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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
11:58 AM PT11:56am Feeds switched to a countdown... -M3gabyt3
11:57 AM PT11:48 AM The 16th & final Houseguest is Nicole Anthony, 24, Long Island, NY, Preschool aide. Huge Big Brother fan. She is freaking out. She gives 100% on everything. Will tell everyone she graduated top of her class. Does not like bullying. -Scott3325 (Long Post, Read More...)
11:43 AM PT11:32 AM Number 15 Houseguest is Sam Smith, 31, Mountain Top, PA, Truck Driver. Married eight years - two young sons. Home every night. Jeff tells him he always wanted to sleep in a sleeper cab. Sam says it's not like an RV. -Scott3325 (Long Post, Read More...)
11:25 AM PT11:15 AM Houseguest number 14 is Cliff Hogg III, 53, Houston, TX, Petroleum Engineer. Huge fan. Hard to recognize Diary Room because he's only seen it from the other side. Laid back, friendly guy. -Scott3325 (Long Post, Read More...)
11:09 AM PT11:02 AM Lucky number thirteen Houseguest is Kemi Faknule, 25, Brooklyn, NY, Marketing Strategist. Would save half of winnings & go back to school with the rest. Trying to leave in a different tax bracket. Difficult for her to bite her tongue sometimes.
Doesn't like people who are over emotional. Will miss her dog Billion the most. Will also miss her friends - talks to one friend for one hour in the morning. Hash tag Kisses Kemi. Wants to win & make some lifelong friends. Would rather win & be hated by America - she is not running for office. She is not that interesting but she is fun. -Scott3325
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