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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
1/22/19‘Celebrity Big Brother’ season 2 opening recap: does Kandi Burruss stand a chance of winning?
1/22/19‘Celebrity: Big Brother’ Premiere Recap: Was That the Most Savage Twist Yet?
1/22/19Celebrity Big Brother: Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss team up despite their 'bad' history... while Olympian Lolo Jones admits she's 'still a virgin'
1/21/19Anthony Scaramucci Is Already ‘Embarrassing’ Himself on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’
1/21/19Celebrity Big Brother season premiere recap: The drama begins!
1/21/19Twists spell trouble for CBB Houseguests
1/21/19Due to a Spurs basketball game KENS San Antonio, TX will air Wednesday's Celebrity Big Brother at 12:37am Thursday.
1/21/19Allison Grodner: The houseguests have moved in, and the drama has already started! Old rivalries have been reopened, while new ones are popping up every day - you DON'T want to miss a moment!
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
1/22/19Video of the 'endless pool' in the backyard
1/21/19Tamar & Kandi's Back-History Explained
1/21/19BBCELEB Premiere Recap | Whenever You Ready Boo
1/21/19RHAP night 1 @ 9:15 EST
1/21/19The Mooch is spilling all the details about his short stint in the White House in this extended scene from tonight’s premiere! Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 kicks off at 8/7c
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
1/22/19Angela Rockstar seems convinced that her opinion somehow matters NT
1/22/19Nat from BB9 just announced her third is a girl … due in June NT
1/22/19ED has been on safari in Africa for a few days, supp to head back home 3Oth, going shark diving w/Shannon Elizabeth before leaving NT
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:01 AM PT9:00 AM The Live Feeds countdown clock drops below 12 hours. (Ed.: The clock will reach zero at 9 PM tonight, which is the end of the west coast broadcast of the show.) -Scott3325
6:00 PM PT(TV) CBS premier ep ends with Joey & Lolo talking in the kitchen about not winning all the time and that it's not a bad thing. -NoleJP
5:59 PM PT(TV) Julie departs with no more information. Jonathan walking around with his hands on his head. Julie confirms tomorrow nights show will determine the HOH and who will become the 2nd nominee for eviction. Wednesday night will be the POV show. Friday night
will hold the first eviction episode. -NoleJP
5:57 PM PT(TV) All HG's back in the LR, Jonathan and Ryan in the eviction chairs. Julie congrats them on the win. She then informs them that they must battle against each other. Winner will be the HOH. The loser will become the first nominee of the season. -NoleJP
5:53 PM PT(TV) Ryan & Jonathan filled their glass far enough to release a bubble and won the HOH comp. One of them will become the first HOH -NoleJP
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