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Michael Muhney vs. Hunter King: Is quote on gossip website from his sister?
01/05/14 06:32 AM

January 5, 2014
“Young and the Restless” fans are not only at war with writers and executives of the popular CBS soap opera, it appears that they are now at war with each other in the “Michael Muhney vs. Hunter King” firing story.

TMZ seemed to be the website that first broke the news on Jan. 4 of Michael Muhney’s abrupt firing, printing that several sources on the set of “The Young and the Restless” alleged that Michael Muhney had been fired after Hunter King complained the actor had groped her breasts on two separate occasions.

Find more regarding Michael Muhney's firing from "The Young and the Restless" on my blog
Fans are deeply divided on the issue of which actor to believe, and information has surfaced that Hunter King made romantic advances toward Michael Muhney and was rebuffed. After being rejected by Muhney, an angry Hunter King reportedly complained to the “Y&R” executives, saying that he made inappropriate advances toward her.

Comments from fans on the TMZ article included one that may or may not have been from someone close to Michael Muhney and his family.

“THIS IS A QUOTE FROM HIS SISTER all I have to say is that NOBODY should believe what you read or hear. Only Michael knows the truth. And there is NO truth to the rumors flying around.’ My brother is incredible and will go on to do something bigger and better and look back at Y & R as a learning experience. He has class and grace like no one else in the business.’ ".
Until one side or the other speaks out, fans are left with rumors and allegations that have not yet been proven. Reports say that Hunter King threatened to sue CBS Daytime if Michael Muhney was not fired.

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* Michael Muhney vs. Hunter King: Is quote on gossip website from his sister?
01/05/14 06:32 AM
xx * Of course his family will want to protect him, but the truth is CBS is throwing this girl under the bus. It's obvious they're leaking why they let
01/05/14 11:09 PM
xx * I find the examiner to be worst than most of the rags. I tend to believe some version of the TMZ story to be true for several reasons
01/05/14 11:01 AM
xx * I really only posted the article because of his sisters quote, which it was, she posted the same thing on FB. maybe others are being quiet because
01/05/14 11:06 AM
xx * More and more seems to be leaking out about this whole MM/HK situation. I hadn't heard that one about HK being the aggressor towards MM and being..
01/05/14 06:58 AM
xx * "HK being the aggressor" sounds more of like blaming the alleged victim kind of disgusting crap
01/05/14 10:54 AM
xx * We don't know the truth but I don't know why he hasn't reacted to the rumor. And I've read comments on other sites where people tear down her looks
01/05/14 11:02 PM
xx * From what I understand the rumor started by some chick on facebook, who has since disabled her fb account or locked it down tight because she was
01/05/14 11:08 AM
xx * I thought HK being rejected was feasible, even before I saw this latest story. I guess that is because in my experiences in life, it's been girls
01/05/14 09:42 AM
xx * Why is it people always want to blame the alleged victim? I worked for a non-profit organization that worked with children who had been
01/07/14 07:12 PM
xx * Yes, I wonder about Kyle now too. If Victor or Jack get fired next it might be her. NT
01/06/14 09:31 PM
xx * it still makes no sense why they would fire him though, unless they felt there was some evidence of some sort. I just don't see them getting rid
01/06/14 10:47 PM
xx * Maybe Kyle was let go because he sucks as an actor? lol I never felt anything for this Kyle. I would love for it to come out that neither HK or MM
01/05/14 09:50 AM
xx * I vote Lily did it. NT
01/06/14 09:33 PM
xx * lol! NT
01/07/14 07:52 AM
xx * Does anyone here know when Hartley Sawyer's/Kyle's last airdate is? NT
01/06/14 02:15 AM

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