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super boring show...i ff>> most of it..
07/06/13 07:09 AM

esp that nurse giving fathead aj that apron

wh*re much?


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* super boring show...i ff>> most of it..
07/06/13 07:09 AM
xx * lol, i just FF'd to the part where Brit threw the baby on the BBQ. Now that was funny. NT
07/07/13 07:02 PM
xx * but didnt it make EMMA cry? *takes SEMI to the wood shed to ravage him* =) NT
07/09/13 06:35 AM
xx * Emma is a little brat these days, she'll get over it LOL NT
07/09/13 03:10 PM
xx * I don't think she is a brat. Britt was means to her and she shouldn't like her. NT
07/09/13 03:34 PM
xx * Emma was being a brat before Britt was mean to her. LOL NT
07/09/13 05:42 PM
xx * Long ago Britt told Emma that she didn't like her at all. I would a brat to her too. NT
07/09/13 08:02 PM
xx * But Britt is still a bitch even if Emma is a holy terror-she is just a kid and Britt is grown and should know better. NT
07/09/13 05:59 PM
xx * I like Britt, but I would like anybody who is against that little twit Sabrina LOL
07/09/13 06:13 PM
xx * I agree I have really come to dislike Sabrina. NT
07/10/13 08:21 AM
xx * Loved seeing Georgie back, she was such a great character and I wish they hadn't killed her off. Wonder if Spin will get to see ghost Georgie? NT
07/12/13 01:11 AM
xx * ita and I'm glad she isn't warming up to her lol NT
07/09/13 03:36 PM
xx * Sorry, it was just so funny. I guess after a really boring week I needed a good laugh. Love Emma though, she's a great little actress. NT
07/09/13 01:47 PM
xx * Darn I missed that. NT
07/08/13 06:01 PM
xx * I had to rewind it and watch it again. lol NT
07/08/13 12:10 PM
xx * Sadly so do I lately. I watched the weeks worth of epis in 90 minutes NT
07/06/13 09:36 AM
xx * Can't wait until AJ sleeps with Carly again. Liz is so stupid. NT
07/06/13 10:00 AM
xx * I can't stand Britt or Dante and LULU or Michael and KiKI. Morgan is HOT so I watch him but no sound. Sonny is ? NT
07/06/13 07:57 PM
xx * nope I love Mike and Kiki together NT
07/07/13 08:09 PM
xx * well my fav list is shorter.....than my hate list........i love SAM, DANNY...
07/07/13 04:25 PM

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