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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:42 PM PTTaylor is HOH, feeds cut with her and Kyle on the ground. -silverspoons
7:41 PM PTKyle goes over and hugs Taylor on the ground. Taylor is crying. -silverspoons
7:41 PM PTTaylor says oh my G*D everyone is down. -silverspoons
7:41 PM PTKyle falls -silverspoons
7:41 PM PTTaylor says I want a letter. Kyle is hanging and says Oh Mama. -silverspoons
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Big Brother USA News
BB News & Rumors Posts
Aug 11[Matt & Jess CarterMatt]Big Brother 24 twist: Two separate games will be played next week! - AprilSky
Aug 11[Big brother Network] Big Brother 24 Twist: Festie Bestie Ends In Week 5 - AprilSky
Aug 11[Big Brother Network] Tonight On Big Brother 24: Live Eviction, & “The Wall” Endurance HOH Comp - AprilSky
Aug 11[Big Brother Network]Big Brother 24 Episode 15 Recap: OTEV With The Backdoor Assist - AprilSky
Aug 10[Screen Rant] Big Brother: Michael Bruner’s Fiancé Shares Untelevised HOH Letter - BBSuperfanLori
Aug 10[Matt & Jess CarterMatt]Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Michael’s endgame (day 36) - AprilSky
Aug 10[Matt & Jess CarterMatt]Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Daniel throws Kyle under the bus - AprilSky
Aug 10[ShowBiz CheatSheet] Big Brother 24’: Joseph Scares The Leftovers Into Staying Loyal to the Alliance - AprilSky
Aug 10[Big Brother Network] Big Brother 24 Live Feeds Week 5: Tuesday Night Highlights - AprilSky
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BB Highlights Posts
Aug 11Taylor wins HOH - Comp results inside - M3gabyt3
Aug 11Daniel was evicted by a vote of 8-1 (NT) - binkie94
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BB Alumni News Posts
Aug 10Janelle and son backstage at AEW with Austin - Nort76
Aug 8[Taran, RHAP] Checking in with Tiffany Mitchell - aj401
Aug 6Kaitlyn: "Lets just take this in." >>> - Corndogger
Aug 3CBB1, Ex-NBA Star Metta World Peace Targets $1 Billion Investment Fund - Scott3325
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BB Media Posts
Aug 11RHAP Thurs night (and comp on feeds watch) - HES
Aug 11[Janelle and McCrae] Big Brother 24 | Ep. 5 | Comp Beast Michael and OTEV - aj401
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BB Canada discussion forum...

August 11, 10:48:45 AM to 10:50:45 AM (Cam 1/2) Thursday
Brittany dancing and Taylor singing & dancing on Eviction Day
August 10, 4:06:50 PM to 4:35:20 PM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Wednesday
Brittany leads the House Guests in a meditation session
August 9, 5:05:40 AM to 5:12:00 AM (Cam 1/2) Tuesday
Joseph struggles to make his Jetsons BR bed
August 8, (BBViewer time) 10:19:00 AM to 10:20:10 AM (Cam 3/4) Monday
Kyle asks Michael if he and Alyssa can use his HOH bed (joking)
August 8, 2:00:00 PM to 2:17:00 PM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Jasmine & her cane take a dip in the pool
August 8, 3:32:30 AM to 3:32:55 AM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Michael explains Jokers Updates HG Ratings to Brittany
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