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My Final Thoughts on This Season of Big Brother by Dan Gheesling
09/20/13 10:52 AM

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This season was filled with controversy, drama, and a lot of floating.

Regardless of how we all felt about this season, there is no denying it was one heck of a marathon.

Unfortunately, this season will be remembered for all of the controversial comments made and not necessarily the gameplay (the little of it that we did see).

Make or Break Season
What makes or breaks a season to me is if at the end, the person who wins actually played the game hard.

Did they make it to the end on their own accord, or were they dragged there and fell into their victory?

Because when it is all said and done, Big Brother is a game, and personally I just like seeing someone go out and win the game, as opposed to having it handed to them.

And by that measuring stick, I think we can put this season of Big Brother in the books with a winner who went out and took it.

I have been vocal about not being a fan of Andy’s gameplay (rat-floating) but, to his credit, he did play hard; which I actually do respect. During the finale, Andy did a phenomenal job closing out the game, and he flat out just took the win from GinaMarie.

Regardless of how you feel about Andy as a person, or his floating throughout the season, he went out and won the game in the end, which was actually FUN to watch.

No one has any delusions that this season will be remembered as a “great season” but, at least in the end, the person who played hard actually won.

Impact of the Cast On Future Seasons
This is strictly my opinion; none of what you’re about to read is “fact” or comes from Production.\

Dan-Gheesling-BB15-CastWith all of the racial and derogatory comments made this season, I think this cast will impact all future Big Brother seasons from here on out.

Apparently, I need to amend the Letter that I wrote to all of the Big Brother 15 Houseguests before the season, with a section of what NOT to say…but I digress…

My hypothetical scenario with this cast is: if there HAD been a returning Houseguest in this group, you wouldn’t have seen those comments made over and over again.

I’ve always felt that when you bring back returning Houseguests, it is like having another Producer in the house because of their previous experience.

They understand how veto/nomination meetings are run, the flow of a DR, and most importantly, how they will be perceived from the outside in.

There is no one in casting who can predict what someone will say while they are in the house, but an in-tune Houseguest with experience would have been able to derail those comments immediately.

Because of this, I’ll be surprised if we ever see another Big Brother cast comprised completely of only new Houseguests.

And to be honest, as a fan of Big Brother, I think it would be good for the show to see a Frank, a Danielle Donato, or a Rachel come back and compete again.

While you may not like seeing returning Houseguests come back, it would be hard to disagree with the fact that if Big Brother continues to bring back former players to the show; it will cause Big Brother to be centered around fun gameplay, opposed to controversy.

Thank You
And with this post brings the end of my writing, tweeting, and live -webshowing of Big Brother 15. This season has been a lot of FUN to watch because of the interaction with you.

Whether we got into a Twitter debate over a lack of gameplay, or celebrated together in the constant appearance of Nick’s Hat; I’ve truly enjoyed this season thanks to experiencing it with you.

With those interactions I’m not sure I would have been as into this season as I was…so thank you.

New Book
The lack of gameplay and awareness from some of the Houseguests this season actually influenced me to write a new book!

If you missed the announcement on Watch With Dan, or YouTube, here is the new book I am writing:


Clean Your Own Mirror is centered around the 6 Duties that I have been presenting to colleges across the country, which has been helping people become better leaders and influencers.

It’s much different than the other books I’ve written because this book applies to a wide range of people, from high-school students to people fully into their careers, Clean Your Own Mirror will provide value to everyone.

The book is available now for pre-order, and you can find out more details about the book here:

I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I have creating it!

Stay Connected!
Even though Big Brother 15 is over, I’m not going anywhere.

You’ll still be able to catch me tweeting (A LOT) every single day.

While I won’t be tweeting about Big Brother 15 anymore, I hope you’ll still stick around and interact with me during the off-season.

There are a ton of ways to stay connected with me:


And even though my live-streaming Watch With Dan Web Show is over, Link

For as crazy as it sounds, there is an awesome community around the weekly live-streaming, and you can check it out on these nights:

Thank you guys so much for all of your continued support.

Check back Monday for a new blog post!

Take care,


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* My Final Thoughts on This Season of Big Brother by Dan Gheesling
09/20/13 10:52 AM

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