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Sat 4:24 AM BBT12:48am Justin unloading to cameras about plans for post game, how he feels in game right now, etc - Ambersonian
"I won that boat and I went crazy, ended up selling that boat, one of my biggest regrets in life selling that boat. But I hosted fishing tournements and fished professionally and I still fish to this day. Through that I had a fishing talk show on WBOK called, "Hooked up with Justin" you can probably google that *****... there's like a few fishing articles of me out there one called "the lady and the kid" about me and Ms Adalay who was my neighbor and that lady kept me out of a lot of...(cuts to HoH room)...but I wanna do fishing seminars for the kids, it's gonna keep them out of trouble, like it kept me out of trouble. Thats something positive I would like to do for the community. But it tak...

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Sat 1:21 AM BBTAfter a long heartfelt Creole Show monologue, Justin goes outside to play pool. "Oh Lord, it's freezing out here!" - unclevanya
(According to the web, it's currently 50 degrees in LA)

He plays for a few minutes while giving us New Orleans-style music recommendations (like Dr. John), but then gives up and goes back in because it's too cold.

The Creole Show started around 12:45AM BBT for those who want to hear the whole thing.
Sat 12:41 AM BBTJustin eating cereal at the table and occasionally talking/singing to us... - unclevanya
"I couldn't imagine 4 full months of this -- 2 months is a looooong time."

"Shoutout to Shelby for this cereal (which he is eating) -- congratulations on your law degree baby...that's a huge accomplishment."

"I just think -- everything gonna be alright. Shoutout to Bob Marley, baby."

He pours some more cereal. He briefly sings about it. Now he's reading some environmental trivia on the package of napkins, followed by a speech on environmentalism.

"Who would believe Donald Trump would be president? He's a celebrity and s***. If Kanye ran, (laughs) that would be like Puffy running. P Diddy for President, yes indeed! It's all love. It's a free countr...

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Fri 9:49 PM BBT7:37 PM BBT- Kryssie and Morgan in TBR talking about what they're looking forward to after BB. - ctmom
Morgan is looking forward to finding out why America did what it did-- for example, why this person was America's nom, and to see the rankings. Kryssie says it's weird to thing that that will include me. Morgan agrees. Kryssie is sure it will be an incredibly humbling and enlightening experience. Morgan says she's never going to google her name again, and Kryssie agrees- all of their days of googling themselves are over. They talk about what they will watch; they are eager to see how things were portrayed, and how it will look from a third party perspective. They are really excited but really scared to see everything.
Fri 4:16 PM BBTJustin says he just needs to focus on his own game. NT - scoobydoo
Fri 4:15 PM BBTJustin tells Jason he's not mad at him. Jason tells him it feels like it. Justin says he's just trying to get his head in the game - scoobydoo
and there is nothing they can do for him.
Justin says he's not trying to act arrogant, etc.
Fri 4:09 PM BBTJason talking about Danielle - she was making her own moves, she wasn't waiting around for other people to do stuff for her NT - scoobydoo
Fri 3:31 PM BBTJustin tells cameras (Morgan present) he hopes we're not listening to the BS up there in HOH. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:30 PM BBTJustin comes up to HOH to give Jason something he found of Danielle's in the laundry (necklace?), then leaves. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:28 PM BBTJason says he can't belive he cried over Justin. Says "Fck you bo" when he appears on the HOH monitor. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:23 PM BBT3:21 PM In HOH, Kryssie continues venting to Jason about her convo with Justin. In BY, Morgan & Justin speculate on upcoming comp. NT - Scott3325
Fri 3:22 PM BBTKryssie says she hopes Joker's is updating yesterday like... - M3gabyt3
12:30 BB tries to wake Justin up again
1:30 BB tries to wake Justin up again
2:30 BB tries to wake Justin up again
3:30 Justin graces the whole fcking house to eat turkey and play pool
4:30 everyone finished cleaning up except for Justin.

Jason says "Trust me they're on it"
Fri 3:15 PM BBTJustin tells Morgan he can't wait to get back to reality. Morgan says this has been a weird crazy experience. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:14 PM BBTKryssie says Justin said all this crying isn't helping, she says "Fck you dick". NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:14 PM BBTJason says it's interesting, and that Justin is such a 'fcking assh*le', Kryssie agrees. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:13 PM BBTMorgan tells Justin she's just a third party observer. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:11 PM BBT3:10 PM Justin defends his behavior from yesterday to Morgan. Same arguments he used when talking to Kryssie earlier. NT - Scott3325
Fri 3:09 PM BBT3:08 PM Justin, in BY, apologizes to Morgan if he has offended her. Morgan says he hasn't. NT - Scott3325
Fri 3:08 PM BBTJustin goes out and talks to Morgan. Kryssie goes to HOH and tells Jason she's eating her feelings, and recaps her - M3gabyt3
'laying into him about yesterday'.

Justin venting to Morgan a little, doing laundry. Asks if she wants something washed.
Justin apologizes if he offended her, Morgan says she wasn't offended.

