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Sun 4:36 PM BBTJustin takes a breather and gives shout outs to home. He wonders if the Saints won today. He always wonders if they win. - planetmu
"Ya never know. Every time they get close to winning they lose..." "I don't know whats more stressful, watching them play or being in the BB house." (laughs)

"It's all good man. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world man. This has been an awesome experience. I am very grateful, thankful and blessed for being a part of it. I know there are a lot of people who want to be here. I am representing for all you people who can't be here."

Revving himself up he says, "Got to stay mentally and physically strong if you want to win this thing! Mind over matter."

"Mind over matter in the BB house baby."

Push-ups begin again.

Sun 4:30 PM BBTJustin continues his YR work-out saying, "Lordy Lordy. Alright let's do this sh*t. Let's get knarly baby!" Push-ups continue. NT - planetmu
Sun 4:29 PM BBTJustin says the push-ups hurt. He sits in the sofa in YR and says "Eat, sleep, and pray... and work-out, that's really all I got - planetmu
to do in here. The final stretch. It's been a crazy dream. A crazy crazy dream y'all."
Sun 4:27 PM BBTJustin goes into the YR and talks to feeders. Hopes everyone is having a beautiful day. - planetmu
Having an awesome Sunday. He says maybe it will be one more day till the comp and he is in final 3. That would be awesome. But time just passes by in the BB house.

He gets on the ground and does some sets of pushups with his feet on the yoga ball.
Sun 3:38 PM BBTAll HGs in kitchen. Morgan tells of a cat they had that needed Xanax because it was so hyper NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 12:21 PM BBTKryssie/Morgan chat in kitchen. Kry tells Morgan she thought she was lying about Alex being her sister. Now it makes sense how Kry - LiZinTeXaS
acted says Morgan.
Sun 12:03 PM BBTJason/Krys/Morgan having fun/laughing in kitchen as they finish with HOH camera. Justin laid in bed through the picture taking. - LiZinTeXaS
Fun photos with Krackle and Pineapples.
Sun 10:04 AM BBT10:01 AM BB: Wake up! You may begin now! Good Morning House Guests! It's time to get up for the day! - Scott3325
And numerous other morning announcements.
10:02 AM House lights go on. No activity visible in house.
10:05 AM Kryssie up & to SR for batt exchange. BB thanks her.
Sun 8:54 AM BBT8:42 AM HOH Fish tank lights go on. Jason in HOH, Kryssie in TBR, & Justin in TBR all quiet in bed. Morgan off cam in LBR. NT - Scott3325
Sun 6:00 AM BBT1:25 AM Kryssie to bed in TBR. House lights go off. - Scott3325
Jason in HOH bed listening to & singing along with music. Cams switch.
Justin restless in TBR bed.
Morgan long since in LBR bed.
1:33 AM Justin up & signals camera, to WC, wash hands, checks pecs, back to bed in TBR.
2:19 AM Cams switch back to Jason in HOH bed. No sound initially, then ongoing monologue by Jason: You better not (Indecipherable words). It is what it is.
Sat 11:04 PM BBTJason and Kryssie in the HOH bed starting the late night hashing of Justin and his antics. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 10:52 PM BBTKryssie is now wearing Meech's old hair extensions in the BR with Jason and Justin is showering in there NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 10:39 PM BBTJustin alone now says he misses women, every last one of them. His D is going to fall off when he gets home. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 10:37 PM BBTJustin saying in last HOH comp he only had one ball in and it was in wrong hole. He thought Shelby was the last HOH not Morgan NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 10:35 PM BBTJustin in LR with Mo now telling her is over Jason and K defending self still. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 10:24 PM BBTMorgan is going over days by herself in LR Kryssie is ironing out Meech's extensions in the BR with Jason NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 7:53 PM BBTAll HGs gathered in the kitchen talking about tv shows (Glee..) and other general friendly chatter. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sat 6:06 PM BBT4:19-4:40pm BBT Transcript of Krys and Jason in HOH bed ranting about Justin again. - Ambersonian
K: He basically told Morgan that the discussion I had wiht him yesterday was just for the cameras. And the whole reason that I cried was for the cameras.

J: What?

K: Yeah, like f*ck you a**hole.

