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ha! NT
03/20/17 06:02 PM

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* Love the fact that Stassi went on Tom & Katie's honeymoon, at least part of it. Rumor is they also invited Kristen & Carter, but production wouldn't
03/20/17 02:02 PM
xx * Totally thought Schena & Shea's marriage would implode through out the season...didnt think they were gonna shove it all in one episode...@ the end NT
03/20/17 07:04 PM
xx * Dude never came home to film scenes. NT
03/21/17 09:44 AM
xx * It seems like they were done before filming began. One or both were probably dragged through the season for a paycheck. NT
03/20/17 09:25 PM
xx * I think he was checked out! Sheena had a fairytale image she was projecting to the others, but they seemed wise to Shay's behavior:( NT
03/21/17 05:19 AM
xx * I'm actually crying over Tom and his brothers. So cute! NT
03/20/17 06:22 PM
xx * I'm trying to figure out why Tom didn't make sure they got there himself? Were they estranged? He spent big bank on everything else, but not them NT
03/20/17 09:24 PM
xx * someone asked them on WWHL. Katie looked mortified. Tom said Katie bought the flowers. Katie said she flew her family in & was too stressed for
03/21/17 09:43 AM
xx * LOL... Bravo footed this bill. NT
03/21/17 06:06 PM
xx * Andy said 20 Miles should refund half of the couple's money for the publicity NT
03/22/17 09:52 AM
xx * Andy is full of crap... he acts like they havent footed the bill for every dang wedding on that channel. NT
03/23/17 05:41 AM
xx * Makes you wonder when just a few episodes ago they both had like $200 in their checking accounts, and now they can write a check for over $50,000. NT
03/23/17 08:28 AM
xx * maybe they're living bravo paycheck to bravo paycheck. Tom has debt. NT
03/23/17 08:40 PM
xx * exactly. I mean, not that it matters. LOL Bravo should be proud bc the wedding was nice. LOL NT
03/23/17 08:59 AM
xx * I have a feeling Bravo! footed a majority of the bill. They were probably given a budget and anything over that they had to pay. NT
03/22/17 08:10 AM
xx * I agree... & yet we still ask... how did the brothers travel arrangements & clothing not get included in this budget?? NT
03/22/17 08:24 AM
xx * although i don't know why they are portraying them as complete idiots. NT
03/20/17 06:43 PM
xx * this show is better than all of the housewives put together multiplied by summer house NT
03/20/17 05:21 PM
xx * This is the best description of the show and you said it so perfectly. NT
03/20/17 05:43 PM
xx * ha! NT
03/20/17 06:02 PM
xx * there should be a vegas line for over/under NT
03/20/17 04:46 PM
xx * I'll take 1 year, so mid August 2017. NT
03/20/17 04:57 PM

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