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The house almost flipped but didn't...
07/13/16 06:55 AM

James and Tiffany talked yesterday morning and James expressed remorse about evicting Tiffany. Da'Vonne, James, and Michelle set out on a campaign to flip the house to evict Paul. James would work on Natalie and then Tiffany would try to get Nicorey.

Tiffany made her case to Paulie, who lied and said he wouldn't evict her, before trashing her to James and saying they have to evict her bc she'll be just like her sister and blow up his (Paulie's) game down the line. Ironic that of all people, it was Paulie who made this point.

Nicole randomly went to Da'Vonne/Michelle and said she wanted to keep Tiffany and pledged Corey's vote to evict Bronte. Da'Vonne got Zakiyah on board. At this point, they had five votes but Zakiyah and Nicole wanted to inform their showmances.

Corey seemed fine with it but when James/Nicole weakly tried to get Paulie on board, he vetoed the campaign, saying Tiffany is too much of a threat down the line. He blatantly ignored that Bronte is actively targeting him and Tiffany has no intention of doing so. He said Tiffany's mental/strategic strengths override her lack of comp wins.

Because Paulie objected to save Tiffany, Zakiyah and Corey immediately backed out. Nicole relayed the conversation to Da'Vonne/Michelle.

Paulie undid all of the progress from Da'Vonne and Michelle's campaign.

However, the night was still young and Nicole turned on Da'Vonne, plotting with Frank and Corey to get Corey HOH and use Frank's RK to nominate Da'Vonne next week. Frank informed Bridgette and Michelle of the plan. Michelle relayed the information to Da'Vonne, who jokingly confronted Nicole about it. Nicole freaked and got Corey, who joked it off.

Afterwards, Da'Vonne and Michelle agreed not to trust Nicole. The majority of the house is for a Week 3 Tiffany eviction and Week 4 Frank eviction. The night closed with Paulie telling Paul his optimal F4 would be Paulie/Paul/Corey/James with a F8 of four other girls who they would beat in HOH comps week after week.

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* The house almost flipped but didn't...
07/13/16 06:55 AM
xx * This also explains the DaVonne conspiracy post in the highlights. Having flashed back to last night, you're exactly right in the summary. NT
CassieM *
07/13/16 05:38 PM
xx * Great summary of the hoopla last night!I read updates all the way through and this sums it up nicely! Thanks! NT
07/13/16 07:54 AM

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