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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:02 PM PT(TV) BB21 has ended. From myself and all the other live feed updaters over the past 99 days, thanks for reading the live feed. See you all back for Big Brother Canada 8! -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Julie advises that if anyone wants a chance to play BB next summer, go out and enter their applications -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Julie asks Holly and Michie if their romance will continue outside they house. Both say they will take it day by day -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Holly said she's feeling great, her family is there which is better than any amount of money -NoleJP
7:59 PM PT(TV) Julie asks Jackson about how he's feeling -- he said he did everything for his mom and dad and he hopes they are proud of him and that everything is good (no smile, no emotion, straight faced) -NoleJP
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