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Thu 12:49 PM BBT12:48 PM Jason in shower to Morgan: I feel like I could be sick! NT - Scott3325
Thu 12:42 PM BBT12:38 PM Kryssie/Morgan in KT discussing instructions they got from BB on what to do when walking out the door during finale. NT - Scott3325
Thu 12:39 PM BBT12:29 PM Kryssie to SR with her luggage. - Scott3325
Greets Jason who is ironing his shirt. Asks Jason if he is reading the rule book. Jason says one last time he glanced it over. Jason asks Krys if she wants to read it. Krys says she read it a lot. (When she was in SR during comps.)
12:32 PM Kryssie out of SR to TBR and picks up her finale outfit. Passes thru KT and says to fingernail polishing Morgan: I'm freakin' out - I put my suitcase in the Storage Room. (For the last time.) Morgan says she has to do that soon.
Thu 12:24 PM BBT12:22 PM Jason to himself: Gosh, I'm so nervous! I've got to go to the bathroom again. (Earlier he had complained about the runs.) NT - Scott3325
Thu 12:13 PM BBTThe HGs were just told that tonight will be live. The third person goes out first, then the final two look at greyed memory wall - pipper
and then wait in living room for announcement.
Thu 11:52 AM BBT11:51 AM All HGs in TBR packing. Cam 1 shows "Monte" keeping a close watch on the bowl of Krackles next to him. NT - Scott3325
Thu 11:44 AM BBTJason says Morgan knows everything...because she remembered that Kryssey got rats in her America's Care Package, but K just - pipper
looked and saw that she was right. K also found in the box some bra straps that she thought, correctly, she'd misplaced in Week 2 and had to wear sports bras thereafter.
Morgan says she can't believe they didn't use the days in a comp and then clarified she meant the daily phrases. BB announces almost immediately, "Remember Houseguests, the only thing constant in life is change." All three give a good chuckle. Morgan says they can ask Monte what the tallest building west of the Mississippi is.
K and J are packing. Morgan is just hanging out with them in the bedroom.
They keep finding things that Justin didn't take as mementos. So K is taking them.
They are lamenting also not having the spelling competition. Morgan says Scott told them to do BLACKBOARD. K wanted to do HAPHAZARDLY. Morgan was going to do TRANSFORMATIVE, building off Trans if time ran out. Morgan says she and Shelby were going to work together to spell one word.
Thu 11:43 AM BBT11:34 AM HGs complaining about what Justin did not take with him for his BB mementos. (Costume, Care Package items, etc.) - Scott3325
Kryssie: It just bums me out that he (Justin) just thumbed his nose at every part of the fun of this. Like he was just here to get money and not like be a part of this.
Thu 11:30 AM BBT11:27 AM Kryssie asks Jason if he had "the pills" last time he was here. Jason says yeah. - Scott3325
Kryssie asks if they took it out of his stipend and Jason says no. Kryssie says good!
Thu 11:24 AM BBT11:20 AM Morgan out of DR & tells Kryssie that their (usual) mics are in SR. - Scott3325
Morg & Krys both say they want to take their mic nameplates with them.
Morgan says that the BY door goes down.
Krys & Jason discussing their mic nameplates and mic numbers. Both working on mics.
BB: Kryssie, Jason, stop that!
Thu 11:18 AM BBT11:18 AM BB: House Guests! The lockdown is over. You are now free to move about the house. Morgan is called to DR. NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:08 AM BBT10:06 AM HGs in BY all commenting on how cold it is. All bundle up on sofas. HGs speculate BB is cleaning inside. NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:05 AM BBT10:04 AM HGs go to BY carrying blankets. Krys: It's frickin' freezing out here! NT - Scott3325
Thu 10:01 AM BBT10:01 AM Jason called to DR. Quickly out and gives directions about their mics which will be tested while the HGs are in BY. NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:27 AM BBT9:25 AM HGs quiet,bundled up in TBR beds except for "Monte" on cam 1/2 who is surveying the situation from his seat in dining area NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:20 AM BBT9:18 AM Jason speculates why they are getting locked out (in BY) on the last day.HGs back in bed trying to warm up before lockdown NT - Scott3325
Thu 9:15 AM BBT9:02 AM BB: Morgan, Jason, Kryssie. Good Morning House Guests. It's time to get up for the day. And several other announcements. - Scott3325
Kryssie, Jason, & Morgan to SR for batt exchange. Jason called to DR and quickly out. Loud static heard by HGs. Evidently Jason was told in DR that there would be an outside lockdown. Jason says the noise (static) they heard was one of the lights. Morgan opens BY door & says it's cold outside.
BB: House Guests - remember to enjoy yourselves today! These are the good old days!
Jason talks about what his reaction would be if he is announced as the winner. Says that Steve (BB17) made a wierd face when he was announced as the winner.
Thu 8:20 AM BBT8:16 AM Jason out of bed in TBR, to WC, cams switch. House lights are on. - Scott3325
8:20 AM Jason wash hands, back to bed in TBR.
Thu 6:53 AM BBT12:26AM Jason - I wonder if America liked that I told them to 'eat a dick.' Probably not. (also BB4 Erika) - Dreamer
Kryssie: Who?

