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Me too. He looked really weird in a couple of instances NT
12/27/11 06:14 PM

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* Last night's episode had me on the edge of my seat. I loved
12/27/11 05:48 AM
xx * Are Gabriel and that other detective (Daniels? David? I think Daniels) still "seeing" each other? I know she transferred out
12/30/11 02:21 PM
xx * don't think so ... he finds stuff out almost instantly .... this way would take a day or so to get back to him I'd think NT
01/03/12 05:55 AM
xx * :-( That is a good point so it probably is someone just feeding info to him
01/03/12 09:19 AM
xx * What a great theory!! I really forgot all about her and if it was her, it wouldn't really be Gabriel, because he
12/30/11 03:23 PM
xx * I hope it is her - I can live with that. :) NT
12/30/11 08:59 PM
xx * Same here, since she hasn't been on the show for the last 3 seasons. I don't want to start the Major Crimes hating someone or have someone there
12/31/11 08:54 AM
xx * I rewatched the episode. Julio and Provenza definitely suspect someone. I noticed that they
12/28/11 05:57 AM
xx * or Pope could just be ACTING mad in order to cover his tracks :) NT
12/28/11 05:59 AM
xx * I still maintain it is Pope! This is one episode I have to watch again! I loved the ending though! As much as I hate this to be the
12/29/11 09:55 AM
xx * They work so great as a team. I keep hoping he can stay on the show
12/29/11 11:53 AM
xx * Unless,..... she is making arrangements to visit her parents and maybe she will stay with them. If Fritz stays on the show, I will be ecstatic! NT
12/29/11 01:23 PM
xx * Did her lawyer really "throw her under the bus" as she accused him? Or does he have something else up his sleeve? NT
12/27/11 11:46 AM
xx * He did but not maliciously. For him it was a win, it didn't occur to him that it still made her look wrong. NT
12/27/11 12:21 PM
xx * she needs to accept that she WAS wrong IMO. she knew exactly what would happen when she dropped him off there
12/28/11 05:01 AM
xx * Or to find out who the leak is! grr NT
12/27/11 08:36 AM
xx * Who do you think it is? I don't want it to be any of them! NT
12/27/11 11:47 AM
xx * I dont think it is Julio. But other than that I have no clue. Im thinking Buzz
12/27/11 04:22 PM
xx * I still think it's...
12/27/11 12:20 PM
xx * I noticed that Julio and Provenza exchanged glances a few times in this last episode.... I think
12/27/11 07:49 PM
xx * Me too. He looked really weird in a couple of instances NT
12/27/11 06:14 PM
xx * Yeah, he's the only one I'd be okay with it being and the only one who would make sense.
12/27/11 12:38 PM
xx * yeah, seems too obvious ... I'm just wondering if Pope is the rat
12/28/11 05:04 AM
xx * yeah, NOT happy to have to wait until summer NT
12/27/11 06:52 AM

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