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Does anyone have any idea on when they'll do Katherine's funeral? NT
07/06/13 08:55 AM

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* Does anyone have any idea on when they'll do Katherine's funeral? NT
07/06/13 08:55 AM
xx * Mybe they couldn't have it because Jeanne couldn't sign the contract. Tucker sucks. NT
07/06/13 10:10 PM
xx * I could not find the date. I did read that Amber & Daniel will be there. Supposedly Stephen Nichols will not be there because he wanted a contract...
07/06/13 09:02 AM
xx * Michael Graziadei is supposed to return for a few days on July 30 so maybe then?? Very silly of Stephen if true. NT
07/07/13 03:01 PM
xx * I think it is more shameful and disrespectful than silly. NT
07/07/13 10:52 PM
xx * Wow!I like original Tucker better anyway. NT
07/06/13 09:41 PM
xx * I liked him, especially when he said 'Darlin' NT
07/07/13 05:51 AM
xx * Same here. NT
07/07/13 02:59 AM
xx * Amber--Yay! Stephen Nichols-if that's true youre an asshat NT
07/06/13 09:37 AM
xx * I love Amber. Wish they would keep her around. NT
07/06/13 09:53 PM
xx * Wonder if Brock and Mac will be back. Would be interesting to see Mac and Billy together again.
07/06/13 07:51 PM
xx * Didn't she have twins of her own with JT? Next week they could be dating Lily and Cane's. NT
07/06/13 09:55 PM
xx * Only one but remember Reed came to Billy and Vic's because it was a dificult birth. That was the last I saw about it. NT
07/08/13 05:57 PM
xx * I don't think they had twins, but I kinda think they had a child. NT
07/06/13 10:21 PM
xx * I think it was just one too, the twins were Lily's, she had 2 eggs implanted. NT
07/07/13 05:51 AM
xx * I thought she had another set of twins after the surrogacy. NT
07/07/13 01:42 PM
xx * Okay found this: "On June 21, 2011, Mackenzie gives birth to a son, Dylan." NT
07/07/13 10:55 PM
xx * So maybe Avery's Dylan is sorased son of Mac/JT LOL NT
07/07/13 10:56 PM
xx * Mac and JT have a son?? gosh I don't remember that : / NT
07/08/13 08:18 AM
xx * Mac isn't old enough to have a son that age even in soapland. NT
07/08/13 12:16 AM
xx * She was billy's high school girlfriend. NT
07/08/13 09:35 AM
xx * And Brock's daughter so she is Mrs's C's grandaughter, NT
07/08/13 05:59 PM
xx * ROFL NT
07/08/13 02:57 AM
xx * Okay thanks. What an ass to not want to be there, bring back the original Tucker then. NT
07/06/13 09:03 AM

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