Jason: America (laughs)

Kryssie: I thought you said Erika. I was like what the hell does she care.

Jason: Who's Erika? Like BB4 Erika?

Kryssie: Yeah.

Jason: I'm mad that I didn't get to meet her and you guys did.

Kryssie: She has the most beautiful hair you'll ever see in your real life.

Jason: When did you meet her?

Kryssie: Um

Jason: LBT?

Kryssie: Yes

Jason: But for why?

Kryssie: For like ......the interview process.

Jason: Aww, with EP's?

Kryssie: She was my fluffer.

Jason: Oohhhh

Kryssie: For each...

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Thu 3:46 AM BBT3:33 AM Kryssie in TBR. - Scott3325
Kryssie gets out of bed in TBR and goes to WC, wash hands, back to TBR and into Princess bed. (Former Jason bed.) Jason is quiet in TBR on pull-out bed. (Former Justin bed.) Morgan quiet in LBR bed.
Thu 12:01 AM BBTMorgan went to bed right after 10 o'clock. Jason and Kryssey turn lights out at midnight. They chit chat some more. NT - pipper
Wed 10:24 PM BBTKryssie is saying to Jason she's concerned that BB will never ask her back. She will have never - pipper
ever hosted a BB competition. They won't fly her back to host one. She thinks BB didn't get the Kryssey that they recruited.
Jason says usually the returning hosts are LA people.
Jason says he was only contacted because Dayvonne was asked to be on BB18.
He said he was surprised when "SVL" contacted him.
Kryssey says she's terrified of the wrap party because she sucks. she thinks she owes the Diary Room voices many cocktails. K starts to cry. She's thinking about going back to the real world. She really thinks Jason is going to win.
Jason says he hopes so but feels like he's going out third and K is first. He doesn't know. [he might just be trying to comfort her, ba...

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Wed 6:21 PM BBTFinal speech Times / length - BBVet
Jason - 4:02:10 - 4:04:40 (2:30)
Kryssie - 4:04:50 - 4:07:30 (2:40)
Morgan - 4:07:40 - 4:10:20 (2:40)
Wed 5:36 PM BBTThe finale speeches - pipper
[BB had Morgan read an introduction card first]
BB: You may begin now.
Morgan: After 64 days in the Big Brother house it's come down to this America is currently voting for the winner of Big Brother over-the-top we now to plead our case to America as to why we should win the game. one at a time we will step to the front of the living room and make our case. we will go in order that we reach the final three. that means Jason goes first, then Chrissy, then me. Jason please head to the front of the room and make your plea.

Jason: Okay first and foremost America thank you so much for voting me in this house. I am forever grateful. but as the only returnee I came into this ...

