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Posting guidelines - NEW version, July 5, 2017 (Might be a tad different from the old ones. ;)
07/07/17 01:21 AM

BB Discuss Forum Rules

Joker's FAQ ~~~ BB Forum Guide ~~~ BB USA Video/Media Content Policy

Now that you've OF COURSE read Joker's Rules in the FAQ above, there aren't many specific to BB Discuss. Those we do have really count! Kindly read on...

Most important rule: do not flame/insult other users!

We get it: how can anyone possibly love BBGirl? They must be utter fools! You're dying to tell them so - and add that ANYONE who even tolerates BBGirl has the intelligence of a gnat. Hey you might be right, but there's this pesky rule. What to do:

  • Wait a week. By then, BBGirl has risen to #1 on the chart (or she was evicted, came here has a VIP account. When she's posting, behave yourself! Common sense applies. No need to always be sweet, but she IS a member and deserves the same treatment as we all do. If she's being discussed elsewhere, your opinion is welcome: minus virulent hate, of course.)

  • Without insulting other users, give your opinion: why is this person so reprehensible? Be direct and clear. Someone else will come along and refute that, a third person will pop in, make a bad joke and the entire thread winds up hysterically funny.

  • Ask yourself, if someone said this to ME would I be angry? If the answer is 'Yes I'd be furious!' don't post it. If 'No, why would that anger me?' (and if you're not a psychopath,) go right ahead and post. **

**If you ARE a psychopath, you may now return to your regularly-scheduled mangling of children and small pets: far more enlightening than posting here.

Thou shalt not discuss moderation

If you DO get carried away and your post is (gasp!) deleted, do not discuss it in forums. Nobody cares. Do PM the moderator who had the gall to remove your post: believe me, they just LIVE for such messages.

Be careful about top posting

A top post is a new post with no replies. You can scan the forum to see if someone already started a thread like yours, or use the find feature. It's never a good thing to make dozens of top posts: most likely, you'll get no replies! And that's just embarrassing.

Scan the page first, maybe you could join a conversation - reply to another post.

BB Discuss Tips

What's that thing that's blinking up there?

That is a flashing envelope PM envelope you have MAIL. (Well, a PM or Private Message!) Always check it - who knows? We might be informing you that you won the Million Buck Joker's Lottery! Click on that envelope or go to My Home to your Message Box and click on Received Private Messages.

How do I rat someone out?

You'll want to click the ever-handy Notify Moderator button Notify button on the offending post. By all means, do this a LOT - moderators simply love a deluge of he said/she said to enliven their day.

Are you guys still super-strict about staying on topic in BB Discussion?

Frankly, no. We remember some hilarious threads that went down some VERY interesting rabbit holes! (Within reason, of course.) Do realize that Jokers happens to have 1 or 2 (hundred) other forums where most topics have their own homes - TV shows, movies, pets, books, and general chit-chat in the PX (wild and free: any topic goes) or the Salon (somewhat more somber.) We look forward to seeing you in any or all of these.

All my LIFE I've wanted to post Joker's Updates-today's the day! But how?

Happy Birthday, young grasshopper! After you return from 'Goats Gone Baaah-d,' open the Updates forum. Watch feeds, read how others feed. When ready, click 'Post' - type a header. If that's all you want to say, click 'NT' (no text.) Otherwise click in the body of the post and continue typing your succinct update. Click 'Continue' when done, and goat help you - now you'll be addicted!

Help! How can I tell if any moderators are online contact them?

Moderators Click 'Who's on', scan the list of names until you see one in color -that will be a moderator or Admin (in red.). Click on their username and scroll to the top to 'Send user a private message.' By all means, do this frequently: mods just LOVE tons of PMS!

Final words from Ette...

In all seriousness, Joker's main principle is and always has been to avoid flaming/insulting other members. The  last few years have been... interesting for everyone, haven't they, now! Joker's certainly isn't going to start handing out flowers and singing Kumbaya, Gawd ferbid. We love a good debate where people share opinions. What wins any debate? Not the nastiest poster... rather, he who makes everyone erupt with laughter. And if the other guy comes back with a funnier retort, all the better.

Big Brother is a psychological experiment wherein 14 strangers live locked into an environment free from outside influences. By its nature, Big Brother is a powder-keg of emotions. Watching it 24/7 as we do - we're drawn into that cauldron with them. I believe that if we keep in mind we aren't IN there, we can bring more objectivity to bear and have one hell of a lot more fun!

And that's what Joker's is, a community who enjoys a good Zing(er), intelligent debate, and a safe place to air one's opinions without being judged. We are therefore loosening up on moderation: you will loosen up on slamming each other!


There's always a Joker, in the pack...

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* Posting guidelines - NEW version, July 5, 2017 (Might be a tad different from the old ones. ;)
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07/07/17 01:21 AM
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