Kryssie still recapping what she said to Jason.
Fri 3:07 PM BBT2:58 PM Justin, in BY playing pool and giving us his side of the argument with Kryssie, takes a break, sits down and prays. - Scott3325
3:00 PM Morgan enters BY and Justin finishes his praying. Justin to TBR, then to LBR. Seems to be looking for something. "Don't let anybody downplay anything you've done." Defends his behavior in the house to cameras. Justin out to BY with load of laundry. Defends his recent behavior to Morgan.
Fri 3:06 PM BBTJustin still talking to himself about Kryssie saying he is there for TV time...he says 'Bitch, what's wrong with you' to himself. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:05 PM BBTJustin is in London room after playing some pool, and Kryssie is preparing some left overs in the kitchen. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:03 PM BBT2:46 Morgan starts to say "In Kryssie's defense" to Justin as he walks past. Justin says "Don't talk to me". NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 3:02 PM BBT2:45 - Justin tells Kryssie he has real feelings for her. Kryssie says 'save it' NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 2:54 PM BBT2:33ish - Justin tells Kryssie she doesn't know why he's there, and not to put fcking words in (his mouth) NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 2:47 PM BBT2:46 PM Morgan, in KT, hears Kryssie loudly chewing out Justin in TBR. Morgan raises her arms as if in celebration. NT - Scott3325
Fri 2:45 PM BBT2:40 PM Justin/Kryssie in TBR - Scott3325
Justin walks out of TBR after saying he only wants to talk to Kryssie (of any of the house guests) (after the season). Kryssie whispers to herself: You don't have to worry about talking to me ever again!
Fri 2:43 PM BBT2:22 - Justin says he's sorry, Kryssie says so is she. Kryssie's tone changes, says he doesn't give a flying fck about any - M3gabyt3
of them. She starts crying, and raises her voice..."You didn't give a fck about any of us yesterday", "Is that how you are in real life!?"...she gets louder.
Fri 2:40 PM BBT2:20 - Kryssie says she feels she wasted her time being his friend. Justin says 'I'll answer the phone'. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 2:39 PM BBT2:20 - Kryssie brings up Justin not reading his letter, and that he's written all of them off. Justin says he's 'just over it' NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 2:38 PM BBT2:18 - Kryssie tells Justin she wasn't supposed to cook his mom's turkey. Says he didn't help with anything, barely participated. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 2:38 PM BBT2:23 PM Kryssie chewing out Justin because of his behavior yesterday during Thanksgiving dinner celebration. - Scott3325
Justin says he's in his own world. Kryssie very upset. Justin says he just wanted to be alone. Kryssie says Justin blew them off yesterday. Kryssie keeps attacking Justin and he defends himself by again saying he just wanted to be alone yesterday. Kryssie compares his behavior to Shelby's behavior when they filmed the Thanksgiving feature. Justin says he ate only the turkey and macaroni. Kryssie says he didn't help prepare anything and didn't clean up afterward. Kryssie crying and says Justin doesn't care about her. Justin says he has been living in the house with people he doesn't care about. Kryssie continues attacking Justin and doing most of the talking. Justin says he doesn't know how h...

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Fri 2:37 PM BBT2:17 - Kryssie tells Justin he hurt everyone by deserting them yesterday. NT - M3gabyt3
Fri 2:02 PM BBTJason to Kryssie: Justin is a stupid b*tch and I am going to tell him today. NT - jellyfisher
Fri 1:35 PM BBT1:32 PM Morgan goes into the SR and checks out the food re-stocking. Takes grapes to KT and snacks on them. NT - Scott3325
Fri 1:18 PM BBTKrys and Jas feel like they're break-up angry with Justin. Do not like how they are being treated by him and are done with him NT - scoobydoo
Fri 1:04 PM BBTKrys - now he (Justin) is mad at me because I got picked for F3 NT - scoobydoo
Fri 1:03 PM BBTJason is mad because Justin said he was going to read his letter from home now that Jason is not around. NT - scoobydoo
Fri 1:03 PM BBTJason says he'd rather lose to Morgan than to Justin now. They protected him for no reason. NT - scoobydoo
Fri 12:57 PM BBTJason & Krys up in HOH room - Krys thought Justin was a true friend but now it's not looking that way. They think now that Justin - scoobydoo
has no use for them, he's not wanting to hang out with them anymore
Fri 12:52 PM BBTBB thanks Jason, Krys & Morgan for lowering awnings NT - scoobydoo
Fri 12:51 PM BBTKrys thinks Justin is mad at them because since he won his way into F4, he shouldn't have to work for F3. NT - scoobydoo
Fri 12:50 PM BBTJason & Krys complaining about Justin - Justin now doesn't want to talk to either of them because Jason picked Krys for F3 NT - scoobydoo
Fri 11:10 AM BBT10:01 AM BB: Good Morning House Guests! It's time to get up for the day. And numerous other AM announcements. Kryssie up first. - Scott3325
HGs up to change their batts and various other tasks. All HGs back in bed by 10:17 AM.
Fri 6:56 AM BBT6:47 AM Krys up & to WC, off cam, wash hands, back to bed in TBR bed. Justin in TBR, Jas in HOH, & Morgan in LBR all quiet in bed. NT - Scott3325
Fri 6:37 AM BBT1:35am Justin in the kitchen making a fried egg hot dog bun sandwich. - Dreamer
1:35am Justin in the kitchen making a fried egg hot dog bun sandwich. Before eatuing Justin puts his right hand on his chest and does the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit/Ghost sign. While eating he reads the back of package on the table.

1:44am Justin apparently still hungry makes another fried egg hot dog bun sandwich. Does the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit sign. And happily eats his sandwich.

1:51am: Justin now in the BR, washes his hands, cleans spots on his face with q-tips, a dab here, a dab there.
Wanders into...

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Fri 4:35 AM BBT4:27 Justin up & to WC, wash hands, check complexion, back to bed in TBR. Kryssie in TBR & Morgan in LBR quiet in bed. NT - Scott3325
Fri 3:52 AM BBT3:51 AM Justin continues restless in TBR bed. Morgan also restless in LBR bed. NT - Scott3325
Fri 3:20 AM BBT3:20 AM Justin, in TBR bed, continues his restless movement, which he has been doing since getting into bed. NT - Scott3325
Fri 3:08 AM BBT2:13 AM Justin finishes eating, to BA, pops pimples, to WC, wash hands, to bed in TBR, then 2:19 AM House lights go off. NT - Scott3325

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