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Tue 8:53 PM BBTMorgan said she thought Shane was the mastermind. Krys says all the plotting in Jamboree was her, Dani & Jason NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:45 PM BBTKrys said she didn't think she'd make it on the show and for sure, she didn't think she'd end up in final 3 NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:44 PM BBTMorgan said she thought she would be an alternate. It didn't hit her until she walked in through the doors NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:44 PM BBTKrys says her boyfriend was confident she was going to get picked as soon as she started auditioning. She didn't think so NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:43 PM BBTMorgan says her mom was warning her not to get her hopes up - didn't think they would pick Morgan NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:42 PM BBTMorgan talking about Land Before Time and there were 60 people there and didn't realize people were getting cut every day NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:38 PM BBTMorgan hopes Justin is back to normal by the time the wrap party happens. He was ready to go home right away NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:33 PM BBTMorgan/Krys/Jason wondering if they'll get called into DR tonight NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:29 PM BBTKrys still feels bad about evicting Whitney. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:25 PM BBTKrys and Jason talk about Shelby saying she won't talk to anyone after BB. Morgan - she better talk to me! NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:24 PM BBTKrys says first week Shelby told them if the conversation isn't about her, she's not listening. Realized that was true NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:23 PM BBTJason says when Dani found out the BS hated her stories, she would make a game out of it and try to make them longer, etc. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:22 PM BBTKrys says Dani could be annoying in a group setting because she was trying to perform but one-on-one she is really sweet NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:21 PM BBTMorgan says she likes Dani as a person but being on the other side, she was the easiest one to dislike. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:20 PM BBTKrys says she feels like she has to say a whole bunch of "I'm sorry's" to Dani. Danielle told her to take care of Jason. Krys - scoobydoo
remembers thinking - that's why you're going home (to save Jason)
Tue 8:17 PM BBTMorgan thinks Scott and BB17 Steve were alike. Jason says no - Steve was smarter and savvier. Also more socially awkward so - scoobydoo
you had more sympathy for him.
Tue 8:11 PM BBTMorgan says she would be overwhelmed with all the strategies/meetings Alex kept coming up with NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:10 PM BBTJason saying Alex used the storage room like her conference room. "Can I schedule an appointment with you?" Morgan said she - scoobydoo
and Alex came in with different strategies
Tue 8:05 PM BBTKrys/Jason/Morgan talking about past moments in the house and seem to be getting along and laughing NT - scoobydoo
Tue 7:11 PM BBT7:10 PM HGs get two minutes each to make their final pleas. They don't think that is nearly enough time. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:39 PM BBT6:39 PM Morgan says she & Justin both have asthma so he can't use that as an excuse (for not winning comp). NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:10 PM BBT6:10 PM Jason pours another round of champagne. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:08 PM BBT6:08 PM Morgan says she will do makeup for Kryssie & Jason for finale night. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:07 PM BBT6:07 PM Jason: Like he (Justin) said, he ain't saving any of our (phone) numbers. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:06 PM BBT6:05 PM Justin apologized to Jason, but not Kryssie. Jason said he would have talked to Justin if Justin hadn't talked to him. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:04 PM BBT6:03 PM HGs drinking champagne & talking about comp. Justin started walking instead of running. He had incorrect answers on board. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:01 PM BBT6:00 PM Jason: To us the final 3 ! To BBOTT ! NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:59 PM BBT5:58 PM Feeds return and HGs enter SR to find champagne. "Thanks BB!" Jason pops cork. NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:58 PM BBTFeeds come back - HGs got celebratory champagne. NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:57 PM BBT5:57 PM Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:55 PM BBTJulie says Hello to F3. Tells HGs they'll make their formal live pleas at 7pm EST tomorrow. NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:54 PM BBTBB calls them to living room for message from Julie... Morgan sits beside a life-size Monte doll (someone made?) NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:54 PM BBT5:54 PM Jason says that Justin started putting pics on board first but had a couple wrong. NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:54 PM BBTJason: So all the phrases for days was bull... *they all laugh and scold BB* NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:53 PM BBTJustin hugs everyone and tells them he loves them all and good job and he'll see them on the other side. Stops to get a couple - moeopoly
pumps outta his inhaler, and leaves. The rest clap for him.

Kryssie tells Morgan, "Get over here" and they hug. Jason says TV2 (one side of the memory wall) is done. (all faces grayed out)
Tue 5:52 PM BBT5:52 PM HGs go inside. Justin says goodbye to everyone and departs. NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:51 PM BBTJustin says he didn't have his answers right anyway. Jason runs through the fences and wants to see what it's like to jump the hay - moeopoly
bales. Says this gives him PTSD.

Jason and everyone tell Justin he should be proud of what he's done this season.
Tue 5:49 PM BBTJason says alot of these could have had multiple answers. Tells both good job. Kryssie hugs Justin. Justin/Mo tell each other GJ. NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:49 PM BBTMorgan is in the F3! NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:49 PM BBT5:49 PM Morgan wins! NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:48 PM BBTMorgan put all her pieces on the board, rang in, and won! NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:48 PM BBTMorgan is using the strategy of getting all the pictures to the board, Justin appears to have all his answers but 2 or 3 NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:47 PM BBTJustin breaths out: "It ain't lookin good for the kid" (himself) ... Morgan: "OmyGod, I'm gonna puke" NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:47 PM BBT5:47 PM Justin: It ain't lookin' good for the kid! NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:46 PM BBTJustin: No, indeed no! F* (tries to figure out answers) Oh f*. NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:45 PM BBT5:45 PM Justin slowing down. Morgan going slower but still running. NT - Scott3325
Tue 5:45 PM BBTJustin keeps saying "oh f*" and weezes NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:45 PM BBTJustin: "Oh f*, oh sh*" starts slowing down and appears winded. Jason says to just think of Neeley chasing him w/ the witch hat. NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:44 PM BBTJustin while placing an answer: "I don't f*n know"... Jason laughs NT - moeopoly
Tue 5:43 PM BBT5:41 PM Run thru obstacle course, retrieve HG photo, run thru obstacle course, match HG photo to clue on board. Repeat for 9 HGs. - Scott3325
There is more than one answer for some clues, but only one solution for puzzle.

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