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This is a response to: i'm glad it wasn't just because someone is young and stupid it shouldn't ruin their life. young and stupid just means you have lots to learn NT
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yep! NT
11/06/17 10:58 AM

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* Aaryn Williams: I AM A MESS. TMI. 35 WEEKS PREGNANT
Dreamer Administrator
10/29/17 05:33 AM
xx * Is she the Aaryn who was a bad racist on B.B.? NT
11/06/17 08:57 AM
xx * yes NT
11/06/17 10:15 AM
xx * i remember when BB fans said her life would be ruined after BB NT
11/02/17 12:53 AM
xx * i'm glad it wasn't just because someone is young and stupid it shouldn't ruin their life. young and stupid just means you have lots to learn NT
11/02/17 01:46 PM
xx * Yet there is one you still hate, she was young and stupid when she did the crap that pissed you off lol NT
11/06/17 11:07 AM
xx * plus i extremely dislike her because she attacked me personally not a person on a screen she came here to jokers and went off NT
11/07/17 07:28 AM
xx * Maybe.. just maybe you reminded her of Beau? they are besties now lol NT
11/07/17 08:28 AM
xx * why she went off on me? no i told her i didn't like something she had done and she lost her mind NT
11/07/17 08:35 AM
xx * Maybe you got one of her TV shows cancelled.
11/07/17 09:38 AM
xx * actually i'd prefer to think i got her canceled haha NT
11/07/17 11:23 AM
xx * that makes sense NT
11/07/17 10:58 AM
xx * Then you have every reason to dislike her, sorry she did that :( NT
11/07/17 08:21 AM
xx * well okay you got me there but i've never claimed my janie hate is reasonable. just that it is what it is NT
11/07/17 07:27 AM
xx * yep! NT
11/06/17 10:58 AM
xx * Her 'Labor, Delivery & Homecoming!' vid has 1,143,379 views.
Dreamer Administrator
11/02/17 01:58 AM
xx * She has a vid with 5 million views NT
11/02/17 08:09 PM
xx * I didn't care for her on BB. But I really enjoy her on social media. And her little girl is adorable. People do grow up and change. NT
10/31/17 06:14 AM
xx * Me too! I enjoy her snaps. She leads a pretty normal life and is a busy mommy, with another one on the way. I like her. NT
10/31/17 07:46 AM
xx * Do people really watch 20 minutes of her talking about her pregnancy? NT
10/30/17 06:55 PM
xx * She's very open and honest about things and lots of young moms really like that honesty. NT
11/02/17 01:28 PM
xx * She's actually huge in the "mommy vlogger" YouTube community. Sad part is, no more than 5% of those viewers even know she was on BB. NT
10/31/17 03:39 AM
xx * Why is that sad? Glad most folks don't choose to live by labels!!! NT
11/03/17 09:25 AM
xx * Thats not sad, thats great. She is one of the few BB people that has made fans outside of BB NT
11/02/17 08:13 PM
xx * I tried watching that clip, lost interest after about 15 seconds.But,it has 59,700 views and she has 176,000 subscribers, so I guess some people do NT
10/30/17 09:00 PM
xx * Cute little momma!!!! NT
10/30/17 12:18 PM
xx * dont care for her NT
10/29/17 09:49 PM

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