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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:13 PM PTChristmas gets up. Memphis tells Cody that Christmas will come to him tonight to propose the alliance. Memphis says he has told the rest of the 6 but told them he hasn’t told Cody yet. They plan what Cody will say tonight -TaterTot08
5:09 PM PTCody joins Memphis and Christmas at BY couch. Christmas says she is excited Cody is here (instead of Derrick) -TaterTot08
5:07 PM PTMemphis tells Christmas he barely speaks to Cody and thought he may go OTB. He isn’t sure how Cody will react to alliance proposal. Christmas will take idea to him tonight or sometime tomorrow -TaterTot08
5:05 PM PTMemphis proposed alliance of Nicole F, Tyler, Christmas, Memphis, Dani and Cody to Christmas. . Christmas says she is a little nervous about Dani (due to her relationship with Janelle) but she knows Tyler likes her. Christmas likes the idea of it being 3m/3f N
5:00 PM PTMemphis tells Christmas he hasn’t told Cody about the alliance idea. -TaterTot08
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August 10, 10:52 AM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Nicole Franzel reveals her revised wedding date to kitchen crew
August 9, 7:58PM (All Cams) Sunday
Backyard opens, it takes them a few minutes to notice.
August 9, 3:56 AM (Cam 3/4) Sunday
Enzo elaborates on being a crayon salesman
August 8, 12:28am (Cam 1/2) Saturday
Kaysar talking to Keesha about nominations...
August 7, 8:52 pm (Cam 4) Friday
HG's play charades.
August 7, 3:49PM (Cam 2) Friday
Cody and Kevin chat in SR
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