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Tue 5:40 PM BBT5:40 PM Losing HG is immediately evicted. NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:38 PM BBT5:38 PM Final comp begins - Justin vs. Morgan NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:57 PM BBT4:56 PM Justin to Yoga and prays. Krys/ Jas/ Morg looking at Memory Wall pictures. Justin finishes and joins KT crew. NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:48 PM BBT4:47 PM HGs finishing their comp preparations. Jason: We clean up good! NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:26 PM BBT4:23 PM Justin helping Jason with his tie. Krys had helped Jason earlier. Jason finishes & Justin says you're good - perfect. NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:15 PM BBT4:12 PM Jason/ Kryssie/ Morgan in BA doing their makeup. Justin joins them & does a quick grooming job on his facial hair. NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:10 PM BBT4:09 PM Justin takes his suitcase & extra bags into the SR. Says this is where it all started. NT - Scott3325
Tue 3:51 PM BBT3:49 PM Morgan has finished packing her suitcase and wheels it into the SR. NT - Scott3325
Tue 3:19 PM BBT3:18 PM Kryssie asks Jason how Morgan is doing. Jason says she is nervous. Jas & Krys then discuss possible comps. NT - Scott3325
Tue 3:13 PM BBT3:07 PM Jason checks in with Morgan in BA. - Scott3325
Jason asks if Morgan is wearing active wear. (For comp) Morgan says yes. (Sounds like she had been told in DR.) Jason says sometimes active wear doesn't mean it will be a very physical comp. Morgan thinks it will some kind of race - maybe answering questions about days.
Jason hoping for champagne tonight from BB. "Congratulations Final 3."
Morgan says she did a re-cap in the DR today.
Tue 2:22 PM BBT2:19 PM Justin steps out of shower, Jason & Kryssie deciding on outfits for tonight & Fish.... - Scott3325
2:21 PM Feeds return - Morgan, who is packing, has joined Kryssie & Jason in TBR.
Tue 1:18 PM BBT1:15:26 PM BBT Live feeds return. NT - Scott3325
Tue 12:27 PM BBT12:09:53 PM BBT Live feeds stop on pc. Start over at 12:00:00 AM today. NT - Scott3325
Tue 10:39 AM BBT10:05 AM BB: Good Morning House Guests! It's time to get for the day! And other AM announcements. Kryssie is first HG to get up. - Scott3325
10:12 AM Jason is the last HG to change his batt. Visible HGs are now back in their respective beds.
Tue 9:03 AM BBT8:59 AM House lights go on. (Early wake up call today?) NT - Scott3325
Tue 9:00 AM BBT8:43 AM HOH Fish tank lights go on. Jason in HOH, Justin in TBR, & Kryssie in TBR all quiet in their beds. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:43 AM BBT6:39 AM Kryssie up & to WC, wash hands, back to bed in TBR bed. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:09 AM BBT6:06 AM Justin up & out of TBR off cam. Audio of water running. Justin back to bed in TBR. - Scott3325
Jason, who had been restless, now quiet in HOH bed.
Tue 5:37 AM BBT12:21AM: Jason in the HOH talking to the camera, to himself and about Kryssie...... - Dreamer
Jason listening to his CD~
Jason to camera: What's wrong with you brah? What's wrong with you brah? Why ya so drunk for? What's wrong with them? This is a strange angle. Jason points to the camera then to the pillow on the floor and says "That's lovely." I love that shot. What a composition.

Jason talking to another camera: Oh and now you're back to looking mildly alive. Aren't you going to stare at a wall again? Jason points to the wall: You don't got anything left over there to stare at that wall? You guys are weird.

Jason gets into bed and talks to one camera - Why don't you look at your weird...