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Wed 4:23 PM BBT4:23 PM HGs speculating what Justin would have said in his live plea speech. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:19 PM BBT4:16 PM BB tells Morgan to put on her mic. She can't find it. Finally finds it in BA. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:12 PM BBT4:12 PM Morgan: We're officially done! Kryssie & Jason agree. HGs wonder why they're locked in. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:11 PM BBT4:10 PM HGs say thanks America. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:10 PM BBT4:07 PM Morgan says hello to family and friends, then relates her game play. "Bikini girl out!" NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:07 PM BBT4:04 PM Kryssie goes over her game play. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:04 PM BBT4:03 PM Jason names his plusses, then negatives for Kryssie and Morgan. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:02 PM BBT4:01 PM Feeds return. Morgan reads directions. Order is Jason then Kryssie then Morgan. NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:52 PM BBT3:51 PM Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:50 PM BBT3:49 PM Short Fish...then Kryssie & Morgan join Jason on LR couches. Silence. NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:48 PM BBT3:47 PM Kryssie & Morgan both in KT using microwave to time their live plea speeches. Jason silently sitting on nom couch. NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:43 PM BBT3:42 PM Kryssie out of SR & goes to microwave to time her live plea speech - but silently this time. NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:41 PM BBT3:37 PM Jason moves "Monte" from nom couch because "they're going to have us sit there." - Scott3325
Jason carefully arranges "Monte" in his new location near dining area table, then sits on nom couch.
Kryssie still practicing her live plea speech in SR.
Morgan off cam.
Wed 3:31 PM BBT3:30 PM Kryssie in SR practicing her live plea speech. Then irons dress while wearing it. Says she's never done that before! NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:26 PM BBT3:26 PM Kryssie pacing in KT, Jason in TBR, and Morgan in BA practicing their live plea speeches. NT - Scott3325
Wed 3:25 PM BBT3:22 PM Kryssie keeps being interrupted practicing her live plea speech. - Scott3325
Kryssie: "All right! I need to at least get thru this two minutes without being interrupted."
Wed 3:17 PM BBT3:09 PM Morgan in KT uses the microwave to time her live plea speech. Kryssie paces and follows doing the same thing. NT - Scott3325
Wed 1:34 PM BBT1:33 PM Jason in BY and Morgan in SR practicing their live plea speeches for later today. NT - Scott3325
Wed 12:40 PM BBT12:34 PM Morgan sitting in KT hears BY door going up. - Scott3325
Morgan: "Oh yeah! Outside!" She goes out and feeds 1/2 go to Fish but audio continues. Feeds return & Morgan is sitting outside.
Morgan: "Kinda hot. Okay! Need to work out a speech. Two minutes is not a long time."
Wed 10:02 AM BBT10:02 AM BB: Good Morning House Guests! It's time to get up for the day. And other AM announcements. Krys first up & to SR for batt. NT - Scott3325
Wed 8:00 AM BBT8:00 AM Morgan in LBR, Jason in TBR, & Kryssie in TBR all quiet in their respective beds. NT - Scott3325
Wed 6:36 AM BBT2:06 AM Kryssie out of bed & to SR for OJ. Krys stands in TBR drinking OJ & talking to Jason, but she doesn't have her mic on. - Scott3325
Kryssie to WC, wash hands, back to TBR & talks to Jason, but still not wearing mic. Kryssie back to bed in TBR bed. Krys/Jason chat.
2:45 AM Kryssie/Jason convo slowly fades out.
Wed 6:23 AM BBT12:58 AM Jason/Kryssie in TBR convo ends. All quiet in BB House. NT - Scott3325
Wed 6:20 AM BBT12:50 AM Jason turns off TBR lights. Jas/Krys continue talking. Morgan quiet in LBR bed. NT - Scott3325
Tue 8:55 PM BBTKrys says Scott reminded her of BB11 Ronnie NT - scoobydoo
Tue 8:54 PM BBTKrys says Shane wasn't dumb but he is easily swayed NT - scoobydoo

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