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This is a response to: I don't know, he can't even seem to handle a bullhorn. NT
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Well they're complicated NT
05/27/22 05:04 PM

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* Across the street from the NRA convention: “Am I next?”
05/27/22 11:45 AM
xx * Will this time be any different, will this be the straw that broke the camel's back, or will it just be an all too brief flurry of outrage that trails off into impotence
05/27/22 12:00 PM
xx * I have no idea but look at this burly man who has no idea what to do with these loud barbaric women....
05/27/22 12:39 PM
xx * I do love a reasoned exchange of ideas. NT
05/27/22 12:46 PM
xx * Goodness. I understand why that strong, manly man feels the
05/27/22 03:27 PM
xx * I don't know, he can't even seem to handle a bullhorn. NT
05/27/22 05:01 PM
xx * Well they're complicated NT
05/27/22 05:04 PM

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