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Big Brother USA News
BB News & Rumors Posts
Oct 3[Cinema Blend] Big Brother’s Monte Taylor Discusses The Sacrifices That Come With Being On The Show, And If He'd Ever Play Again - AprilSky
Oct 3[Darik News] ‘Big Brother’ renewed for season 25; Will Julie Chen Moonves return as host? - AprilSky
Oct 3[ShowBiz CheatSheet]Big Brother 24’: Taylor Has 1 Condition for Returning to the Game — Michael Can’t Join Her - AprilSky
Oct 3[ShowBiz CheatSheet] ‘Big Brother 24’: Brittany Hoopes Admits Watching the Season Is ‘Harder’ Than She Thought - AprilSky
Oct 3[Screen Rant]Big Brother 24: Taylor Hale's 9 Most Iconic Quotes - AprilSky
Oct 2[Showbiz Cheat Sheet] Big Brother 24 WINNER Taylor Hale Interview - scoobydoo
Oct 2[Secret Alliance] Taylor talks with Hannah (BB23) & Rachel (BB13) about winning - scoobydoo
Oct 2[Screen Rant] Big Brother 24: Jasmine & Turner Get Matching Muffin Tattoos - BBSuperfanLori
Oct 1[SBCS] Big Brother 24: Turner Addresses Appropriation Criticism of His Terminology - aj401
Oct 1[AfterBuzz TV] Big Brother Winner Taylor Hale Tells All! ‘I don’t think $800,000 can equate to what The Cookout and I have done for the game’! - aj401
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BB Media Posts
Oct 2Peridiam's BB24 Review - HES
Oct 1Us Weekly - Joseph - aj401
Sep 30RHAP, Winner's Circle - Taylor - aj401
Sep 30Bounced Checks- a BB Podcast -Taylor interview - HES
Sep 29Turner get Interviewed by Ethan Klein. Turner is a huge fan os his and they caught word of it. - Utils
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BB Alumni News Posts
Oct 1[Us Weekly] ‘Big Brother’ Winner Dr. Will Kirby Celebrates the Opening of His 100th LaserAway Clinic With Exclusive Party on Sunset Strip - aj401
Sep 30[TMZ] Todrick Hall Judge Orders Him To Pay $102k In Unpaid Rent Lawsuit - Vissie
Sep 30[Screen Rant] Chris Kirkpatrick Admits Masked Singer Was More Fun Than Big Brother - BBSuperfanLori
Sep 30'Celebrity Big Brother' Todrick Hall Ordered To Pay $102k In Unpaid Rent Lawsuit - Scott3325
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Joker's Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:04 PM PT(TV) As always, from all of us that watch and write, to those of you that take the time to read the updates, that's a wrap for #BB24. See ya when we see ya! -NoleJP
7:03 PM PT(TV) Taylor hugs her family. -Scott3325
7:02 PM PT(TV) Taylor wins America's Favorite House Guest. -Scott3325
7:01 PM PT(TV) The Big Brother 24 House Guests. -Scott3325
7:00 PM PT(TV) Julie shows the last three votes - all for Taylor. -Scott3325
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