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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:26 PM PTCory America and Mecole and Matt talking. They are talking about big brother 3. Cory explains Danielle Reyes to Matt. America brings up bb4 and DR sessions. Cory is most excited to see this seasons DR’s. . Mecole says I’m on best behavior in DR. Feeds cut -silverspoons
10:15 PM PTCameron Bowie and Jag in bathroom . Cameron is asking what would you rather questions. -silverspoons
10:15 PM PT Cory says what about you and Kirsten? Matt says Kirsten said that he had beautiful eyes. -silverspoons
10:13 PM PTMecole Matt America and Cory on outside couches. America says to Matt you hijacked that HN room so we do t have them anymore. Matt says thank you. America says next year they will make it worse. Mecole says years past HN has been way worse. -silverspoons
9:26 PM PTDiscussion in kitchen on who Emily Dickenson is ( a poet) Cameron prgs her for the great book Jane Auston ( actually another book author ) The ladies think he’s so smart lol. -LiZinTeXaS
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