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Is anyone else watching NBC's SIBERIA? NT
07/05/13 08:50 AM

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* Is anyone else watching NBC's SIBERIA? NT
07/05/13 08:50 AM
xx * The acting is bad and the script writing is worse. NT
07/15/13 03:28 PM
xx * Had a feeling it was a fake scripted show.....
07/14/13 12:41 PM
xx * ugh why am I watching another week of this fake garbage show. I feel so stupid NT
07/08/13 07:17 PM
xx * Yes, and I posted earlier today on the NON-reality forum that I didn't even realize this was NOT a "Reality Show"
07/05/13 11:22 AM
xx * I came to post how I thought the dead guy was a production plant - thought it was real! Good one. Wonder how long I would have thought that? NT
07/08/13 06:58 PM
xx * It was done well, I thought. Aside from glaring clues it wasn't a genuine reality show, it seemed like a genuine reality show.
07/06/13 05:24 PM
xx * I am so frustrated at having been BAMBOOZELED!!! NT
07/05/13 05:58 PM
xx * this could have been such a great concept if it was real NT
07/08/13 04:52 AM
xx * HAHA! It Got me too! Thought it was a real show up til the end lmao NT
07/05/13 06:48 PM

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