J: Well that just shows what he sees and does in this experience. Everything that he does in here is for the cameras, so he just thinks that if everyone else is doing stuff too its for the cameras. He thinks, oh they're just afraid to go against me in the final 3 so now they're gonna try to make me look bad. It's like, NO. You made yourself look bad and we're pissed about it.

K: mmhhmmmm

J: We're pissed you acted like an *****. I dont think we ...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Sat 5:49 PM BBT5:19pm Kryssie and Jason in HOH bed. Jason: F*ck the OG Jamboree. We are just the Jamboree. - Dreamer
Kryssie: Yep.

Jason: TheJayRoy, TheKryssieCrisis, The Jamboree

Kryssie: Works for me.

Jason: It's us. F*ck all those other ho's.

Sat 5:49 PM BBT5:42 PM Morg quiet in Yoga.Krys/Jas quiet in HOH bed, where snoring is heard.Krys stirs and says:Why can't I sleep? Justin off cam NT - Scott3325
Sat 5:16 PM BBT5:12 PM Jason/Kryssie in HOH complete their marathon Justin bashing session. Talk turns to BB earnings and taxes. NT - Scott3325
Sat 4:47 PM BBTJason: Justin is ***** trash. He is f*cking trash. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 4:47 PM BBTJason about Justin: I will burn that shopping mall to the ground. Kryssie: I will ***** in the front vestibule. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 4:40 PM BBT4:29 - Jason to Kryssie: "You guys dont know why I(Justin) was homeless" Yeah, probably cause you were seriously on drugs or something NT - jellyfisher
Sat 3:44 PM BBT3:41 PM Kry/ Jas/ Morg continue playing "What are the odds?". - Scott3325
At Finale, will Neeley wear a new wig, who will show up with a date and who will it be, who will stay in contact after the season, Shane & Danielle are still an item, etc.
Sat 3:40 PM BBT3:36 PM Justin joins other HGs for lunch & then goes back to bed in TBR. - Scott3325
Greets his bed and things on/near it. Asks how they're doing.
"Much better friends than the people here. That's for sure."
Reads his Thanksgiving letter. Talks about family/friends.
Lies back and quiets down.
Sat 3:19 PM BBT3:15 PM Jason/Morgan speculate whether Whitney will be engaged at Finale. Both think the odds are high. - Scott3325
Both think he popped the question (to Whitney) as soon as Whitney got home.
Highly likely - very likely.
Sat 3:13 PM BBT3:04 PM Jason to himself in HOH thinks he will not win. - Scott3325
Will probably come in third place. Thinks Justin may be liked by America. Plus a veteran just won BB18. (Nicole) Doesn't think he played Nicole's game (this season) but didn't watch season so doesn't know what Nicole's game was. Says he didn't watch BB18 after Meech was evicted. Thanks CBS & BB for bringing back both Davonne and him. Hopes Davonne is proud of him. (His game play.)
Sat 3:02 PM BBT2:58 PM Morgan called to DR, which breaks up Kryssie/Morgan convo. Kryssie to TBR where Justin is reading his Thanksgiving letter. NT - Scott3325
Sat 3:01 PM BBTJustin lives! He is awake and reading his letter. Then he moves into the London room to receive a bit of bible inspiration. NT - Dolffie
Sat 2:55 PM BBT2:55 PM Kryssie/Morgan in KT continue their Justin bashing. Morgan thinks final comp will be on Monday. NT - Scott3325
Sat 2:41 PM BBT2:40 PM Kryssie/Morgan in KT complaining about Justin and his sense of entitlement. NT - Scott3325
Sat 2:24 PM BBTJustin called to DR; if he responds we do not see it. K&M still in kitchen chatting about food. Jason is ensconced in HOH bed. NT - Dolffie
Sat 1:38 PM BBTKryssie & Morgan converse about the differences of weather in their two hometowns; meanwhile, Justin is in his depression bed. NT - Dolffie
Sat 1:36 PM BBTJason talks to himself about talking to himself. NT - Dolffie
Sat 1:22 PM BBT1:18 PM Morgan to herself: "I wonder if we will compete at 1 (PM BBT) on Monday." (More unintelligible) NT - Scott3325
