread around than you do and I see it being worse for others, who fans actually have tried to ruin their business and lives. NT
09/22/19 07:34 AM
xx * Absolutely agree, the over the top hate is rather disturbing. NT
09/22/19 07:19 AM
xx * Good BB leading players are usually attacked by viewers. Whether we talk about Jax, Holly, or Nicole, all 3 played well. BB has to remain a strategic mind/power game. Nice/sweet is overrated. NT
09/22/19 07:13 AM
xx * I agree. To many fans go way overboard. Those fans are way worse than Jackson. Makes we wonder what is so terrible in there lives to want to
09/22/19 07:13 AM
xx * I am not even talking the crazy destroy his life fans. I just mean the countless fans who makes him out to be such a horrible person the likes of we have never seen on this show before. NT
09/22/19 07:15 AM
xx * I have seen so much worse players on the feeds. IMO, the hate he gets is so over the top, like crazy I want to see his life destroyed when leaves the show hate. Same goes with Holly and she is
09/22/19 07:08 AM
xx * Exactly. There have been people on the show who spend every moment saying vile things about other HGs and pretty much get a pass. He said a few things but not close to people who get zero heat. NT
09/22/19 07:13 AM
xx * I think when you have someone like a do no wrong America's sweetheart in Nicole and someone is standing in her way to the prize it just adds to it. NT
09/22/19 07:21 AM
xx * I donít know if fans just forget how bad some men/women were on the feeds. They went personal, I mean Iím going to bash you on every level, your family, your kids, I hope you get raped, I mean the
09/22/19 07:18 AM

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