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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:51 PM ETEstefania is listening to music in HOH. Adam & Anthony are now in kitchen. Kyra heads outside & gets Mark. Mark to campaign to her. Kyra tells Mark that Adam told him that he talked to me. I want you to know that it would be the dumbest decision for her.. -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
3:44 PM ETDane & Adam come in. Adam says to Mark that his plan sounds good but it doesn't sound good for himself. Mark says ok. Adam's reason for that is it puts more stress on himself. He has to make up a big ole lie about why Dane is on the block. Estefania already... -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
3:28 PM ETCONT - Mark, that Dane is secretly going to Adam & make like Dane, Adam & Kyra make final 3, let's get rid of Mark, Anthony's on his own. Anthony says Dane told him about that, he made a final 3. Mark says he knows about that (it's fake) but Mark is worried.. -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
3:09 PM ETMark & Anthony in hot tub area. Marks hopes nothing funky goes down this wk. (He is replacement nom for Damien). Right now he is building with Kyra. (He wants Kyra's vote to stay.) Anthony tells him to be very careful with Kyra. Kyra is very, very double.. -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
11:31 PM ETAll HGs in kitchen watching Adam and Dane cook. -RenegadeGirl
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