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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:36 PM ET(DD Mar 24) 1:48:00 Kuzie to HOH BA and dances. Kuzie: Oh! Are you guys watching? Okay! I'll put on a show then! I'm going to put on a show. Ty enters and Kuzie tells him what she is doing.
Kuzie says she is thinking Dan as a backup. Her pawn is Vanessa.
Ty says her target should be Vanessa and not Santina. The girls don't like Santina.
Kuzie says Jon is so angry that he will never fully trust Ty or Zach again.
(End of Digital Dailies: March 24) -Scott3325
3:23 PM ET(DD Mar 24) 1:26:33 Kuzie/ Santina in HOH. Kuzie says she is glad she actually won something. Talking about comps played. Kuzie explains Net Ball - which she has played. Kuzie says San has an edge over some other HGs in comps. -Scott3325 (Long Post, Read More...)
2:56 PM ET(DD Mar 24) 1:24:05 Renee/ Vanessa convo in Flamingo BR. Talking about HG game play. Van: Ty is 90% game and a crush. Renee is 90% social & trying hard at comps. Van says her boys love Hope - she is certain. -Scott3325
2:24 PM ET(DD Mar 24) 1:03:27 Ty/ Santina playing pool. Ty: I know for sure she's (Kuzie) considering (you). (For nomination) Long game conversation.
Santina to herself after Ty leaves room: I'll do whatever I have to to not go home. I don't wanna go home. I didn't think that she would put me on the block. But she might - she might put me on the block. -Scott3325
1:25 PM ET(DD Mar 24) 56:15 Dan S/ Zach in Toucan BR. Zach talking about noms and advising Dan S about how to play the game. -Scott3325
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