Sat 1:17 PM BBT1:02 PM Jason reads that his last responsibility as HOH is to bring one HG with him to Final 3. - Scott3325
Jason chooses Kryssie. Jason reads: "That means, Morgan & Justin, you two will be competing against each other in the final competition of the season. Win and you will earn the last spot on finale night; lose and you will be going home. Good luck to both of you." Morgan says she wants to know when the comp will be. Morgan: "They still don't give us any days in here." Kryssie: "It's a mystery." Morgan to Kryssie: "Well that's interesting. So no (unintelligible word) passes like we were expecting."
Sat 1:14 PM BBTBB "You are not allowed to talk about production". BB then specifically calls out Morgan for talking about production. BB again - NoleJP
calls out Morgan for the same thing.
Sat 1:13 PM BBTAll 4 feeds are on Jason laying in the HOH bed. Nothing being said. He's just staring at the ceiling. NT - NoleJP
Sat 1:11 PM BBT102p BBT -- Jason read card given by BB. Jason said he weighed his decision and has picked Kryssie to come to F3 with him. Justin - NoleJP
and Morgan will compete in the final comp.
Sat 1:01 PM BBT1:01 PM Jason out of DR: Okay everyone! Please gather in the living room for a big announcement! NT - Scott3325
Sat 12:49 PM BBT12:47 PM BB: Jason - please go to the Diary Room. Jason: Okay. NT - Scott3325
Sat 11:49 AM BBT11:48 AM Jason/Morgan in KT discussing casting for BB. BB has not cut them off. NT - Scott3325
Sat 10:53 AM BBT10:51 AM Jason in HOH bed: If that dream was any indication, I'm gonna kill Justin. NT - Scott3325
Sat 10:24 AM BBT10:21 AM BB: No napping, House Guests! Thank you! Jason snuggled in HOH bed: Need somethin' to do....! NT - Scott3325
Sat 10:10 AM BBT10:01 AM BB: Good Morning House Guests! It's time to get up for the day! And several other AM announcements. - Scott3325
Kryssie up & off cam. House lights remain off.
10:02 AM House lights go on. Kryssie back to bed. Morgan out of LBR & to SR for batt exchange, then off cam. Justin to SR for batt, passes Morgan on her way out of SR. No acknowledgement of each other.
10:04 AM Justin to WC. Jason gets personal batt change request, out of HOH & to SR for batt. Justin wash hands, turns on TBR lights, & back to bed.
10:07 AM BB: House Guests! Thank you for your cooperation.
10:07 AM Jason to HOH WC, wash hands, back to HOH bed.
10:09 AM All quiet in the BB House. Jason, Justin, Kryssie quiet in beds. Morgan not on cam.
Sat 9:28 AM BBT8:43 AM HOH Fish tank lights go on. Jason continues intermittently restless in HOH bed. Justin & Kryssie quiet in TBR beds. NT - Scott3325
Sat 5:22 AM BBT3:08 AM Justin up & to WC, wash hands, groom mustache, back to bed in TBR. Shifts positon every minute or two. - Scott3325
3:31 AM Justin up & to WC, wash hands, back to bed in TBR. Continues intermittent movement.
3:59 AM Justin up & to WC, wash hands, back to bed in TBR. Continues his restless movement.
5:00 AM Justin shifts once again, then appears to be asleep.
5:20 AM Justin again appears to be awake.
Sat 5:05 AM BBT2:28 AM Jason starts singing and gets BB: Please stop singing. Jason says I'm sorry and BB says thank you. NT - Scott3325
Sat 5:02 AM BBT1:46 AM Justin to bed in TBR bed. 1:49 AM House lights go off. - Scott3325
1:54 AM Jason, in HOH bed, completes his Justin bashing monologue and settles down to sleep. "I can't wait until he's (Justin) gone."
2:16 AM Fish tank lights go off. Jason: "Good night fish." Jason checks out the fish and where they are sleeping in the tank. Jason sits up and continues watching the fish.
2:21 AM Jason names some of the fish and tells them to go to sleep.
2:23 AM Jason: "Where did all the fish go?" Locates some of the fish and says their names. (Named after current and evicted house guests.) "Where did all the little fish go?" Jason sits and watches Fish tank.
2:26 AM Jason lies back down.

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