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Tue 4:30 AM BBT4:28 AM Justin up & to WC, wash hands, checks pecs, back to bed in TBR. NT - Scott3325
Tue 3:51 AM BBT3:48 AM Justin up & to WC, wash hands, back to bed in TBR. NT - Scott3325
Tue 3:11 AM BBT3:06 AM Justin to WC, wash hands. - Scott3325
"Why did I do that? That's sh*t's so f*ckin' spicy!" (His Ramen noodle meal.)
"All right I'm going to sleep. Or attempt to at least. I know you guys can't wait to turn off these (House) lights."
Eats one more Krackle - in commemoration of Shelby.
Justin to bed in TBR.
3:10 AM House lights go off.
Tue 3:00 AM BBT3:00 AM Jason settles down to sleep in HOH. Talks about Kryssie's impersonation of his accent. - Scott3325
Talks to fish and about where they sleep in tank.
Tue 2:58 AM BBT2:42 AM Justin in KT cooking - Scott3325
"Many a night this stove has been very good to me. I've prepared many a meal on this stove."
Waiting for water to boil so he can put noodles in water.
"I'm going to miss you baby!" (Noodles)
Cheers on water to start boiling.
"Come on baby! You can do it! You are so close!"
Smells noodles. "Smells like booty."
Puts noodles in water. "All righty!"
Singing: "I'm cookin' noodles! Three o'clock in the morning! Shout out to my girl Danielle!"
Puts some pepper in pan. Singing: "Cayenne makes everything better!"
Adds more ingredients to small pan and stirs concoction.
Puts steaming concoction into bowl.
"If I don't win tomorrow this will be my last meal in the Big Brother House you all. It has been fun. Unfortunately my last meal has been some Ramen noodles. That's crazy."
Sits at KT table, prays, and digs in.
Kryssie passes thru KT - down from HOH. "Good night little lady."
Mon 11:56 PM BBTJason alone in HoH. - pipper
Sees Justin walk through kitchen on tv.
"Why is he wearing shoes now? Oh because he doesn't wear my slippers anymore. done with my slippers you wear shoes around the house.
God did I make the biggest mistake by bringing Kryssie with to final two, final three? Maybe. She's been in there explaining her game for a very long time. Maybe I should have just picked Morgan. Oh well. It's done now. That was my one like compulsive decision. I made other compulsive decisions but....maybe it was....too compulsive a decision to take K. She's very smart. But has she been entertaining enough? Has she been over the top enough? I'm not saying she hasn't played a good game, but should she deserve ...

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Mon 9:09 PM BBTJason has been messing with his hair and gets called to DR. Krys is laughing. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 9:08 PM BBTJustin eating dinner in kitchen; Krys & Jason random chatting in yoga room; Morgan not on screen NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:58 PM BBTMorgan joking that Trump has already screwed things up. Jason says that tax brackets will have changed. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:57 PM BBTJason says they take taxes out of the first-place prize but doesn't know about second place. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:56 PM BBTKrys says the grand prize is 15 times her annual salary. Jason doesn't know what his salary is. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:55 PM BBTJason/Krys/Morgan wondering about upcoming schedule. Don't know what time finale starts NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:50 PM BBTJason says his computer is like his boyfriend. he goes home to it and it's always on his bed NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:46 PM BBTKrys is happy with her one credit card. Jason wants to pay off his mom and get his own eventually NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:44 PM BBTKrys has a credit card but is scared to death to use it NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:43 PM BBTMorgan wants a credit card that will let her build airline miles NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:43 PM BBTJason shares a credit card with his mom and that's why he owes her so much money. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:42 PM BBTMorgan says she wants to build up her credit but doesn't know how. Jason says make sure you don't buy anything you can't pay for - scoobydoo
Krys says she puts her phone bills on her credit card bill because she knows she will pay her phone bill
Mon 8:39 PM BBTKrys likes the skull blankets and hope BB will send her one. Morgan tells her she can just stuff it in her suitcase. Krys doesn't - scoobydoo
want to do that. Says she's given BB enough grief. Doesn't want to be the one who caused problems and then stole stuff at the end
Mon 8:30 PM BBTMorgan talking to Jason/Krys about how Shelby told her she went through 5 people (producers) in one day NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:25 PM BBTJason/Krys/Morgan talk about Scott twerking and how many packs of cigarettes he had NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:21 PM BBTKrys & Morgan sad they didn't get to chat with Julie this week NT - scoobydoo
Mon 8:13 PM BBTKrys can't wait to go back and see the first episode when Morgan and Alex come into the house and realize the other one is there - scoobydoo
too. Wonders if CBS wanted the sisters to keep it secret or not
Mon 8:08 PM BBTMorgan/Krys/Jason now going over possible tiebreaker questions (how many planks in bar code game, etc) NT - scoobydoo
Mon 7:58 PM BBTMorgan, Jason & Krys now studying days again in yoga room NT - scoobydoo
Mon 7:52 PM BBTKrys & Jason examining all the furniture now NT - scoobydoo
Mon 7:48 PM BBTJason examining all the cameras in the ceiling. BB: Jason, stop that! NT - scoobydoo
Mon 7:47 PM BBTMorgan says there have been alot of times when BB hasn't been fun but in hindsight ... Krys says it's an experience only a few - scoobydoo
have had
Mon 7:46 PM BBTJason: I hate that I love this show so much! NT - scoobydoo
Mon 7:45 PM BBTKrys/Jason/Morgan in kitchen. They want somebody to come into the house to hang out with them. Jason: I want Dayvonne! NT - scoobydoo
Mon 5:55 PM BBT5:53 PM Morgan finishes her marathon bubble bath and goes off cam. NT - Scott3325

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