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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB Highlights (MORE)
2/13/19Tamar won Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, with a 9-0 vote
2/12/19Lolo did not use the veto. NT
2/11/19Lolo won the Veto NT
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
2/16/19Lindsay Lohan threatens to expose CBS after her moms stint on CBB2. (link inside)
2/15/19Lolo Jones Blasts Ryan Lochte... As Olympic Disgrace
2/15/19Lindsay Lohan Calls Out Tamar Braxton: ‘You Are Not Any Friend of Women’
2/15/19Articles on Parade for final 4
2/15/19Tamar on Iyanla's 'Fix My Life' with her Family from 'Braxton Family Values' & on 'The Wendy Williams Show' with video clips
2/15/19Nev Schulman finds & talks with Dina Lohan's 5 yr Online 'Friend' - more to the story Nev says
2/14/19Tamar Braxton Reacts to Becoming a Meme On the Way to Celebrity Big Brother Win
2/14/19Celebrity Big Brother winner Tamar Braxton tells all
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
2/16/19Omarosa and Kandi Congratulate Tamar on Winning Big Brother!
2/16/19Tamar Braxton's First Concert After Big Brother Win
2/15/19Julie Chen Posted with the Season 2 winner, Tamar Braxton
2/14/19RHAP finale recap
2/14/19ET Canada Ika Wong's interview with Lolo Jones....
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
2/18/19‘Big Brother’ Alum Natalie Negrotti Slams ‘Nasty Ass’ Ex James Huling Over His Tweet About Her Sexuality.
2/13/19Listen to Robyn admit who she thought may showmance on bb19, what Cody said a perfect partner for him would be on his BB application, and how Robyn become the officiant at Jess/Cody’s wedding
2/13/19Kevin Schlehuber: Yesterday I did a photo shoot and We took This picture! I wanted everyone to know that we live our lives and we All have Scars some we can hide some we cant
BB Canada discussion forum...

Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:05 PM PT(TV) And with that, CBB2 is a WRAP!!! See you all back Wednesday, March 6, 2019 for Big Brother Canada 7! OUT! -NoleJP
7:59 PM PT(TV) Julie thanks all the HG's for playing this season and reminds everyone that right around the corner is regular Big Brother. Julie said she will see everyone back in June. Show closes. -NoleJP
7:58 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms that Tom Green was voted America's Favorite HG -NoleJP
7:58 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms that Tom, Kandi, Dina and Lolo all voted for Tamar making it unanimous. Julie confirms that the only other time in Big Brother history that a unanimous vote crowned a winner was Big Brother 10 -- Dan Ghesling -NoleJP
7:54 PM PT(TV) Julie now pulling the juror keys. (Key's in order they were pulled - not voted)....
5 votes to win...

Jonathan -- Tamar
Ryan -- Tamar
Joey -- Tamar
Kato -- Tamar
Natalie -- Tamar

Tamar has won Celebrity Big Brother 2!!! Rickey hugs her, they both exit to the usual confetti cheer.

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