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Christmas Abbott ~ 32 weeks pregnant
08/17/18 09:47 AM

Aug 16, 2018 at 6:56am PDT has been deleted though the text remained ~
Double unders have never been ďeasyĒ but being in my third trimester has upped the game!! When I do these I pull in my core to activate a strong pelvic floor. Itís a great exercise to increase pelvic floor strength which will help in delivery. It also helps in not peeing myself when I exercise or move in general right now! Trying them for the first time while pregnant is NOT the best of ideas, at all. If you didnít have them before and have kept doing them then just shelf them until later. For all those who want to comment on how dangerous this is, I appreciate the concern but my training has been approved by my Dr. and Doula ; by @bournrelentless by @fleoshorts by @lululemon by @coach_bunny #badassbaby #badasslife #badassmomma #crossfit #momstrong #32weekspregnant #8weekstogo #bournrelentless #pregnantandperfect @pregnancyworkout @pregnancyfitness @pregnantandperfect

#32weekspregnant with #8weekstogo - I cannot believe itís down to single digit weeks, that I can still touch my toes (with careful strategy), and this guy will hit his largest growth spurt soon! 😬 I donít have room for him but I know heís going to find it and Iím happy to give whatever he needs. Iíve been asked a lot about how Iíve been able to stay body positive during this pregnancy. Well, thereís a few things that Iíve done to help. When I discovered I was pregnant I decided that I would embrace whatever changes my body would go through and love my body for what it was doing. This was EARLY on and I immediately had my first challenge within a month when my lean abs started to fade. I found myself thinking about how I could hide it and then reminded myself the commitment I made and leaned back into that mindset of letting my body do its job without dictation from me. I didnít restrict my diet to just lean meats and veggies, I ate what I needed (two servings of pasta and a lemon aid was my go to in the first trimester) but held myself accountable not to loose control and eat like ***** just because I could. When my body REALLY started to change, It was easier to stay positive because his presence was more real. The simple fact that I am his home and vehicle for him to be created is just mind blowing. IíM GROWING A HUMAN inside of me! That in itself is enough for me to accept any stretch marks, cellulite, extra pounds, weird veins, and all the other weird ***** that happens to a women during this pure majestic time. Itís not hard, itís a mindset and you get to control that conversation with yourself and your body. Love it as it as, but especially for what it is capable of doing - creating your child. Now thatís some awesome *****. #lovethebellybump #badassbaby #allbelly #loveyourbodyforwhatitcando #pregnant #badasslife #badassmomma

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Thatís a wrap!!! I loved this years experience of the @crossfitgames 🤘 I am always flooded with love and excitement from and for my fans. I have to confess that each year I expect the crowd of my meet and greets to decline but they donít! This year was no exception. You all welcomed me and my baby bump with open arms and big smiles. Thank you to everyone who came to say hi, get a hug, picture, and of course a belly rub. I truly love hearing about your journey and your WHY which is part of my WHY. My fans are the BEST fans! Special shout out to some of my favorite brands that simply kick ass and take care of me one way or another. You ALL help enhance my experience not only at the games but in my daily life 💛 @fitaid 🤘 @rocktape @sweatcosmetics @unbrokendesigns (LOVED THAT BABY BAG!!) @fleoshorts @purespectrumhemp @assaultairbike @trifectasystem @thechestee

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Thai year was so much more than I expected!!!! THANK YOU to everyone who came to see me today at the @fitaid booth as well as whenever I was walking around. I especially loved all the babies and expecting mommas! Iím so humbled to be part of each of your lives in one way or another. Iím capturing this experience and several others for my #YouTube #christmasunwrapped show to highlight my WHY - which was hugely demonstrated by all my fans today! I hope you subscribe to my channel and enjoy the show when it airs in October. To all the athletes competing - you are so very impressive!!! Keep kicking ass and enjoying the journey. Itís incredible to see the athletes and games evolve. One day left with endless possibilities! #fitaid #crossfit #crossfitgames #ilovemyfans #pregnant #badassmomma #gratitudeattitude #theoriginalbadass #og

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4 weeks ē 22 weeks ē 30 weeks The first picture was taken the week I found out I was pregnant. The second was right when I started to ďpopĒ and actually look a little preggo. The third was taken this morning at just over 30 weeks. All different periods of my pregnancy. All different places on where I was living and all different states of mind. Preggo progress: Heís rumbling like a fighting fish on a hook. Kicking and moving so much. Although my belly growth hasnít been a lot over the last two weeks I can tell his body is growing and he is getting cramped in there. Now I notice when he moves around at anytime and not just when he kicks or punches. I have 10 weeks to go and although I am beyond excited to meet this man, I am still enjoying being pregnant and want to hold on to this experience for as long as heíll allow. Iím moved into my new home and finally able to start on his nursery. Things are coming together just in time to be ready for his arrival in two months. Iím hoping I make it to October and he doesnít come too early. A lot of people have commented on how I look like Iím getting ready to pop. Well, thank you all but I still have a long way to go and he has a lot of growth to do. Iím just a tiny human and heís already a large baby!!! Preggo Tip: if you think a preggo lady is getting ready to pop, just say they look great and not how big their belly is. Craving: foot rubs & joint pain relief Belly: 38Ē Weight: apx 152 (about 25 lb gain) #30weekspregnant #badassbaby #badassmomma #pregnant #pregnantbelly

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Shut the flippin' front door! ~~ Do you think you were born awesome, or just grew up badass? Į\_(ツ)_/Į

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08/17/18 09:47 AM
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09/02/18 04:46 AM
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