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Joker Eager Beaver
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Liked Danielle. She was pretty cool. Never cared for Amy. NT
11/15/17 08:04 PM

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* Mini BB3 reunion
Dreamer Administrator
10/21/17 06:10 AM
xx * Liked Danielle. She was pretty cool. Never cared for Amy. NT
11/15/17 08:04 PM
xx * I love this! BB3 was my favourite! NT
11/15/17 07:28 PM
xx * Amy still looks as annoying as she was in 2002 NT
10/22/17 01:47 PM
xx * I LOVED Amy! She annoyed the other HGs so much I thought it was hysterical. NT
10/28/17 09:27 AM
xx * I loved Amy too !! NT
10/28/17 09:29 AM
xx * Another Mini BB3 reunion pic....What's scarier... living in the Big Brother house or the terrors of #HHN27?
Dreamer Administrator
10/22/17 04:28 AM
xx * Is Jason still a virgin? Hard to see a wedding ring on him NT
10/21/17 08:27 PM
xx * Nope, he's married with two daughter's.
Dreamer Administrator
10/22/17 04:27 AM
xx * What a lovely family! Happy for Jason! NT
10/22/17 05:08 AM
xx * Wow Danielle just does not age, lucky!! NT
10/21/17 01:59 PM

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