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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:01 PM ETWith that, the usual (yet unusual) goodbye from all of us updaters. Thanks for reading the content and normally it would be a 'see ya for BB USA in June' but that, for now, will be a cya when WE cya. *Fingers crossed* Out! -NoleJP
7:58 PM ET(TV) Just before credits one spotlight comes on to show the BB eye -northwellguy
7:57 PM ET(TV) Sheldon and Brooke depart, final views of the house, and the BB8 houselights go off. Season has concluded -NoleJP
7:57 PM ET(TV) BBCAN8 ends with shots of empty rooms, lights go off -northwellguy
7:56 PM ET(TV) In the DR, Sheldon said he really felt like the could have stayed there another 1000 days. He gives Brooke a big hug and tells her that she was the best part of the BB experience for him. -NoleJP
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